The Collections

Ceredigion Archives contains collections of official, public and private records, most of which can be viewed by the public. You can search the catalogues (or schedules) on-line: just use the search options above and the list on the left of this page.

Access to public records: Please note that access to most public records is possible after 20 years, subject to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): Some records may be not be available because they contain sensitive information about individuals who are still alive.

Use of Welsh and English in our cataloguing
Where the majority of documents in a collection are in English, that language has been used when describing the collection. Where the majority of documents in a collection are in Welsh, we have catalogued the collection in that language. If you would like assistance in interpreting a catalogue entry in either language, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The main collections are:

Local Government Records

Cardiganshire County Council
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, departmental records ( Architects, Education, Public Health, Highways, Libraries, Planning, Secretaries, Welfare, Weights and Measures and others), motor vehicle licensing records and other records 1889 - 1974.

Dyfed County Council
Minutes 1974-1996 and other records

Ceredigion County Council
Minutes and agendas 1996-date and other records

Boards of Guardians
Records of the Poor Law Unions of Aberaeron, Aberystwyth, Cardigan, Lampeter, Newcastle Emlyn and Tregaron and successor authorities, including minute books, letter books, financial records, relief lists, admissions registers, vaccination registers 1837-1930. Please note that some of these documents may be restricted under the Data Protection Act 1998.

School Records
Log books, admission registers, school board records, county council records, and other records c. 1870 - date. Please note that some of these documents may be restricted under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Electoral Registers
For the county of Cardiganshire until 1974, then for the northern part of Dyfed, and since 1996 for the new county of Ceredigion. There are some nineteenth century examples, and then 1945 - date.

District Councils
Records of the former urban and rural district councils, and Ceredigion District Council, including minute books, correspondence, rate and valuation books and other records, including those relating to the wartime evacuation of children.

Borough Records
Records from Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Lampeter Borough councils.

Parish Councils and Community Councils
Records from a number of parish councils 1894 - date.

Public Records

The Archives are a recognised place of deposit for public records including:

Hospital Records
Includes : records of the Aberystwyth Infirmary and Cardiganshire General Hospital (formerly the Aberystwyth Dispensary) 1821-1948 ; minutes of the Mid-Wales Health Authority, Hospital Management Committee 1948-1974; records of the Local Medical Committee 1949-1974; and of the Cardiganshire Insurance Committee 1913 - 1948.

Quarter Sessions
There are few surviving records from the Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions. The majority of the collection comprises the Order Books 1739-1971.

Petty Sessions
Minutes, registers, 19th and 20th centuries

Shipping Records
Registers of the ships in the port of Aberystwyth 1824 - 1884, and registers of transactions, 1855 - 1925, relating to ships registered before 1855; register of fishing boats, 1869 - 1902; some log books and crew agreements relating to Cardiganshire ships; one transaction register for the port of Cardigan.

Marine Board of Trade Maps
Maps of alterations and addition to Crown foreshore lands (including harbours, jetties etc.) c. 1860 - 1970s.

Valuation Lists
Made under the Finance (1909-1910) Act 1910, by the Inland Revenue (the so-called 'Domesday Books'). NB the maps associated with these valuations are at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Charity Accounts
From various charities in the county 1901 - 1953.

Census Records
Census Returns for Cardiganshire 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 (on microfilm), 1901 (on microfilm and fiche). These provide details of each household in the county: name, age, occupation and place of birth for each occupant. They are a very valuable source for local historians and for those tracing their family tree. Some census records have been transcribed to make research easier.

Baptisms, Marriages & Burials

Anglican and Church in Wales Records
Most registers of baptisms, marriages and burials for the parishes of the county of Cardiganshire are available at the Archives on microfilm. The repository for parish records for the diocese of St. David's (which includes the Cardiganshire area) is the National Library of Wales, where the records are similarly available on film. The archives also holds transcripts and indexes of marriages (pre-1813 and 1813-1837) for the county, indexes of Anglican burials 1813 - 1865 and some other indexes and transcripts relating to individual churches.See also indexes of Monumental Inscriptions, below

Non-conformist records
Microfilm copies of early (pre-1837) baptismal registers are held at the archives, and some other records, including baptism and marriage registers, annual reports, accounts, etc. relating to chapels in the county. Please contact us to check whether we hold the records you want - many are in the National Library of Wales or elsewhere

Indexes of Monumental Inscriptions
Indexes covering all churches, chapels, war memorials etc. for about half the parishes in Cardiganshire. These indexes have been expertly prepared for the Cardiganshire Family History Society who maintain a library of useful publications at this office.

Deposited Private Collections

A variety of records deposited by individuals, societies, businesses and firms of solicitors etc. These may include title deeds, printed materials, photographs, postcards, diaries, maps, correspondence etc.

Also available for consultation are local newspapers. The Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser (1866-date) and various issues of the Cambrian News (from 1871 -date, with gaps!) and the Cardigan Bay Visitor (1890, 1905-1907).

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