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Parochial Records, Aberystwyth

Acc. 2581


Reference: [GB 0212] CPR/ASM
Title: Aberystwyth Parochial Records
Date(s): 1706; 1804-1993
Level: Fonds
Extent: 328 items

Archival History:
The collection was initially deposited at the National Library of Wales; and consists of three parts.
The first deposit of Aberystwyth parochial records was listed in a typescript schedule entitled ‘Schedule of Manuscripts and Documents relating to The Parish Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Aberystwyth, 1933’. This can now be found under CPR/ASTM.
All of the subsequent deposits received from the parish of Aberystwyth have been listed as Aberystwyth Parochial Records (CPR/ASM). The second deposit, made in July 1978, comprises Aberystwyth parochial records numbers 1-13; the third deposit was made in June 1992; and numbered 14-126; the fourth deposit was received in March 1993, and numbered 127-238; the fifth deposit was received in September 1993, and numbered 239-242. There were three deposits received in 1994 (sixth-eighth), and numbered 243-325. A ninth deposit was received in January 1995 and numbered 326-328.
A separate list of Aberystwyth Poor Law Records is available (CPR/ASM/PL).
The collection was transferred to Ceredigion Archives in 2010.

Associated Material:
NLW MS 23102E Printed material, 1851-1857, including a poster, 1851 listing those elected as Poor Law guardians for Aberystwyth Union, and treasurer’s accounts for the Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions, Epiphany to Easter 1855. 10 ff. Guarded and filed.

Scope and Content:
1-2. Minute books (see also 14-20, 226, 327-328)
1. Vestry minute book, 1804-1825
2. Select vestry minute book, 1819-1820, 1830-1837

3-12. Register of services and offertories (see also 21-24, 240-243)
3. St Michael, 1886-1891
4. St Michael, 1891-1895
5. St Michael, 1895-1898
6. St Michael, 1898-1901
7. St Michael, 1901-1906
8. St Michael, 1906-1911
9. St Michael, 1911-1916
10. St Michael, 1916-1920, with notes about the institution of vicars and election of churchwardens.
11. St Michael, 1920-1926
12. St Michael, 1926-1951

13. School and Sunday school Records (see also 75-80, 222-225, 232, 255, 326)
13. Minute book of meetings of the trustees and managers of Aberystwyth National Schools, 1903-1926.

14-20. Minute Books (see also 1-2, 226, 327-328)
14. Vestry, 1876-1975
15. Vestry, St. Mary’s church (a chapel of ease for Welsh services), 1900-1919, and minutes of meetings of the St Mary’s section of the parochial church council, 1923-1927.
16. Parochial Church Council, 1920-1923
17. Parochial Church Council, 1933-1954
18. Minutes of meetings held to consider the restoration or reconstruction of St Michael’s church, 1886, and of meetings of the church building committee, 1888-1890, and of an adjourned vestry, 1904, and of meetings of a new building committee, 1904-1905.
19. Minutes of meetings held to consider selling the vicarage in Llanbadarn Road, and acquiring a new vicarage near St Michael’s church, 1909-1911.
20. Minutes of the meetings of the vicarage building committee, 1911-1913, and of general meetings of the congregations of St Michael’s and St Mary’s held in 1912 and 1913 to consider the question of a new vicarage.

21-24. Register of services and offertories (see also 3-12, 240-243)
21. St Mary, 1886-1894, with minutes of a meeting of the congregation, 26 April 1887
22. St Mary, 1894-1904
23. St Mary, 1908-1912
24. St Mary, 1928-1942

25-26. Stubs of baptism and marriage certificates
25. Baptism certificates given, 1912-1989
26. Marriage certificates issued, 1939-1940

27-28. Confirmation registers
27. 1887-1906, with lists of persons confirmed 13 April 1886 on a sheet of paper attached inside.
28. 1907-1949

29-33. Pew rentals, with names and addresses
29. St Michael, 1875-1884
30. St Michael, 1884-1892
31. St Michael, 1893-1912
32. St Michael, 1913-1925
33. St Mary, 1922-1933

34-39. Electoral rolls and other lists of parishioners (see also 251)
34. Electoral roll, National Assembly, 1920-1922
35. Electoral roll, National Assembly, compiled in 1929?
36. Electoral roll, Church Assembly, compiled in 1932?
37. Electoral roll, Church Assembly, compiled in1933? (Examined by the archdeacon in 1935)
38. Electoral roll, 1937, revised in 1938, 1939, 1940, 1942 and 1943
39. Ledger with names of parishioners arranged by street. This record appears to have been compiled around 1930, and kept up to date for a few years.

