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Reference: [GB 0212] BICK
Title: Papers of David Ewart Bick (1929-2006).
Date(s): 1845-2004
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.09m3

Biographical History:
David Ewart Bick (1929-2006) was a mechanical engineer who took early retirement in order to devote himself to researching mining and transport history. Founder of the Welsh Mines Society (in 1979), he had already produced his seminal series of books, The Old Metal Mines of Mid Wales. More recent publications include, Lewis Morris and the Cardiganshire Mines (1994) and Waller’s Description of the Mines in Cardiganshire (2004).

Archival History:
David Bick’s archive was largely dispersed after his death and the material housed at the Ceredigion Archive is but a representative sample of it, illustrating various aspects of his research and other activities as a historian. There is much original material, indentures, maps, surveys and other documents, mostly relating to mining, that had been collected from a variety of sources. A collection of maps of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire are thought to relate to the Law of Property Act (1922). Perhaps of greater interest are the bundles of material that document D.B.’s interest in and research into particular sites or issues, including projects for which he acted as a consultant.

Scope and Content:

Mine related maps, plans and large format APs.

Three large format Ordnance Survey b/w aerial photographs of the Cwmystwyth area:
1. 143/73/231;
2. 145/ ...;
3. 227/73/231.
Two of these have been cut so that they can be viewed together.

Copies of Ordnance Survey and other maps (see also BICK/1/3/13/1-4)

Copy on two sheets of Ordnance Survey 1:2500 county series map, sheet: Cardiganshire VII.10 (1888). Has pencil annotations of mining features around Gogninan.

Partial copy on two sheets of Ordnance Survey 1:2500 county series map showing part of Mwyndy Iron Ore Works, Llantrisant (Glamorgan), surveyed 1870-77. Note in ink, ‘Copy to K. Brown 7.5.91’.

Copies of Ordnance Survey 1:10560 (6” to one mile) county series maps:
1. Lower part of Monmouthshire XXVII SE (1885) on two sheets (including Machen), with label ‘Fig 3’ (see BICK/1/2/6);
2. North-west part of Glamorgan XXXVII NW (including Caerphilly);
3. North-east part of Glamorgan XXXVII NE (showing Rudry).

Copies of Ordnance Survey 1:10560 (6” to one mile) county series maps:
1. Glamorgan XXVI SW 2nd edition 1900 (including Maesteg);
2. Glamorgan XXXIV NW 2nd edition 1900 (including part of Llangynwyd Middle);
3. Glamorgan XXXVII NE/Monmouthshire XXXII; NE 2nd edition 1901 (including Rudry);
4. Glamorgan XLI NE 2nd edition 1900 (including Llanharry);
5. Monmouthshire XXVIII SW 2nd edition 1902 (including Rogerstone).

Two 1:25,000 maps, provisional edition, sheets:
1. 32/42;
2. 32/43 (Herefordshire).

Copy of part of tithe map for Bedwas, Glamorgan (1841), with label ‘fig 2’ (see BICK/1/2/3/1).

Copy of, ‘Map of the Iron-Works and Collieries and their means of communication by Railroad, Tramroad and Canal, with the Ports of Newport and Cardiff in the Counties of Monmouth and Glamorgan’ (1843).

BICK/1/3 Mine plans and other mining related documents and maps.

Section of Vale of Towy Mine, Llangunnor (Carms).
1. Original drawn 1861 for the Vale of Towy Silver-lead Mining Co.. Traced by E. F. Woore, 03 March 1949.
2. Full sized copy.
3. Half-sized copy.

Four plans of Cynnant Mine (Carms) drawn by D. Bick:
1. Original plan on paper, 04/08/1963;
2. Tracing of 1. on permatrace;
3. plan, pencil on tracing paper, second revision of previous, 07/06/1966;
4. Reproduction on paper of 3.

‘Section on a line through Nos. 2 and 3 pits Wynnstay Colliery’. Original documrnt on linen.

1826 mining plan of Llwynenion etc., near Wrexham. Original document mounted on paper and canvas.

Copy of ‘Map of the Minera lead District & of the Brymbo & Ruabon Coal Field in the County of Denbigh. By Brenton Symons, mining engineer, surveyor etc. Truro & London 1865’.

