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Research Aircraft Establishment: Aberporth

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Ref: R.A.E. Aberporth

Reference: [GB 0212] R.A.E. Aberporth
Title: Records of the Research Aircraft Establishment at Aberporth.
Date(s): 1941-1971
Level: Fonds

Scope and Content: Three bundles of records from the Research Aircraft Establishment at Aberporth. This institution was at first owned by the Ministry of Supply who acquired the land in 1939

The items consist of files unless otherwise stated.

1. R.A.E. Bundle 1

1/1. Ministry of Supply Housing Scheme Aberporth (ABA3/3)
This contains several lists of employees requiring houses or "prefabs", correspondence with staff at Farnborough respecting housing requirements, records of meeting with local authorities, the Welsh Office and the Ministry of Housing and Local Government concerning the required housing, correspondence with Teifiside Rural District Council and extracts from the Cardigan and Teifyside Advertiser on the subject.
11 November 1948-2 November 1954

1/2. Observation Posts - Access/Road Repairs (ABA172)
Includes cases for certain sites at the establishment including the original requirement for "15 small plots of land" for theodolite stations and sound ranging towers along the shore of Cardigan Bay. Includes plans of Observation Posts, Mirror Box and Cupboard. Also correspondence relating to mains electricity supply at OPs (Observation posts), to Brynhoffnant Balloon site. There is also some correspondence with the local authority surveyor regarding road maintenance and sign posting
28 May 1941-2 November 1954

1/3. Observation Posts - Access to Road Repairs etc. (ABA172, as above)
Correspondence re: suitability of Mwnt Mawr farm, Verwig as site for a Observation Point (OP 22), Constitution Hill Aberystwyth as site for new OP (including map), proposed Balloon site at Bettws Evan, correspondence re: electrical supplies to OPs. Also information on the manufacture of steel cupolas for Optics OPs
14 December 1953-7 May 1957

1/4. Observation Posts: Compensation -claims arising from accidents, damage etc. (ABA172/1)
Mr Edwards Tyhen Farm, Sarnau, Llandyssul re his damaged tractor, Mr. George of Plas Farm, Aberporth re: the demise of his horse etc.
February 1944-5 April 1957

1/5. Grazing rights (ABA262)
Letters regarding grazing rights and the fencing of grazing areas in Aberporth
(on the main site rather than the airfield). Also includes items on land cultivation and rabbitting licences.
17 November 1948-31 December 1951

1/6. Grazing rights: Lettings (ABA262)
Some correspondence on grazing rights, but much of this file relates to the Teifiside Rural District Council's proposed site for housing at Parc-y-llyn Aberporth. There is also correspondence on the physical boundaries of the Ministry establishments.
5 March 1952-20 February 1957

1/7. Observation Post 17: Penlan Farm, Aberporth (ACR 64/15)
File covers the disposal of the site. It also includes a copy of the 1940 conveyance by Thomas Jones, Bryndewi, Llangranog.
26 May 1957-6 September 1957

1/8. Observation Post 5: Llandissiliogogo, Llwyndafydd (ACR 64/028)
Correspondence regarding the disposal of the site in 1970 and a copy of the original conveyance by Arthur Davies Jones, Tower Hill, Llanelly and Marjorie Bowen Bassett, Sketty, Swansea. With photo of OP 5 (2 copies)
18 September 1956-2 April 1971

1/9. Observation Post 15: Penrallt, Aberporth (ACR 64/011)
Correspondence regarding the disposal of the site and an original copy of the 1951 conveyance from Martin Lampard, Penrallt.
3 December 1957-14 November 1959

1/10. Observation Post 11: Trefere Uchaf, Verwig (ACR 64/10)
Correspondence regarding the disposal of the site and a copy of the 1951 conveyance by Vincent Morris Davies and John Lockhart Davies of Penar Newydd farm. OP was at Penar Newydd farm rather than Trefere Uchaf which was the owners’ address.
1 July 1957-25 April 1960