40-44. Account books, churchwardens in account with pew rents and offertories.
40. St Michael, 1882-1889, St Mary, 1882-1886
41. St Michael, 1889-1894
42. St Michael, 1895-1904
43. St Michael, 1905-1913
44. St Michael, 1913-1919 (continued in 45)

45-49. Churchwardens’ cash books
45. St Michael, 1920-1925
46. St Michael, 1925-1933
47. St Michael, 1934-1943
48. St Mary, 1920-1933
49. St Mary, 1934-1945

50-64. Other financial records
50. Small volume with a list of subscribers towards the ‘new church’ (the chapel of St Michael’s consecrated in 1833) and account of the committee for building the church with William Davies and Co., bankers, 1828-1834. Also financial calculations, apparently made in 1843 (by a bank clerk?).
51. Collection Book recording contributions towards the cost of work on St Mary’s church (undated but not earlier than 1886). The notebook was later used to record contributions to, and payments and withdrawals from the Trefechan Mission building fund, 1890-1893 and 1895. Also recorded are payments made in 1893-1894 in account with the estate of John Lloyd, deputy chief constable of the Cardiganshire police force, who died on the 10 March 1893. (E.P. Wynne, churchwarden of St. Michael’s, was one of his executors.)
52. Names of recipients of Queen Victoria’s Bounty money, Miss Pritchard’s Coal Charity and King’s Bounty, 1892-1916. At the other end of the volume is a list of the sick and infirm.
53. Printed balance sheet of St Michael’s church bazaar, 1906.
54. Envelope containing two letters dated 1908, relating to the income of the incumbent of Aberystwyth, together with details of the incumbent’s income compiled by T.W. Barker, Diocesan Registry, Carmarthen, apparently in 1907
55. Volume with St Mary’s church, ‘Free-Will Offering Fund’, record of contributions, 1909-1914, with annual statements of accounts, 1909/10 to 1912/13 and 1914/15. The volume was later used to record contributions by the St Mary’s church young people’s section to the ‘Central Fund, Clergy Fund’, 1926-1927.
56. Central Funds accounts, 1919-1936. Amongst the individual accounts are those for the National School, the Penparke National School and the Trefechan Mission.
57. Collection book, 1919-1925
58. Collection book, central fund collections, 1925-1932
59. Collection book, 1933-1950
60. Collection book recording contributions by persons many of whom can be identified as being members of the ‘Young People’s Section of Central and Assistant Clergy Fund’ in (1928?), 1929 and 1930, with lists of names.
61. St Mary’s Assistant Clergy Fund record of contributions, 1920-1923
62. St Mary’s Central Clergy Fund record of contributions, 1929-Dec. 1934.
63. St Mary’s Central Fund record of contributions, 1935-1949
64. File of papers recording contributions received on gift days, 1940-1948, St Michael, St Mary and St Anne, Penparcau.

65-74. Faculties and related documents (see also 247)
65. Faculty dated 18 May, 1893, to pull down and remove a portion of the old church of St Michael and All Angels, Aberystwyth; the citation to be fixed to the principal outer door of the old church.
66. As 65 above, dated 18 May 1893; the citation to be fixed to the principal outer door of the new parish church.
67. As number 65; faculty granted, 12 July 1893.
68/1-3. Faculty dated 15 November 1895, to set in order St Michael’s churchyard (remove all dilapidated railings around the graves and lay flat upon the graves such headstones and tombstones as are not in decent order); the citation to be fixed to the principal outer door of the a parish church, with two letters from the diocesan registry dated 15 November 1895, and 15 January 1896.
69. As number 68; faculty granted 6 January 1896.
70. Faculty dated 9 November 1916, to grant to the corporation of Aberystwyth a right of way for the use of the public over a portion of St Michael’s churchyard; the citation to be fixed to the church door dated9 November 1916.
71/1-2. As number 70; the faculty granted 6 December 1916, and with a covering letter from the diocesan registry dated 19 December 1916.
72. Faculty dated 1 July 1921, for the erection of a memorial chancel screen in St Michael’s church to men who lost their lives in the 1914-1918 war; the citation to be fixed to the church door dated 1 July 1921.
73. As number 72, faculty granted 29 July 1921.
74. Faculty granted 16 June 1928, for furnishing the Lady Chapel in St Michael’s church.