Pencil tracing of section through Dylife mine (Mont). ‘Ref M/MQ/7/5 No. 15063 Dylife Plans PowysRecord Office. Traced 12/04/00. Plan 5 of 7’.

Tracings of plans and sections of Van Consols mine (Mont):
1. Longitudinal section of Van Consols Lead and Barytes Mine (1872). Pencil tracing 16.08.1960;
2. ‘Working Plan of the United Van Consols and Glyn Lead & Barytes Mines Limited, Llanidloes Wales, June 1879’. Pencil tracing 18.08.1960.

Copy on four sheets of Lewis Morris’ plan of the manor of Perveth [Perfedd] in the County of Cardigan. Obtained from the Public Record Office, reference MR 85.

‘Llanfair Mine Section, copied from Warrington Smyth’s survey dated September 1845’. ‘Drawn 23rd November 1967. P.E.P.

Mine plans:
1. Copy of plan and section of Rhoswydol Mines (Powys), dated 27 July 1868, pencil note on reverse, ‘Edward Davies Collection. Presented by D.J. Griffiths’;
2. Copy on two sheets of collection of plans and sections of New Nantymwyn Mines (Carmarthenshire) in 1867, pencil note on reverse, ‘NLW Deposit 911B’.

Annotated copy of Waller’s 1693 map of Esgairhir mine (Card), obtained from British Library. On reverse, 14/15. Reproduced pp 14-15 in ‘Waller’s Description of the Mines in Cardiganshire’, D. Bick (2004).

Section of New Pit, Mostyn Colliery (1868), original document on linen.

Maps and documents relating to Dylife mines:
1. Copy of Ordnance Survey 1:10560 (6” to one mile) county series Montgomeryshire XXXIV SW, 2nd edition 1903;
2. Copy of Ordnance Survey 1:10560 (6” to one mile) county series Montgomeryshire XXXIII SE, 2nd edition 1903.
3. Segment of XXXIII SE.;
4. Part of 1:2500 sheet covering mines in area of XXXIII SE.;
5. Three sheets of copies of Dylife Mine expenses for 1845.

Plan of workings on Cerrig y Bleiddia Mountain, Anglesey.
1. Tracing made by David Bick on the 22nd day of March 1976 from a tracing by E. Cockshutt of a plan of c. 1786 in the possession of Dr J.R. Harris, University of Liverpool.
2. A partial copy of the above.

‘Plan (on linen) of the Glebe Land Colliery in the Borough of Loughor, County of Glamorgan ...’, by D(?) Roberts, Mineral Surveyor, Llanelly.

Plans or sections relating to Dyfngwm lead mine (Montgomeryshire).
1. ‘Plan of Dyfngwn Shaft 1935. Retimbered 1931-1935 ...’, W. Richards 1935.
2. ‘Plan of dyfngwn Pumping Gear 1860-1870. Dismantled April 1931’. ‘April 20/4/31 W.M.R.’
3. ‘Menton drop on level of leat. D.E.B. 2.10.76’. Location of workings unknown, but as a Dylife Lode is involved and the workings open onto a river valley, this could be the Dyfngwn mine.

Plans and sections relating to lead and zinc mines around Llanwrst and Bettws-y-Coed: Bettws y Coed; Llanwrst; Hafna; Gorlan; Pandora; Parc; Cyffty; Aberllyn.

Plans of and sections through the mines contiguous with Llanwrst Mine.
1. Copy of, ‘The Eagle Lead Co. Ltd. Plan Showing Co’s Properties & the Principal Lead and Zinc Loads’.
2. ‘Longitudinal Section " Fucheslas Principal Lode’. Llanwrst Mine?
3. ‘Llanwrst Lead Mines Limited. Diagram of Principal Lode’, with unfilled key to work carried out prior to 1/1/53 and up to 31/12/54.
4. Drawn of graph-paper, ‘Longitudinal Section Along the Principal Lode and its Extensions’ (shows Cyffty, Gorlan, Llanwrst and Parc Mines).
5. ‘Longitudinal Section Principal Lode. Ore reserves as at 30th June 1953’ (includes same mines as previous).
6. ‘Plan of Reservoir and Neighbouring Lodes’, Llanwrst Mine.