1/11. Observation Post 25: Bettws Ifan (ACR 64/06)
Correspondence regarding the proposed new barrage balloon site, in use from mid 1955 to late 1958, and the subsequent disposal of the site in July 1960.
23 May 1957-11 August 1960

1/12. Observation Post 14: Heligfawr, Blaenporth (ACR 64/21)
Copy of 1940 conveyance of land at Helig Fawr, sold by Henry Davies James. Correspondence regarding the disposal of the observation post and its sale to Mr. J. H. Jenkins.
23 August 1957-7 December 1960

1/13. Married Quarters: Maintenance (ACR 19/01)
Correspondence with Ministry of Aviation regarding the standard of accommodation. File contains minor complaints from the tenants and action taken by the RAE’s administrators.
11 March 1957-6 January 1961

1/14. Observation Post 7: Llwyn Ochrog, Llanarth (ACR 64/025)
Notes and correspondence regarding the disposal of the site. Copy of a 1939 conveyance from University College of Wales selling Penygraig, Llanarth to the War Department. Copy of 1959 conveyance between the Ministry of Supply and University College of Wales.
18 September 1956-16 August 1961

2. R.A.E. Bundle 2

2/1. Housing Scheme, Aberporth (ABA 3/3)
Requests from the Establishment to local authorities for assistance in housing Ministry of Supply personnel. Extracts from local newspapers and correspondence on the housing of service personnel.
15 November 1946-20 August 1956

2/2. Observation Post 24: Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth (ACR 477/01)
Correspondence with owners, tenant and the railway company who had rights of access, over the heavy use of access roads. The site housed Doppler, MTA and surveillance radars.
16 September 1954-24 January 1962

2/3. Observation Post 6: Penrhyn farm, New Quay (ACR 64/09)
Correspondence regarding the improvement of access roads, fencing and equipment needed. Photographs of the OP are included.
28 June 1957-13 December 1973

2/4. Observation Post 24: Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth (ACR 64/08)
Contains specification for the proposed observation post. Includes correspondence dealing with the installation and supply of electricity and water to the post.
24 May 1954-13 July 1962

2/5. Observation Post 2: Morfa Isaf, Penbryn (ACR 64/17)
Copy of original conveyance from 1940 and conveyance for the extension of the site in 1957. Correspondence on electricity , fire precautions and improvements to road access.
21 September 1954-10 August 1962

2/6. Observation Post 4: Penmoel Ciliau, Llandyssul (ACR 64/02)
Copy of 1940 conveyance between the trustees of the charity land and the War department and the 1957 conveyance for the extension and road improvements.
21 September 1954-25 October 1962

2/7. Boundaries of land: R.A.E. Aberporth (ACR 89/02)
Correspondence concerning the sale of land to Cardigan County Council to widen the road from Parcllyn to Bluefields, and the easement for installing data and electricity cables and drainage from and to OP18, OP32 and OP33.
14 June 1957-19 April 1963

2/8. Land Agreement: Observation Post 33 (ACR 477/08)
One conveyance for 1961 between Elizabeth Frances Morgan and the Ministry of Aviation. OP 33 was a Boresight Tower site.
30 October 1961-19 April 1963

2/9. Observation Post 12: Dolmanol (ACR 64/03)
File covers two sites: OP12 was on Maesymeillion land and OP12A was situated on either side of the Aberporth to Gogerddan road. Both sites were released in September 1956.
25 July 1955-12 November 1963

2/10. South Cardiganshire Water Supply (ACR 34/01)
Agreement between the Minister of Supply and South Cardiganshire Water Supply for emergency supplies of water to Aberaeron and Parcllyn. Bills from Ministry of Supply to the Rural District Council and the Water Board.
12 March 1957-16 March 1965