75-80. School and Sunday school Records (see also 13, 222-225, 232, 255, 326)
75. Sunday school Register. The dates 1897 and 1898 occur and one of the undated records of attendance appears to have been compiled in 1899.
76. Fragment of a notebook containing information apparently intended for the guidance of the managers of Aberystwyth National Schools, together with statistics and accounts, (Aberystwyth) National Schools and Penyparke (Penparcau) National School, 1898-1902.
77. Cardiganshire Education Committee. Extracts from Returns made to the Committee relative to the position of the various Elementary schools in the County. Printed for the County Education office and dated 1 March 1905.
78. File of papers relating to Penyparke National School, mainly comprising correspondence, 1905, 1907-1909 and 1911, but also including reports on the school, 1908,1909, 1911 (religious instruction).
79. Scheme made by the Board of Education under the Charitable Trusts Acts, 1853 to 1894, in the Matter of the Foundation known as Ysgoldy situated at Penmaes glase, at Aberystwyth, sealed 10 February 1911 (printed form).
80. St Michael’s infants Sunday school register, 1919, with duplicated copies of ‘Morning and Evening Prayers for Little Children’.

81-82. Miscellaneous items
81. Letter from G. T. Bassett, architect and surveyor, Aberystwyth, to Miss Williams, 8 February 1935, concerning the Riddell curtains, kneeler, altar and posts for St Anne’s church Penparcau.
82. Printed form with an appeal for contributions to establish a David Williams Memorial Prize (undated, but the Ven. David Williams, archdeacon of Cardigan and vicar of St Michael’s Aberystwyth, died 24 March 1936)

83-104. Parish of St Michael and All Angels, Aberystwyth, printed annual reports (see also 301-325)
83. 1919
84. 1920
85. 1921
86. 1922
87. 1923
88. 1924
89. 1925
90. 1926
91 .1927
92. 1928
93. 1929
94. 1930
95. 1931
96. 1932
97. 1933
98 .1934
99. 1935
100. 1936
101. 1937
102. 1938
103. 1939
104. 1940

105-106. Printed lists of contributions to the Welsh Church Fund
105. Parish of St Michael, Aberystwyth, list of subscriptions to the Welsh Church Million Fund, 1920
106. Welsh Church Fund, appeal for one million pounds, list of donations to 31 January 1921, with appendix showing Welsh collections received between 31 January and 31 May 1921

107-117. Printed service sheets (see also 286-300)
107. Forms of Prayer, for use on Thursday, June 22 1911, ‘Being the day of the coronation of King George V’
108. Gwyl Goffa Dewi Sant, yn Eglwys St Mihangel a’r Holl Angylion, Mawrth 2, 1914
109. The Girl’s Friendly Society. Form for admission of associates and members (May 1915)
110. A Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the protection afforded to The King’s Majesty during the twenty-five years of his auspicious reign ….(Cambridge, 1935)
111. Special Forms of Service in Commemoration of King George V, (Oxford 1936) four copies.
112. Order of service for the funeral of the Ven. David Williams in St Michael’s church, 28 March 1936; two copies.
113. Order of service for the public institution and induction of the Rev. Gwilym Francis, 19 April 1936
114. Order of service at the dedication of a memorial tablet to the Ven. David Williams, 5 March 1939; four copies.
115. Order of service for the funeral of the Rev. Gwilym Francis in St Michael’s church, 21 April 1939; two copies.
116. Order of service for the public institution and induction of the Rev. Richard Ward, 1 September 1939; two copies.
117. Order of Service for a Municipal Service, 15 November 1942; three copies.

