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Reference: [GB 0212] CPR/CBA
Title: Capel Bangor Parochial Records
Date(s): 1829-1989
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.05m3

Administrative History:
The church, located in the village of Ty’nllidiart (Capel Bangor), was opened in 1837 as a Chapel of Ease, to the parish church of Llanbadarn Fawr.

Archival History:
The first deposit of parochial records was made to the National Library of Wales in September 2000. The collection was transferred to Ceredigion Archives in 2010.

Scope and Content:
1-12. Incumbents’ papers
1. Register of Services, May 1936 to February 1950, and some financial accounts.

2. Register of Services, January 1950 to December 1963.

3. Register of Services, May 1964 to July 1987

4/1-5. Documents concerning the Endowment of the Chapel of Ease, including a Deed of Endowment of the Bangor Chapel dated 24 September 1839 in the township of Melindwr, and the village of Ty’nllidiart, and documents about endowments for the Vicar. Rev. John Rees dated 1868 and 1888.

5. Printed document from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England concerning a Grant of £500 made to the living of Bangor or an annual payment to the incumbent of £33.6s.8d. On the back is written, ‘Respecting the bishop’s grant for building a house’.

6. A licence for the Vicar, John Rees and the Churchwarden from the Lord Bishop of St. David’s dated 19 June 1871, to hold divine services in the ‘New School Church’.

7. A licence for the Vicar, John Rees and the Churchwarden from the Lord Bishop of St. David’s dated 7 December 1871, to hold marriages in the Goginan School Church, with a receipt for £4.4s, and a letter from the Diocesan Registry to the Vicar dated 1 December 1871.

8. A licence dated 27 February 1932 to perform Divine Services in the Old National School Room in the parish of (Capel) Bangor.

9. Diocese of St. David’s, Royal Commission’s printed form with particulars of the maintenance of the clergy and church expenses in the parish of Capel Bangor, dated 20 November 1906.

10. Printed form from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England with Incumbent Morgan Morgan’s application for a Grant in aid of the pension on his retirement, 14 January 1920.

11/1-17. Statistical Returns for the parish of Capel Bangor, 1905-1906, 1908, 1911-1919, 1931-1934, and 1937.

12/1. A bundle of letters and a lease dated March, May and June 1956 concerning Miss Linnett giving up her tenancy of ‘Broneirion’ which was to be purchased for the new Vicarage, and she was to take over the tenancy of the Old School House for £30 per annum.
12/2. A copy of the Will of Henry William Morgan of Broneirion, Capel Bangor, dated 18 December 1925. If his son died without issue he was bequeathing Broneirion for the use of a representative Body of the Church in Wales, to direct that it be used as a Vicarage for the Incumbent of Capel Bangor Church.

13-15. Churchwardens’ papers
13. A Register of Preachers, Readers, Collections &, 1920-1929.

14. Register of Preachers, Readers, Collections &, 1929-1936.

15/1. Handwritten Churchwardens’ Accounts for 1949 to be presented to the Easter Vestry of 1950.
15/2. Receipts from the Great Western Railway and Thomas Withers and Sons. Ltd Steel Safe Manufacturers, dated December 1930 for a special steel Church Safe.
15/3. Receipts for repairs to the Bell and some electrical repairs inside the Church from Maesbangor Mills and Electricity Works, Penllwyn, and Evan Jones, Electrical and Radio Engineer of Aberystwyth, dated 1946.
15/4. Bill from Roderick Williams, Appraiser, Builder and Undertaker, for one Chancel Arch, and altering the Pulpit and Reading Desk.

16-35. Vestry and PCC papers
16. Minute Book of the Parochial Church Council, 1920-1935.
17. Minute Book of the Parochial Church Council, 1935-1939.
18. Minute Book of the Parochial Church Council, 1938-1962.

19. Minutes of Vestry Meetings dated from 14 April 1882 to 4 April 1902 (covers missing)

20. Register of weekly offerings, 1955-1959 (CLOSED)
21. Register of weekly offerings, 1960-1972 (CLOSED)
22. Register of weekly offerings, 1973-1989 (CLOSED)

23/1-15. Yearly Church Accounts for the Parish of Bangor and Goginan, dated from 1923-1933, 1936-1939

24. Electoral Roll for the parish of Bangor and Goginan, 1951, an extract from 1955, with an alphabetical index of names and addresses.

