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New documents are always arriving at the archives, and we're very pleased about that! If you have a document or collection you would like to deposit please contact us.
We have listed our new acquisitions below, and the list will be updated regularly. It takes us a while to get documents ready for the public, therefore you may not find the items on this page in the on-line collections. If you would like to know more about anything listed below please contact us.

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Cardiau aelodaeth & biliau / Membership cards and bills (Ref: ADX/1654)
Cardiau aelodaeth Sefydliad y Merched Llanilar, biliau siopau, cardiau aelodaeth Cwrdd Plant Bro Ystwyth
Acc.No: 3752   Date of material: 1939-1995   Extent:    Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Read family papers (Ref: ADX/1653)
Read family collection: papers, photographs, letters, artefacts.
Acc.No: 3751   Date of material: Mostly early 20th c   Extent: 2 boxes   Access: TBC (some DP issues) Not yet in the catalogue

Family papers of the Watkins, Trubshaw and Whitehouse families (Ref: ADX/1652)
Family papers of the Watkins, Trubshaw and Whitehouse families and associated material collected by the late Canon William Watkins (1936-2018) of Nant-yr-Arian, Llanbadarn Fawr
Acc.No: 3750   Date of material: 19th - 20th century ? Subject to review.   Extent: 3 boxes ?   Access: Open but some DP restrictions may apply Not yet in the catalogue

Family papers and research notes relating principally to Llanddewi Aberaerth (Ref: ADX/1649)
Folders of material relating to the Glynarth Woollen Mill 'Y Glyn' and Felindre Mill ' Y Felin' at Aberarth ( Rowland and Hugh Pugh and family ), the nautical part of the family from Pendre, Aberarth, also Parclleder, Neuaddlwyd ( Aberaerth ) and Garden Cottage
Acc.No: 3749   Date of material: 19th-20th century   Extent: 5 folder + O/S items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Deeds relating to Goginan (Ref: ADX/1648)
Three deeds relating to properties in Goginan, parish of Llanbadarn Fawr
Acc.No: 3748   Date of material: 1857, 1890, 1891   Extent: 3 deeds   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Morgan family of Ffinant Isaf, Alltyblaca and Llanarth (Ref: ADX/1647)
Family history research by Iris Coldrey (nee Morgan): Morgan family, Ffinant Isaf, Alltyblaca and Llanarth, and others.
Acc.No: 3747   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Llyfr lloffion Eisteddfod Aberystwyth scrapbook (Ref: MUS/176/2)
Llyfr lloffion Eisteddfod Aberystwyth scrapbook.
Acc.No: 3746   Date of material: 1952   Extent: 1 eitem/item   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Family photographs and certificates (Ref: ADX/1646)
Family photographs and certificates relating to the family of William Evans (Tower Hill and Rhydyceir, Capel Dewi)and his stepsisters, Mary, Margaret, Rachel, and Elizabeth Ellen Davies.
Acc.No: 3745   Date of material: 1890s-1920s approx   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Evan Jones, Ffrwdwenith Uchaf (Ref: ADX/1614 addl)
Llawysgrifau Evan Jones, Ffrwdwenith Uchaf, Aberporth.
Acc.No: 3744   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

David Lewis, mariner (Ref: MUS/463)
Papers relating to the career of David Lewis, mariner of Pencestyll, Sarnau
Acc.No: 3743   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Strand Drapery Stores (Ref: MUS/462)
Printed paper bag for Morley Stockings from The Strand Drapery Stores, Aberystwyth owned by Lewis J. Morgan.
Acc.No: 3742   Date of material: c. 1930s-1940s   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

David Davies, Mariner (Ref: MUS/461)
Papers relating to the career of David Davies, mariner (b. 1848, Borth)
Acc.No: 3741   Date of material: 1870-1895   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cofrestrau a chofnodion plwyf - Parish and parochial records (Ref: PR/SIL; PR/LAM; CPR/SIL; CPR/LAM)
Cofrestr bedyddiadau Silian baptism register 1964-2013
   Cofrestr bedyddiadau Llanbedr-Pont-Steffan / Lampeter baptism register 1937-2015
   Cofrestr priodasau Llanbedr-Pont-Steffan / Lampeter marriage register 1971-1991
   Cofrestr claddedigaethau Llanbedr-Pont-Steffan / Lampeter burials register 1968-2011
   Cofrestr gwasanaethau Silian services register 2006-3017
   Rhestr eiddo eglwysi Llanbedr Pont Steffan (St. Pedr ac eglwysi Maestir a Phentrebach) / Inventory of Lampeter churches (St. Peter, Maestir and Pentrebach) 1932