118-126. Miscellaneous printed volumes and booklets (see also 277-285)
118. The Book of Common Prayer and Psalms, London 1706. A folio edition with inscriptions in both English and Welsh on a fly-leaf, recording that the volume was presented to St Michael’s church by ‘a servant of the sanctuary’/’un o weision y cyssegr, 6 march 1832. Also on the fly-leaf, Sophia Castle ‘her book’, a gift from Mrs Betty Clarke Chamberlayne, 1819, and dates of the birth of James and Joseph Castle, 1817 and 1818 at his Grace the Duke of Devonshire’s Gardens, Chiswick.
119. A New History of the Holy Bible …, by the Rev. Thomas Stackhouse, 2nd. Vol. London 1744.
120. John Fleetwood, translated by Arthur Jones, Bywyd ein Harglywydd a’n Hiachawdwr Iesu Grist …. (London, undated, preface dated 1856).
121. The Holy Bible (Oxford, 1863). This folio Bible has the words ‘St Michael’s Parish Church Aberystwyth 1874’ in gilt lettering on the cover.
122. Y Bibl Cyssegr-lan, London, 1865.
123. The Book of Common Prayer Oxford, 1872. Folio prayer book with the same lettering as Number 121 on its front cover.
124. The Holy Bible, divided into sections adapted to the Calendar and Tables of Lessons of 1871. (Cambridge, undated).
125. Welsh Bible, title page missing. Inscription in English on a fly-leaf record that the volume was presented to Mr and Mrs Hugh Daniels in commemoration (sic) of their marriage, 1 June 1881, and that it was given by Mr Hugh Daniels, 5 King Street, for the use of St Mary’s Welsh church, 23 July 1910.
126. Yy Bibl Cysegr-lan (London, undated). A fly-leaf bears the inscription ‘Er Gogoniant i Dduw ac er Cof am dafydd Jones 3 Northgate Street Aberystwyth.

127-221. The Aberystwyth Parish Magazine
127-135. 1881 (July to December only; two copies for some months)
136-156. 1882 (no copy for July; one, two or three copies for other months)
157-171. 1883 (no copy for May; one or two copies for other months)
172-189. 1884 (no copy for July; one, two or three copies for other months)
190-205. 1885 (no copy for September; one or two copies for other months)
206-215. 1886 January to May only; two copies for each month)
216. 1887 (September only)
217-221. 1889 (January, June to August and November only)

222-225. School and Sunday school Records (see also 13, 75-80, 232, 255, 326)
222. Minute book of meetings of Aberystwyth National School, 1927-1951 (for previous minute book see 13
223. Minute book of meetings of Managers of North Road Controlled Church School, Aberystwyth, 1951-1952 (for previous minute book see above no. 222)
224. Minute book of meetings of the Managers of Penparke School, 1931-1949, with a form giving the names of the teachers and the numbers of boys and girls on the books, 30 May 1951.
225. Envelope with seven copies of a typescript report by H.M. Inspectors on Aberystwyth Church of England School, inspected on 29 April, 11 and 20 May 1953, with a covering letter from the Ministry of Education, Welsh department, 30 July 1953

226. Minute books (see also 1-2, 14-20, 327-328)
226. Minute book of meetings of the St Michael’s Parish Recreation and Men’s Club, 1919-1923, and of the Young People’s Guild, 1926-1937. At the back of the volume are accounts of the Parish Club and Institute, 1919-1920.

227-231. Miscellaneous volumes (see also 239)
227. In an envelope; Churchwardens’ printed accounts of Llanbadarn Fawr church, 1940 and 1941, and loose papers from a notebook of rural dean Z.A. Davies. Also his notebook with details of the physical condition and contents of churches in the Llanbadarn Fawr Deanery when he visited them in 1930; Lanafan, Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, Llantrisant, Llanilar, Rhostie, Lledrod, Llangwyryfon, Ysbyty Gynfryn, Eglwys Newydd, Eglwys Fach, Llandeiniol, Llanychaiarn, Borth, Elerch, Penrhyncoch, Llancynfelin, Capel Bangor, Llanbadarn Fawr, all the Aberystwyth churches, Llangorwen and Llanfihangel Genau’r Glyn.
228. Book of Churchwardens’ accounts of St Anne’s church, Penparcau, Jan. 1935-April 1948, and in an envelope, also 228, loose papers with accounts and churchwardens’ information concerning the church in 1946.
229. Notebook containing brief details of ‘Church Students 1947’, lists of Anglican students in College, 1945, and lists of Anglicans admitted to College, October 1945.
230. Notebook with two series of devotional addresses, one (‘Sermons on Stones’) on women in the Old Testament, the other called ‘New Testament Pictures’, undated. (mid 20th century?) See 231
231. Notebook containing a manuscript text of a play, ‘The Robing of the Flowers’, by E.E. Davies. The names of the performers, all girls, are given, but not the date of the performance. At the other end of the notebook is another text of the ‘Sermons in Stones’ addresses, see no. 230, dated 11 May 1951.

