Archifdy Ceredigion Archives
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Newcastle Emlyn Union Additional

Acc. 543


Reference: CBG/NE
Title: Additional Newcastle Emlyn Union Records.
Date(s): 1852-1930
Level: Series
Scope and Content: Additional records of the Cardiganshire Board of Guardians for the Newcastle Emlyn Union.

Please Note: All Board of Guardians Records are closed for 100 years from the date of creation.

1. Receipt relating to clothing purchased by boarding out committee, 20 January 1912

2. Case papers, 1916-1920

3. Undertakings of foster parents, 24 May 1917 - 2 October 1925

4. Returns of sums received and expended by overseers, 1923-1924

5. Returns of sums received and expended by overseers, 1924-1925

6. Statement of receipts and expenditure by the guardians, year ended 31 March 1925
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