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Ref: MUS/30

MUS/30: John Jenkins & Sons, Builders & Undertakers of 21 Bridge Street, Aberystwyth, and other documents

MUS/30/1 Carpenter’s order book, possibly of John Jenkins & Sons, builders & undertakers of 21 Bridge Street, Aberystwyth.
1933 – 1938

MUS/30/2 Builder’s and Contractor’s pocket note and account book. Possibly John Jenkins of Aberystwyth? (references to Great Bampton House, Hereford, also addresses in Aberystwyth, Borth etc.)
1873 – 1875

MUS/30/3 Builder’s and Contractor’s pocket note and account book. Predominantly carpentry. Possibly Thomas Jenkins of Aberystwyth? 

MUS/30/4 Account (payments & receipts) book of John Jenkins and Sons, Builders and Contractors of Aberystwyth
1914 – 1922

MUS/30/5 Wages returns book April 1933 – October 1939.

MUS/30/6 John Jenkins & Sons, Joiners. Ironmongery & fittings account book 1910 – 1929.

MUS/30/7 National Provincial Bank Limited, Aberystwyth branch. Bank Book of Messrs. John Jenkins & Sons, 21 Bridge Street. 
1928 – 1938

MUS/30/8 Blank trade postcards from the firm of John Jenkins & Sons, Builders and Contractors, Aberystwyth
No date

MUS/30/9 Schedule of prices from Messrs. Roberts & Sons, Timber Merchants,Drefechan [Trefechan]

MUS/30/10 Photograph of unknown young man. Photographer: Culliford, Aberystwyth. 
No date, c. 1905?

MUS/30/11 Account book of John Jenkins and Sons, Aberystwyth showing work undertaken and goods supplied to named customers.
1912 - 1920

Plan and Elevation: Proposed portico for Hafod y Coed. J. Arthur Jones architect. 
No date

Pencil drawing: details of woodwork at Iscoed, Caradog Road, Aberystwyth for Prof. D.M. Lewis M.A
No date

Pencil drawing: details of staircase and balustrade for The Strand, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. 
No date

14. Elevation and section: half-inch detail of staircases at Bronglais, Aberystwyth. J. Lewis Evans, Architect and Surveyor, Aberystwyth. 
July 1933

Plan and Elevation: Plans of proposed alterations of No. 6 North Parade for Misses E. and M.E. Lewis. D.T. Jones of Central Chambers, Aberystwyth, architect. 
January 1932

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