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Parochial Records, Aberaeron (Aberayron)

Acc. 2581


Reference: [GB 0212] CPR/ABE
Title: Aberaeron (Aberayron) Parochial Records
Date(s): c.1847-1998
Level: Fonds
Extent: 91 items

Source of Acquisition:
The records were initially deposited at the National Library of Wales, where there had been three deposits of Aberaeron parochial records. The first deposit, made 1 June 1987, has been renumbered as indicated in the list. The second deposit was made in two parts in June and July 1992, and comprises numbers 1-19, 22-24, 26-28, 40, 49-51, 56-62, 64-65 and 72. The third deposit was made in January 1995 and comprises numbers 20, 25, 39, 41-48, 52-55, 63, 66-71 and 33-91.
The records were transferred to Ceredigion Archives in 2010.

Administrative History:
In 1839 Col. Gwynne of Monachty built a chapel at Aberaeron as a chapel of ease to Henfynyw church. It was rebuilt in 1872 as Holy Trinity Church. For earlier related documents, see the list of Henfynyw parochial records, Acc 2581 CPR/HFW

Scope and Content:

1-7. Registers of Services
1. 1903-1911
2. 1913-1917
3. 1918-1928
4. 1928-1939
5. 1939-1949
6. 1949-1972
7. 1972 to August 1978

8-9. Account Books
8. Curate’s Fund Account book, November 1913-Easter 1922, with names and addresses of contributors. (Previously number 52)

9. Holy Trinity Aberaeron, 1947-1953. (Previously number 56)

10-11. Minute Books
10. Parochial Church Council, 1895-1976. (Previously number 21)

11. Notebook with Minutes of a Committee of Holy Trinity Church Aberaeron to arrange collectors and collections for the million pound appeal for the Church in Wales, 1952-1953. It includes lists of names, addresses and amounts paid at the rear of the volume. (Previously number 71)

12. Electoral rolls for Holy Trinity Aberaeron, 1978, and stamps of Episcopal Visitations in 1966, 1969, 1972, 1975, 1978, 1986 and 1989. (Previously number 74)

13-35. Church Furnishings
13. Specification of the manner of erecting and finishing a church at Aberaeron on ground occupied by the old church, according to drawings prepared by Messrs. Middleton and Goodman, Architects, Cheltenham. 1871. (Previously number 22)

14.Costs, and differences in costs of various building materials, lead, ironmongery and carpenter’s work, with totals, Undated. (Previously number 23)

15. Notebook with a list of subscribers to Trinity Church’s building fund, some dated 1874, referring to concerts and collections between 1871 and 1875. The notebook also contains a draft letter and accounts concerning the payment of tithe rent charge, 1891. (Previously number 24)

16/1-5. Photocopies and plans by Edward Haycock, architect, Salop, of an unidentified church (possibly a proposed plan for Aberaeron church), c. 1871 and plans and elevations for the new church at Aberaeron by Middleton and Goodman, Cheltenham, (damaged). (Previously numbered 25).

17. Estimate for stone carving by R.L. Boulton, Cheltenham, undated. (Previously numbered 26)

18 Account for a new Pulpit at Aberaeron Church by R.L. Boulton, Cheltenham from designs by Messrs. Middleton and Goodwin, undated. (Previously number 27)

19. Account of Extra Work executed by David Davies at Aberaeron Church measured and valued by J. Middleton, undated. (Previously number 28)

20. Account of the tiling at Aberaeron Church, from Wm. Godwin, Lugwardine Tile Works, Hereford, undated. (Previously number 29)

21. Printed statement of the amount received and expended on Trinity Church Aberayron from 1871. (Previously number 30)

22. Printed booklet of a General List and Statement of the Receipts and Expenditure in connection with the building of the Chancel and Organ of Aberayron Church, completed 3 May 1900. (Previously number 31)

23. General abstract of the various works connected with the building of the Tower of the Church at Aberayron to the designs of Messrs. Middleton and Son, Architects, Westminster and Cheltenham, dated 1879 and 1880. (Previously number 32)