Three drawings of Bettws y Coed Mine.
1. ‘Plan & section of Bettws y Coed Mine, North Wales’, shows magnetic north in 1886.
2. Copy of, ‘Bettws y Coed Mine, Plan & Section’, undated.
3. ‘Section of Principal Lode’, Llanwrst Lead Mines LTD June 1957.

Three drawings of the Hafna Mine.
1. ‘Hafna Mine, The Eagle Lead Mining Co. Ltd. Projected Section.
2. ‘Section of Hafna Drive’, on tracing paper.
3. ‘Plan of Hafna & Reservoir Drives’, on tracing paper.

Six drawings of the Pandora Mine.
1. Copy: ‘Pandora Mine Plan’, annotated with boot-prints front and rear.
2. Copy: sections along Champion Lode and Francis Lode.
3. Copy: ‘Pandora Mine New Lode, section. The Eagle Lead Co. Ltd.’
4. Copy: ‘Pandora Mine Section of New Lode’, annotated.
5. ‘Pandora Mine Section along Goddard Lode. The Eagle Lead Co. Ltd.’, annotated.
6. Copy: ‘Pandora Mine Section of Goddard Lode’, annotated with positive comments (‘Good Pb-Zn’, Very good ore’, ‘Splendid’).

Six drawings of or relating to Parc Mine. The first three date to 1951, when the mine was still working, the fourth to 1963, when it was recommissioned to host experimental work on ore processing (published in Mine & Quarry Engineering January 1963).
1. Drawing on tracing paper, ‘Parc Shaft Proposed Layout’, section with plans.
2. Copy of previous on paper for Llanwrst Lead Mines Ltd, signed R.B. 24 September 1951.
3. ‘Section of Proposed Parc shaft’, Llanwrst Lead Mines Ltd, R.B. 24 September 1951.
4. Plan on graph paper, ‘Parc Mine Buildings, Hawkwick Investments Ltd. 1963’. The remaining two drawings are:
5. Plan, apparently showing a powerline, of the area north of the mine, note on reverse, ‘Manweb File’;
6. Sketch plan, ‘Pipeline from Parc Lake to Mill’, signed Reynolds, 30 April 1957.

Four drawings of Aberllyn Mine.
1. ‘Plan of the Aberllyn Mine, Parish of Bettws y Coed ...’ (last made up to 31 July 1885), John Roberts M. E. Llewellyn Terrace, Llanwrst’. With plan of Griffin Mine (adjacent).
2. Copy: ‘Tracing of Aberllyn Mine Plan’, with magnetic north 1897.
3. Copy: ‘Tracing of Hard Lode Section. Aberllyn’, annotated.
4. Copy: ‘Tracing of Soft Lode Section. Aberllyn’, annotated.

Two drawings of Llanwrst Mine.
1. ‘Llanwrst Mine: Section’, produced by the Eagle Lead Co. Ltd.
2. ‘Proposed forward development below No. 3 Level. Scale 1” to 100 feet’.

Thirty-four maps, annotated Ordnance Survey County series 1:10560 (6” to one mile), for Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire. There are nine of the Cardiganshire sequence, nineteen of the Carmarthenshire sequence, three unnumbered and three larger, composite. These appear to constitute a record of manorial extents and of sales and encroachments on common land. They are thought to relate to the Law of Property Act (1922) which abolished copy and other special tenures, and amended the law relating to commonable lands.

Nine canvas-backed Ordnance Survey County series 1:10560 maps of Cardiganshire, numbered on red diamond swatches, sequence incomplete (Nos. 15-19, 43-44, 47-48). All have been marked and annotated to show boundaries and parcels of land and all carry standard handwritten additional keys, for example No. 15 (Cardiganshire VIII SW): ‘Rack 2. Plan 6 Wastes and Encroachments. Manor of Perfedd, Parishes of Trefeirig, Melindwr and Cwmrheidol. J.M. Davies 1862’.

Nineteen canvas-backed Ordnance Survey County series 1:10560 maps of Carmarthenshire, sequence incomplete (Nos. 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 23-26, 28-31, 33-36). All carry markings, annotations and additional keys in the manner of BICK/2/1 (above).

Three paper Ordnance Survey County series 1:10560 maps: Cardiganshire XXXIV NE (2nd edition 1906), showing parcels of land; Cardiganshire XLI NE/Carmarthenshire VII NE (2nd edition 1906), showing lots or parcels; Carmarthenshire XXVI NE (2nd edition 1907), annotated in pencil.

