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CDC/SE/20: Bye-Laws Relating to Employment of Children

Acc. 1999

Ref: CDC/SE/20

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/SE/20
Title: Bye-Laws Relating to Employment of Children
Date(s): 1930-1953
Level: Fonds
Extent: 4 items

Scope and Content:
Cardiganshire County Council- bye-laws relating mostly to employment of children
1. Booklet: Cardiganshire County Council Bye-Laws (1930).

2. Cardiganshire Bye-Laws: Amending bye-laws 6 and 8 with respect to the Employment of Children and Street Trading made by the Cardiganshire County Council on 4 February 1953. Addendum to (1) above.

3. Cardiganshire- Children and Young Persons Act, 1933 (as amended by the Education Act, 1944). Employment of Children: Street Trading by Persons under 18. 2 copies.

4. Loose photocopied sheet- contains details of school leaving dates, special cases etc. 2 copies.
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