2/11. Observation Post 9: Llanon (ACR 64/19)
Copy of conveyance dated 28 December 1939 between Stephen Thomas Evans, Tymair farm, Llansantffraid, Daniel & Maggie Daniel, Llanon and the War department for Tymair in the parish of Llansantffraid.
23 August 1957-17 August 1965

2/12. Observation Post 27: Dinas (ACR 64/01)
Specification for the construction and equipping of the site, and correspondence regarding the same.
7 February 1957-1 March 1965

2/13. Observation Post 31: Strumblehead (ACR 64/029)
Details of installation of radar equipment at Garn-fawr, including photographs of the site. The site was vacated on 30 June 1965.
24 August 1960-27 January 1965

2/14. Observation Post 18: acquisition of drainage easement (ACR 477/09)
Correspondence and notes on acquisition of drainage easement.
8 October 1963-8 December 1964

2/15. Observation Post 10: Penygareg farm, Llanrhystyd (ACR 64/05)
Copy of 1939 conveyance between Mary Morgan, Penygareg farm, Llanrhystyd and War department. Complaints from neighbouring landlord regarding the damage to crops from excessive use of large vehicles on the access road.
17 April 1957-29 July 1965

2/16. Review of holdings of Observation Posts (ACR 64/026)
List of Ops’ locations. Correspondence regarding the disposal of sites that were no longer required by 1959.
22 September 1959-9 September 1965

2/17. Land agreement: Llanllwchaiarn (ACR 477/04)
Copies of the original 1939 conveyance and the 1960 conveyance with new rights and easements. Correspondence with the District Valuer and the Lands Administration over the extension of the site.
31 May 1961-9 September 1965

3. R.A.E. Bundle 3

3/1. Land agreement: Observation Post 1, Tyhen Penbryn (ACR 477/06)
Copy of 1939 conveyance between Margaret Evans, Wembley, Middlesex; Annie Ellen Evans, Aberporth; Mary Davies, Gorseinon, Glamorgan and the War department. Correspondence between the farmer, supported by the NFU and the Ministry regarding the access road.
21 September 1954-3 November 1965

3/2. Land agreement: Observation Post 31, Strumblehead (ACR 477/05)
OP was actually at Tan-y-Mynydd, Goodwick. Photographs of the OP are included within the file. Correspondence regarding the exact ownership of the land and the rights of the Ministry. The site was used until mid 1965.
6 December 1962-24 November 1965

3/3. Observation Post 13: Dinas, Lochtyn, Llangrannog (ACR 64/13)
Copy of 1940 conveyance between David Evan Price Jones, Hertford; Thomas Dawkin Windsor Williams, Neath; Henry William Morgan, Fforestfach and the War department, for the area known as Lochtyn in the parish of Llangrannog. Correspondence concerning disputes between the farmer and the Ministry.
2 July 1957-16 June 1966

3/4. Observation Post 28: Godre Gwyn, Ferwig (ACR 64/13)
OP was actually situated at Nantmawr farm, Mwnt. Copy of conveyance from 1959 between Ivor Edgar Davies and the Ministry of Supply. Correspondence regarding the maintenance of access roads and the provision of an electrical supply to the site.
24 June 1957-27 April 1966

3/5. Tenancy of Penar Uchaf farm (ACR 109/14)
Appendix to this file contains the schedule of condition and endorsements for the letting of the farm. Notes and correspondence on administrative matters between the tenant and the War Office. Correspondence with the Ministry of Agriculture regarding farm improvement schemes. Applications from would be tenants after the death of the long term tenant in 1966.
13 March 1961-16 May 1966

3/6. Observation Post 21: Pencader (ACR 64/12)
Copy of 1954 Agreement of Use between John Powell Ponsonby Lewis, Llanayron, Ciliau Aeron and the Ministry of Supply for enclosure 2365 in the parish of Llangeler. Specification for the works and materials needed for the new equipment house at Pencader. Copies of covering letter to Ponsonby Lewis accompanying the rent cheque of £1 per annum.
26 September 1957-10 October 1966