24. Ground Plan and Elevations for the new chancel of Aberayron Church by Prothero and Phillott, Acrchitects, dated June 5 1897. (Previously number 33)

25. An Agreement dated 21 February 1898 between Rev. J. M. Griffiths of Aberayron Church and Mr Ben Davies of Abergwili, Carmarthen, builder in connection with the building of the new Chancel in Holy Trinity Church, Aberayron for the sum of £712. (Previously number 34)

26. A handwritten “Notice” to Mr Ben Davies, 2 Bellevue Terrace, Aberayron, dated 19 April 1899, because his work is six and a half months late and has been condemned by the Architects and their Inspector, and threatening to terminate his contract unless he gets on with the work with reasonable despatch and to their satisfaction. (Previously number 35)

27. A letter from R. C. Prothero, architect of Cheltenham, to Mr (Rev.?) Griffiths, dated 30 June 1899 suggesting not taking separate contracts for materials and labour, but to get a reliable contractor to do the work. They had written to Hoskins of Aberystwyth but he was too busy and had refused, unless they were unable to find anyone else to do it. They were sending a copy of the Contract, and said that everything upon the site would belong to the building committee and Mr Griffiths, and he should ask their solicitor Mr C. D. Evans, to make the Agreement ‘plain’ to them. (Previously number 37)

28. Typed pages dated October 1930, for the Vicar and Parochial Church council, with the Specification of work and materials to build a Lych Gate and alter the boundary walling adjacent. to plans by the Architect, W.E. Ellery Andersen, Ecclesiastical Architect, Cheltenham. (Previously number 38)

29/1-3. Designs for the proposed lych gate, Aberaeron, 1930. (Previously numbered 39)

30. Coloured line drawing of the proposed Reredos in Holy Trinity church designed by G. M. Hammer and Co., Haringay, London, 1933. (Previously numbered 42).

31/1-4. Bundle of Documents concerning the Reredos and Side Panelling for Trinity Church Aberayron with an estimate from Watkin James and Son of Aberayron dated 25 May 1933, with coloured scaled drawings, and a design for an alternative panel with carved and gilded shields. (Previously number 43)

32/1-7. Bundle of Documents with the Specification of work and materials, costs and plans for an oak altar for Holy Trinity Church from Norman and Burt, London Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex, dated November 1934, also the Specification of work and materials, costs and plans, and correspondence about oak altar rails for Holy Trinity Church, from Norman and Burt, London Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex, dated November 1936, and September 1942 and January 1942. (Previously number 44)

33. Coloured drawing of the proposed carved oak altar designed by J. Wippell and Co., c.1934. (Previously numbered 45)

34/1-3. Scale drawings for an Oak Cover for a Font, by Geo. Hammer & Co. Haringay, London, dated 1963. (Previously number 46)

35/1. Letter dated 15 February 1963 from Geo. M. Hammer & Co. Ltd, Crown Works, Hermitage Road, Haringay, London to Rev. Canon Morlais Williams, the Vicarage, Aberayron. A catalogue of Church Furniture was not available, but enclosed were some prints of Font Covers they had either designed or manufactured.
35/2. A letter dated 9 February 1965 from Celtic Studios, Swansea, designers, painters and craftsmen in stained glass, to Rev. Williams, concerning a two light stained glass window, and the Rev. Williams had mentioned a sum of £200, this would enable them to design in full treatment the chosen subject, and they would like to visit the Church to discuss the position and subject matter of the window. (Previously numbers 47-48)

36. Churchwardens’ accounts, 1902, 1904-1911. 1905 and 1906 are handwritten, the rest are printed. (Previously number 51)

37-38. Visitors’ Books
37. 1956-1972 (Previously number 72)
38. 1979-1998 (Previously number 93)

39-41. Faculty papers
39. Faculty (permission) for Restoring Holy Trinity Aberayron, from John, the Lord Bishop of St. David’s, to the Vicar, Rev. James M. Griffiths, and the Churchwardens, Dryhurst Hughes and John Davies, dated 9 November 1898, with details of voluntary contributions to pay for it, and replacing monuments and gravestones if removed, and the re-burying of the dead. (Previously number 36)

40. Faculty for Restoring Holy Trinity Aberayron, from David Lewis, the Lord Bishop of St. David’s, to the Vicar, Rev. Evan Basil Herbert, and the Churchwardens, Lewis Lloyd and John Williams, dated 7 June 1932, and concerning putting up a stained glass window.

