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Webley-Parry papers series 5

Acc. 2680

Ref: WP/5/7

Reference: [GB 0212] WP/5/7
Title: Photograph album
Date(s): 1899-1904
Level: File
Extent: 1 item

Scope and Content:
The ‘Interchangeable Photo-scrap Album’, dark red cover (M. W. & Co., London), containg photographs of the period 1899-1904. There are views of Scottish seats, Dundas Castle, Ecclesgreig, Ichgarvie, reflecting the Dundas connection, as well as the guardship HMS Rodney at Queensferry, of Noyadd Trefawr, Ravenswood on the Tweed, the tennis grounds and golf links at Homburg, Cork International Exhibition (1902), as well as Mediterranean resorts including Cannes (1901) and San Remo (1902). There are also snapshots of a group of three young ladies and three young officers at Whale Island, including the Kewley sisters and Herbert Hope. The album may have been put together by Katherine, possibly for her (future?) fiancé.

P.1. Four views, ‘Dundas Castle’

P.2. Upper left and right, lower left, three views of, ‘The lake, Dundas Castle’
Lower right, ‘The old keep, Dundas Castle’

P.3. ‘Hopetoun’, seat of John Adrian Louis Hope, Marquis of Linlithgow (d 1908): upper left, feature in gardens; upper right, hunt meet in front of mansion; lower left, carriage at the door; lower right, hunt with hounds in ploughed field

P.4. Four views of women with children in garden
Upper left, woman with young child and perambulator, ‘Helen Dundas & babies’
Upper right, same woman with young child
Lower left, same young child with second woman and infant,
Lower right, second woman with infant (in arms)

P.5. Upper left, ‘Forth Bridge’, from garden
Upper right, battleship viewed from shore, ‘HMS Rodney, Queensferry’. This vessel was guardship at Queensferry from its return from the Mediterranean in 1897 to February 1901
Lower left, ornamental lake, ‘Noyadd Trefawr’
Lower right, group posed outside mansion doorway, ‘Group, Noyadd Trefawr: Capt. W(ebley) P(arry) Pryce [Pryse]; A(unt?) W(ebley) P(arry) Pryce [Pryse]; Mary Kewley; Hugh ?Grace; Rigby Kewley.

P.6. Upper left, man and two children, ‘Coachman & children, Eccleston M…’
Upper right, two horses and a man, ‘Polo pony, J.W. ?Porter’
Lower left, ‘Remenham Church, 1900’
Lower right, Remenham Rectory, 1900’

P.7. Upper left, group of young people, ‘Ravenshoe, Southsea, 1899: Rigby Kewley; H(erbert) W(illis) Hope; M(ary) Kewley; K(atherine) Kewley
Upper right, three young people, ‘Ravenshoe: Rigby Kewley; M(ary) Kewley; K(atherine) Kewley
Lower left, couple with mallets on croquet lawn, ‘H(erbert) W(illis) Hope; M(ary) B. Kewley
Lower right, same couple in comic pose

P.8. Upper left, woman seated by garden table with small dog, ‘?Muriel Ba…’
Upper right, House with ornamental cast iron veranda, ‘Hazells’ (Northfleet)
Lower right, same small dog as upper left seated on garden table, ‘?Jarrick’
Lower left, man in back garden at Ravenshoe, arranged for croquet, ‘H(erbert) Hope’

P.9. Upper left, crowds on slipways (seen from ferry or ship?), ‘Portsmouth, 1902’
Upper right, ship off Portsmouth, ‘HMS Powerful returning from S Africa, 1902’. The Powerful, with her sister ship, the Terrible, played a famous part in the South African war and both were feted on their return, seen here.
Lower left, ship off Portsmouth, ‘HMS Terrible, 1901’
Lower right, Two gentlemen with guns, another man and three dogs, ‘H(ugh?) Grace; R(igby) Kewley, Feetham’

P.10. Upper left, two young women seated on garden steps, ‘Vera & Finella Forsyth-Grant, Ecclesgreig (Aberdeenshire)’
Upper right, lower left, castellated mansion, ‘Ecclesgreig’
Lower right, dog cart at mansion door, ‘Inchgarvie, A(unt) Dundas’

P.11. Upper left, man at door to mansion, ‘Inchgarvie, Capt. Dundas of Dundas’
Lower left, Inchgarvie mansion
Lower right, dog cart at mansion door, ‘Inchgarvie, A(unt) Dundas’
Upper right, Woman with dog and (stone) lion, ‘K(atherine?) Dundas’

