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TGR: Records of the Tregaron Rural District Council

Acc. 11, 17, 19, 130, 745, 2822, 2836, 3050

Ref: TGR

Reference: [GB 0212] TGR
Title: Records of the Tregaron Rural District Council
Date(s): 1892-1974
Level: Fonds

Administrative History: Tregaron Rural District Council was created in 1894. It comprised the parishes of Ystrad Meurig, Dothie Camddwr, Dothie Pysgottwr, Garth and Ystrad, Gogoyan, Gorwydd, Llanio, Prysk and Carfan, Bettws Leiki, Blaenpennal, Caron-is-Clawdd, Caron-uwch-Clawdd, Gartheli, Gwnnws Issa, Gwnnws Uchaf, Gwynfil, Llanbadarn Odwyn, Lledrod Lower, Lledrod Upper, Llangeitho, Nantcwnlle and Ysbytty Ystwyth.
Under section 46 of the 1929 Local Government Act, implemented in 1934, the following adjustments were made to the parishes comprising the district: part of the parish of Gwnnws Upper was transferred to Caron-uwch-Clawdd; the parishes of Gwnnws Lower and Ystrad Meurig were combined to form Gwnnws Issa and those of Dothie Camddwr, Dothie Pysgottwr, Garth and Ystrad, Gogoyan, Gorwydd, Llanio and Prysk and Carfan, to form Llanddewi Brefi.

Source of Acquisition: Transferred by the Chief Executive of Ceredigion District Council,
Acc 11, 22 January 1975
Acc 17, 12 June 1975
Acc 19, 8 July 1975
Acc 130, 20 January 1977.
Transferred by the Director of Administration, Ceredigion District Council.
Acc 745, 30 October 1990
Additional material found during Auditing.
Acc 2822, 4 October 2011
Acc 2836, 14 October 2011
Acc 3050, 26 March 2012

Archival History: The records were formerly listed as SRD/1

Scope and Content: The records have been arranged as follows:

TGR/HE: Records of the Medical Officer of Health.
TGR/HE/1: Reports of the Medical Officer of Health
TGR/HE/2: Correspondence.
TGR/HI: Records of the Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector.
TGR/HI/2: Correspondence.
TGR/HI/3:Public Health.
TGR/HI/4: Water and Sewerage Schemes.
TGR/HI/5: Housing.
TGR/HI/6: Reports, Miscellaneous.
TGR/HI/7: Maps.
TGR/SE: Records of the Clerk's Department.
TGR/SE/1: Minutes
TGR/SE/2: Minutes: Union Assessment Committee.
TGR/SE/3: Minutes: Tregaron Board of Guardians.
TGR/SE/4: Minutes: Finance Committee.
TGR/SE/5: Minutes: Market Committee.
TGR/SE/6: Minutes: Personnel Sub-committee.
TGR/SE/7: Minutes, rough: various committees.
TGR/SE/8: Notices of meetings.
TGR/SE/9: Records of councillors and council officers.
TGR/SE/10: Correspondence.
TGR/SE/11: Legal agreements, council property, loans.
TGR/SE/12: Land charges.
TGR/SE/13: Registers and Licences.
TGR/SE/14: Elections.
TGR/SE/15: Evacuation records.
TGR/SE/16: Rural District Council Association; Local Government.
TGR/SE/17: Miscellaneous.
TGR/TR: Records of the Treasurer's Department.
TGR/TR/1-10: General
TGR/TR/1: Financial Statements
TGR/TR/2: General Ledgers
TGR/TR/3: Parochial Ledgers
TGR/TR/4: Receipt and Payment Books
TGR/TR/5: Payment Cash Books and Receipts Cash Books
TGR/TR/6: Cash Account Books
TGR/TR/7: Cash Account Files
TGR/TR/8: Payments to members
TGR/TR/9: Stocks and Stores Accounts
TGR/TR/10: Postage Accounts
TGR/TR/11: Legal matters, insurance, loans and capital accounts.
TGR/TR/12-24: Rating and Valuation records.
TGR/TR/12: Valuation Records
TGR/TR/13: Rate Books
TGR/TR/14: Summaries
TGR/TR/15: Rate Produce Books
TGR/TR/16: Rate Poundage Books
TGR/TR/17: Rates Estimates
TGR/TR/18: Rates Cash Accounts
TGR/TR/19: Collection Files
TGR/TR/20: Summons Lists and Cost Accounts
TGR/TR/21: Summons
TGR/TR/22: Arrears
TGR/TR/23: Rebates and Relief
TGR/TR/24: Miscellaneous
TGR/TR/25-26: Rentals.
TGR/TR/25: Rental Registers.
TGR/TR/26: Housing Rental files.
TGR/TR/27: Salaries and wages,
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