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Parochial Records, Llanbadarn Fawr

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Reference: [GB 0212] CPR/LBF
Title: Llanbadarn Fawr Parochial Records
Date(s): 1768-1994
Level: Fonds
Extent: 100 items

Archival History:
There have been several deposits of Llanbadarn Fawr Parochial Records. The first deposit comprises number 32 and was deposited at the National Library of Wales in 1949; the second deposit comprises numbers 1-4, 10, 12, 18-19,21, 33-36, 38-46, 48-51, 60-65, 70, 72 and is described in the National Library of Wales Annual Report, 1955-6; numbers 11, 20, 22, 58-59, 68 were deposited in March 1982; numbers 37 and 47 were deposited in November 1982; number 23 was deposited in May 1984; number 16 was deposited in May 1992 and numbers 5-9, 13-15, 17, 24-31, 52-57, 66-67, 69, 71, 73-80 were deposited in October and December 1993. The Collection was re-numbered after this deposit and the previous numbers are noted in the list. Further deposits were made in May 1997, and June 2001.
The collection was transferred to Ceredigion Archives In 2010.

Scope and Content:
1-5. Vestry Minute Books
1. 1763-1787 (Previously number 1)
2. 1788-1815 (Previously number 2)
3. 1815-1840, possibly 1841, repaired, but with some damage, and with loose sheets, 1853. (Previously number 3)
4. 1850-1920 with loose sheets with the names of the Church Council, Churchwardens and Sidesmen, undated. (Previously number 4)
5. 1920-1928.

6-9. Marriage records
6. Banns Book, 1889-1994
7. Stubs of marriage certificate banns, c.1894-1953
8. Stubs of marriage certificates, 1926-1927
9. Stubs of marriage certificates, 1967-1970

10-16. Registers of Services
10. 1909-1918 (Previously number 5).
11. 1921-1955 (Comins Coch) (Previously number 28)
12. 1923-1930 (Previously number 7)
13. 1930-1937
1937-1951 (see item 100)
14. 1951-1961
15. 1961-1971
16. 1971-1985 (Previously number 33)

17. Offertory Register, 1918-1923.

18-23. Sunday School Attendance Registers
18. 1916-1925 (Welsh). (Previously number 6)
19. 1925-1931. (Welsh) (Previously number 8)
20. 1930-1931, Comins Coch (Previously number 30)
21. 1931-1935 (Welsh) (Previously number 9)
22. c.1950-1960, Comins Coch (Previously number 31)
23. 1960-1982, Comins Coch (Previously number 32)

24. Confrimation Register, 1928-1971, containing a loose sheet with a list of prospective candidate to be considered by the Patronage Board to fill vacancies at Llanwnda and Llandysul, 6 November 1967.

25-31. Inventories
25. Printed form, filled in, of the Terrier and Inventory of the Parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, 30 August 1900.
26. Two copies of an Inventory, 1928.
27. Printed Inventory, 1932, 1938,
28. An Inventory, undated, with notes and some history by the Assistant Curate David Albert Williams.
29. An Inventory, 1957. Also examined and found correct in 1960, 1963, 1966, 1969.
30. An Inventory, 1967, Also examined and found correct in1971-1976, 1978,1980, 1986 and 1989 (with a copy).
31. An undated typed Inventory, and a list of the Inventories up to 1957.

32-34. Correspondence
32. A bound volume of original and copied correspondence, 1842-1855, found in the Llandadarn Fawr parish chest, principally relating to attempts to procure the appointment in Wales of Welsh speaking bishops, with particular reference to the appointment of Alfred Ollivant as Bishop of Llandaff, and to the charges of abuse of church patronage made against him by the Rev. Thomas Walters, together with references to the appointment of the headmaster of Llandovery Institution, including letters from Augusta Hall (afterwards Lady Llanover, ff. 7-23, 63-77, 91-94, 97-102, 105, 112-113, 152-153); Alfred Ollivant, Bishop of Llandaff (f.144): Connop Thirlwall, Bishop of St Davids (ff. 115-121, 139, 142, 145, 148, 150); Archdeacon John Williams, warden of Llandovery College (ff.24-35, 38, 40-43, 46, 54-57, 103-104, 177 (fragment); Rev. Thomas Walters (ff. 136-138, 140-142, 143, 146-149); together with extracts from manuscripts in the British Museum relating to the Protestant Reformation in Wales (ff. 178-200), and a paper on the Ancient Order of the Golden Fleece (ff. 201-207); a sermon on the wedding garment (ff. 209-217) and an address on education (ff. 219-224). (Previously number 10).

