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Rural Sanitary Authorities

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Ref: RSA

Reference: [GB 0212] RSA
Title: Records of the Rural Sanitary Authorities.
Date(s): 1873-1894
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.026m3

Administrative History:
These authorities were created under the Public Health Act of 1872, and their powers transferred to the Rural and Urban District Councils in 1894. There is sometimes an 'overlap' of records, where a record created by the Sanitary Authority was continued by the District Council. A note has therefore been made where RSA records are to be found under the RDC or UDC records.

Scope and Content:


Records of Aberystwyth Rural Sanitary Authority.

For minutes, September 1892-1894 see ABR/SE/1/1

Acc. 24, 25


Records of the Aberaeron Rural Sanitary Authority.

1. General Ledger, 1873-1884

2-4 Parochial Ledgers
2. 1874-1882
3. 1882-1890
4. 1890-1897
[formerly SSA/1]

NB for minutes, 1872-1894, see ANR/SE/1/1, and letter book, 1880-1894, see ANR/SE/5/1

Acc. 11


Records of Tregaron Rural Sanitary Authority.

1. Minutes, September 1872-September 1895
[ex SRD/1/695]

2. Ledger, 1874-1891
[ex SRD/1/505]
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