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Solicitors Deposits - Amphlett Lewis and Evans (cont.)

ACC. 454

Ref: D/AL
17. [457] (1) Papers relating to the estate of James Jones of the Old Toll

Gate House, Cwmduad,co. Carmarthen

18. [488,


Copy mandate from William and Sarah James, Dolgoy, to National

Provincial Bank, New Quay, 1891

Particulars, plans and conditions of sale, of freehold properties

known as the Pigeonsford Estate, in the parishes of Llangranog,

Llandissiliogogo, Penbryn and Blaenporth

(3) Abstract of the title of Capt. Richard Price Jordan to the

Pigeonsford estate, 1888 - 19O7
(4) Papers relating to the estate of William James of Glangraig,

Llangranog, 1933
(5) Will and codicil of Sarah James, widow (copy)

BOX 10




Marriage settlement (Thomas Morris and Achsah Evans)

1. John Evans of Turgwyn, pa. Troedyraur, farmer

2. Achsah Evans of the same, daughter of (1) by Achsah

his wife

3, David Morris of Deinol, pa. Pembryn, farmer

4. Thomas Morris of Deinol, farmer, son of (3)

5. David Morris of Pantseiry, pa. Bettws Evan, farmer, and John

Daniel Jones of Hawenissa, pa. Troedyraur, farmer

Premises: a moiety of the tenement known as Blaendyffryn , pa.

Brongwyn, with its appurtenances

14th December 185O
(2) Memorandum of deposit of title deeds, 2nd December 189O
(3) Epitome of marriage settlement (no. 1) , 1891
(4) Abstract of title of Thomas Morris of Deinol to premises in the

parishes of Troedyraur and Brongwyn, 1894
(5) Questions for counsel 23rd November 1897
(6) Requisitions on title of Thomas Morris of Deinol, Achsah his wife,

and their children, to premises in the parishes of Troedyraur and

Brongwyn, and replies 26th November 1897

19. [549] (7) Mortgage

1. Thomas Morris of Ffynnonddeinol, pa. Pembryn and Achsah

his wife

2. Eleanor Thomas, wife of John Thomas, of Brithdir, pa.


3. John Morris of Drefach, pa. Llanllwchaiarn

4. Margaret Morris of Fynnonddeinol

5. David Morris of Fynnonddeinol

6. Elizabeth Davies, wife of John Davies of Dolguan, pa.


7. Griffith Morris, formerly of Ffynnonddeinol, now of Green

Point, Cape Town, South Africa

8. Thomas John Thomas of Cumcelyn, Penygraig, co. Monmouth

9. John Jones of Brynteify, pa. St. Dogmaels

Premises: a moiety of Blaendyffryn, pa. Brongwyn; and Twrgwyn,

pa. Trofidyraur

14th December 1897
(8) Copy of (2)
(9) Disentailing assurance and release

1.-2. (as 1 above)

3. (as 2-8 above), and Achsah Davies, wife of Joshua Davies of

Pantybettws, pa. Bettws Evan

4. Thomas Morris

5. Thomas Morris and Achsah his wife

6. John Daniel Jones of Hawen Hall, pa. Troedyraur

Premises: as (1) - (3)
(10) Transfer of mortgage

1. John Jones of Brynteifi, St. Dogmells, master mariner

2. Mary Jones of Brynderwen pa. Llandyfriog, widow

Premises: as (1) - (4)
(11) Copy of (5)
(12) Deed of retirement

1. Griffith Morris of Hoek Cape, S. Africa

2. Frances Jane Thomas, wife of Thomas Thomas, late of

Blaendyffryn, now of No.l Croesnewydd, Beulah

3. Achsah Davies of Maengwynne, pa. Bettws Evan, widow

2 in favour of 3

2Oth August 1936
(13) Disentailing assurance

1. Griffith Morris of Hoek Cape, South Africa

2 . Achsah Davies of Maengwynne

2Oth August 1936

20. [573] (1) Papers relating to the estate of Achsah Jones, dec'd., of

Llangynllo 1923
21. [575] (1) Will of David Jones of Clineithing, pa. Kennarth, co. Carmarthen

28th January 1868
(2) Will of Walter Jones of Penrallt, pa. Bettws Evan, farmer

16th December 187O
(3) Will of Margaret Jones of Vrongoch, pa. Llangranog

14th October 1871
(4) Will of Maria Davies of Cilfallen, pa. Brongwyn

18th January 1875
(5) Order in chancery to administer the estate of Enoch Davies, late

of Blaenythan, pa. Llandysul, dec'd.

