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TPS/LLD: Llandyddul Petty Sessions

Acc. 192


Reference: [GB 0212] TPS/LLD
Title: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Llandyssul
Date(s): 1911-1975
Level: Series

Administrative History: The Petty Sessional Division for Llandysul was one of several Divisions of the Court of Petty Sessions (later the Magistrates Court) held at Aberaeron.

Source of Acquisition: Transferred by the Clerk to the Magistrate’s Court, 20 February 1979.

Note: All material is restricted for a period of 30 years from the date of the final entry in any item; items relating to children and young people are restricted for 100 years.

Scope and Content:

1-12. Registers of the Court
1. Register of the Court. January 1911-September 1935.
2. Register of the Court. November 1935-June 1940.
3. Register of the Court. July 1940-March 1944.
4. Register of the Court. October 1944-February 1951.
5. Register of the Court. February 1951-November 1955.
6. Register of the Court. December 1955-September 1960.
7. Register of the Court. October 1960-April 1964.
8. Register of the Court. May 1964-February 1969.
9. Register of the Court. March 1969-December 1970.
10. Register of the Court. December 1970-September 1973.
11. Register of the Court. October 1973-September 1975.

12. Register of the Juvenile Court. November 1958-November 1974.
Closed for 100 years

13. Register-Adoption of Children. January 1933-January 1963
Closed for 100 years
(Llandyssul, Newcastle Emlyn and Llanfihangel ar Arth)

14. Register of Registered Premises. February 1949-March 1955

15. Register of Licences. August 1900-February 1958
(Including early pages on Llanfihangel ar Arth).
16. Register of Licences. February 1958-March 1971.

17. Minute Book. Case Committee Meetings. October 1949-October 1955
18. Minute Book. Case Committee Meetings. January 1962-January 1975

19. Minute Book. August 1951-April 1957
20. Minute Book. May 1957-December 1966.
21. Minute Book. April 1967-October 1975.

22. Cash Book. April 1942-June 1955.
23. Cash Book. Quarters Ending, September 1955-December 1970.
24. Cash Book. Maintenance Orders.
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