25. Electoral Roll for the parish of Bangor and Goginan, dated from 1960 to 1972

26/1. Printed details of building expenses and subscribers of 1829, with handwritten lists of subscriptions paid in 1837 and 1838.
26/2. Handwritten copy of some of the above by George Eyre Evans in 1912, with a handwritten copy of an article from Y Gwyliedydd of August 1837, recording the opening of the new church; copy of a letter by Thomas Evans, Maes Bangor, to the editor of Yr Haul, November 1839.

27/1. Draft, dated 26 September 1839 of the conveyance of the site for a church and churchyard fir Bangor Chapel from John Thomas Morgan Esq. to Her Majesty’s Commissioners.
27/2. Copy of the deed of conveyance, dated 1 February 1973, of part of Cae Fronhaul, as an extension to the burial ground, with an accompanying letter.

28. Specification of works to be done and materials to be used in reconditioning Capel Bangor church, February 1932.

29. Faculty for the restoration of the church, 12 February 1932.

30. Articles of agreement and schedule of contract for the repairs and alteration of the church, 2 May 1932.

31. Twelve plans and designs for the fittings and restoration work of 1932 by Caroe and Passmore.
31/1. Plans of proposed alterations to the church.
31/2. Plans of the location of the fald stool and lecturn.
31/3. Design and plan for the reredos, altar and panelling, two copies.
31/4. Design for a new ceiling.
31/5. Design for a font cover
31/6. Revised design of font cover, with accompanying letter.
31/7. Designs for screens and porch, and plan of accommodation.
31/8. Designs for the lectern.
31/9. Designs for a fald stool.
31/10. Design for a prayer desk.
31/11. Design and plan s for chancel and vestry screens.
31/12. Design and plans for a pulpit, screens and choir stalls.

32. Faculty for putting up a new window, 4 July 1932, in memory of the late Major J. T. Bonsall of Fronfraith, the Rev. James Hughes and his wife Ella of Glanrheidol, and of George Hughes Bonsall and his wife Lisa also of Glanrheidol.

33. Folder of bills and receipts for the restoration work undertaken, 1933-1934.

34. Design and a letter relating to a screen to be placed around a pipe-less heater, 1935.

35. Faculty for the installation of a stained glass window at St. Congall’s church, Capel Bangor, 25 October 1960, designed by White Friar’s Studio’s, Wealdstone, Middlesex.

36. Church and parochial affairs
36. Handwritten list of subscribers towards the Capel Bangor restoration bazaar, 1932.

37-39. Church and parochial organizations
37. Envelope with a statement of account for repairs to the Mission Church at Goginan, with an accompanying letter, 1936.

38. Minute book of the social activities of the church, 1955-1959.

39. Plan and elevation of the proposed church school at Goginan, undated.

40-44. National/Church School
40. Conveyance of the site and premises of the Capel Bangor National School, 20 September 1852.

41. Terms whereby Ty’nllidiart National School is to be united to the Incorporated National Society, 20 October 1852, and a letter dated 1856 concerning the school.

42. Papers relating to Penllwyn School, Llanbadarnfawr, and the charities of Lewis Jones and Richard Lewis for the education at the school in the township of Parcel Canol, 1866, 1873 and 1886.

43. Agreement for the letting of the Church Schoolroom by the L E A during war time, 20 December 1939 and 7 January 1941, along with a complaint relating to the damages caused.

44. Handwritten statements of the Capel Bangor schoolroom account, 1940-1947.

A school log book, 1874-1895, and punishment book, 1900-1913, were amongst the papers deposited at the NLW in September 2000; these were transferred to the Ceredigion Record Office (now Ceredigion Archives). See School Records " Ref. CBA: Capel Bangor National School.

45. Papers relating to charities
45. Copy of an appointment of new trustees under the Will of Mary Hughes of Glanrheidol, 1919.

46-47. Miscellaneous papers
46. Papers relating to the censuses of 1871-1901, with a hand drawn map of the Bangor District, 2 inches to 1 mile, undated, with house and farm names.

47. Copy of a map of the parish of Capel Bangor, 1926.

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