232. School and Sunday school Records (see also 13, 75-80, 222-225, 255, 326)
232. St Michael’s church Aberystwyth, Sunday School Register, 1960-1970

233-238. Miscellaneous papers and publications, mostly concerning the Mothers’ Union
233. Letter, with a wood cut type print, from Eira Lloyd, U.M.C.A., Kideleko, Tanganyika, to Mrs Thomas, 1 Yr Odyn, Aberystwyth, 9 December 1956
234. Mounted photograph of ‘Leaders at the M.U. Conference, a group of African women, two of whom are noted as being from Kideleko, undated, but the hand seems to be the same as in 233.
235. Papers, mostly financial (receipts, etc.) relating to the Mothers’ Union in the parish of Aberystwyth during the incumbency of the Ven. Richard Ward (from 1939 to 1957).
236. St Michael and All Angels, Aberystwyth, Mothers Union Branch, membership cards. Two cards are for 1958, on the other three cards the year is not noted (three different years).
237. Publications of the Mothers’ Union, including annual reports of the Mothers’ Union in the diocese of St David’s for 1948, 1949 and 1954. The dated publications all appear to belong to the period 1948-1957.
238/1-5. Three booklets published by the S.P.C.K.; Ivor Thomas, 'Did Mary Rise from the Dead?' (London 1951); O. S. Tomkins, ‘Three Meanings of East and West’, (London 1952); and Geoffrey Allen, ‘Christ the West and the East' (London, 1952). There are also two publications of the Guild of St Raphael: No. 4 of the series ‘Talks on Christian Healing’ and’ The St Raphael Quarterly’ for Jan. 1954.

239. Miscellaneous volumes (see also 227-231)
239. Manuscript volume recording notices given out very Sunday at St Anne’s Church, Penparcau (services the following Sunday, events during the week, etc.), and the hymns at each Service, 22 April 1962-19 Feb 1967. A number of loose papers have been placed in an envelope.

240-243. Register of services and offertories (see also 3-12, 21-24)
240. St Anne (Penparcau), 1939-1959
241. St Anne, 1959-1974
242. St Anne, 1975-1990
243. St Mary, 1975-1993

244. Photographs and plans (see also 264-276)
244. Large photograph of the Ven. James Havard Protheroe, vicar of Aberystwyth from 1886 until his death in 1903, and archdeacon of Cardigan from 1893

245-246. Miscellaneous deeds and papers (see also 248-250, 252-254, 256-263)
245. File of papers, 1792-1985, relating to the history of the churches of St Michael and St Mary, including a statement of the committee appointed to complete and endow the chapel of Saint Michael together with the names of the subscribers, 1792; appeals for donors to the St Michael’s building fund, 1892; copies of the pamphlets ‘Aspects of the History of St Michael’s Aberystwyth’, 1971 and ‘Isaac Williams of Cardiganshire " the Christian Poet- An Introduction to his Nature Poetry, 1948 by Clare Taylor; and The History of Saint Mary’s church, Aberystwyth, by J.H.L. Rowlands, 1973.
246. File of papers, 1891-1895,numbered 1 to 34, relating to the building of the Trefechan Mission Hall, including correspondence, specifications prepared by Thomas Edward Morgan, architect; plans and lists of subscribers to the building fund.

247. Faculties and related documents (see also 65-74)
247. Copy of a Faculty of 1901, for granting a right of way over a portion of the churchyard of St Michael’s, Aberystwyth.

248-250. Miscellaneous deeds and papers (see also 245-246, 252-254, 256-263)
248. Terrier and Inventory, 1906, of St Michael and All Angel’s church.
249-250. Licenses, 1910, 1918, to perform Divine Service in Penparke Mission Room, in the parish of St Michael’s, Aberystwyth.

251. Electoral rolls and other lists of parishioners (see also 34-39)
251. Box containing Electoral roll, c; 1920-1940, of St Michael’s on alphabetical filing cards.

