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CDC/SE/8: Hydro Electric papers

Acc. 539

Ref: CDC/SE/8

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/SE/8
Title: Hydro Electric papers
Level: Fonds
Extent: 20 items

Scope and Content:
1. Volume entitled North Wales Hydro-Electric Power Act 1955, containing:
1. Minutes of evidence taken before a Select Committee of the House of Lords on the North Wales Hydro-Electric Power Bill, 29th, 30th, 31st March, 1st April 1955
2. Hansard report of the Second Reading of the Bill in the House of Commons, 7th July 1955
3. Corrected version of the Hydro-Electric Power Act, 1955
4. Copy of a letter from the Central Electricity Authority to the Cardiganshire County Council, 7th April,1955 containing assurances and undertakings for the benefit of the Council

Acc. 587

2. "Copy of a Report on Encroachments on the Bed of the River Tivy, between Cardigan and Llechryd, and the Survey of a Portion of that River, made by Order of the Admiralty, by Captain Washington, R.N., 1851"

3. "County Council Seals of the Welsh Counties", reprinted from "The Montgomeryshire Collections", Vol. XXIV, 1890

4. "Cardiganshire C.C.: Report of Committee appointed by the Council to enguire into Crown and Waste Lands in the County".
November 1913

5. "Cardiganshire C.C.: Report of Public Enguiry held at Pontrhydfendigaid, on September 13th, 1917, Into the Alleged Pollutíon of the River Teify and its Tributaries"

6. "Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru: The Custody of the Local Records of Wales",

7. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Report, No.510: "The Microflora of the Rheidol and Melindwr above and below sources of pollution by lead mines", by Mary J. Reese, B.Sc.,
23 March 1935

8. "Proceedings of a Meeting of the West Wales Pollution Sub-Committee",
24 May, 1935

9. "General Meeting of the West Wales Pollution Sub-Committee", including a verbal report on "The effect of Lead, Zinc, Copper and Calcium on the Stickleback", by Dr. J. R. E. Jones,
7 July 1936

10. "Cardiganshire C.C.: Report on the Influence of the Lead Mines of Cardiganshire on the Health and Welfare of the People". Ernest Jones, Co. M.O.H.,
January 1938

11. "County of Cardigan: Standing Orders of the Court of Quarter Sessions"

12. Cardiganshire C.C. statement to the Local Government Commission for Vales statutory conference, Carmarthen, 2nd and 3rd November,

13. "Cardiganshire C.C.: Bye-laws", 7th May 1930, as amended 7th November 1962, and confirmed by the Secretary of State,
11 July 1963

14. "County of Cardigan: List of Magistrates, etc."
June 1966

15. "County of Cardigan: List of Magistrates, etc.
August 1969

16. "Cardiganshire County Council: Plan for dealing with oil pollution of beaches"
November 1969, revised October 1970

17. Extract from Cardiganshire County Council Planning Department records, to augment the South West Wales River Authority report, dated May 1972, on areas where sewage disposal is, or soon will be, a problem.

18. Caernarfonshire County Council: Welsh Church Fund: Income Tax file:
1. Case for the Opinion of Council. County Offices,Caernarfon, 30 June 1964
2. Opinion. H. H. Monroe, 4 Pump Court, The Temple, 31 July 1964
3. Memorandum to the Welsh Counties Committee. T. E. Owen-Lloyd, clerk to the County Council, County Offices, Caernarfon, December 1964
4. Instructions for Further Opinion. County Offices, Caernarfon, 15 January 1965
5. Further Opinion. H. H. Monroe, 4 Pump Court, The Temple, 16 February 1965
6. Draft letter for Caernarfonshire County Council to applicants to the Welsh Church Fund regarding registration as a charity, 18th March 1965. Covering letter from T. E. Owen-Lloyd, clerk to the County Council, County Offices, Caernarfon, to Vernon Lawrence, Hon. Secretary, Welsh Counties Committee, County Hall, Newport, 19 March 1965. Covering letter from Vernon Lawrence, above, to J. E. R. Carson, Clerk of the Council, Aberystwyth,
22 March 1965

19. Scheme made by Cardiganshire C.C. under Sec.19 of the Welsh Church Act [1914], 6 November 1946, with deletions as made by the Welsh Church Fund Committee,
16 October 1952

20. Record of Grants, made from the Welsh Church Fund under, respectively Sec.6 of the Local Government Act [1963], Sec.139 of the Local Government Act [1948], and Sec.l of the L.A. [Historic Buildings] Act [1962],
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