3/7. Observation Post 29: Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth (ACR 64/22A)
Request for acquisition of land and buildings on a 21 year lease. Correspondence regarding the access roads, fencing and damage to roads. Photographs of the fence between OP 24 and OP 29, showing OP 24 in the background of the photograph. OP 29 was surplus as of 3 October 1966.
11 November 1957-31 July 1967

3/8. Sewage disposal agreement, Teifiside RDC (ACR 156/01)
Copy of 1955 Agreement between the Ministry and and Teifiside Rural District Council with respect to the sewage scheme serving the housing development at Parcllyn. Correspondence between the two parties with reference to charges. The agreement ended on 1 March 1967.
2 April 1957-9 May 1967

3/9. Observation Post 13: Mwntmawr, Mount Ferwig (ACR 64/20)
Copy of the original 1940 conveyance between Evan Davies, Blaenwenen, Llechryd and Rachel Williams, Morfa farm, Blaenffos, Pembroke for the site at Maesyfelin, Felinwynt. Most of the notes relate to the replacement of crew accommodation and the provision of a W.C.
21 September 1954-2 June 1967

3/10. Conveyances, wayleaves and easements relating to the Llechryd to Aberporth water supply (ACR 109/11)
Copies of two 1959 conveyances and 9 deeds of grant with respect to laying pipes and constructing a reservoir to supply water to Aberporth from a station at Llechryd. Requests for fishing rights at the pumping station and local planning developments are also included.
24 April 1959-11 July 1967

3/11. Land agreement: Observation Post 29, Constitution Hill (ACR 64/22B)
Notes concerning the legal fees and the residue of rent following the early cessation of the lease. The file is a continuation of 3/7 ACR 64/22B.
15 June 1967-24 November 1967

3/12. Safeguarding areas: Ministry of Power electric lines (ACR 89/06)
Upon transfer of observation posts from Ministry of Supply to Ministry of Aviation the issue of safeguarding the electrical distribution and service lines to the observation posts was raised. Correspondence listing the sites that required safeguarding is included.
20 February 1962-21 March 1968

3/13. Part enclosure: OS number 104 (ACR 109/2)
File refers to agricultural letting of the field to the farmer at Plas Newydd, Parcllyn. The site had staff houses built on it. Copy of the original 1940 agreement with David John Jones, Plasnewydd, Aberporth and the renegotiations in 1968 when the farmer handed the land to his son, John Lynn Jones.
21 June 1967-24 June 1968

3/14. Observation Post 8: Aberaeron (ACR 64/18)
Copy of the original 1939 conveyance with Thomas Evans, Mary Jane Parry and Sarah Bronwen Evans, all of Drefnewyddfawr for the farm known as Drefnewyddfawr in the parish of Llandewi. Correspondence regarding the disposal of the site.
23 August 1957-17 November 1970

3/15. Boundaries of land: RAE Aberporth (ACR 89/02)
Items relating to the sale of small areas of land and reviews of land holdings. Requests from Land Administration to walk the boundaries and ensure that there was no illegal encroachment.
19 April 1963-15 April 1970

3/16. Observation Post 2: Morfa Isaf, Penbryn (ACR 64/17B)
Entries regarding the safeguarding of the site from interference by farm and visitor traffic encroaching upon the defined area. Some papers on fire precaution.
16 April 1970-27 May 1971

3/17. Penar Cottage (ACR 109/03B)
Requests to allow easement of water pipes over Ministry land and to allow the pipes to be connected to the Ministry’s sewer system.
2 February 1965-23 September 1970

3/18. Conveyance of Aberporth airfield (ACR 202/01B)
Correspondence relating to disputes over the maintenance of the boundary fencing. Notes concerning the building modifications and demolition work undertaken by the RAF. Maps showing building layouts at various times are included.
9 May 1967-30 July 1971
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