22nd July 1875
(6) Will of Jenkin Jones of Penlan, pa. Penbryn

31st July 1876
(7) Lease

1. Gwen Davies of Aberporth, widow

2. Evan Davies of the same, master mariner, son of 1

Premises: the messuage called Trewern Arms, pa. Blaenporth

Rent charge: £12 p. a.

(8) Will of Samuel Davies of Wayn, pa. Pembryn

(1876) 1878
(9) Will of Gwen Davies of Aberporth

14th March 1879
(10) Will of Samuel Jones of Crosslane, Velindre

24th April 1879
(11) Release

1. Henry Thomas of Mountain Hall, pa. Llanfirnach, co. Pembroke

2. Jonah Thomas of Brynmeini, pa. Llanfirnach

3. William Thomas of 2 Upper Regent Street, Aberdare,

co . Glamorgan

4. David Thomas of Mountain Hall, pa. Llanfirnach

5. Morris Morris of Lancych Arms, pa. Clydey, co. Pembroke,

and Hannah his wife

6. John Morris of Clyncoch, pa. Llanfirnach

7. James Thomas of 15 Chapel Street, Carmarthen

The personal estate of Mary Thomas, late of Troedrhiw, Clydey


21. [575] (12) Will of Thomas Davies of Crugyrcrynuchaf , pa. Llandissiliogogo

28th June 188O
(13) Case for the opinion of counsel re Samuel Jones, dec'd.

(14) Will of David Daniel àls Jones, of Tretouchaf, pa. Trelech ar Bettws,

Carmarthen 13th December 188O
(15) Lease

1. David Davies, land agent, Benjamin Phillips, farmer, Anne

Davies, spinster, Elizabeth Davies, spinster, and David

Lloyd, surgeon, and Mary his wife

2. Daniel Phillips of Velinfach, pa. Llangeler, miller

Premises: Velinfach or Trefach Mill, pa. Llangeler

llth September 1884
(16) Copy will of James Thomas of Newcastle Emlyn, surgeon

9th December 1887
(17) Will of Mary Owens of Greenland, Aberporth

2Oth August 1888
(18) Conveyance (as (15) ) 188-
(19) Case for the opinion of counsel re John Jones of Blaenpant,

dec'd. 189O
(20) Will of John Williams of Plasyberllan Isaf, Manordwy, Pembs.

21st April 1890
(21) Will of David Jones of Cryngae, Penboyr

llth March 1892
(22) Will of Mary Williams of Goytre, Pemboyr

2nd November 1894
(23) Declaration of trust by Rev. David Jones of Bangor Teify Rectory,

re estate of Hannah Jones of Danygraig, Velindre

31st May 1897
(24) Will of Hannah Lewis of 46 Hannah Street, Porth, co. Glamorgan

13th July 1897
(25) Will of Sarah Davies of Llwynhenwas, pa. Llandissiliogogo

28th July 1899

21. [575] (26) Schedule of deeds relating to Llwynffynon

and Tynyfron, pa. Llanwenog

17th July 1900
(27) Will of David Evans of Tynewydd, pa. Penboyr, Carms.;

woollen manufacturer

12th November 19OO
(28) Schedule of deeds relating to "The Dudwells", pa. Camrose,


(29) Memorandum of agreement

1. Hannah Lewis of Penlone, Goytre, Velindre,

Carms., widow

2. David Lewis of Skewen, Mary Lewis and Margaret

Lewis of Penrhiwcoyon , Velindre

Re estate of Samuel Lewis

19th November 19O1
(30) Copy will of Eleanor Morris of Tynewydd Cwrrws,

pa. Llandyfriog, 15th June 19O1

21. [575] (31) Receipt for payment made from the estate of Thomas Davies late

of Caerllan, pa. Llandyssiliogogo

1st April 19O3
(32) Will of James William Lewis of Danycoed, Brynamman, Carms.

15th October 1903
(33) Will of Margaret Evans of Aberhaleen, pa. Penboyr, Carms.