33. Correspondence and papers, 1893-1896, relating to the disputed ownership of Caemawr field adjoining the Vicarage, including correspondence between Pryse Pryse (of Goggerdan), the Ecclesiastical Commission and the Rev. Ebenezer Jones. Included is a draft case opinion of Sir Howard Elphinstone, Bart, 1896, regarding the disputed land, and schedule of costs of Joseph Davies, solicitor. (Previously number 18)

34. Correspondence, 1964-1971, principally between the Ecclesiastical Commission and the Rev. Nathaniel Thomas, concerning the assignment and funding of a district chapelry, the church of St. John the Divine, Penryn coch. (Previously number 17)

35-54. Llanbadarn Fawr Restoration Work
CPR/LBF/35-51 concern the first period of church restoration that was undertaken by John Pollard Seddon. It was started in 1868 and consisted of the reconstruction of the nave, the lifting and paving of the chancel, the construction of a new altar and the reconstruction of the north and south transepts. The nave was opened in 1869 and the tower and south transepts were opened in 1880. Additional restoration was carried out by Messrs Caroe and Passmore In the 1930’s.

35. Restoration Fund Account Book, 1862-1870, includes lists of subscribers. (Previously number 13)

36. Restoration Fund Account Book, 1872-1897, includes a list of subscribers.

37. Minutes of a Fund Raising Committee, 1921-1923, loose at the end are papers relating to fund raising activities, and minutes of Comins Coch Congregational Vestry meetings, 1922-1923.

38. Agreement, 2 February 1859, between Messrs John Jones and Benjamin Hughes and the Vicar and Churchwardens, for the restoration of the church clock. (Previously number 11)

39. Copy of a Conveyance, 30 December 1863, of a site for the Llanbadarn Fawr Parsonage from the Rev. John Jones to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England. (Previously part of number 11)

40. Copy of a Conveyance, 4 October 1864, of land in Llanbadarn Fawr by Daniel Mason to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England, and the nomination of trustees by Jane Mason to receive the purchase money. Also a schedule, 1864, of the account of John and Hugh Hughes, relating to the conveyance of the land. (Previously part of number 11)

41. Mortgage, 20 February 1867, by the Rev. John Pugh to The Governors of Queen Anne’s Bounty, to secure the payment of £400 with interest.

42/1-5. Copy of a memorial, 30 March 1878, from the Vicar andChurchwardens of Llanbadarn Fawr, for a faculty to restore the tower and transepts; a draft bond, 4 April 1878, between the Vicar of Llanbadarn Fawr and the Bishop of St. David’s, in the sum of £5804, for the restoration of the tower and transepts within two years from its date; and a statement of intention, 10 May 1878, to ask for a Faculty; a draft petition for a Faculty, 1878; a deed of Faculty, 19 June 1878, confirming the restoration of the nave and porch, completed in 1879, and for restoring the tower and transepts. (Previously part of number 11)

43. Vouchers and receipts, 1859-1886, relating to the restoration work, including correspondence and receipts, 1885, concerning the church bells.

44/1-11. Reports, estimates and specifications, 1867-1868, and 1878, by John P. Seddon, Architect, regarding the work to be done of the church. (Previously part of number 11)

45. A sketch plan of the Llanbadarn Church Tower and its roof, scale eight feet to one inch, signed Thomas Hopkins. (Previously part of number 11)

46. Correspondence, 1867, 1870 and 1877, relating to the restoration of the church, including letters from J. P. Seddon. (Previously part of number 11)

47. Correspondence and papers, 1921-1923, chiefly relating to the holding of a church bazaar at the parish hall Aberystwyth on 21 September 1921, in aid of the vicarage improvement fund. (Previously part of number 24)

48. Correspondence and papers, 1932-1955, the majority from Messrs Caroe and Passmore, architects, to the Rev. D. James Jones, Llanbadarn Vicarage, regarding the restoration of the church, including the altar and reredos with related fittings. (Previously part of number 12)

49. Correspondence and papers, 1936-1942, relating to the design and purchase of a silver altar cross; with a quarter full size drawing, and a card, 1942, saying it was given in memory of Maria Louisa Hamer by her husband and three daughters. (Previously part of number 12)

50/1-3. Correspondence and diagrams, 1952-1953
1. Relating to the design and purchase of two silver candlesticks for the credence table
2. A scale drawing of the candlesticks
3. A coloured drawing of the Llanbadarn Church altar.
(Previously part of number 12)

51/1-3. Printed material, c.1868-1872, principally relating to the restoration work on the chuch " with copies of an article from the Aberystwyth Observer of 1 February 1868 including a letter from John Seddon, appeals for subscribers, lists of subscribers, and notices of services to collect contributions.