Acc.No: 3740   Date of material: 1932-2017   Extent: 6 eitem / items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Merched y Wawr Beulah (ychwanegol) (Ref: DSO/33/7)
Cofnodion ychwanegol Merched y Wawr, Cangen Beulah (2 ffeil cofnodion)
Acc.No: 3739   Date of material:    Extent: 2 ffeil   Access: i'w cadarnhau Not yet in the catalogue

Llanilar, Talybont, and Llanwenog WI (Ref: D/WI/LIR; D/WI/TLB; D/WI/LWE)
Further records of the Llanilar, Talybont, and Llanwenog branches of the Women's Institute
Acc.No: 3738   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

New Quay Cinema Posters (Ref: ADX/1645)
2 posters advertising films to be shown at the New Quay Cinema in weeks commencing 3rd July and October 2nd [1959?]. Includes 'Carry on Nurse' 'Raw Wind in Eden' 'Sea of Sand' and many others.
Acc.No: 3736   Date of material: 1959?   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Rheolau i'w cadw gan Gymdeithas Gyfeillgar Newydd Llannon (Ref: DSO/168)
Rheolau i'w cadw gan Gymdeithas Gyfeillgar Newydd Llannon, Cyfansoddedig o drigolion Plwyf Llansatffraed, a'r lleoedd Cymydogaethol, yn Swydd Aberteifi, A ddechreuwyd yn Nhy John Thomas, Commercial Inn, Llannon, Ionawr 1af, 1859
Acc.No: 3735   Date of material: 1859   Extent: 1 volume   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cofnodion Capel Blaenafon (Bontnewydd) Chapel records (Ref: ANC/86)
Cofnodion Capel Methodistiaid Calfinaidd Blaenafon
   1. Cofrestr eglwysig 1903-1952
   2. Rhestr o aelodau 1937-1971
   3. Rhestr o aelodau 1972-1995
   4. Llyfr y Trysorydd 1954-1995
   5. Llyfr Casgliad y Weinidogaeth 1936-1966

Acc.No: 3734   Date of material: 1903-1995   Extent: 5 cyfrol / vols   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Sewage disposal scheme at Talybont, Borth etc. (Ref: DB/112)
File labelled 'Aberystwyth Rural District Council, Proposed Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Scheme at Talybont, [Borth, Taliesin and Tre'rddol extension]' containing letters, reports, maps, plans and other material relating to the scheme. This file appears to originate with Gwynedd River Authority who were most likely involved because of potential or actual discharge into the Dyfi but arrived via Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water, Bangor office
Acc.No: 3733   Date of material: 1957-1973   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs of railways (Ref: ADX/1644)
B/W prints by JC Hillmer mounted on album pages.
   1a. Vale of Rheidol Railway pulled by loco 'The Welsh Dragon' leaving Aberystwyth for Devil's Bridge. 15 June 1985
   1b. Diesel locomotive 37167 in Aberystwyth. 15 June 1985
   2a. Double-headed train pulled by 37182 and 37167, just arrived at Aberystwyth from Euston. 15 June 1985
   2b. Locomotives 37182 and 37167 (wagons now decoupled) at Aberystwyth station. 15 June 1985
   3a. Six-car DMU crosses the Dyfi viaduct approaching Dyfi Junction station. 15 June 1985
   3b. Euston-Aberystwyth train pulled by 37256 at Borth. 15 June 1985
   4a. 'Hybrid' set 156413 and 153322 at Aberystwyth station. 12 August 1992
   4b. unused
   5a. Aberystwyth station, 150127 with Centro 1310 service to Birmingham. 37418 stands locked out having brought in the oil train from Stanlow. 21 April 1993
   5b. 37418 stands in [Aberystwyth] station having brought in the oil train from Stanlow and will return with the empties. This train close to cessation. 21 April 1993