3Oth July 1904
(34) Schedule of deeds relating to Twrgwyn and Blaendyffryn

17th March 19O5
(35) Lease

(1) Gilbert Henry Lloyd-Williams of Ginernant, pa. Troedyraur

(2) James Rees of Penlanlas, Rhydlewis

Preises: part of Gwernant

19th April 19O5
(36) Will of Anne Lloyd of Rhydywheel, Cenarth

13th September 19O5
(37) Will of Elizabeth Rees, Emlyn Arms Hotel, Newcastle Emlyn

3rd November 1905
(38) Schedule of deeds relating to Penrallt, Llangranog (2 copies)

(39) Will of Mary Lewis of Cwmdu, Bettws Evan

29th May 19O8
(40) Will of Thomas Davies of Llwyniwan, Rhydlewis

23rd November 1911
(41) Letters of administration to the estate of John Bowen of Cilawenydd-

fach, Cilrhedyn, Carms.

19th August 1915
(42) Will of John Davies of the Swan Inn, Newcastle Emlyn

14th February 1917
(43) Will of Margaret Jones of Glanawmor, Llandugwydd

7th September 192O
(44) Will of Mary Jones of Glanyfedwen, Penbryn

26th November 192O
22. [577] (1) Papers relating to the estate of Mary James, dec'd., of Angorfa,

Newtown , Cardigan

1921 - 1933

BOX 11
23. [578] (1) Conveyance

1. William Owen Brigstocke of Blaenpant, pa. Llandugwydd, esq.

2. Evan Davies of Llanborth Mill, pa. Pembryn, miller, and

Owen Jones of Rhippinllwyd, pa. Pembryn, sailor

3. David Jenkins of Penddol, pa. Pembryn, mason

4. Richard David Jenkins of Cardigan, gent.

Consideration: £66

Premises: Penddol, with the parcels of land called Parkllyn-y-delin,

Parkypant and Parkdrau, which are all part of Cwmraffe, pa.

Pembryn 28th April 1849
(2) Abstract of the title of William Stephens Jones and William

Walker, mortgagees, to a farm and lands called Llainborth,

pa. Pembryn, 1896
(3) Conveyance

1. William Stephens Jones of Malmesbury, solicitor, and

William Walker of the same, esq.

2. Simon Jenkins of Pwllglas, pa. Penbryn, farmer

3. David Jenkins of Penddol, pa. Penbryn, mason

Consideration: £85

Premises: part of the farm of Llainborth, pa. Penbryn

29th September 1896
(4) Conveyance

1. Mary Jane Walker, late of Malmesbury, now of New Brentford,

co. Middlesex

2. Simon Jenkins of Penbrynvilla, Blaenporth

3. David Jenkins of Penddol, pa. Penbryn

Of an outstanding legal estate in a field or close of land, part of

Llainborth farm 17th December 19O2
24. [584] (1) File relating to death duties
25. [586] (1) Plan of the property in Brongwyn, being the estate of David Davies,

dec'd., called Panteinon n.d.
26. [589] (1) Estate of John Thomas of Brynceirios, Troedyraur

27. [697] (1) File re Arthach, pa. Llangranog

1911 - 1933
BOX 12
28. [1087] (1) Abstract of the title of Sir Pryse Pryse, Bart. , as tenant for life

of his family estates, to certain farms etc. in the parish of

Pembryn 1886

BOX 12
29. [1100] (1) Declaration by Evan Evans of Scyborfawr in the matter of the

title of Jenny Evans of Scyborfawr to one undivided moiety of

a messuage called Clynpervedd, or Tyrhos, pa. Llandissiliogogo

25th March 1852
(2) Marriage settlement

1. John Evans of Morfagwyn, pa. Llanllwchaiarn, master mariner

2. Jenny Evans of Scyborfawr, pa. Llandyssiliogogo

3. Evan Evans of Scyborfawr, gent.

Premises: all the estates of (1) and (2)

1st April 1852
(3) Marriage settlement

1. Jenny Evans of New Quay, widow

2. Jenkin Phillips of New Quay, master mariner

3. Evan Evans of Noyadd, pa. Llandissiliogogo, gent

Premises: a moiety of the messuage called Clynperfedd als Tyrhos;

