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Ref: MUS/227/1

Reference: [GB 0212] MUS/227/1
Title: Slides, mostly Aberystwyth and neighbourhood
Date(s): c. 1984 onwards
Level: Fonds
Extent: 100 items approx.
Scope and Content:
First cassette of slides by Godfrey Hill, mainly taken for use in talks and presentations.

1. Alexandra Road School, general view

Alexandra Road School.

2. Alexandra Road School, detail of railings showing founder's stamp 'W.H. Hollier, Aberystwyth'

Railings detail.

3. Alexandra Road School, view showing stupa

Alexandra Road School.

4. Alexandra Road School, view across schoolyard

Alexandra Road School.

5. Alexandra Road School, detail, girls' entrance

Alexandra Road School.

6. National School, Penparcau, view from road

National School, Penparcau.

7. National School, Penparcau, detail showing plaque, 'National School House Built in the Year 1846'

National School, Penparcau.

8. North Road School, view from road

North Road School.

9. Reproduction of published photograph, 'Lewis Terrace Chapel, Aberystwyth. Showing John Evans' Mathematical School'

10. Reproduction of published line drawing, 'House and Tower, A.D. 1896, where John Evans lived and kept his “Mathematical and Commercial School”'

11. National School Borth

National School, Borth.

12. National School, Borth, detail showing plaque, 'National School House Built and Licensed for Divine Service AD 1842'

National School, Borth.

13. Cwmpadarn Board School

Cwmpadarn School.

14. Cwmpadarn Board School, detail showing plaque, 'Cwmpadarn Board School Erected 1897'

Cwmpadarn School.

15. Elim Church, New Street

Elim Church, New Street.

16. New Street Meeting House

New Street Meeting House.

17. St Michael's and ruins of the second St Michael's

Ruins of the second St Michael's.

18. Photograph of photograph illustrating book, the Old College and the second St Michael's

19. Photograph of photograph of second St Michael's across churchyard

20. Castle remains seen through window of second St Michael's

Castle remains.

21. Powell Street Tabernacle war memorial

Tabernacle war memorial.

22. Trefechan Calvinistic Methodist Sunday School

Trefechan Calvinistic Methodist Sunday School.

23. Skinner Street Sunday School

Skinner Street Sunday School.

24. Tanycae Church, now Elim, South Road

Tanycae Church, now Elim, South Road.

25. Seilo Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist), general view along North Parade in 1973

Seilo Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist).

26. Seilo Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist), main facade of 1962-3

Seilo Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist).

27. Salem Welsh Methodist chapel, Portland Street

Salem Welsh Methodist chapel, Portland Street.

28. English Presbyterian church, Bath Street

English Presbyterian church, Bath Street.

29. Bethel Welsh Baptist Chapel, Baker Street

Bethel Welsh Baptist Chapel, Baker Street.

30. Bethel, Baker Street, plaque reset in chapel forecourt, 'Baptist Meeting House Rebuilt 1833'

Bethel, Baker Street.

31. Bethel, Baker Street, burial ground

Bethel, Baker Street.

32. English Baptist Church, Alfred Place

English Baptist Church, Alfred Place.

33. Siloam Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Cambrian Street

Siloam Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Cambrian Street.

34. St Paul's Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Great Darkgate Street

St Paul's Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Great Darkgate Street.

35. Salvation Army Citadel, formerly English Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Alexandra Road

Salvation Army Citadel.

36. Queen's Road English Wesleyan Methodist Church

Queen's Road English Wesleyan Methodist Church.

37. Sion Welsh Congregational Chapel, Vulcan Street

Sion Welsh Congregational Chapel, Vulcan Street.

38. Seion Welsh Congregational Chapel, Baker Street

Seion Welsh Congregational Chapel, Baker Street.

39. English Congregational Church, Portland Street

English Congregational Church, Portland Street.

40. Capel y Garn, Bow Street

Capel y Garn, Bow Street.

41. Chapel, Bont Goch

Chapel, Bont Goch.