Three composite maps, showing lands of the Manor of Talley, assembled from Ordnance Survey County series 1:10560 mapsheets, canvas-backed and bound: Co Carmarthen, Manor of Talley, Grange of Llanycrwys; Co Carmarthen, Manor of Talley, Grange of Gwyddgrug; Co Carmarthen, Manor of Talley, Grange of Gwastade.

Three bundles of original documents relating to: 1. Shropshire lead mines; 2. Chirk-Oswestry coalfield; 3. South Wales valleys.

Documents relating to How & Son, Solicitors of 9 Swan Hill, Shrewsbury.

Bundle of thirty-four letters, some marked as copies, sent and received by How & Son between 1884 and 1890. The mines concerned include Bog, Pennerley and Tankerville. Also a newspaper cutting, ‘Meeting of the Shareholders of the Tankerville Mine’.

Eight legal documents relating to the Shropshire lead mines.

Two copies of ‘Heads of terms as arranged lessors and lessees of the mines recently worked by the Tankerville Great Consols Company with a view to the resumption of mining operations’. Drawm up by How & Son, Shrewsbury, June 1885.

Copy of ‘Report and valuation of losses sustained by lessors of the Bog, Pennerley and Tankerville Mines by the failure of the lessees to comply with the covenants contained in the different leases’. Drawn up by How & Son, 6th July 1887.

Draft copy of ‘License to search for minerals in a part of the Tankerville Mine Set ...’, drawn up by Longueville & Co., Oswestry, 2 July 1890.

Draft copy of ‘License to search for minerals in a part of the Pennerley and Potters Pit Sets ...’, drawn up by Longueville & Co., Oswestry, 1890.

‘Memorandum as to the deposit of £ ... part of the sum paid in discharge of the claims for breaches of covenant’. Drawn up by How & Son, 1890.

‘Statement of the terms of the application made .. for a lease of the Tankerville Mining Set’. Drawn up by How & Son, 1891.

Draft lease for 21 years of an undivided moiety of part of the Tankerville Mine Set ...’. Drawn up by Longueville & Co., Oswestry, 1891.

Collection of material relating to Moreton Hall Colliery, Salop, and the Moreton Hall and Preesgwyn Colliery Company, from 1868.

Bundle of fifteen letters relating to Moreton Hall Colliery. Correspondents include Richard Almond of Wigan and Walter Eddy esquire. Moreton Hall and Preesgwyn Colliery Company headed paper appears in 1869.

Three legal documents relating to Moreton Hall Colliery.

‘Draft Lease of mines and minerals under the Moreton Hall Estate ...’ to Nathanial Eckerskley. Drawn up by Longueville Williams Jones & Williams of Oswestry, 1866.

Articles of Agreement drawn up between Nathanial Eckerskley of Wigan and James Blackwell of Middlewich, 13 December 1866, concerning the sale the former’s rights and interests in Moreton Hall Colliery.

‘Draft Lease of mines & minerals under the Moreton Hall Estate ...’, to James Blackwell. Drawn up by Longueville Williams Jones & Williams of Oswestry, 1868.

Maps or plans relating to the Moreton Hall & Preesgwyn Colliery Company.

Plan on linen showing parcels of land sold and exchanged about the course of the railway passing through the Moreton Hall Estate.

‘Map (on linen) of Moreton Hall Estate and of coal workings and section of coal’.

Map on Linen, ‘Plas Kynaston and other mineral property belonging to Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Bart in the parish of Ruabon 1862’.

‘Preesgwyn Colliery coal yard workings under Lord A E Trevor’s land’. Plan on tracing paper, May 1873.

Bundle containing two conveyances and three leases, as well as a(n enlarged?) copy of an Ordnance Survey 1:2500 County series map showing Abersychan.

‘Conveyance of a freehold estate in the parish of Trevethin in the County of Monmouth under a decree of the Court of Chancery. Dated 27th May 1869’. Copy of part of ‘the plan referred to’ folded in.

‘Conveyance of an estate in the parish of Trevethin in the County of Monmouth. Dated 1st day of April 1870’.

