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 Borough of Lampeter: Treasurer’s Department (
 Museum Collection (musintroweb)
ABM Records of the Borough of Aberystwyth (abm.fonds)
ABM/KH/1: Correspondence etc.  (
ABM/KH/2: Publicity Bureau (
ABM/KH/3: General Administration (
ABM/KH/4: Management (
ABM/KH/5: Little Theatre; Cafe and Kiosks; & Miscellaneous (
ABR: Records of the Aberystwyth Rural District Council (abr.fonds)
ABT/T/1 Aberystwyth St Brieuc Twinning (abt.t.1)
ABT/T/2 Aberystwyth Kronberg Twinning (abt.t.2)
ABT/T/3 Kronberg im Taunus guide (abt.t.3)
ABT/T/7 Aberystwyth St Brieuc Twinning Agreement (abt.t.7)
ABY/B/1 John Lloyd & Co Timber Merchants Trefechan (aby.b.1)
ABY/B/2 Ceulan Stores and Central Stores Talybont (aby.b.2)
ABY/B/3 Richard Hughes Princess Street Grocers (aby.b.3)
ABY/B/4 Robert Doughton Aberystwyth ironmonger (aby.b.4)
ABY/B/5 John Mathias Aberystwyth Grocers (aby.b.5)
ABY/ED/1 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Plascrug School (aby.ed.01)
ABY/ED/10 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Exam paper (aby.ed.10)
ABY/ED/2 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Llangynfelyn School (aby.ed.02)
ABY/ED/3 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Pontsian School (aby.ed.03)
ABY/ED/4 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Examination certificate (aby.ed.04)
ABY/ED/5 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Examination certificates (aby.ed.05)
ABY/ED/6 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Exercise book 1834 (aby.ed.06)
ABY/ED/7 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Exercise book (aby.ed.07)
ABY/ED/8 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Exercise book (aby.ed.08)
ABY/ED/9 Aberystwyth Yesterday Education Exercise books (aby.ed.09)
ABY/H Aberystwyth Yesterday Hafod Uchtryd (aby.h)
ABY/MTT/1 Parry's Map of North and South Wales (aby.mtt.1)
ABY/MTT/2 Map of Aberystwyth and District (aby.mtt.2)
ABY/MTT/3 Wales and Borders railways (aby.mtt.3)
ABY/MTT/4 Bus and coach services (aby.mtt.4)
ABY/MTT/5 Railway Leaflets (aby.mtt.5)
ABY/MTT/6 Railway Leaflets 1980s (aby.mtt.6)
ABY/MTT/7 Vale of Rheidol Railway (aby.mtt.7)
ABY/MTT/8 Tourist guides or maps Wales (aby.mtt.8)
ABY/MTT/9 GWR 150th Anniversary Poster (aby.mtt.9)
ABY/NCB North Cardiganshire Beagles (aby.ncb)
ABY/PC Aberystwyth Yesterday Postcards and photographs introduction (aby.pcintro)
ABY/PC/1/1 Aberystwyth Yesterday Postcards to Victoria Jones (aby.pc.1.1)
ABY/PC/1/2 Aberystwyth Yesterday Postcards to Dr Morgan's family (aby.pc.1.2)
ABY/PC/1/3 Aberystwyth Yesterday Postcards to other Aberystwyth recipients (aby.pc.1.3)
ABY/PC/1/4 Aberystwyth Yesterday Postcards to recipients in Cardiganshire (aby.pc.1.4)
ABY/PC/1/5 Aberystwyth Yesterday Message cards (aby.pc.1.5)
ABY/PC/2/1 Aberystwyth Yesterday Cards of Aberystwyth (aby.pc.2.1)
ABY/PC/2/2 Aberystwyth Yesterday Cards of Cardiganshire (aby.pc.2.2)
ABY/PC/3 Aberystwyth Yesterday Individuals and groups (aby.pc.3)
