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Webley-Parry papers series 5

Acc. 2680

Ref: WP/5/8-9

Reference: [GB 0212] WP/5/8-9
Title: Photograph albums of the Satow family
Date(s): 1874-1910 approx.
Level: File
Extent: 2 items
Scope and Content:

Brown leather-bound album, ‘The Gwenol Book’, containing photographs of Gwenol Audrey (1907-1994), daughter of Fedor Andrew Satow (1860-1909), himself a scion of a Russian (or Swedish) merchant house, and Adeline Frances, née Akers-Douglas, daughter of the first Viscount Chilston. Gwenol had three sisters, two older, Pauline Dorothy (1900- ) and Joyce Adeline (1902-1976), and one younger, Morwen Doris (1909-1941). Gwenol married David Heneker, whose first wife had been Ellen Katherine, daughter of Admiral Herbert Willes Webley Hope.

PP.1-2. Infant with mother and father, cradle (six images). Cutting, ‘Satow. " On the 25th inst., at 124 Ashley-gardens, S.W., the wife of F. A. Satow, Judge of the International Tribunals, Egypt, of a daughter’

PP.3-4. Infant with various women, including nurse, livestock and children (7 images). Cutting, ‘Baptismal. " The baby girl of Judge Satow of Dolfriog (Portmadoc) and Egypt was christened “Gwenol” (Swallow) and not Gwen o’r Dol as stated last week. The appropriateness of this picturesque and charming name lies in the fact that the family reside part of the year in Egypt and part in England.’

PP.5-6. Races, egg and spoon, sack, the band playing and spectators (5 images). Cutting, ‘Entertained at Dolfriog " At the recent christening of Miss Gwenol Satow, the daughter of Judge and Mrs Satow of Dolfriog, the members of the Beddgelert Church Choir presented the infant with a silver cup. On Saturday, Mr and Mrs Satow entertained the choir as well as the band at Dolfriog. Following tea, sports were promoted and valuable prizes awarded the winners’.

PP.7-9. Snapshots of mother and baby mixed with views of the tea and sports (11 images)

PP.10-14. Infant with other children and dogs, as well as with nurse, donkey and father (24 images)

P.15-25. Growing child with animals, feeding lamb, riding pony, and with nurse and mother, progressing to archery and making a pretence at driving a motor car, riding a bicycle and holding a dolls’ party (43 images)

Four further photographs on two loose fragments, three similar to foregoing one a duplicate, and one snapshot of house with balcony and palm tree, identified as ‘Villa Perle’ on reverse.

Album with red tooled covers and two clasps. On flyleaf, bookplate of Fedor Andrew Satow, ‘Gwenol Satow’ handwritten in ink. Included loose, card of Mrs. F. A. Satow, Dolfriog, Penrhyndeudraeth and Kasr-el-Doubara, Cairo (see WP/5/8, above). Inscriptions on following page, in different hands, ‘Fedor Satow, Die Salzburger Reise, September 1877 (at 17)’, ‘My darling daddy, Gwenol’. The album begins with pictures of the young Fedor, then moves on to him in later life, prior to his death in 1909, many with the young Gwenol (b. 1907). Cards of Mrs Satow are used as stiffeners.

P.1. Youth, carte de visite, identified on reverse as, ‘Fedor Satow, April 1874’.
Newnham & Field of Bournmouth.

P.2. Youth, carte de visite, possibly also Fedor.
J. Jeanneret, Montreux (Suisse)

Concealed between PP.1-2: 1. Another card of Mrs F. A. Satow (as stiffener); 2. Snapshot of man and youth on tennis court

P.3. Infant in chair, carte de visite
H. Hoffers, Riga

P.5. Balding man holding up infant, backdrop of an (Egyptian?) house, appears to be Fedor Andrew and Gwenol Satow
c. 1907-9

P.6. Similar to previous, but interior

P.7. Similar to previous, against wall of massive rubble masonry

P.8. Similar to previous, in garden

P.11. Man and youth (wearing panama) on tennis court, as in that between pp.1-2.

P.12. Man with infant, in doorway, man wearing panama.

P.14. Cameo of woman, carte de visite, no identification
B.J. Edwards, Art Studio of Photography Hackney (fl. 1867 " 1896)

p.15. Cameo portrait of woman, carte de visite, same as previous
J. Jeanneret, Montreux (Suisse)

P.17. Man in panama hat (and pipe), Fedor Satow?

P.18. Man wearing cap seated on vessel (on Nile?) Fedor Satow?

Concealed between PP.17-18, card of Mrs. F. A. Satow (as stiffener)

P20. Man (Fedor Satow?) standing on veranda

Remaining pages unused.

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