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DSO/4: British Red Cross Society

Acc. 532, 541, 542, 545, 550, 553, 556, 565, 566, 569, 572, 716

Ref: DSO/4

Reference: [GB 0212] DSO/4
Title: Records of the Cardiganshire branch of the British Red Cross Society.
Date(s): 1912-1985
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.043m3

Source of Acquisition:
Acc.532, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 5 November 1985.
Acc. 541, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 5 December 1985
Acc. 542, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 2 January 1986
Acc. 545, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 28 January 1986
Acc. 550, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 4 March 1986
Acc. 553, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 18 March 1986
Acc. 556, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 11th April 1986
Acc. 565, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 22 May 1986
Acc. 566, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 22 May 1986.
Acc. 569, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office by the head of the Junior Red Cross in Aberystwyth, 17 June 1986
Acc. 572, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 22 July 1986
Acc. 716, Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office, 5 April 1990.

Scope and Content:

1-14. Printed Forms
1. British Red Cross Society "Book E": Register of Branch 6, 1931-33.

2. British Red Cross Society, "Form E" (registers of personnel)
1. 1926-28 (no. of detachment not entered)
2. detachment no. 2, 1939-41
3. detachment no. 6, 1926-31
4. detachment no. 6, 1939-41
5. detachment no. 6, 1943-44
6. detachment no. 22, 1939-43

3. British Red Cross Society, "Form El: British Red Cross Detachments Enrolments Form" 1939-43.

4. British Red Cross Society, "Form E3: Annual Inspection Report " (blank)

5. British Red Cross Society, "Form E(8a): Certificate for efficiency and commendation for renewal of appointment of detachment officers", 1941-42.

6. British Red Cross Society, "Form E(9): Register of attendance and examiners' return" 1916-18 and 1953-57.

7. British Red Cross Society, "Form E(10): Awards on examination", 1917-20.

8. British Red Cross Society, "Form E(12): Record of Annual Inspection and individual practical test", 1953.

9. British Red Cross Society, "Form E(14): application for Voluntary Medical Service Medal and Clasp", 1953.

10. British Red Cross Society, "Form G: Application for the issue of members' cards", 1918.

11. British Red Cross Society, "Form G(l): Application for the issue of associates' cards", 1918.

12. British Red Cross Society Junior Section, "form JS(8): Register of attendance and examiners' returns", 1952-67.

13. British Red Cross Society Junior Section: "Form JS(9): application for this issue of Junior Proficiency Badges", 1953.

14. British Red Cross Society, Form WS1: application for the issue of badges", 1942-45.

15-19. Administration.
15. National Hospital Service Reserve and Mid-Wales Hospital Management Committee: correspondence, circulars and agendas, 1964-67.

16. Correspondence, 1952.

17. Press cuttings, 1952-62.

18. Book of certificates of enrolment (blank).

19. Account Book, detachment 22, 1939-58.

20. Statement of cash receipts and cash payments, 1944.

21. Register of work, n.d.

22-24. Training.
22. British Red Cross Society: Examination Papers:
Junior Section; Nursing Examinations, n.d.
Junior Section; First Aid Examinations, n.d.
Junior Section; Mothercraft Examinations, n.d.
Elementary and Advanced Examination; Infant Welfare, n.d.
Examination of Locally Trained Civil Defence Instructors, emergency feeding.
26th April 1956
Administration and organization Examination, 19th November 1959

23. British Red Cross Society Glamorgan Branch: King George VI Leadership Training Course, Cardiff, 14th-16th September 1956.

24. Summary Report on the International Study Centre for leaders of The Junior Red Cross, held at the British Red Cross National Training Centre, 20th-30th July 1964. Welfare Service Short Course: n.d.

25-39. Voluntary Aid Detachments.
25. "V.A.D. Book 1: Register" Detachment VI.
1. 1932-33
2. 1933-34
3. 1938-39

26. "V.A.D. Book 2: Parade Roll".
1. 1933-4 (?)
2. 1935-6
3. 1936-7
4. 1937-8
5. 1938-9

27. "V.A.D. Form 1: Enrolment Form", 1936-48 .

28. "V.A.D. Form 2" Card Index of members, 1939-40.

29. "V.A.D. Form 7: Discharge certificate", 1939.

30. "V.A.D. Form 8: Notice to join", 1944.

31. "V.A.D. Form 10": Certificate of Members joining for duty, blank.

32. "V.A.D. Form 11: Dress Regulations and Equipment List", n.d.

33. "V.A.D. Form 12: Record Cards,"1938-44.

34. V.A.D. Nursing Members: record of training in service hospitals, 1934-37.

35. Form S.B./MOB: Medical Certificates, 1940-44.

36. Army form D/423: V.A.D. members called out for service.

37. Form R.X. V.A.D. 1,: supply of badges (blank)

38. War Service Record Cards.

39. "Cardiganshire Ladies' Ambulance competition: Cards VI VAD." 27th June 1946.