ABY/SO/1 Cymdeithas Gyfeillgar Fenywaidd Blaenpennal (
ABY/SO/2 Aberystwyth Lesbian and Gay Society (
ABY/WH Aberystwyth Yesterday Women and Home (aby.wh.00)
ABY/WH/1 Knitting and other craft patterns (aby.wh.01)
ABY/WH/2 Cookery and Housework (aby.wh.02)
ABY/WH/3 Women's magazines (aby.wh.03)
ABY/WH/4 Advertising ephemera (aby.wh.04)
ABY/WW1 Aberystwyth Yesterday The First World War (aby.ww1)
ABY/WW2 Aberystwyth Yesterday World War Two (aby.ww2)
ABY/X/1 Aberystwyth Yesterday Mariner’s Navigation Book (aby.x.1)
ABY/X/10 Aberystwyth Yesterday Aberystwyth New Church Appeal (aby.x.10)
ABY/X/11 Aberystwyth Yesterday Religious Verse Booklet (aby.x.11)
ABY/X/112 Aberystwyth Yesterday plates for Cambrian News photographs (aby.x.112)
ABY/X/113 Aberystwyth Yesterday Photographs (aby.x.113)
ABY/X/114 Aberystwyth Yesterday Photograph Album (aby.x.114)
ABY/X/115 Aberystwyth Yesterday Welsh Gazette Jubilee pamphlet (aby.x.115)
ABY/X/12 Aberystwyth Yesterday Queen’s Hotel Ephemera (aby.x.12)
ABY/X/13 Aberystwyth Yesterday Employee Reference (aby.x.13)
ABY/X/14 Aberystwyth Yesterday Hints to Umpires Booklet (aby.x.14)
ABY/X/15 Aberystwyth Yesterday Rhaglen Eisteddfod (aby.x.15)
ABY/X/16 Aberystwyth Yesterday University College of Wales Aberystwyth Ephemera (aby.x.16)
ABY/X/17 Aberystwyth Yesterday Documents relating to the Estate of Richard and Cate Edwards (aby.x.17)
ABY/X/18 Aberystwyth Yesterday Dinner Invitation (aby.x.18)
ABY/X/19 Aberystwyth Yesterday Dinner Invitation (aby.x.19)
ABY/X/2 Aberystwyth Yesterday Deeds and Probate Documents (aby.x.2)
ABY/X/20 Aberystwyth Yesterday Events Invitations (aby.x.20)
ABY/X/21 Aberystwyth Yesterday Family Correspondence (aby.x.21)
ABY/X/22 Aberystwyth Yesterday Cymru 1843 (aby.x.22)
ABY/X/23 Aberystwyth Yesterday Ceredigion area Photographs (aby.x.23)
ABY/X/24 Aberystwyth Yesterday Local Photographs (aby.x.24)
ABY/X/26 Aberystwyth Yesterday Musical and Theatrical Ephemera (aby.x.26)
ABY/X/27 Aberystwyth Yesterday Business Ephemera (aby.x.27)
ABY/X/28 Aberystwyth Yesterday Local Events Ephemera (aby.x.28)
ABY/X/29 Aberystwyth Yesterday Lost and Reward Posters (aby.x.29)
ABY/X/3 Aberystwyth Yesterday Probate Extract (aby.x.3)
ABY/X/30 Aberystwyth Yesterday Sandow’s Developer Exercise Courses (aby.x.30)
ABY/X/31 Aberystwyth Yesterday Commercial Ledger (aby.x.31)
ABY/X/32 Aberystwyth Yesterday Trilox Works Catalogue (aby.x.32)
ABY/X/33 Aberystwyth Yesterday Willson’s Pig Powders Catalogue (aby.x.33)
ABY/X/34 Aberystwyth Yesterday Business Ephemera (aby.x.34)
ABY/X/35 Aberystwyth Yesterday American Dental Company Advertisment (aby.x.35)
ABY/X/36 Aberystwyth Yesterday Tenants Rent Card (aby.x.36)
ABY/X/37 Aberystwyth Yesterday Aberystwyth Press Ball Ticket (aby.x.37)
ABY/X/38 Aberystwyth Yesterday Repro 2000 Price List (aby.x.38)
ABY/X/39 Aberystwyth Yesterday Aberystwyth Entertainments Ephemera (aby.x.39)
ABY/X/4 Aberystwyth Yesterday Wallpaper Pattern Samples (aby.x.4)