Acc.No: 3732   Date of material: 1985-1993   Extent: 9 photographs   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

The Salmon family of Penwern, Newport, Pembs. (Ref: ADX/1643)
Various documents relating to the Samon family from Penwern, Newport, Pembs. Bibles with dedications; national registration cards; bank books; bills and receipts; correspondence relating to property.
Acc.No: 3731   Date of material: 1897 onwards   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Mr. Meurig on his motorcycle (Ref: ADX/1651)
Modern print of old photograph depicting Mr. Meurig astride the motorcycle he invented ('Meurig Cycle'), registration number EJ100, with a female passenger riding pillion; she is seated sideways.
Acc.No: 3730   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open/agored Not yet in the catalogue

A Lampeter Family Story / Hanes Teulu o Lambed (Ref: ADX/1642)
Booklet / Llyfryn
   A Lampeter Family Story 1870-1971: Newspapers & Nurseries; Religion & Railways; Politics & Plants
   Hanes Teulu o Lambed 1870-1971
   Papurau newydd a Gerddi; Crefydd a Rheilffyrdd; Gwleidyddiaeth a Phlanhigion
   by/gan Richard Rhys O'Brien
   Lampeter Museum / Amgueddfa Llambed

Acc.No: 3729   Date of material: 2018   Extent: 1 item/eitem   Access: Open/Agored Not yet in the catalogue

The Story of Dentistry (Ref: MUS/460)
Pamphlet: The Story of Dentistry by R. Lucock Wilson. Published by Unilever Ltd.
Acc.No: 3728   Date of material: 1956   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

British Railways and the Trade Unions 1825-1975 (Ref: MUS/459)
British Railways and the Trade Unions 1825-1975 with special reference to Wales
Acc.No: 3727   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

MA dissertation on Aberystwyth castle and town (Ref: MUS/458)
MA dissertation on Aberystwyth castle and town by Elizabeth Edwards
Acc.No: 3726   Date of material: c. 1910   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Receipt from David Davies, Aberystwyth (Ref: MUS/457)
Receipt from David Davies, Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3725   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cambrian News cutting (Ref: MUS/456)
Cutting from Cambrian News relating to Town Council elections 1898 and 'the new railway'
Acc.No: 3724   Date of material: 1898   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

CND / Greenham Common posters (Ref: MUS/455)
CND / Greenham Common posters
Acc.No: 3723   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Newspaper cuttings re railway history and other items (Ref: MUS/454)
Newspaper cuttings re railway history and other items
Acc.No: 3722   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

J. Lloyd Lewis advertisements (Ref: MUS/73)
Three reprints of advertisements for J. Lloyd Lewis, Pharmacist, Aberaeron
Acc.No: 3721   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Chief Engineer's papers (Ref: MUS/68)
Papers of a ship's engineer
Acc.No: 3720   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Quarry regulations and receipts (Ref: MUS/8)
Quarry regulations in Welsh and English and receipts from John Jones, Queen's Road, Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3719   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Apprenticeship indenture (Ref: MUS/5)
Apprenticeship indenture of Lewis Picton Davies
Acc.No: 3718   Date of material: 1907   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Papurau Mynediad i Bawb, prosiect cymunedol Talybont (Ref: ADX/1641)
Papurau Mynediad i Bawb, prosiect cymunedol Talybont, a gronnwyd gan arweinydd y prosiect ar ran Cyngor Cymuned Ceulanamaesmawr.
   Papers for Access for All, a Talybont Ceulanamaesmawr community project, accumulated by the project leader.