the cottage called Danyrallt; the cottages called Llettyrwhite

als Rhydfach, all of these being situate in the parish of

Llandyssiliogogo; a moiety of the messuage called Blaenbedwf awr ,

pa. Llandyssiliogogo; a cottage in New Quay

16th December 1863
(4) Agreement concerning partition of estates

1. Thomas Rees of Blaenbedwfawr , pa. Llandyssiliogogo, farmer,

and Catherine his wife

2. Jenny Phillips of the Commercial Inn, New Quay

Premises: the farm called Tyrhos; the farm called Blaenbedwf awr,

and Rhos Blaenbedwf awr; the farm called Clos

21st September 187O
(5) Lease

1. Jenny Phillips of 16 Church Street, Newquay, widow

2. Josiah Davies of Penlanganol, pa. Llangranog

Premises: the messuage called Rhydfach Tyrhos, pa. Llandissiliogogo

25th February 1875
(6) Copy of (5)
(7) Marriage settlement

1. Jenny Phillips of Church Street, New Quay, widow

2. Griffith Thomas of Starfach, New Quay, farmer

3. Evan Evans of Noyadd, pa. Llandyssiliogogo

Premises: all the premises of which (1) is seized or entitled at

law 14th January 1876

29. [1100] (8) Charge to secure payment of £4O

1. Daniel Evans Phillips of Gloucester Street, Riverside,

Cardiff, joiner

2. Jane als Jenny Thomas of the same, spinster

3. Robert Geddes Smith and William Davies of Aberystwyth,


Premises: the messuage called Blaenbedwfawr, and the farm called

Close, or Close Blaenbedwfawr; the messuage called Glynperfedd,

als Tyrrhos, and the cottages called Llettynwhite ; a dwelling

house and garden in New Quay

8th July 1897
(9) Assignment

1. Josiah Davies, formerly of Penlanganol, pa. Llangranog, now

of Mount Pleasant St., Dowlais, Co. Glamorgan

2. John Thomas Jones of Dowlais, solicitor

Premises: the messuage called Rhydfach Tyrhos

8th January 19O2
(10) Assignment

1. John Thomas Jones of Dowlais, solicitor

2. Thomas Jenkins of 27 Mary Street, Dowlais, and Jane Ann his


Premises: as (9) 1st September 19O2
(11) Conveyance

1. Robert Geddes Smith and William Davies of Aberystwyth,


2. Ann Jones of Tyrhos, pa. Llandissiliogogo

Premises: as (9)
(12) Various insurance policies
30. [1102] (1) Abstract of the title of Gilbert Lloyd Williams, esq. , to certain

lands in Troedyraur 1913
(2) Sale catalogue, the Gwernant Estate

27th June 1913
31. [1103] (1) Papers re Henffald, pa. W. Cilrhedyn, Pembs.

32. [1104] (1) Abstract of title of Gilbert Lloyd Williams to Penwern,

Troedyraur 1913
(2) Abstract of title of same to Moylin, pa. Troedyraur and

Penbryn 1913
(3) Sale catalogue, the Gwernant Estate

27th June 1913

33. [1105] (1) Conveyance

1. John Charles Harford esq. , of Blaise Castle, co. Gloucester

2. Mary Charlotte Elizabeth Battersby Harford of Blaise Castle,

widow, and Frederick Dundas Harford

3. Rees Thomas of Tresaith

Premises: the piece of land formerly held with the farms of

Dyffrynsaith , Pantmawr pa. Penbryn; the piece of land formerly

held with the farm of Dyffrynsaith, adjoining the left side of

the road leading to Traethsaith

31st December 1886
(2) Probate will of David Morgan of Bronifor, Tresaith, master mariner

21st August 1913
(3) Mortgage

1. David Richards Jenkins of Brynmawr, co. Brecon

2. Margaret Morgan of Bronifor, Tresaith

3. Mary Morris of Morris Row, Adpar

Premises: Bronifor, Tresaith

27th August 1913
(4) Administration with will annexed, of Rees Thomas of Pencnwc,

Tresaith, Penbryn 3Oth August 1915
(5) Copy probate of the will of D. R. Jenkins of King Edward Road,

Brynmawr, dec'd. 15th May 1923
(6) Accounts etc. re Station Terrace, Ebenezer Street and Lloyd's

Terrace 1931
BOX 13
34. [1107] (1) Papers re Nantycastell, Clydey, c.1912 - 1933
35. [1121] (1) Papers re estate of Mary Rees of Llanarth, dec'd.
36. [1184] (1) Conveyance

1. Peter Maurice Griffith Williams of Llambed, pa. Mathry,

surgeon and apothecary

2. John Phillips of Newcastle Emlyn, surgeon and apothecary, and

James Morgan of Trenewydd, pa. Llanrian, gent.