ABY/X/40 Aberystwyth Yesterday Ffynon Caradog Lease (aby.x.40)
ABY/X/41 Aberystwyth Yesterday Articles of Apprenticeship (aby.x.41)
ABY/X/42 Aberystwyth Yesterday Nanteos Mansion Ephemera (aby.x.42)
ABY/X/43 Aberystwyth Yesterday Political Ephemera (aby.x.43)
ABY/X/44 Aberystwyth Yesterday Business Receipts (aby.x.44)
ABY/X/45 Aberystwyth Yesterday John Roberts AB (aby.x.45)
ABY/X/46 Aberystwyth Yesterday Utilities in Aberystwyth (aby.x.46)
ABY/X/47 Aberystwyth Yesterday Wedding photograph Awelfor (aby.x.47)
ABY/X/48 Aberystwyth Yesterday Joseph and Jane Downie Bequest (aby.x.48)
ABY/X/49 Aberystwyth Yesterday Receipts from Troedyfoel (aby.x.49)
ABY/X/5 Aberystwyth Yesterday Documents relating to the National Library of Wales (aby.x.5)
ABY/X/54 Aberystwyth Yesterday Austin 7 Brochure (aby.x.54)
ABY/X/6 Aberystwyth Yesterday Sketch and Handwriting Books (aby.x.6)
ABY/X/7 Aberystwyth Yesterday Children’s Colouring Book (aby.x.7)
ABY/X/8 Aberystwyth Yesterday Recipe Booklet (aby.x.8)
ABY/X/9 Aberystwyth Yesterday Post Office Documents (aby.x.9)
ACM Early maps of Cardiganshire (acm00intro)
ADX 120 Aberystwyth Tourism (adx.0120)
ADX 49 Photographic Plates (adx.0049)
ADX 86/1 Powell and Cherry Family Correspondence (adx.0086)
ADX/0179 Parish Magazines (adx.0179)
ADX/1 Sale Catalogues (adx.0001)
ADX/10 Representative Card and Periodical (adx.0010)
ADX/100 Newspaper (adx.0100)
ADX/1000 Latin poem addressed to Thomas Pennant by 'R W' (adx.1000)
ADX/1001: 'Hanes Talgarreg' and articles by E. Lloyd Jones (adx.1001)
ADX/1002: Material about Llanarth (adx.1002)
ADX/1003: 'Dictionary of the Place-Names of Wales' (adx.1003)
ADX/1004: Notes on Llanon/Llansantffraed (adx.1004)
ADX/1005: The New Pier at Aberystwyth (adx.1005)
ADX/1006: Papers of the Fowler Family, New Quay, Ceredigion (adx.1006)
ADX/1007: Llanddewi Brefi Post Office (adx.1007)
ADX/1008: City Isolation Hospital, Cardiff- student nurse's notes (adx.1008)
ADX/1009: Welsh and historical interest books (adx.1009)
ADX/101 Aberporth Postcard and Lampeter Photograph (adx.0101)
ADX/1010: Local interest postcards (adx.1010)
ADX/1011: Y Mynydd Bach a Bro Eiddwen, gan Evan Jones (adx.1011)
ADX/1012: Postcards advertising Aberystwyth as a holiday destination (adx.1012)
ADX/1013: â€˜The Welsh Pupil Teacher magazine’ (adx.1013)
ADX/1014: The Jeffries Family of Aberystwyth (adx.1014)
ADX/1015: â€˜Slate, Salt Fish and a Schooner.’ (adx.1015)
ADX/1016: John Jones 'y Cantwr' (1832-1923) (adx.1016)
ADX/1017 Photograph of an Aberystwyth shop in 1910 (adx.1017)
ADX/1018 Articles by David Gorman on subjects of local interest (adx.1018)
ADX/1019: 'Lead Mines as an Investment' by J. H. Murchison Esq. (adx.1019)
ADX/102 Llandysul Grammar School Magazine (adx.0102)
ADX/1020: Doctors and Dentists of Llandysul (adx.1020)
ADX/1021: Books on Cardiganshire flora (adx.1021)
ADX/1022 Michell family photographs (adx.1022)
ADX/1024: â€˜A History of Magic and Witchcraft in Wales’ (adx.1024)
ADX/1025: â€˜Cwm Rheidol People’ by Noragh Jones (adx.1025)