P.12. Upper left, waterfall, ‘Falls behind Inchgarvie’
Upper right, man with horse, ‘Capt. Harding’s hunter, Lincoln’
Lower left, ‘Lincoln Barracks, 1901’
Lower right, man with horse, Lincoln barracks in background

P.13. Man with horse, Capt. Harding’s hunter, Lincoln barracks in background
Upper right, woman with horse, Lincoln barracks in background
Lower left, woman under tree, ‘A Kewley’
Lower right, family group, including woman from previous, ‘?Robert Kewleys, 1900’

P.14. Upper left, party seated at waters’ edge in wooded cove, ‘… 1901’
Upper right, man and woman with boat on beach, ‘E.A., V. ?Walker, 1901’
Lower left, ‘Picnic, Sea View, Isle of Wight, 1901: Ted A…; D. F…; M(ary) Kewley; Vi ?Walker; ?Mrs Robertson’
Lower right, view of jetty, ‘Sea View’

P.15. Upper and lower right, elderly working man, ‘Davy Dunn, 1901’, ‘Davy Dunn & daughter’
Lower left, group at back of house with dustbin, ‘M(ary) K(ewley), C.H., R(igby or Robert?) K(ewley), C.T.(?), Southsea, 1901’
Lower right, view across rock-pile to house with young women, ‘Buckhurst Lodge, ?Walker, 1900’

P.16. ‘Homburg’: upper left and right, lower left, ‘Tennis Grounds’; lower right, mature man with walrus moustache, seated, ‘W. ?Knight’

P.17. ‘Homburg’: upper left, ‘M(ary) K(ewley), golf links’; upper right, full-bearded man in front of doorway; lower left, teeing off; lower right, view of links with hurdle fencing.

P.18. ‘Homburg 1899’: upper left, lake in pleasure grounds; upper right, view of pleasure grounds, ‘lady’ promenading in foreground whilst staff rake and sweep the lawn beyond; lower left, ‘Saltzburg’ view across grounds or meadow to ruin; lower right, house or hotel, ‘?Haudschusheu, H. Grahame’

P.19. Upper left, moustachioed mature man in hammock, ‘H. Grahame’
Upper right, young child, ‘?Pearson …’
Lower left, young couple seated in garden chairs, ‘… H. Nicholson … Ethel La…’
Lower right, young woman seated on ground with croquet mallet, carronade in background, ‘M. H…, Gun Wharf’
P.20. ‘Whale Island 1900’, four snapshots taken of and by a group of three young women, Mary and Katherine Kewley and C. J., and three Royal Navy lieutenants officers, R. Rice, G. Caney and Herbert Hope.

P.21. Upper left, three young women in white in parkland, ‘South Park, R. Croft, Iris ?Williamson’
Upper right, extravagant mansion, ‘South Park’
Lower left, part of house and its inhabitants (?) viewed across garden, ‘Buckhurst Lodge’
Lower right, two men, ‘Capt. Walker & gardener, Buckhurst’

P.22. Upper left, house, ‘Buckhurst Lodge’
Upper right, house, ‘Uplands, 1901’
Lower left and right, mansion, ‘Knole, Hamilton fidelis’

P.23. ‘Captain H…, Royal Artillery & family 1902’, four interior shots showing various combinations of a moustachioed man in uniform, woman and infant.

P.24. ‘E. L. A…, Southsea, 1902’, upper left and right, man on horseback in suburban street, lower left and right, same man wearing boater in garden

P.25. Upper left, view along river, ‘Cork (International) Exhibition (1902)’
Lower left, uniformed dignitaries, ‘J. ?Hanna. Staff waiting for Lord Dudley’
Upper and lower right, officer in dress uniform at house door, ‘Capt. Ha… R. A., Cork’

P.26. Lower right, ‘launch, ‘Shamrock’, with swan figurehead, underway with dignitaries, ‘Lord & Lady Dudley, Cork 1902’
Upper left, laughing man with camera, ‘Capt. K(ewley?), Cork’
Upper right, man carrying infant, ‘Ned Pryce [Sir Edward Pryse, Gogerddan] & Barbara Kewley, 1902’
Lower right, Row of men, ‘E. L. A…, Oakleigh, 1903’