3. Martha Catharine Williams of Treyarched, pa. Llanrian

Premises: the house and garden with cottages and fields called

Bedogidd near Trevine; the cottage called Bedogidd or Llainyreithin

Bedogidd; the land called Penlan; all of these are situate in

pa. Llanrian 1st February 1858

36. [1184] (2) Counterpart lease

1. Martha Catharine Williams of Brynhifrid pa. Llanrian

2. Thomas Woolcock of Llanrian

Premises: Penlan pa. Llanrian

October 1862
(3) Mortgage

1. Martha Catharine Williams of Treyarched

2. David Reynolds of Treglemaish

Preises: as (1) above

llth November 1865
(4) Marriage settlement

1. Ezer Owen of Clover Hill, pa. Dinas, master mariner

2. Martha Catharine Williams of Brynhyfryd, pa. Llanrian

3. William Owen of Hescomb, pa. Dinas, farmer and James

McLaren of Hook, pa. Llangan, farmer

4. Thomas Owen of pa. Dinas, master mariner, and Benjamin Owen

of the Lion Hotel, Milford, hotel keeper

Premises: as (1) above

14th January 187O
(5) Reconveyance

1. David Reynolds of Treglemish, gent.

2. Ezer Owen of Brynhyfryd, pa. Llanrian, master mariner and Martha

Catharine Owen his wife

3. William Owen of Hescomb and James McClaren of Hook

4. Thomas Owen of Dinas and Benjamin Owen of Milford

Premises: as (1) above

19th January 1871
(6) Mortgage

1. Ezer Owen of Brynhyfryd and Martha Catharine his wife

2 . Anne Posthuma Thomas of Newcastle Emlyn

3. Benjamin Evans of Newcastle Emlyn

Premises: the messuage formerly called "The Companion", and now

called Brynhyfryd the messuage known as "The Watch"; part of

Penmynydd; the field called Parkclay; the farm called Caerhafod;

the premises in (].) above

24th January 1871
(7) Transfer of mortgage

1. James Matthias of Newcastle Emlyn, farmer

2. Benjamin Evanss of the same

3. Enoch Watkins and Mary Evans of the same

4. John Henry Evuns of the same

Premises: as (6) above

31st August 1872

36. [1184] (8) Further charge for securing £2OO and interest

1. Ezer Owen of Caerhafod, pa. Llanrian and Martha Catharine

his wife

2. Enoch Watkins of Newcastle Emlyn and Mary Evans of same

Subsequent to (7) above

27th September 1875
(9) Transfer of mortgage

1. John Phillips of Newcastle Emlyn and Joshua Powell of Adpar

2. Rachel Powell, wife of J.P. and Mary Phillips, wife of Evan

Phillips, of 17 Walters Terrace, Swansea

3. John Henry Evans of Newcastle Emlyn

4. Elizabeth Evans of Penpistill

Premises: as (6) above

27th January 1891
(10) Transfer of mortgage

1. Elizabeth Evans of Penpistyll, pa. Llangeler

2. Evan Evans of Nether Stowey, Somerset

Premises: as (6) above

23rd August 1893
(11) Transfer of mortgage

1. Evan Evans of Nether Stowey

2. Ezer Owen of Caerhafod, Llanrian and Martha Catharine his wife

3. John Henry Evans of Newcastle Emlyn

Premises: as (6) above

8th March 1894
(12) Further charge to secure £2OO and interest

1. Ezer Owen and Martha Catharine Owen

2. John Henry Evans

Premises: as (6) above

15th February 1896
(13) Reconveyance

1. John Henry Evans

2. Ezer Owen and Martha Catharine Owen

Premises: as (6) above

loth March 19O1
(14) Mortgage

1. Anne Harries, wife of William Harries of Torbant, pa. Llanrian,

the borrower

2. David Rudolf Evans of Newcastle Emlyn, solicitor; Henry Owen

Davies of Gwalia, Tresaith, pa. Penbryn and Katharine Mary Evans,


Premises: the messuage known as Caerhafod, pa. Llanrhian; the

cottage known as Brynhyfryd, pa. Llanrhian; the cottage known as

Penmynydd, pa. Llanrhian; the cottage known as Watch House, pa.

Llanrhian; the cottage known as Penlan Square, pa. Llanrhian

4th April 1928

36. [1184] (15) Mortgage

1. Anne Harries, borrower

2. Hansel Rees Harries of Llanrithan

Premises: as (14) above

30th August 1930
37. [1334] (1) Papers re estate of Anne Jacob of Adpar, dec'd.


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