ADX/1026: Papers of Hannah Catherine Jones (nee Evans) (adx.1026)
ADX/1027: â€˜Hanes Cymry America/ A History of the Welsh in America’ (adx.1027)
ADX/1028: Maps of Welsh railway lines (adx.1028)
ADX/1029: Programmes for Music and Theatre Societies (adx.1029)
ADX/103 OS Map (adx.0103)
ADX/1030 Pontgarreg School photographs and other Llangrannog related material (adx.1030)
ADX/1031: Wartime Papers of the Evans family of â€˜Shiloh View’, Penrhyncoch  (adx.1031)
ADX/1032: Photographs (adx.1032)
ADX/1033: Red Cross Society Certificate (adx.1033)
ADX/1034: 'Beating the Invader' (adx.1034)
ADX/1035: School and chapel certificates of the Ellis family (adx.1035)
ADX/1036: Postcard: mosaic view of New Quay (adx.1036)
ADX/1037: Research material relating to Nanternis (adx.1037)
ADX/1038: â€˜A Book of Aberystwyth Verse’ (adx.1038)
ADX/1039: Penrhyncoch Christmas card (adx.1039)
ADX/104 Lease of Tyr Cae Cadw (adx.0104)
ADX/1040: Aberaeron town guide 2008 (adx.1040)
ADX/1041: Llanon wall calendars (adx.1041)
ADX/1042 Books on Llanfair Clydogau (adx.1042)
ADX/1043: Aberystwyth Visitors Gazette, 1905 (adx.1043)
ADX/1044: A seaman's pay slip (adx.1044)
ADX/1045: Black Lion, Pontrhydfendigaid (adx.1045)
ADX/1046: Fragment of a tax form relating to male servants (adx.1046)
ADX/1047: Cwmystwyth Village Profile 2008 (adx.1047)
ADX/1048 Summons to Thomas Griffith of Pennant Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (adx.1048)
ADX/1049: Henry Lewis Edwardes Gwynne (adx.1049)
ADX/105 Enclosure Award (adx.0105)
ADX/1050: â€˜The Last of the Mwldan’ (adx.1050)
ADX/1051 Postcards of Aberystwyth and surroundings (adx.1051)
ADX/1052: Evan Evans, solicitor, Aberystwyth, Life Insurance letter  (adx.1052)
ADX/1053: Ardwyn Grammar School, Aberystwyth (adx.1053)
ADX/1054: Ships built in Llanddewi Aberarth 1774-1864 (adx.1054)
ADX/1055: The Owain Glyndwr memorial, Nant y Moch (adx.1055)
ADX/1056: Funeral service order for John Davies of Tondu Farm (adx.1056)
ADX/1057: â€˜The Place-Names of Cardiganshire’ by Iwan Wmffre (adx.1057)
ADX/1058: A Land Girl's letter (copy) (adx.1058)
ADX/1059: Capt. Thomas Doughton of Aberystwyth (adx.1059)
ADX/106 Photographs (adx.0106)
ADX/1060: General Farm Account Book (adx.1060)
ADX/1062: Tax assessment notice and notice of meeting (adx.1062)
ADX/1064: Aberystwyth cricket fields â€“ parade photograph (adx.1064)
ADX/1065: King's Hall Coronation Concert Programme (adx.1065)
ADX/1066: Political ephemera, European elections 2009 (adx.1066)
ADX/1067: Printed ephemera and Magazines (adx.1067)
ADX/1068: Business stationery (adx.1068)
ADX/1069: Lloyds of Bronwydd (adx.1069)
ADX/107 Guide Books and Maps (adx.0107)
ADX/1070: Aberystwyth ships (adx.1070)
ADX/1071: Political ephemera 2009 (adx.1071)
ADX/1072: Local ephemera 2009 (adx.1072)
ADX/1073: Local ephemera, 2009 (adx.1073)
ADX/1074: Mynachdy [Monachty] sale agreement (adx.1074)
ADX/1075: â€˜Old Wales’ magazine (adx.1075)
ADX/1076 Aberystwyth History Trails (adx.1076)
ADX/1077: â€˜Closed Until Further Notice’ (adx.1077)