P.27. Upper left, party with bicycles, ‘N. Jones, M(ary) Kewley, G. Jones, E(dward) Pryce 1902’, the bicycles are held by the two Jones
Upper right, group at side of house
Lower left, two women, one with infant, the other with puppies, ‘Baby Kewley, M(ary) K(ewley), A. W. P. Pryce (Angharad Webley-Parry-Pryse), Noyadd Trefawr, 1902
Lower right, unidentified couple in grounds

P.28. ‘San Remo 1902’: upper left, donkeys with side-saddles; upper right, man, ‘H. Mackenzie, 1901’; lower right, women walking; lower left, party with women mounted side-saddle on road, ‘?Mrs Wingfield, H. Mackenzie, 1902’
P.29. Upper left, group, three women with hats and one bareheaded man, ‘Mrs N. Jones, G. L., W. N., ?J Paley
Upper right, coastal scene, ‘Sea View (Isle of Wight) 1900’, showing chain pier
Lower left, villa, ‘Canne’
Lower right, distant view of gathering, ‘Southsea Common, 1902’

P.30. ‘1900’: Fours shots of Rigby Kewley at the seaside (Sea View, Isle of Wight), distinctively dressed in boater and moustache, Rigby sits on a small boat, the ‘Latonia’, paddles with rolled trousers and takes a photograph.

P.31. ‘1901’: upper left, ‘K. K. Canne, 1901 - Katherine Kewley, afterwards Mrs H. W. W. Hope, Glanhelig, Llechrhyd’; upper right, five women; lower left, ‘Donkeys, San Remo’; lower right, ‘landscape, ‘Canne’

P.32. Upper left and right, two views of Menton, 1901
Lower left and right, two views of Cannes

P. 33. Upper left, ‘Canne’; upper right, ‘cloud on mountain, San Remo’; lower left, ‘Canne’; lower right, ‘Villefranche, French fleet (anchored offshore)’

P.34. ‘Canne 1901, four views of fishing boats and rocks

P.35. ‘1902’, three views of Milan Cathedral and one of Cannes.

P.36. ‘1902’: upper left, ‘Hotel Savoy bus, San Remo’; upper right, ‘Southsea front’, showing bathchairs; lower left, ‘Pinnace, Southsea Pier; lower right, woman wearing large hat with pampas grass, ‘K(atherine) K(ewley)

P.37. ‘Oakleigh 1903’, four views of the house and gardens, including shot of Katherine Kewley, in large hat, with pampas grass

P.38. ‘Oakleigh’: upper left, woman with infant in pram, ‘Barbara Kewley & nurse 1903’; upper right, women with infant (walking away from camera), ‘E(llen?) Gee (aunt to the Kewley girls), Baby K.’ lower left, woman with infant, ‘Barbara K., nurse’; lower right (missing), ‘Mr/Mrs Macfarlane, nurse & Baby Kewley, 1903’

P.39. Four missing photographs, ‘Horton House 1903’

P.40. ‘1903’: upper left, woman with three children, ‘?Vises’; upper right, two toddlers on garden lawn, ‘G. Hopes 1903’; lower left, man with horse in snow; lower right, group of two men and one woman, ‘Capt. & Mrs Bamber, G. Bamber, Southsea, 1903’

P.41. Hazells 1903’: upper left, house with veranda, ‘Hazells’ (Northfleet); upper right, man in uniform by dogcart, ‘Col. Edmeades’; lower left, party by dogcart outside house, ‘Col. J(?) Edmeades, Mrs E.’; lower right, woman and shrub

P.42. ‘Brocklers(?) Cottage’: upper left, unsmiling woman with infant at garden table, ‘M(ary) Kewley & baby, 1903’; upper right, similar, but with smiling woman, K(atherine) K(ewley), Baby Kewley’; lower left, view of romantically rustic cottage; lower right, woman under umbrella, infant in perambulator, M. K?

P.43. ‘Oakleigh 1903’: upper left, woman holding dog, ‘K(atherine) K(ewley) & Bobbie’; upper right, woman in hat, ‘Flora ?F’; lower left, woman in hat, ‘K(atherine) K(ewley)’; lower right, same woman with two men and a dog, snow-covered hillside in background

P.44. ‘Ravenswood (near Kelso), 1904’, four images of people and scenery, sometimes snow-covered, at the estate on the Tweed that had been bought by the brewer William Younger in 1900

P.45. ‘Ravenswood, 1904’, four views of the mansion and estate
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