‘Counterpart Lease of minerals at Golynos in the parish of Trevethin in the County of Monmouth. Dated 23rd December 1893.’ Includes annotated Ordnance Survey 1:2500 County series Monmouth XVIII 5 (1880)

‘Lease of Quarries and Lands in the parish of Llanhiddel in the County of Monmouth. Dated 5th August 1895’.

Lease of Swffryd otherwise Crumlin Farm and Lands in the parishes of Llanhiddel (otherwise Llanhilleth) and Trevethin in the County of Monmouth. Dated 16th November 1908’.

Ordnance Survey 1:2500 County series Monmouth XVIII.10 (1880). This has presumably been included to supplement maps attached to the conveyances and leases.

Fifteen bundles of documents relating to individual mines or mining topics.

Documents, including correspondence, copies of articles or reports, maps, plans and illustrations, some critically illustrated, relating to the Loggerheads Country Park, set in the Alyn valley, for which D. Bick acted as a consultant for mining issues to Clwyd County Council.

Documents relating to the Red Dragon Silver Lead Mine, Cowarch, Meirionnydd. These include correspondence and copies of maps, reports and earlier documents.

Documents, including correspondence, draught reports, notes, plans and drawings, relating to the Bryngwyn Enginehouse, Bedwas (Monmouthshire), which D. Bick was instrumental in getting protected as a scheduled ancient monument in 1989. Documents prior to this date include proposals for a heritage park by the Bedwas Action Committee (1988). Documents from the period 1990-1992 relate to research undertaken by Bick for a report commissioned by the owners who were seeking to obtain consent to demolish. More recent documents chronicle a further period of threat, during the planning and building of the ‘Manor Park’ housing development, 1998 to 2003-2004. Correspondence involves the Bedwas District Conservation Association and the Welsh Mines Preservation Trust.

Measured drawings (plan and elevations) of the engine house at Coed Hendre or North Hendre lead mine, Rhydymwyn, Clwyd, together with covering letter from N.A. Chapman.

Material relating to the Carn Dochan gold mine near Bala. A bundle of documents relating to a dispute in 1873 was purchased by D. Bick prior to 1995. The accompanying sales description prices this at £75 + VAT. These documents include a record of output from 1866-1872 which prompted a letter from D. Bick to the editor of the Northern Mines Research Society Newsletter and a note published in the Newsletter for May 1995. Copies of both are attached.

Material relating to the Ystrad Einion lead mine (Ceredigion). The mine remains are protected as a scheduled ancient monument and have been consolidated for public view. The documents here are: a report prepared by D. Bick, ‘The Industrial Archaeology of Ystrad Einion Mine, Dyfed’ (handwritten draft); a photocopy of historic Ordnance Survey mapping; two pages of a draft document from D. Bick dated 11 Feb 1991 with attached annotated Dyfed County Council Planning dept. plans: of the proposed site layout and main crusher house. Further material = BICK/4/7.

Further material relating to the Ystrad Einion lead mine (also BICK/4/6). Includes: two further Dyfed County Council Planning dept. plans, of the existing site and of the main buildings; an article on the mine by S. Hughes published in Rock Bottom (issue 6, Spring 1989); copies of maps; miscellaneous handwritten by D. Bick, including a timesheet.

Collection of photographs of the north Ceredigion metal mines: three large b & w prints, aerial views of Cwmsymlog (1986) and Goginan (1985), and a ground view of Ystymtuen (?1956); eight negatives, including the aerial view of Cwmsyliog; seven small format b & w prints, aerial views of Bronfloyd mine and unlocated including leats and test-pitting; two colour prints, with strip of four negatives, of Cwmsymlog mine.

Collection of material, correspondence, reports, plans and maps, mostly relating to Penrhos colliery, Brymbo (Wrexham), in particular with the preservation of its engine house, a scheduled ancient monument. Also includes some material on Glyn Pits, Pontypool, Parys Mountain and Pennant barites and lead mine, Clwyd, which may be included as comparative examples of engine houses.

Collection of five copies of early eighteenth century documents, relating to Montgomeryshire metal mines, obtained from Clwyd Record Office, together with photocopied map showing location of mines. The documents concern a dispute and a note added on one reads, ‘To study these papers is to open the lid of a Pandora’s box of intrigue and double dealing, where the truth, hard enough to ascertain at the time, is even more elusive today. Still, something can be discerned’.