252-254. Miscellaneous deeds and papers (see also 245-246, 248-250, 256-263)
252. Particulars of the St Michael’s glebe lands, 1920
253. Papers concerning the furnishing of St Michael’s Lady Chapel, including correspondence and plans, 1928-1929
254. Papers concerning the renovation of St Mary’s Church, Aberystwyth, including correspondence, specifications and estimates for a Credence table, Cross, Candlestick and Desk for the Altar, 1924-1929

255. School and Sunday school Records (see also 13, 75-80, 222-225, 232, 326)
255. Grant of the right to construct a drain in connection with the Penparke National School, with related correspondence and schedule of solicitor’s costs, 1932

256-263. Miscellaneous deeds and papers (see also 245-246, 248-250, 252-254)
256. License to perform Divine Service in North Street Mission Room, 1934
257. Receipt signed by Gwilym Parry, vicar of Llancynfelyn church , of the loan of a chalice and paten by the Ven. Archdeacon Williams, vicar of Aberystwyth, 1935
258. Papers relating to the Progress Hall, Mill Street, including correspondence, lease 1946, and schedule of deeds, 1936-1961
259. Printed leaflet advertising the St Michael and All Angel’s annual sale and Christmas tree, 1939
260. Letter and plan concerning the compulsory redemption of the tithe on St Mary’s, 1952
261. Two newspaper cuttings, one concerning the Mothers’ Union meeting, 1952, and the other an 1818 broken gravestone of local blacksmith David Davies with a verse (quoted), in St Michael’s churchyard (early 1970s).
262/1. Papers concerning the formation of Aberystwyth as a rectorial benefice and the consequent boundary changes, 1965-1976. It includes correspondence, copy of a diocesan decree, 1970, and a report on rectorial benefices by Canon C.A. Williams, 1976. Also a copy of the Revised Report of the Archbishop’s commission on clerical manpower.
262/2. Envelope of papers with correspondence concerning electrical installation for St Mary’s church and renovations, 1925-1926
263. List of items ‘to be deposited at the National Library of Wales’. n.d. accompanying one of the deposits to the NLW.

264-276. Photographs and plans (see also 244)
264. Photograph showing the National Schools and the Old Shiloh Chapel, 1866
265-266. Two photographs showing the exterior and interior of the second St Michael’s Church (consecrated in 1833, demolished in 1893)
267. Photograph of the Very Rev. Evan Owen Phillips (1826-1897), vicar of Aberystwyth 1861-1886 and Dean of St David’s 1895-1897
268. Photograph of the clergy and choir, apparently taken some time between 1890 and 1903 (partly defaced " two people’s faces have gone)
269. Album, apparently compiled between 1919 and 1933, containing photographs and other illustrations showing the first, second and third St Michael’s, also St Mary, the Ysgoldy and the old vicarage in Llanbadarn Road.
270/1-5. Loose photographs and a postcard, all found loose in 269. One photograph taken in 1972, shows St Michael’s graveyard in its original condition, the others show the inside and outside of St Michael’s church. Two are dated 1990 (one showing the chancel screen) and the other photographs of the interior were taken before the west end was altered in 1991. A photograph of the inside of the tower porch is endorsed ‘Tower pre 1983!’. There are negatives of several photographs showing the chancel screen (removed in 1993) in the ‘Church History’ wallet (245).
271. Coloured plan of Aberystwyth Llanfair (St Mary’s), elevation of the nave arcade showing proposed decorative scheme, signed W. D. Caroe, February 1923, (see above 254)
272. Plan and elevations by G. T. Bassett, architect and surveyor, Aberystwyth, showing ‘Alterations to St Anne’s Church, Penparcau.
273. Mounted photograph of the Ven. Richard Ward, vicar of Aberystwyth 1939-1947 and archdeacon of Cardigan 1951-1962. The photograph shows him dressed as an archdeacon.
274. Album containing photographs taken at the institution and induction of the Rev. D. Eifion Evans to the benefice of St Michael, Aberystwyth, 13 June 1957
275. Negatives of the Rev. Eifion Evans found in 274
276. Print block; photograph of the Ysgoldy (for the photograph see above 269), undated (the Ysgoldy was demolished to make way for the parish hall completed in 1915. The block was probably made in 1911 for the programme and souvenir of a bazaar, see above 245).