41. Letter dated 8 April 1932 from Walter E. Tower of C. E. Kempe and Co., Nottingham Place, London, who had completed the design for a new stained glass window, giving details of the figures etc. and saying the design is being sent to the Vicar.

42-50. School
42. Draft for a Conveyance from Alban Lewis Thomas Jones Gwynne Esq. of Monachty, to the Minister and Churchwardens of the Parish of Llanddewy Aberarth for a parcel of land at Aberayron 100 feet by 60 feet abutting on the north side to the Turnpike road leading from Aberystwyth to Cardigan, on the south from the Turnpike road leading from Aberystwyth to Lampeter and on the east side on a road or lane leading from one to the other, and on the west side to a field of Alban Gwynne in the occupation of Evan Davies. The ground to be the site of a school, and a house for the teacher or teachers. (Previously number 8)

43/1. A draft questionnaire for the School Committee or Trustees of the proposed school, with printed questions from the ‘National Society’ (see 44) which was being asked for ‘aid’ or ‘assistance’. The questions were all answered, and contain many details about the building and funding of the school. Date 184- not filled in. (c.1847-1848)
43/2. Printed sheet to display the incorporation of Aberayron National School in to the National Society for Promoting rhe Education of the Poor in the Priciples of the Established Church, signed by the President and Secretary, dated 4 November 1848, and with terms of the ‘union’. (Previously numbers 9 and 10)

44. Bound volume National School Cash Book, from 1889-1893,1895-1904. (Previously number 11)

45. Bound Volume, Aberayron School Treasurer’s account of receipts and payments, 1892- 1908. (Previously number 13)

46. National School, Cash Book, 1894- 1895, with abstracted income and expenditure accounts, 1895-1902. (Previously number 13)

47/1. Letter dated 12 April 1940 from J. Lewis Evans, Architect to Cardigan County Council to Rev. Basil Herbert, Aberayron Vicarage, accompanying a Plan and Specification for proposed additions and alterations to the Aberayron C. of E. School.
47/2. Specification for proposed additions and alterations to the Aberayron C. of E. School, for the School Managers. (Previously number 14)

48. Agreement dated 6 December 1940 between the managers of the Aberayron Non-Provided School and assistant teacher Dorothy Jones, to appoint her as an assistant teacher from 1 November 1939. Also a letter dated 7 December 1940 to the Vicar the Rev. Basil Herbert, from the Director of Education, H.J. Lewis, concerning the Agreement Forms. (Previously number 15)

49. Agreement dated 6 December 1940 between the managers of the Aberayron Non-Provided School and assistant teacher Sarah Elizabeth Jones, to appoint her as an assistant teacher from 1 January 1939. (Previously number 16)

50. Two copies of a typed scheme suggested for the reorgnisation of schools in towns where there are two elementary schools, from Cardiganshire Education committee (pre1974. (Previously number 17)

51-52. Sunday school attendance registers
51. 1875-1879, fragile (account book on the cover). (Previously number 18)
52. 1909-1910 (Previously number 19)

53-54. Sunday school account books
53. 1940-1941. (Previously number 55)
54. 1954-1959. (Previously number 20)

55. Marriage Licence no, 163, 1863 for John Jones of Llanon, in the parish of Llansantfraed, master mariner and bachelor, and Mary Lewis of Sychbant in the parish of Henfynw, spinster.
On the back a handwritten note from a Vestry Meeting of 20 September 1877, in the parish church of the parish of Henfynw, when it was agreed that the outside of the church be repaired and covered with silica to keep out the damp, and that two chandeliers for the pulpit be procured, a new oriel window be put in the west part of the church, a stone removed from by the Chancel door, and that money in the Bank left after the building of the church should be used for this. (Previously number 59)

