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Reference: [GB 0212] CPR/ELE
Title: Elerch Parochial Records
Date(s): 1868-1996
Level: Fonds
Extent: 37 items

Scope and Content:
1-2. Church School Records (see also 10-13)
1. Account Book, March 1874-December 1894.
2. Account Book, January 1895-December 1932.

3. Church Account Book
3. St. Peter’s Church, Elerch, 1903-1915.

4-6. Registers of Services (see also 8, 14)
4. April 1911-May 1923.
5. April 1923- Easter 1933.
6. Easter 1933-Easter 1954.

7. Electoral Rolls
7. 1920-1987, with Episcopal Visitation Stamps from 1966-1992.

8. Registers of Services (see also 4-6, 14)
8. Register of Services, May 1976-May 1993.

9. Incumbent’s Papers (see also 15-37)
9/1-4. An Inventory of St. Peter’s Church, Elerch, stamped 1992
9/5. Details for Churchwardens to attend an Episcopal Visitation of 1972.
9/6-7. A Memo for the Vicar, Rev’d. Francis concerning Insurance with the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, May 1990, and a receipt from them for £101.62d, 26 March 1990.

10-13. Church School Records (see also 1-2)
10/1-5. Lists of School House Furniture dated 1 June 1904, 20 February 1912, and 1 undated.

11/1. A letter dated April 1936 from the St. David’s Diocesan Religious Education Committee recommending the Managers of the Elerch Church of England School take Insurance against their liabilities.
11/2-16. A Report dated 11 March 1936 in which a Councillor and the School Medical Officer described the bad state of the school pail closets, and a series of letters dated 1936, concerned with repairs to the same, concreting the playground, some structural repairs to the building, and also accounts for work done in 1919 and 1921.

12/1. Report on the Religious Instruction in the School. 18 March 1937
12/2. A printed form filled with details of the School, for the Bishop of St. David’s Appeal Fund, including grants, rent and repairs, 1936.
12/3. Printed details of the liabilities of School Managers, Accidents on the Premises, and a scheme for Indemnity against their liabilities, and what will be provided by the Education Committee and what by the Managers of Non-provided schools, as set out in 1921.
12/5. A letter and printed details concerning Foundation Managers, 1936.

13/1-5. Minutes of the Parochial Church Council, 12 March 1972, and a series of letters concerning the parish purchasing the Old Church School for £500 (to be paid in instalments from the Diocese.

14. Registers of Services (see also 4-6, 8)
14. Register of Church Services for St Pedr, Elerch, Easter 1954-Easter 1976.

15-37. Incumbent’s Papers (see also 9)
15. Copy of the London Gazette of 15 September 1868, addressed to Rev’d. Lewis Gilbertson, Cefngwyn, Talybont, Glandovey, Shrewsbury, and with a note, “Assignment of Parish page 4983” which concerned the consecrated Church of St. Peter’s Pontgoch, being assigned a ‘consolidated Chapelry’ out of Llanbadarn Fawr and Llanfihangel Genau’r Glyn parishes.

16. Copy of the London Gazette of 17 November 1868 with a note to look at Page 5933 for an Endowment from a benefaction of three thousand pounds in favour of St Peter’s, Elerch, for stipends for the Incumbent of £100 and £50 every year. Also a series of letters dated November and December 1867 from Rev’d. Lewis Gilbertson to C.S. Davies, concerning the Endowment, and a letter of 11 May 1868 from Gilbertson at Jesus College Oxford in which he describes the bounds of the parish for St Peter’s Elerch, of which he had enclosed a map (not with these letters).

17. Handwritten statement on a re-used piece of a Register, by the Vicar of Elerch, John Rees, stating that copies from the Register of Baptisms and Burials at St Peter’s Elerch, from 1 January 1873-1 January 1874 were true copies, and there were no other entries during this period. On the reverse is entry No. 10 for 17 August 1875 of Mary Jane Morgans, Pontgoch, 1 year.

18/1. A report dated 12 January 1884 with an inspection of the buildings. £9.19s.3d. was required to make good the dilapidations.
18/2. Detail and costs of the inspections and the obtaining of money for the work form Queen Anne’s Bounty.

19. Copy of the London Gazette dated 6 May 1890, with a note to look at page 2605, and with the address of Rev’d. Alexander Williams, Elerch Vicarage. Patronage of the benefice was to be transferred from Lewis Gilbertson to the Bishop.

20/1-12. Letters dated 1911 and 1912 from the Ashburnham Estate Office, Burry Port Carmarthenshire, concerning some work needed at the Vicarage, the Mill (the mill wheel, which was condemned) and at some cottages for labourers on the Glebe.

21/1-2. Two letters from the Ashburnham Estate Office, Burry Port, dated November 1912 and January 1913, to the Vicar, Rev. D. Sinnett Jones from G. Garnon Williams about difficulties with the architects of the Queen Anne’s Bounty concerning work done on the Vicarage, and a specification for an iron gate.
21/3. A letter dated 30 January 1914 from the Diocesan Registry, Carmarthen, concerning architect’s expenses.

22/1-10. Forms with Provisional Valuations of the Finance (1909-1910) Act 1910, dated 30 October 1913, at Ceulanymaesmawr for: Elerch House and Garden, Pontgoch, no, 540, the Mill House and land, no.s 547 and 549, A House and Garden at Pontgoch, no. 550, the Vicarage and land, no. 558, the School and yard, Bontgoch, no. 662, and St. Peter’s Church and graveyard, no. 663.

23/1-2. Form with particulars of Endowments of the benefice of Elerch for the Welsh Church Act of 1914, and dated 10 November 1915. It has a note of protest by the Vicar at having to fill it up during wartime. Enclosed is a printed letter dated 19 July 1915 from the Bishop of St. David’s entitled ‘The Church and the War’, a counsel to his clergy.

24. Deposit Account Book of the Rev. Sinnett Jones with the National Provincial Bank, Aberystwyth, May 1916-June 1928.

25/1-22. Printed forms with the Statistical Return of Parochial Work: 1905-1918, 1920-1927, 1929, and 1932-1933.

26. St. Peter’s Church, Elerch, Quotas 1952-1989, with names and some addresses.

27/1-3. Typed statements of Accounts, 1971-1973.

28. Bills for Electrical Work, January 1972-March 1973.

29. Easter Quota 1993-1994. (CLOSED UNTIL 2025)

30. Typed statement of Accounts, 1992-1993.

31. Printed Inventory form for Elerch Parish, filled in and date stamped from 1963-1996.

32. Hand drawn map of the Glebe, entitled “Drawing of property at first intended to be excepted out of the Reverend L. Gilbertson’s Marriage Settlement.

33. Letters and notes with a description with measurements for repairs to the Bontgoch Mill building and mill wheel by David Edwards for the Rev’d Gilbertson, 1872-1873, and mentioning what had come by train, including pairs of wheels.

34. Tenancy Agreement of Bontgoch Mill in the parish of Elerch for £15 per annum, 4 September 1918.

35/1-2. Two printed orders of Service, with hymns, one for Gorffenaf 13, 1933, and a wedding of Barbara Elizabeth Evans Thomas to David Jenkins in 1960.

36/1. Details of permission for four Electric Heaters in the Church, and the Insurance concerned, July and October 1972.
36/2-4. Three applications for permission for gravestones, for Evan Thomas Owen, with a sketch, 1961; and for Jane Evans and for John Stephen Jones, 1977.

37. Letter from the Archdeacon of Cardigan, 12 December 1973 to Leslie, from Eifion Evans, giving permission to cut down 17 trees in Elerch Churchyard.

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