40-48. Miscellaneous Printed Material.
40. British Red Cross Society, Supplemental Charter, dated 12th December, 1919, and rules, dated 16th December, 1919 and 26th July, 1920.

41. Why do We Need a Red Cross Society in Peace Time? n.d. (4 copies)

42. St. Paul's Cathedral: The Red Cross, 1863-1963, Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication, Thursday, 9th May, 1963.

43. M/Health Ref: D(H)63/10/5/2: National Hospital Service Reserve, N.H.S.R. Bulletin No. 1.

44. M/Health Ref: D(H)63/10/5/3: National Hospital Service Reserve, N.H.S.R. Bulletin No. 2. (2 copies)

45. Junior Red Cross ; Drill up-to-date, n.d. (1936x52 )

46. British Red Cross Society: Junior Nursing Manual (1950)

47. The Highway Code. (1954)

48. British Red Cross Emblems.

49. Three photographs of members of detachment VI of the Cardiganshire branch of the British Red Cross Society on parade in Aberystwyth.
The photographs are not dated but were taken during the Second World War. Accompanying the photographs are [1] a letter to Mrs. Lloyd-Williams from Mrs. Margaret Cowley concerning the identification of members in the photographs, and [2] a list of members during this period, compiled by Mrs. Cowley.

50. Certificate of enrolment in a Red Cross Detachment and Permit to wear the uniform, for Daisy Cowley, enrolled as a nursing member of detachment VI, County of Cardigan, 10th June 1936

51. Badge with title "British Red Cross Society, 3 years service", with certificate entitling Mrs. L. Sharp to wear the badge, 22 February 1944

52. Badge with title 'The General Nursing Council for England and Wales', engraved on reverse L.E.M.C. Sharp, S.E.A.N. 35566, 24 October 1947

53. Badge with title 'The British Red Cross Society: County of Middlesex', engraved on reverse '15970 L. Sharp'

54. Photograph of members of the Cardiganshire branch of The British Red Cross Society, (1944?).
The members have been identified by Mrs. Margaret Cowley.

55. Notes on the history of the Cardiganshire Red Cross, given to the depositor by Mrs. Hext-Lewes of Llanllyr, who was commandant of the Red Cross Hospital at Llwynderis, near Cardigan, until 1945

56. Documents relating to the British Red Cross Centenary [1863-1963]: admission cards to commemorative events in London; order of service at St. Pauls Cathedral and Festival Hall, May 1963

57. Photographs: retirement party, n.d.; Mayor's procession, n.d.; holiday for the elderly handicapped [1970]; Royal Welsh Show, Aberystwyth, n.d.; Mrs. Hext Lewes, commandant of Llwynderys Convalescent Home; Officers and nursing staff, Llwynderys, n.d.

58. Postcard of "Rest" convalescent home, where the Red Cross gave holidays for the handicapped.

59. Newspaper photograph of members of the Aberystwyth division who attended a centenary Red Cross Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, 1963

60. Letter from Mrs. E. Morgan with information about the Aberystwyth Red Cross in the First and Second World Wars, and later events

61. Photograph of V.A.D. nurses outside the Theological College, Aberystwyth. [some individuals are identified in accompanying notes]

62. Three photographs taken at the time of the visit of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, to Aberystwyth
1. Members of the Red Cross being presented to Princess Marina
2. Members of the Red Cross on parade, Aberystwyth promenade
3. Members of the Red Cross on the steps of the Kings Hall
[some individuals are identified in the accompanying notes]

63. Draft deed, pending the purchase by the Joint County Committee of the Cardiganshire Branch of the British Red Cross Society and the St. John's Council for Cardiganshire, Priory for Wales, of The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, of the Apostolic Church, Vulcan Street, Aberystwyth, for the use of the said premises by the purchasers. 1962

64. File of xerox copies of documents belonging to Mrs. D. E. Sainsbury Jones, Aberystwyth, including:
Certificate of Cadet Unit of Aberayron Detachment, March 1952
7 certificates presented to Mrs. Sainsbury Jones, 1951-1975
Photograph of Mrs. Emrys Jones, General Secretary of Cardiganshire Red Cross, 1950-1970
Photograph of Mrs. Sainsbury Jones collecting during Red Cross Week, 1955 [?]
List of members of Cardiganshire XXVIII, Aberayron and Llanarth, 1940s
Letter from Mid-Wales Hospital Management Committee, 1958
Article by Mrs. Sainsbury Jones, "Using your News Review to Advantageā€, in the News Review of the British Red Cross Society and correspondence, 1961
List of members of Aberaeron Red Cross Centre, 1977
Ceredigion Red Cross, Demonstrators' Course 1977, with list of Aberaeron members.
List of members of Aberaeron Red Cross Centre, 1980
Record of the activities of Mrs. Sainsbury Jones in the Aberaeron district Red Cross