56-61. Miscellaneous account books
56. John Jones’s account with A. Gwynne Esq., beginning the half year ending 1878 and ending 5 October 1881, and a note dated 31 July 1890. (Previously number 49)

57. Balance sheet, Jan-Aug.1889, of the Rev. W. O. Edwards in account with David Lloyd and it includes names and addresses of people in arrears. (Previously number 50)

58. Sale of work, 1928-1943. (Previously numbered 53)

59. Sale of work, 1930-1937. (Previously number 54)

60. Account book of Cymry’r Groes, Aberaeron, 1954-1963. (Previously number 57)

60A. Bundle of documents concerned with Cymry’r Groes and a Sunday School trip to Barry Island.

61. Church Women’s Society, from 1966 to 1975. (Previously number 58)

62-66. Henfynyw with Aberayron Parish Magazines
62. 1929 (Previously number 66)
63. 1931 (Previously number 67)
64. 1935 (Previously number 68)
65. 1939, with no cover. (Previously number 69)
66. 1939 (Previously number 70)

67-70. Correspondence
67/1-20. A folder containing a bundle of Documents. Numbers 1 to 4 concern the Aberarth Old Rectory, Aberayron, and in 4 is a 25 inch plan of the curtilage of the Vicarage house in 1967. Numbers 5 to 20 are about getting a new assistant curate, about the Curate’s funding, about finding him a house, and a report on Hillcrest, Vicarage Hill and the work done there to make it a suitable curate’s house. (Previously number 73)

68/1-17 A folder containing a bundle of correspondence, 1968-1972
1. A letter dated 19 April 1968 in which The Diocese agreed to a request to sell part of the Vicarage curtilage.
2. A handwritten statement concerning the Parochial Church Council’s views on the sale of Aberarth Rectory.
3. A copy of a letter from Jim Raw Rees, Estate Agents to Patrick Gwynne Esq. dated 8 November 1968 concerning the sale of the Old Church School Aberaeron, with comments on the building and value of the site.
4-6. Details of a tree planting scheme to improve Vicarage Hill at the Aberaeron to Lampeter Class 1 road, and alterations to the Vicarage Drive, and including a Welsh Office statement on the maintenance of roadside timber and hedgerows, dated 23 January 1968, and a County Council plan of the place and the position of the trees.
7. Concerning the Release by Patrick Gwynne Esq.of Homewood Esher, Surrey, to the Diocesan Board of finance of the Aberayron V.P. School, (the Old Church School), dated November 1968.
8. A letter dated 16 May 1969 from the Diocese office to the Vicar concerning an offer from the Headmaster of the Aberaeron Comprehensive School for a plot of land near the Vicarage, and with a plan of it.
9. New stone pillars for the Vicarage, dated 24 July 1969, and suggested fencing.
10. An offer for to sell the remaining part of the glebe land to build houses on.
11. Concerning repointing exterior walls of the Vicarage in October 1970 and setting aside part of the churchyard to bury ashes.
12. A list of defects to the Vicarage in March 1971.
13. Letters to the Vicar from the architects and surveyors, Mercer, Howells and Middleton about costs of some work, and some tarmacadam work completed, dated July and September 1971.
14. A letter dated 27 June 1972 from the Vicar to the County Surveyor about damage to a pillar in the Church boundary wall.
15. On one side, the Draft of a letter to ‘The Forward Trust’ concerning withdrawal of money and interest, and mentioning a badly needed Hall; on the other side a draft of the letter above (14) about the damage to the pillar.
16. A signed pencil drawing on yellow paper of Holy Trinity Church in 1971.
17. A typed ‘Guide to Churches in the Parish of Henfynyw’ by David Lewis Jones, price 20d, with a history of the Churches and a list of priests. (Previously number 75)