Acc.No: 3717   Date of material: 1998-2000   Extent: 1 ffeil/file   Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Explore Your Archive 2017 / Archwilio Eich Archif 2017 (Ref: CSC/RO/3)
Items relating to Making History / Creu Hanes, the Explore Your Archive 2017 campaign and event in Ceredigion Archives. Includes some artefacts and electronic items.
Acc.No: 3716   Date of material: 2017   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Alumni (Ref: ADX/1640)
Modern postcards reproducing period photographs of alumni/alumnae of University College Aberystwyth. Published by Aberystwyth University Archives c. 2017
   1. Iris de Freitas Brazao, who studied law and jurisprudence at Aberystwyth 1918-1923 and became the first woman to practise law in the West Indies. Ms Brazao is depicted formally, wearing a university gown.
   2. Louise Pattrick (nee Davies), first female student at UCW Aberystwyth, 1884-1886. Formal portrait taken in later years, probably c. 1920s or a little earlier
   3. Mary Louisa Carter, first woman to graduate from UCW Aberystwyth, 1888. Possibly a graduation picture with academic gown and morar board.

Acc.No: 3715   Date of material: 2018   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Silvograph (Ref: ADX/1639)
Book: Silvograph: Arthur Cheetham 1865-1937, Pioneer Film-Maker. By Philip Lloyd.
   Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2018
   Arthur Cheetham was a cinema proprietor in botrh Rhyl and (later) Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 3714   Date of material: 2018   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Postcards, Borth and Parson's Bridge (Ref: ADX/1638)
B/W postcards, all c. 1950s
   1. Borth Defences. Printed by Roberts Stores, Borth
   2. Borth Sands. Printed by Roberts Stores, Borth
   3. The Beach, Borth. Frith BTH 195. Posted in 1954
   4. Parson's Bridge near Devil's Bridge. Judge's Ltd.

Acc.No: 3713   Date of material: 1950s   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs of railways (Ref: ADX/1637)
1. B/W photograph of Engine no. 9 (steam, narrow gauge) at Aberystwyth station. 23 June 1961
   2. B/W photograph of Newcastle Emlyn railway station. No date.
   3. B/W postcard photograph of a Cambrian Railway steam locomotive (0-6-0 No. 303). No date.

Acc.No: 3712   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Records relating to the Evans family Cefn Cwrt Llangrannog, the Pigeonsford Estate and the Boer (Transvaal ) War (Ref: ADX/1636)
1. Papers relating to the Evans family, including wills and probate, and to the acquisition of Cefn Cwrt, Llangrannog
   2. Letters of Evan Arthur Evans and Martin Evans from South Africa . Arthur Evans worked in the Standard Bank, Martin Evans was a soldier in Kaffrarian Rifles in the Boer (Transvaal ) War
   3. The Illustrated London News Record of the Transvaal War 1899-1900
   4. Pigeonsford Estate rent book 1899-1901
   5. Folder labelled Thomas Evans Surveyor & Auctioneer containing sale catalogues for the Pigeonsford estate
   6.Papers relating to Thomas Evans' duties as executor of the will of Mary Davies of Glanrhaiadr Cottage, Llangrannog

Acc.No: 3711   Date of material: 1878-1920?   Extent: 1 box   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1636/3) 

Additional Women's Institute records (Ref: D/WI; D/WI/BOR; D/WI/CLA; D/WI/LWN; D/WI/PNN; D/WI/TLB;)
Borth W.I. D/WI/BOR/4 Scrapbooks
   1. Drama 190s-1970s
   2. Borth 1965
   Clarach WI D/WI/CLA/3
   1 Certificate and photograph of Dyfed-Ceredigion Federation of Women's Institute winners of table tennis league 1988-1989
   Llanwnnen WI D/WI/LWN
   1. Minute Books 1955-1965, 1975-1999, 2003-2005
   2. Attendance registers 1963-1964, 1966-1967, 1972-1981, 1982-1991, 1996-1999
   3. Programmes, 1986-1987, 1991, 1997
   Pennant WI D/WI/ PNN
   1. Minute Books 1989-1994, 2006-2017
   2. Fiancial statement for year ending 31/10/1994
   3. Various items including 1994-1995 programme, two darts league certificates 1988-1990, exercise book re Pennant family fun day 1994, certificate to congratulate the branch on its 50th anniversary, NFWI AGM Report 2009 and 2017 folder.
   Pontrhydfendigaid D/WI/POR/2
   5. Minute Book 2013-2016
   Talybont D/WI/TLB/
   3. Scrapbooks
   4. Photo albums
   5. Working file 2000s
   6. Newsletters 2005-2006
   7. Our favourite recipies 1916-1986
   8. Drama
   9. Various items including programmes, newspaper cuttings, Talybont WI history, 75th anniversary cards, letter from the Aberystwyth Infimary and Cardiganshire General Hospital 1934 and a letter from the Incorporated Soldiers, Sailros and Airmens help society, 1941
   Ceredigion Federation D/WI/
   Ceredigion Holiday Club Mamagement Committee 1985-2001, Resolutions, Annual Report, Denman cup competion [2 files], Combined Arts programme, WI short story competition and Press report competion 1998

