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TER: Records of the Teifiside Rural District Council

Acc. 22, 33, 36, 39, 44, 118, 131, 376, 748, 995, 2799, 3051

Ref: TER

Reference: [GB 0212] TER
Title: Records of the Teifiside Rural District Council
Date(s): 1934-1974
Level: Fonds

Administrative History: Teifiside Rural District Council was created on 2 February 1934, under the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1929, section 46, and comprised thirteen parishes which had previously formed the Rural Districts of Cardigan and Llandyssul.
The parishes were: Aberporth (including part of Blaenporth), Bettws Evan (including part of Blaenporth and part of Troedyraur), Brongwyn, Llandyfriog (including Llanfair Treflygen), Llandygwydd, Llandyssul, Llangoedmore (including Tremain and part of Llechryd), Llangranog, Llangunilo, Orllwyn Teifi (including Bangor, Henllan and Llanfair Orllwyn), Penbryn, Troedyraur and Verwig (including Mount, part of Llangranog and part of Tremain).

Source of Acquisition:
Deposited by the Chief Executive, Ceredigion District Council;
Acc 22, 4 August 1975
Acc 33, 23 October 1975
Acc 36, 13 November 1975
Acc 39, 21 November 1975
Acc 44, 27 November 1975
Acc 118, 8 December 1976
Acc 131, 20 January 1977
Transferred from the National Library of Wales;
Acc 376, August 1983.
Deposited by the Director of Administration, Ceredigion District Council;
Acc 748, 30 October 1990
Transferred from the Carmarthenshire Record Office.
Acc 995, 26 September 1996
Additional material found during Auditing.
Acc 2799, 11 September 2011
Acc 3051, 2 April 2012

Archival History: The records were formerly listed as SRD/3.

Scope and Content: The records have been arranged and described as follows:

TER/HE: Records of the Medical Officer of Health.
TER/HE/1; Accounts.
TER/HE/2: Public Health Department Annual Reports

TER/HI: Records of the Surveyor’s Department.
TER/HI/1: Stores
TER/HI/2: Planning
TER/HI/3: Housing
TER/HI/4: Contracts
TER/HI/5: Plans
TER/HI/6: Maps.

TER/SE: Records of the Secretary’s Department.
TER/SE/1: Minutes.
TER/SE/2: Records of councillors.
TER/SE/3: Correspondence.
TER/SE/4: Legal agreements, council property and Loans.
TER/SE/5: Bye laws.
TER/SE/6: Licences.
TER/SE/7: Statutory Instruments and printed reports.
TER/SE/8: Miscellaneous.

TER/TR: Records of the Treasurer’s Department.
TER/TR/1-9: General.
TER/TR/1: Abstracts of accounts
TER/TR/2: Financial Statements
TER/TR/3: Budget
TER/TR/4: General Ledgers
TER/TR/5: Expenditure
TER/TR/6: Account Books
TER/TR/7: Cash Books
TER/TR/8:. Remittances
TER/TR/9: Creditors
TER/TR/10: Loans and council property.
TER/TR/11-19: Rating records.
TER/TR/11: Valuation Lists
TER/TR/12: Rate books
TER/TR/13: Grand Summary of rate books
TER/TR/14: Rates estimates
TER/TR/15: Rate produce books
TER/TR/16: Rates cash books
TER/TR/17: Summons Lists and Costs Accounts Ledgers
TER/TR/18: Rates cash, credit, debit sheets
TER/TR/19: Miscellaneous rating records
TER/TR/20: Rent collection
TER/TR/21-22: Salaries.
TER/TR/21: Account Books
TER/TR/22: Miscellaneous
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