ADX/1078: 56 Group Wales (adx.1078)
ADX/1079: List of required School items (adx.1079)
ADX/108 Llwyn Estate Sales Particulars (adx.0108)
ADX/1080: Dinas School Prize Day programme (adx.1080)
ADX/1081: Byddin yr Iachawdwriaeth yn Aberystwyth / The Salvation Army in Aberystwyth  (adx.1081)
ADX/1082: Morris family photographs (adx.1082)
ADX/1083: Cardigan & Tivy-Side Advertiser publications (adx.1083)
ADX/1084: Llanina Church leaflet (adx.1084)
ADX/1085: Dog finding certificate (adx.1085)
ADX/1086: Postcard of Cardigan (adx.1086)
ADX/1087: Ceredigion Archaeological Survey leaflet (adx.1087)
ADX/1088: Lampeter University booklets (adx.1088)
ADX/1089: Jacob family of Waun-lloi, Ysbyty Ystwyth (adx.1089)
ADX/109 Corporation of Aberystwyth Accounts (adx.0109)
ADX/1090: Abraham Richards and his descendants (adx.1090)
ADX/1091: Testimonial for Jenkin James M.A. by Professor E. Anwyl (adx.1091)
ADX/1092: Lance Corporal Joseph Thomas D.C.M. (adx.1092)
ADX/1093: The Violet Davies Collection (adx.1093)
ADX/1094: Havoc of the Storm (adx.1094)
ADX/1095: Llawenydd Llanarth (adx.1095)
ADX/1096: Photographs by Hugh O. Jones (adx.1096)
ADX/1097: A Founder in Snow (adx.1097)
ADX/1098: Ymfudo i Ohio o Gilcennin / Emigration to Ohio from Cilcennin (adx.1098)
ADX/11 Letter and Brochure (adx.0011)
ADX/110 Address by RE Edwards and Language Survey (adx.0110)
ADX/1100: Picture Postcard Monthly (adx.1100)
ADX/1101: Letter from Canada (adx.1101)
ADX/1102: Letter from America (adx.1102)
ADX/1103: Owens and Evans family history (adx.1103)
ADX/1104: Documents from Gilfachau Farm, Llanddeiniol. (adx.1104)
ADX/1106: â€˜Llais’ and â€˜Oats’ (adx.1106)
ADX/1107: 1950s Radio Rentals booklet (adx.1107)
ADX/1108: Welsh Gazette and other newspapers (adx.1108)
ADX/1109: Photograph of Aberffrwd school pupils (adx.1109)
ADX/111 Photographs (adx.0111)
ADX/1110: â€˜Aberteifi: 900 mlynedd o hanes yng nghartref yr Eisteddfod’ (adx.1110)
ADX/1113: Conveyance of property in Staffordshire (adx.1113)
ADX/1114: Signalman's book and assorted receipts (adx.1114)
ADX/1116: Tabernacle Chapel, Aberystwyth (adx.1116)
ADX/1117: 19th Century Newspapers (adx.1117)
ADX/1118: John Middleton, Architect (adx.1118)
ADX/1119: Llanafan Dramatic Society & pedigree of Welsh sheepdogs (adx.1119)
ADX/112 Cardiganshire Education Committee correspondence (adx.0112)
ADX/1120: Photographs (adx.1120)
ADX/1121: Llanon tithe map copy and valuation list (adx.1121)
ADX/1123: Discover New Quay 2009 (adx.1123)
ADX/1124: Swine Flu poster (adx.1124)
ADX/1125 David John Mathias (adx.1125)
ADX/1126: The Walford Family (adx.1126)
ADX/1127: Magazines about WWI and WWII (adx.1127)
ADX/1128 The Edwards family of Nantcwnlle (adx.1128)
ADX/113 Devotional literature (adx.0113)
ADX/1130: â€˜The Pool of Light: Further Poems’ by Ernest Walter Hughes  (adx.1130)
ADX/1131: UCW Aberystwyth, Exercise book (adx.1131)
ADX/1132: Photographs (adx.1132)
ADX/1134: Englishman's Diary, 1909 (adx.1134)
ADX/1135: Penycastell Farm Hotel (adx.1135)