69. Extract from a Deed of 4 march 1875 concerning 1,267 square yards of land from Alban Gwynne conveyed for the church site. It was in the parish of Henfynyw, bounded on the north side by the turnpike road leading from Aberystwyth to Cardigan, and all other sides by land owned by Alban Gwynne, together with the unconsecrated building erected and standing upon the said pice of land and intended as a church. (Previously number 60)

70. Extract from a Deed of 4 December 1897 concerning 482 square yards of land part of Pengarreg Farm that Alban Gwynne is to convey to the church. It was bounded on the north side partly by the high road leading from Aberystwyth to Cardigan, and partly by the site of the Holy Trinity Church, Aberaeron. (Previously number 61)

71-72. Printed material
71. Printed poster with details of the vicar, organist, a rota of sidesmen and an order of services at Holy Trinity Church Aberayron in 1901-1902 " this date being crossed out and 1902-1903 being written in. (Previously number 62)

72. Bundle of Church music, including Stainer’s Crucifixion and a Cantata, Olivet to Calvary by J.H. Maunder. (Previously number 63)

73-89. Photographs and maps
73. Black and white photograph labelled H. Morgan. (Rev. Henry Morgan, perpetual curate of Henfynyw with Holy Trinity 1854-1867)

74/1-3. Black and white photograph labelled W. O. Edwards. (Rev. William Owen Edwards, vicar of the above, 1845-1867)

75/1-2. Black and white photograph labelled J. M. Griffiths. (James Martin Griffiths, Vicar of the above, 1896-1903)

76/1-2. Black and white photograph labelled Evan Evans. (Vicar of the above 1903-1920)

77. Black and white photograph of a clergyman. (? John Richard Jones, Vicar of the above 1920-1922)

78/1-2 Black and white photograph labelled D. J. Jones. (David James Jones, Vicar of the above, 1922-1928)

79/1-2. Black and white photograph labelled B. Herbert. (Evan Basil Herbert, Vicar of the above, 1928-1943)

80. Black and white photograph labelled W. G. Jones, St. Dogmaels, one time curate.

81/1-3. Black and white photograph labelled D. Davies. (David Davies, Vicar of the above, 1943-1958)

82/1-2 Black and white photograph labelled A. M. Williams (Archibald Williams, Vicar of the above, 1958-1965, and Vicar of Llandewi Aberarth from 1959.

83. Sepia photograph of a waterside scene by Watkins Holden of Cardigan, labelled Nesta Poulgrain, Portland House, Aberayron, Wales. (Aberaeron Harbour)

84/1-2 Printed ‘Answered Prayer’, a card dated 25 March 1922, in memory of Rev. J. R. Jones, who died in March 1922, and a handwritten list of all the priests with dates and lengths of their service.

85. Signed photograph of the Rev. John Griffiths, rector of Neath, Glamorganshire, 1873. (Badly torn). (Previously number 88)

86. Black and white photograph, slightly abraded, and untitled, of a clergyman surrounded by adults, young people and children.

87. Ordnance Survey Map, 25 inch, Second Edition 1906, Sheet XV111 N. E. and S. showing the Aberayron area of the parish outlined in pink, and showing proposed alteration to parish boundaries. The proposed new boundary was marked in blue. (Previously number 90)

88. Philips School Map of Wales with a hanging bar, copyright 1961 (Hawlfraint), 1:200,000, 3.15 miles to 1 inch. Heights of land were shown in colours. (Previously number 91)

89. Cardigan County Council Town and Country Planning Act 1962 and 1968 Map of Cardiganshire, Scale One Inch to One Mile, J. E. Griffiths, ARIBA . AMTPI, County Planning Department, Aberaeron. (Previously number 92)

90-91. Miscellaneous records
90. A list of inhabitants in the parish protesting against the Established Church (Wales) Bill, 1912, then before parliament, together with reasons to protest against the bill. (Previously number 64)

91. A protest signed by nonconformists against the proposals to deprive the Church in Wales of her uninclosed ancient churchyards and to take away for secular purposes £157,000 a year of her ancient endowments, c.1912. (Previously number 65)

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