277-285. Miscellaneous printed volumes and booklets (see also 118-126)
277-278. Souvenir programmes of Bazaars held in 1906 and 1911 (see also 245)
279. Recipe Book, St Michael and All Angels Church, Xmas Tree, Aberystwyth, 1913.
280. Book of ‘Commendatory Letter Forms’. There are completed (or partly completed) stubs of letter forms sent commending departing parishioners to the incumbents of their new parishes between 1913 and 1919, and one of 1926.
281. Volume containing a parochial inventory apparently originally compiled in 1919 and noted as having been revised in 1944 and 1957. It was examined by the archdeacon in 1957 (see p.26) and is stamped as having been exhibited at Episcopal visitations in 1957? (p.26) and between 1960 and 1975 (p.1)
282. Volume containing a ‘List of Papers, Books, Plans, Letters etc. belonging to the Vicar and Churchwardens of St Michael and All Angels. …’ This list appears to have been compiled in 1933, shortly before many of the records listed were deposited at the National Library. The list of records not deposited is in the same hand (see 245)
283. The Revised Lectionary 1951
284a. Volume containing Welsh Church Appeal accounts, 1952. Contributors are listed individually. Loose papers concerning the appeal have been place in a separate envelope, 284b.
285. Volume containing the parish of Aberystwyth missions account, 1969-1975

286-300. Printed service sheets (see also 107-117)
286. Children’s Service (? 1890s), see additional copies in 245 with a note that the printer was in business 1890-1898
287. Dedication of the Chancel Screen and Cross, 20 January 1922 (two copies - for another copy see 245
288. Municipal Service, 13 November 1942
289. The Pageant of Light, 13 November 1947
290. Municipal Service, 16 November 1947
291. The Order of Service for Trinity Sunday, 31 May 1953, being the Sunday preceding Her Majesty’s Coronation …. (Uncorrected proof for information only)
292. The Institution and Induction of the Rev. D. Eifion Evans …13 June 1957 (see 274)
293. An Order of Service to Celebrate the Centenary of the Cadet Movement, 1960
294. The Institution and Induction of the Reverend Clifford Arthur Williams, M.A. to the Benefice of Aberystwyth, 15 September 1967
295. Florence Nightingale Commemoration Day Service/Gwasanaeth Dydd Coffa Florence Nightingale, 15 May 1975
296. Gosper a Phregeth … / Evensong and Sermon …, 25 September 1975 (preacher the Archbishop of Canterbury)
297. The Institution and Induction of the Rev. George Noakes … Gosod ym Meddiant y Fywoliaeth …, 25 February 1976
298. Gweddi am Undeb 1977 /Prayer for Unity 1977
299. A Special Service to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the W.R.V.S., 9 July 1978 (typescript)
300. The Institution and Induction of the Reverend Canon Bertie Lewis, M.A. as Rector of Aberystwyth … 2 June 1980

301-325. Parish of St Michael and All Angels, Aberystwyth, printed annual reports (see also 83-104)
301-302. 1941
303. 1942
304. 1943
305-306. 1944
307. 1945
308. 1946
1947 " Missing from sequence.
309. 1948
310. 1950
311. 1953
312. 1954
313. 1955
314. 1956
315. 1957
316. 1958
317. 1959
318. 1960
319. 1961
320. 1962
321. 1963
322. 1964
323. 1965
324. 1966
325. 1967
Further copies of the St Michael and All Angels Annual Reports
301A-325A. They date from 1941 to 1967, just one copy, for 1948, is not in the list above.

326. School and Sunday school Records (see also 13, 75-80, 222-225, 232, 255)
326. Conveyance from Pryse Pryse of Gogerddan, Esq., to the Revd Evan Owen Phillips, vicar of the parish of Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire and John Davies, gent, and David Roberts, merchant, the churchwardens, of land in the township of Vaenor Lower, in the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, bounded on the western side by North Road, for the purpose of building a National School, (plan enclosed) 5 June 1866. The deed is endorsed with a release of the revision of the premises from Pryse Lovden Saunders-Pryse of Glanrhydw in the parish of Llangyndeyrn, Carmarthenshire, Bart, to the Saint David’s Diocesan Board of Finance, 8 October 1960. (See also 13 and 56.)

327-328. Minute books (see also 1-2, 14-20, 226)
327-328. Two notebooks containing minutes of the meetings of the trustees of the Elizabeth and Martha Pritchard charity, 1945-1981

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