Acc.No: 3710   Date of material: 1930s-2017   Extent:    Access: To be confirmed Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Acts (Ref: ABM/SE/7/1)
Aberystwyth Acts with handwritten notes at front
Acc.No: 3709   Date of material: 1913   Extent: 1 vol   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Cemetery records (Ref: ABM, CDM, NQU, CDD, CSC)
ABM/SE/CE/21/1 Aberystwyth Borough Grave Space Grant book 1949-1952
   ABM/SE/21/2 Aberystwyth Borough Register of Monuments, Gravestones, Tablets and Monumental Inscriptions 1939-2002
   CDM/TR/1/58 Cardigan Borough Ledger 1933-1967
   NQU/SE/CE/1/1 New Quay Urban District Register of Purchased Graves1928-1985
   NQU/SE/CE/2/1 New Quay Urban District Grave Space Grant Book 1925-1951
   NQU/SE/CE/2/2 New Quay Urban District Grave Space Grant Book 1951-1975
   NQU/SE/CE/3/1 New Quay Urban District Certificates for Burials or Cremation with grave diggers invoices 1944-1969
   CDD/SE/CE/2/3 Cardigan Burial Board Grave Space Grant Book [loose] 1989-1995
   CDD/SE/CE/3/1 New Quay Cemetery Register of Purchased Graves 1986-1995
   CDD/SE/CE/4/1 New Quay cemetery Schedule of Grave Stones
   CSC/DCLS/CE/1 Burial Grants1996-2004
   CSC/DCLS/CE/2 Notice of Interments 1996-2004 for Cardigan Burial Board
   CSC/DCLS/CE/3 Notification of Memorial Plans 1997-2004 & Burial Notifications 1998-2004
   CSC/DCLS/CE/4 Correspondence etc. including audit reports 1996, 2004; report on the 'Future Capacity of Aberystwyth Cemetery and General Risk Assessment to all Cemeteries 2003; Report on Closure of Llanbadarn Road, Cemetery, 2004, Home burial guidance [some DP issues]; certificate of burials Lledrod, 2002-2002; Removal of tree from Graveyard

Acc.No: 3708   Date of material: 1925-2005   Extent: 7 boxes   Access: open [one or two items may have access restrictions] Not yet in the catalogue

Autograph book (Ref: ADX/1635)
Autograph book or album belonging to Rose Skerm (nee Walker, b. c. 1900-1). She was bought up in the now demolished barracks in Penglais Road, Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 3706   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Bethel, Parcyrhos a Casgliad Evan Richards - eitemau ychwanegol (Ref: ADX/1615 addl. & ANC/83 addl.)
Eitemau ychwanegol i gasgliadau uchod
Acc.No: 3705   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Agored/open (TBC) Not yet in the catalogue

The Hughes family of Caernarfon (Ref: to be confirmed)
Papers of JO Hughes and Ellen Hughes of Caernarfon.
Acc.No: 3704   Date of material: 19th c onwards   Extent: 3 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Friends of Ceredigion Museum (Ref: DSO/63/2)
Friends of Ceredigion Museum, accounts 2011-2017
Acc.No: 3703   Date of material: 2011-2017   Extent: 1 box   Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Harbour Act 1987 (Ref: ADX/ 1634)
Aberystwyth Harbour Act 1987
Acc.No: 3702   Date of material: 1987   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Patagonia 150 (Ref: ADX/1633)
(Llyfr/book) Patagonia 150 - Yma i aros-Here to stay-Aqui para quedarse gan/by Eirionedd A. Baskerville. Y Lolfa 2015
Acc.No: 3701   Date of material: 2015   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

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