52. Correspondence, 1964-1968, concerning the heating and restoration of the church, the majority of the letters being from the architect George G. Pace, together with letters, 1967-1968, relating to contributions to the fund, including a loan of £3,000 from the Diocesan Board of Finance, and a grant by the Catherine and Lady Grace James Foundation, together with correspondence concerning William Butterfield, architect.

53. Financial papers of the restoration fund, 1965-1974, including the churchwardens’ accounts, 1965-1972; account book, 1965-1974; deposit account books, 1965-1973 with the National Provincial Bank, Aberystwyth; stubs of cheques and paying in books, 1967-1973, and related papers.

54/1-4. Miscellaneous papers, 1966-1973
1. Faculty Certificates for the heating of the church, the erection of the front porch and chapel.
2. A drawing of the proposed chapel.
3. A scale ground plan of the chapel by G. Pace, chartered architect of York.
4. G. Pace’s scale drawing of the elevations.

55-57. PEN-Y-FRON Building Fund
CPR/LBF/55-57 relate to the Pen-y-fron Building fund, which was established in 1929 as a charity to convert the old Pen-y-fron School to two cottages, which were then known as 1 and 2 Pen-y fron, Llanbadarn Fawr. The cottages were then leased to tenants.

55. Correspondence and papers, 1931-1951, relating to the tenancy of numbers 1 and 2 Pen-y-fron.

56. Correspondence and papers, 1931-1951, relating to the payment and refunding of income tax, water rates and glebe rents, and to the Llanbadarn Fawr road scheme.

57. Financial papers, 1929-1950, including an account book, 1929, stubs of cheques and paying in books, 1930-1950; balance sheets 1927-1937, and bank statements.

58-59. Comins Coch
1-2. Plan and elevation, May 1888 of the church school by Roderick Williams, surveyor.
3-6. Plan and elevation of the proposed new church at Comins Coch by R. J. Williams, architect.
7. A photocopy of the Vestry Minutes, 1891 recording the establishment of an appeal to erect the new church, signed by the vicar, Rev. John Pugh.

59. Comins Coch Church Account Book, 1893-1914. (Previously number 27)

60-82. Miscellaneous Papers and Documents
60/1-14. Plans, diagrams and prints c.1840-1895.
1. Post card of the church with wall lettering and symbols.
2-5. Plans of the glebe, stamped 1895
6-7. Engravings entitled Llanbadarn Vawr Church, unsigned and undated.
8. An engraving of Llanbadarn village and countryside around, n.d.
9. Photograph of a picture of the south door of Llanbadarn Fawr [church?], 8 August 1840
10. Printed page of sketches, “Rambling Sketches by Traffles Davison, no. 62, of Llanbadarn Church restored by J. Seddon, from’ The British Architect’, 7 July 1882
11-12. Two pages entitled Llanbadarn Fawr, with engravings of decorative details inside the church, a church door and a carved pillar.
13. A print of the original Celtic Cross of the Llanbadarn Fawr War Memorial, with measurements. n.d.
14. An engraving entitled Plas Crug, Cardiganshire, with a windmill in the background.

61. An Account, 21 March 1861 of dilapidations on Llanbadarn Fawr and Aberystwyth Glebe, including Mynachty Farm, other buildings and dwellings and the Vicarage. (Previously number 20)

62. Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, 1884-1956, including; memorials, an invitation to the National Library of Wales Foundation Stone Ceremony, the Charity of Lewis Jones, Capel Seion School, and the account book of the Million Fund, 1920-1922. (Previously part of number 24)

1. Abstract of Title, 1894, of the incumbent of Llanbadarn Fawr, to farms called Monachty and Pant yr Allad, in the parishes of Llanddeiniol and Llanychaearn, Cardiganshire.
2. An extract taken in 1839, from a Conveyance of Monachty, 1747.
(Previously number 19)

64. Subscription Book of the Local Guild of St. Boniface, 1897-1919, and a letter, 1925, from the Secretary of the Universities Mission to Central Africa, to the Secretary of the local guild, and appealing for additional subscribers.