65. Notes on the history of the Red Cross in Cardiganshire, 1950-1985, compiled by Mrs. Sainsbury Jones.

66. Photograph of the Duchess of Kent inspecting local members of the Red Cross, July 11th, 1951

67. Xerox copies of photographs of various Red Cross groups

68. British Red Cross Society certificates for Olwen Watson, March 1931-February 1954. (13 items)

69. Proficiency vouchers and certificates for Olwen Watson, May 1933-July 1953. (9 items)

70. Photograph of six members of the Cardiganshire branch of the Red Cross Society, dated March 21, 1934.
(four have been identified and their names appear on the reverse of the Photograph)

71-76. Badges/Medals belonging to Olwen Watson.
71. British Red Cross Society, County of Cardigan
72. British Red Cross Society, for merit.
73. British Red Cross Society, 3 years' service.
74. British Red Cross Society, Proficiency in Red Cross First Aid, 1935, 1937.
75. British Red Cross Society, Proficiency in Red Cross Nursing, 1938.
76. Medal for long and efficient service.

77. Copies of documents belonging to Mrs. Gwladys Griffin (nee Jones)
1. Notes detailing Red Cross Service in England and France, 1915-1918
2. Notes detailing certifictes obtained, 1912-20
3. Certificate for completion of two years' VAD Service, VAD London/32, 21 May 1917
4. Letter from the British Committee of the French Red Cross, entitling Gwladys Jones to wear the Blue Service Chevrons, 6 April 1920
5. Joint VAD Committee Certificate of Enrolment, 9th April 1920
6. British Red Cross Detachments Enrolment Form, 18 March 1939
7. British Red Cross, Proficiency Vouchers, 1938-42 [5 items]
8. Record of hospital attendances, Aberystwyth Infirmary, May-August 1940

78. A brief history of the Red Cross in Aberystwyth, compiled by Miss Bridgeman.

79. Copies of photographs and press cuttings concerned with the Red Cross.

80-89. Photographs.
80 Royal Welsh Show, n.d.
81. Miss P. Ballard and Mrs. E. Bridgeman receiving certificates of commendation, 1975
82. Presentation to Miss J. Thomas, nursing officer, 1975
83. Enrolment, 1975
84. Coffee morning, 1970
85. Visit of the Duchess of Gloucester to Haverfordwest, 1978
86. Visit of Princess Alexandra, 1957
87. Inspection, n.d.
88. Red Cross members of Borth and Aberystwyth receiving certificates at Llanllyr, n.d.
89. Flag Day, n.d.

90. Copy of the Junior Red Cross song

91. Junior Red Cross prayer

92. The British Red Cross Society Dress Regulations, January 1937

93. Copy of two letters received in response to parcels given by Junior Red Cross. (taken from scrapbook)

94. Copies of photographs, 1916-date, from an album belonging to Miss E. Bridgeman.

95-110. Photographs.
95. Annual inspection at the Drill Hall, n.d.
96. On duty in the beach hut, n.d.
97. On duty at the Eisteddfod, n.d.
98. Tan-y-cae enrolment tea, Cadet Unit 4787
99-101. Cardiganshire VI VADs.
102. Visit of Princess Alexandra
103. Mayor's Sunday, Cadet Unit 4787
104. Commandant of Cardiganshire VI VAD and Cadet Officer of Unit 4787
105. Cadets at Llangorwen Church
106. Mrs. Lloyd-Owen making presentation to Mrs. Wynne on her retirement, 1953
107-108. Same occasion
109. Inspection, by Princess Alexandra, of Cardiganshire VI VADs.
110. Inspection at Drill Hall, Cardiganshire VI VADs [c.1934]

111. Postcard: The Coronation Naval Review at Spithead, 1953

112. RAF Comforts Committee, Voluntary Working Party Certificate for British Red Cross Society, Cardiganshire VI VAD, in recognition of the work done for the RAF, May 1941

113. Notes concerning the British Red Cross Tent, 1932

114. Notes concerning the Cardiganshire VAD War Service, 1940-45.

115. Bundle of correspondence concerning the work of the Cadets, 1957-1960

116. Notes concerning the activities of the Junior Cadets from their first meeting in 1952, until 1967

117. Circular concerning Red Cross Centenary Year, 1963, 1st December 1962

118. Souvenir of the Red Cross Centenary, 1863-1963

119. British Red Cross Society Nursing Manual No.2 [1951]

120. Nursing, the authorized manual of the British Red Cross Society [1964]

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