Archifdy Ceredigion Archives
LPM: Records of the Borough of lampeter

Accession: 10, 17, 127, 162, 742, 2796

Ref: LPM
TITLE: Records of the former Lampeter Borough Council.
DATE(S): 1879-1974
SCOPE AND CONTENT: the collection contains records from the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Departments, including; Minutes of the council and committees, Legal agreements etc., Correspondence, general and miscellaneous, Maps, Ledgers, Account Books, Valuation Lists, Rate Books. Etc.

SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: Transferred to the Ceredigion Record Office as follows:
ACC.10 by the Chief Executive of Ceredigion District Council, 22 January 1975; formerly listed as SMB/L/1-172.

ACC.17 by Dr. Owen, Ceredigion Museum, 27 June 1975; formerly listed as SMB/L/173-199.

ACC.127 by the Chief Executive, Ceredigion District Council, 20 January 1977; formerly listed as SMB/L/200-219.

ACC.162 by Mr. P. Millington, on behalf of Mr.J Kendal Harris, Chief Executive, Ceredigion District Council, 20 December 1977; formerly listed as LPM/SE/1/1-11.

ACC.742 by Mr Glyn Evans, on behalf of the Director of Administration, 30 October 1990.


The records have been arranged as follows:

LPM/SE: Secretary’s Department.
LPM/SE/1 Minutes of the council
LPM/SE/2 Minutes of committees
LPM/SE/3 Records relating to councillors and council officers
LPM/SE/4 Legal agreements etc.
LPM/SE/5 Byelaws, standing orders, statutory instruments etc
LPM/SE/6 Correspondence - general and miscellaneous.
LPM/SE/7 Correspondence - local government and Welsh Office.
LPM/SE/8 Correspondence - Town Hall
LPM/SE/9 Correspondence - Victoria Hall
LPM/SE/10 Correspondence - Mart
LPM/SE/11 Correspondence - Public Works, Housing and Services
LPM/SE/12 Licences and Certificates
LPM/SE/13 Maps
LPM/SE/14 Miscellaneous

LPM/TR: Treasurer's Department.
LPM/TR/1 Ledgers.
LPM/TR/2 Financial Statements
LPM/TR/3 Accounts.
LPM/TR/4 Payments.
LPM/TR/5 Loans.
LPM/TR/6 Sales.
LPM/TR/7 Wages and superannuation.
LPM/TR/8 Rentals.
LPM/TR/9 Valuation Lists.
LPM/TR/10 Rate Books.
LPM/TR/11 General Rate Fund.
LPM/TR/12 General Rating records.

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