65. Printed material, 1898-1941 relating to the church, including two reprints from the Cambrian Archaeological Association by Frank R. Lewis, and signed by him to the Vicar; one about Lewis Morris and the Parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, June 1938, and one about the Rectors of Llanbadarn Fawr. Also a Cambrian News Booklet with the history of the church; a booklet on Saint Patern, Cornish Saints no. 43, by Rev. Gilbert H. Doble; two small booklets in Welsh, 1898, called Cyfaill Eglwysig (Church Friends) with services and hymns, printed cards of Sunday Services, and a page from Kelly’s directory South Wales, about Llanbadarn Fawr, a paper from the Welsh M.S.S. Society with an account of the History and Present Condition of Llanbadarn Fawr, and an off-print from the National Library of Wales Journal, Vol II, no. 2, Winter 1941, with an old Welsh Verse found written in the margin of writing by Ieuan ap Sulien, the brother of Rhygyfarch, discussed and translated into English.

66. Printed Report of the Board of Education, 1902, on the John Jones, William William’s and Unknown Donor’s Foundations, in the parish of Llandadarn Fawr.

67. Fire and Employers Liability Insurance Policies, with related papers, 1902-1928.

68. Correspondence and papers, 1924-1938 about the church bells and the Llanbadarn Fawr bellringers’ fund.

69. The Book of Common Prayer (1928) inscribed ‘Reading Desk Parish Church of Llanbadarn Fawr, with a loose prayer card in Welsh by the Society for the spreading of the Gospel.

70. Manuscript notes and typescript relating to the history of Llanbadarn Fawr Church with a letter, 1928.

71. A printed ‘Form of prayer to Almighty God at this time of War’, Sunday, 1 October 1939.

72. Completed Articles of Enquiry, 1944, prior to the Bishop’s Fifth Visitation.

73. Stubs, 1929-1934, of the National Provincial Bank Llanbadarn church hall Account Book.

74. A form for a lay nomination for the election to the College of Episcopal Electors, not filled in, and on the reverse handwritten notes concerning the building committee account.

75. Circular letter from the Diocese of St. David’s informing the incumbents of the Diocesan Sundays appointed for 1913, and enclosing a list of parishes with the dates of Confirmations.

76-80. Bound copies of the Parish Magazines of St. Michael and All Angels and Holy Trinity, Llanbadarn Fawr.
76. 1953
77. 1954
78. 1955
79. 1960-1962
80. 1963-1965

81. Five Marriage Licences, 1939-951, three Orders of Services, 1949-1951, bundle with 25 Banns Certificates and related correspondence, 1948-1964, and receipt stubs of copies of certified Marriage entries.

82. Letters relating to the gift of Hen Blas, Llanbadarn Fawr by the late General L. P. Evans, 1964-1971.

83-87. Plans by John Pollard Seddon
83. Undated ground plan of Llanbadarn Church.

84. Iron Gates and light fittings, 1877.

85. Stonework detail of Aumbrie and Shelf, 1884.

86/1-3. Colour washed plans of Llanbdarn Fawr Church, with details of work; Ground Plan and roof detail (1), North and south Elevations (2), and West Elevation and Porch (3).

87. Colour washed plans by Seddon of parts of Llanbadarn church.
(NOT FOR ISSUE: in frail and torn condition " awaiting conservation)

88-89. Other Plans
88. Plans of Church Heating and Ventilation, 1965, 1967, and a Report and Survey on it by H. Pickup Ltd. of Scarborough, 1965 and 1966, and an estimate of costs.

89. Detailed Architectural Plans of Restoration work, 1966-1968, the plans are identified as dwg.10-24, except for Plan dwg.18 which was not among the items deposited.

90-100. Correspondence and Reports.
90. A second file of correspondence, 1968-1973, concerning the Restoration, in particular the work on the porch, chancel and tower; most of the correspondence is from the architect George G. Pace, and amongst the topics under discussion is the ‘sonic boom’ of Concorde.

91. Files of correspondence and some plans, 1968-1971, dealing with the proposal to establish a chapel of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem in the Church of LLanbadarn Fawr.

92. Bound typed Report by George G. Pace, Architect, from his inspection of Llanbadarn Fawr Church in February 1952.

93. Insurance correspondence, 1963-1965.

94. Two letters, October 1964 concerning Mr Gethin taking over the tenancy of the Glebe land at Llanbdarn Fawr.

95. Copies of ‘The Parish Magazine for Llanbadarn Fawr and Aberystwyth’, April 1970-November 1975. The sequence is incomplete, and some issues are duplicated.

96. A Plan of the Churchyard, 1962, showing the position of graves between the path and the road prior to the road widening.

97. A sketch plan of the Llanbadarn Fawr Churchyard, September 1967, showing the position of trees and stumps to be removed and new trees planted.

98. Files of letters and printed pamphlets from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office mostly, 1969-1970, concerning a growing concern about theft and fire.

99. An Account Book of Bazaars held, 1966-1973.

100. A Register of Services, August 1937-June 1951.

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