ADX/1137: Bebb-Lloyd and Raw family of Cwmystwyth (adx.1137)
ADX/1139: Documents relating to Audrey Broughall Woods (adx.1139)
ADX/114 Postcard of Aberaeron (adx.0114)
ADX/1140: Rest Mill, Llanafan (adx.1140)
ADX/1142: Aberayron Union: Contract for Provisions (adx.1142)
ADX/1144: Papers of Dr. C.S. Briggs (adx.1144)
ADX/1145: Hughes Family History (adx.1145)
ADX/1146: Cor-y-Castell programme (adx.1146)
ADX/1147: Receipts issued by Brynog Garage of Felinfach (adx.1147)
ADX/1148: Owners and occupiers of Borth properties in 1910 (adx.1148)
ADX/1149: Cardigan Constabulary button (adx.1149)
ADX/115 Postcards (adx.0115)
ADX/1150 3rd Cards Battalion Home Guard (adx.1150)
ADX/1151: Service of Thanksgiving programme (adx.1151)
ADX/1152: Receipt for a car or motor cycle (adx.1152)
ADX/1153: Coronation scrapbook (adx.1153)
ADX/1154: Music certificate (adx.1154)
ADX/1155: Telephone directory cover (adx.1155)
ADX/1156: The demolition of Ebenezer Chapel (adx.1156)
ADX/1157: Ordnance Survey Old Series maps (adx.1157)
ADX/1158: Recipe book (adx.1158)
ADX/1159: Reverend Evan Jones BD 1830-1904 His Life and Ministry (adx.1159)
ADX/116 John Lee Sykes Photographs (adx.0116)
ADX/1160 ITW Aberystwyth photograph (adx.1160)
ADX/1161: Photographs of Ponterwyd and Mydroilyn (adx.1161)
ADX/1162 Photographs associated with a family from Llanbadarn Fawr (adx.1162)
ADX/1163: The Royal Cardigan Militia (adx.1163)
ADX/1164: â€˜Cof Cymuned’ (adx.1164)
ADX/1165: â€˜We Shall Remember Them’ (adx.1165)
ADX/1166: Henry Jones' notebook (adx.1166)
ADX/1167: Articles by Richard E. Huws (adx.1167)
ADX/1168: Notes on the family history of Sir John Rhys (adx.1168)
ADX/1169 Deeds relating to Lledrod (adx.1169)
ADX/1170: â€˜Struggle for Survival in the Cardiganshire Hills’ (adx.1170)
ADX/1171: Agricultural Advisory Exhibits (adx.1171)
ADX/1172: â€˜The Sylvanus (or Silvanus) Williams families of Llanbadarn Fawr’ (adx.1172)
ADX/1173: Postcard (adx.1173)
ADX/1174: Deeds and documents (adx.1174)
ADX/1176 Pant glas CM chapel (adx.1176)
ADX/1177 Aberystwyth Official Guide and Souvenir (adx.1177)
ADX/1178 Family History Research by Miss Joy Hamer (adx.1178)
ADX/1179 General Election 2010 (adx.1179)
ADX/118 Books (adx.0118)
ADX/1180 Political Ephemera Local Elections 2010 (adx.1180)
ADX/1182 ‘Pennant School 1873 2010’ (adx.1182)
ADX/1183 Photograph of New Quay (adx.1183)
ADX/1184 Photograph album (adx.1184)
ADX/1185 Postcard depicting 'Pen y bont Aberystwyth' (adx.1185)
ADX/1186 Article on Funicular Railways (adx.1186)
ADX/1187 On Devil's Bridge Railway (adx.1187)
ADX/1188 Posters and Notices printed by JC Roberts (adx.1188)
ADX/1189 Books on local railway lines and lead mining in Ceredigion (adx.1189)
ADX/119 Miscellaneous items (adx.0119)
ADX/1191 Cardigan Shipping Register (adx.1191)
ADX/1192 Monachty Estate (adx.1192)
ADX/1193 Ael y Don Marine Terrace (adx.1193)
ADX/1194 Llyfrau gan / Books by Roger Bryan (adx.1194)
ADX/1196 Y Lleng Brydeinig Frenhinol / The Royal British Legion (adx.1196)