Documents relating to Esgairmwyn metal mine (Ceredigion). These are mostly copies of mid eighteenth century documents and plans, including a chapter from Lewis Morris’ ‘History of the Manor of Meveneth’ (1756), with modern annotations. Also copies of modern mapping and a copy of an Aberystwyth town plan showing shortcut to the offices of RCAHMW from Llanbadarn Road.

Collection of material, correspondence, articles, maps and plans, relating to evidence for hushing and crusher houses in the mid Wales ore field. Hushing features are sketched-in on maps of Craig-y-Mwyn (Montgomeryshire) and Esgairmwyn (Ceredigion). Correspondence with S. Hughes outlines the insuperable problems that would have been involved in setting up a traditional dressing mill at Cwmystwyth.

Copies of, ‘Book of Vouchers to prove the Case and Defence of the Deputy Governour and Directors of the Company of Mine-adventurers’, by Sir Humphrey Mackworth: Part I (1710); Second Part (1711) (two copies and a partial copy?).

Copy of letter on Welsh Highland Railway Heritage Group paper from C. John Keylock, with draft reply from D.B., concerning possible heap of copper ore visible in old photograph (copy attached).

Four copies of the, ‘Van Mines Young Men’s Improvement Society. Catalogue of Books in the Library’. Printed by J.H. Mills, Short Bridge Street, Llanidloes.

Bundle of documents relating to the Barry Pilots Steam Cutter Co. Ltd., with covering letter from a correspondent in Clehonger dated 17 October 1989. Twenty-one receipts and invoices from the period 1931-1934. Also includes three publications of the Surrey Commercial Dock Company: ‘Rates on Shipping. 1st May, 1873’; ‘Table of the Rates, Charges and Regulations Applicable to Merchandise, December, 1873’; ‘Shipping Regulations 1st January, 1874’.

Publications, leaflets, off-prints and other material.

‘Mining and the Community in the Parishes of North Molton, South Molton, Molland and Twitchen, Devonshire’, David Dixon 1983, Gerway Close, Ottery St Mary. 491pp.

Half of ‘Appleby’, Ordnance Survey Popular One Inch Map Sheet 13.

Copy of book illustration, ‘Piano di una miniera e profile dei lavori interni’; plan and section of mine with enlarged details.

Two copies of offprint, ‘Remnants of Mining in Ceredigion before the 19th Century’, David E. Bick, from Ceredigion (1978).

Offprint: ‘Cornish Engine Houses at Welsh Metal Mines’, David Bick, from Industrial Archaeology August 1968.

Offprint: ‘Excavations at Pen-y-crocbren’, W. G. Putnam, from Montgomeryshire Collections LVII.1 1961 (January 1963). Sent to D.B. by author with letter, annotated by D.B.

‘Geology and Opencast Mining of Jurassic Ironstones of Great Britain’, W. D. Evans. Paper issued September 12th 1946 for discussion at a meeting of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, November 21st 1946 at 5.0 o’clock p.m.

Photocopy from Transactions of the Newcomen Society 1930/31, ‘Francis Thompson’s Visit to the Cardiganshire Mines in 1788’. Annotated. Priced 20p.

Three proof copies for the Newcomen Society Transactions Vol 35 1962/63(?).
1. ‘The Pumping Station at Hawkesbury Junction’, Cyril T.G. Boucher.
2. ‘The Newcomen Engine in the Eighteenth Century’, R.A. Mott.
3. ‘The Newcomen Type Engine at Elsecar, West Riding’, A.K. Clayton.

Leaflet and five booklets relating to mining matters at Wanlockhead and the Lowther Hills.
1. Leaflet; ‘The Wanlockhead Museum Trust. Silver and Lead Mining Trail’ (undated).
2. Booklet; ‘The Wanlockhead Museum Trust. No. 1 All about Wanlockhead’ (undated).
3. ‘The Wanlockhead Museum Trust. Wanlockhead Beam Engine’ (undated).
4. ‘The Wanlockhead Museum Trust. No. 6 Rocks, Minerals and Fossils’ (1979).
5. ‘Wanlockhead Miner’s Library. A Guide Book by John C. Crawford’, Wanlockhead Museum Trust (undated).
6. ‘Men of the Lowther Hills’, W.S. Harvey and G. Downs-Rose, Leadhills and Wanlockhead, 1975.
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