42. Chapel, Cwmrheidol

Chapel, Cwmrheidol.

43. Jezreel Chapel, Goginan

Jezreel Chapel, Goginan.

44. Llanychairn, churchyard

Llanychairn, churchyard.

45. Llanychairn, Davies' vault, 'Entrance to Tan-y-bwlch vault

Llanychairn, Davies' vault.

46. Powell Street, Tabernacle, main facade

Powell Street, Tabernacle.

47. Llanbadarn Church and churchyard

Llanbadarn Church.

48. Great west door, Strata Florida Abbey

Strata Florida Abbey.

49. James family memorial, Strata Florida churchyard

Strata Florida.

50. 'Celtic Stone', Strata Florida

Strata Florida.

51. 'Leg grave', Strata Florida

Strata Florida.

52. Dafydd ap Gwilym's yew, Strata Florida

Strata Florida.

53. Grave of unknown traveller, Strata Florida, who died in a snowstorm at Teifi Pools in February 1929

Strata Florida.

54. Ysbyty Cynfyn, church and churchyard stone

Ysbyty Cynfyn.

55. Grave of quadruplets, Ysbyty Cynfyn churchyard

Ysbyty Cynfyn.

56. Nantdyddion cottage, birthplace of the Ysbyty Cynfyn quadruplets

Ysbyty Cynfyn.

57. Llangorwen Church

Llangorwen Church.

58. Sundial on buttress, Llangorwen Church

Llangorwen Church.

59. Jasper House, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth

Jasper House, Great Darkgate Street.



62. St Michael's, headstone of Dr and Mrs Williams, who both died in 1856

St Michael's.

63. St Michael's, headstone of James Hanley of Shrewsbury, clerk and cashier at the Cambrian Foundry, who was killed by the fly-wheel of a steam engine, 16 November 1855

St Michael's.

64. St Michael's, portion of headstone containing James Williams, killed by a shot fired from a French war vessel off Belle Isle on Sunday 21 May 1857

St Michael's.

65. St Michael's, double-ended headstone to Elizabeth Roberts (d. 1834), 'Elizabeth' miscarried at one end.

St Michael's.

66. St Michael's, headstone in the shape of a medicine bottle, commemorating David Edwards (d. 1861)

St Michael's.

67. St Michael's, headstone of Mary (d. 1858), daughter of the bathing man John Lewis

St Michael's.

68. Bethel, Aberystwyth (Welsh Baptist), shared twin-gabled headstone commemorating six individuals, including the iron founder John Ellis (d. 1855) and his sons

Bethel, Aberystwyth.

69. Llanbadarn Church, headstone of the Rev. David Edwards, late minister of Ysbyty Cynfal, who died in 1857 as a result of a cold caught in the line of duty

Llanbadarn Church.

70. Llanbadarn Road Cemetery, first grave

Llanbadarn Church.

71. Grave of John Evans

Grave of John Evans.

72. Llanychaiarn, headstone commemorating William Davies of Cwmceirw and containing the verse, 'Remember me as you pass by …'


73. Llanfihangel (Genau'r-glyn), memorial, with cross containing masonic insignia, to John Williams (d. 1841?)


74-5. Aberarth, Welsh language roadside memorial to Isaac Isaac, an itinerant, originally of Brynamman, who fell dead from a heart attack on that stretch of road on 2 September 1886, aged 47, erected by his friends in 1900

Memorial to Isaac Isaac.

Memorial to Isaac Isaac.

76. Headstone, 'Stop traveller, stop and read', commemorating David Lewis, 'the old commodore' (d. 1850), who had fought on board the Conqueror (74) at Trafalgar and had been deputy harbour master at Aberystwyth for the last 15 years


77. Drawing of David Lewis, 'the Old Commodore'

78. Llanafan, detail of old gravestone showing emblems of mortality


79. Llanafan, old gravestone


80. Llanafan, Bonsall Vault


81. Llanychaiarn, church interior


82. Llanychaiarn, church interior, memorials on nave wall


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