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CBG: Records of the Cardiganshire Board of Guardians

Acc. 543, 544, 1099, 1529, 2587, 2862, 2899, 2922

Ref: CBG

Reference: [GB 0212] CBG
Title: Records of the Cardiganshire Board of Guardians
Date(s): 1837-1949
Level: Fonds

Please Note: All Board of Guardians Records are closed for 100 years from the date of creation.

Administrative History: Poor Law Unions administered by Boards of Guardians were established following the Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834, which grouped parishes together for the purposes of the relief of the poor. They were abolished by the Local Government Act, 1929, which transferred their functions to Area Guardians' Committees acting under Public Assistance Committees of County Councils. However the change in authority did not necessarily mean a break in the records, and it will be noticed that some of the items continue after 1930.

Archival History: The records of the Cardiganshire Board of Guardians were transferred to the Ceredigion Archives from the National Library of Wales on 8 January 1986, as Acc 543.
The records were divided into two groups, the first group (numbered 1-1685) and an additional, then unnumbered, group. The first group had been arranged by Unions and listed in one numerical sequence as follows:
Cardigan Union: 1-270
Newcastle Emlyn Union: 271-372
Lampeter Union: 373-921
Tregaron Union: 922-963
Aberayron Union: 964-1091
Aberystwyth Union: 1092 -1272
Valuation lists etc. for parishes in the counties of Cardigan and Carmarthen: 1416-1685

This arrangement has been maintained with the exception of numbers 417-419, 887-892, and 1273-1415, which have been removed and listed separately as they are not Guardians' records.
The second group of records, originally unnumbered, have since been catalogued and described in the following manner:
CBG/AN - Aberaeron Union
CBG/AB - Aberystwyth Union
CBG/CD - Cardigan Union
CBG/LP - Lampeter Union
CBG/NE - Newcastle Emlyn Union
CBG/TG - Tregaron Union
CBG/PW - Printed works
CBG/MI - Miscellaneous

Scope and Content: The collection consists mostly of those records created by the various Unions in the course of the administration of the Poor laws. These may include, Minute Books; Letter books; General Ledgers; Parochial Ledgers; the Master’s Journals, Report Books, and Day Books; Admissions and Discharge Books; Account Books; Medical Report Books, Visitors Books; Stores and Provisions Books; Indoor and Outdoor Relief Lists, etc.
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