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DB/11: The Cambrian Railway Company


Ref: DB/11

Reference: [GB 0212] DB/11
Title: Business Records of the Cambrian Railway Company
Date(s): 1867
Level: Fonds
Extent: 1 item

Scope and Content:

Indenture of release of equity of redemption,
1. William Smith esq., of 30 Moorgate Street, London, Swinton Boult, esq., of Liverpool and Joseph Suche, esq., of 17 Old Broad Street, London (inspectors)
2. Thomas Savin, contractor of public works, late of 7 Bank Buildings, Lothbury, London, now of Oswestry in Salop.
3. John Ravenscroft, esq., and Richard Bryans, esq., both of Birkenhead, co. Chester (sub-mortgagees).
4. Rt. Hon. George Henry Robert Charles Vane Tempest, Earl Vane, Jasper Wilson Jones esq., of Wolverton Park near Newbury, Hants., and Henry Gartside esq., of Wharnton Towers, co.York, (mortgagees).

Reciting: mortgage indenture of 28 March 1865, for £45,000 paid by mortgagees to Thomas Savin; inspectorship deed of 17 February 1866 (bankruptcy of Thomas Savin); exchange deed of 16 March 1866, between (4) as mortgagees, (2), and The Cambrian Railway Company, for the reassignment of assets; and sub-mortgage deed of 17 March 1866, between (4), (2), The Cambrian Railway Company and (3).

Premises amounting to valuation of £6984 13s 11d.

24 December 1867
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