ADX/1197 Eglwys y Plwyf Llanddewi Brefi Parish Church (adx.1197)
ADX/1198 Funeral service order cards (adx.1198)
ADX/1199 Sioe Ponterwyd Show (adx.1199)
ADX/12 Licence to plead (adx.0012)
ADX/1200 Books by Sue Passmore (adx.1200)
ADX/1201 Notebooks of John E Morris (adx.1201)
ADX/1202 ‘Aberystwyth the Perfect Family Holiday’ (adx.1202)
ADX/1203 Aberaeron North Beach Coast Protection Scheme (adx.1203)
ADX/1204 Geography exercise book (adx.1204)
ADX/1205 Lampeter and surroundings guide and chapel booklets (adx.1205)
ADX/1206 ‘Caneris Melyn Trefeurig / Trefeurig's Yellow Canaries’ (adx.1206)
ADX/1207 Slides of South Ceredigion (adx.1207)
ADX/1208 Ciliau Aeron By Election 2010 (adx.1208)
ADX/1209 Photographs of Aberaeron (adx.1209)
ADX/121 Probate documents (adx.0121)
ADX/1210 Jesse Rust article (adx.1210)
ADX/1211 Aberystwyth Freemasonry (adx.1211)
ADX/1212 Geometry book (adx.1212)
ADX/1213 ‘Eglwys Dewi Sant Talybont St David's Church’ (adx.1213)
ADX/1214 ‘Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn The History of a Community’ (adx.1214)
ADX/1216 Books by Ken Jones (adx.1216)
ADX/1217 Welsh Assembly Election and Alternative Vote Referendum 2011 (adx.1217)
ADX/1218 Political ephemera 2011 (general) (adx.1218)
ADX/1219 National Assembly of Wales Referendum 2011 (adx.1219)
ADX/122 Young Evans papers (adx.0122)
ADX/1221 The Ladies' Collegiate School Aberystwyth (adx.1221)
ADX/1222 Pendderw letters (adx.1222)
ADX/1224 Teulu Penlancwnlle Family (adx.1224)
ADX/1226 Programmes for events in Aberystwyth area (adx.1226)
ADX/1228 Trawscoed Experimental Husbandry Farm (adx.1228)
ADX/1229 The Association of Poor Law Unions (adx.1229)
ADX/123 Postcards Photographs and Election Manifestos (adx.0123)
ADX/1230 Welsh Bible with inscribed endpaper (adx.1230)
ADX/1232 The ship ‘Volunteer’ (adx.1232)
ADX/1233 The Paull family (adx.1233)
ADX/1235 Maps (adx.1235)
ADX/1236 'Cambrian Costumes’ Postcard (adx.1236)
ADX/1237 Swedish newspaper article (adx.1237)
ADX/1238 Saint David's University College Lampeter publications (adx.1238)
ADX/1239 ‘The Footballers of Borth and Ynys las’ (adx.1239)
ADX/124 Aberystwyth Methodist Circuit (adx.0124)
ADX/1240 An Evacuee's Recollections (adx.1240)
ADX/1241 The SS Laxham postcards etc (adx.1241)
ADX/1242 Pwll Roman and the Taliesin Mines (adx.1242)
ADX/1243 The Malkin letter (adx.1243)
ADX/1244 Cardiganshire administrative districts map (adx.1244)
ADX/1245 Postcards of Aberystwyth and area (adx.1245)
ADX/1246 Photographs of Aberystwyth buildings (adx.1246)
ADX/1247 Article on John Finnemore (adx.1247)
ADX/1248 Hen Goleg/Old College Aberystwyth (adx.1248)
ADX/1249 Estate sale catalogues (adx.1249)
ADX/125 Y Deonglydd Berniadol (adx.0125)
ADX/1250 Agricultural Atlas of England and Wales (adx.1250)
ADX/1251 Postcard of Lampeter (adx.1251)
ADX/1252 The Coronation of King Edward VII (adx.1252)
ADX/1253 William Tilsley Jones of Gwynfryn (adx.1253)
ADX/1255 Sales particulars for Crugiau House Rhydyfelin (adx.1255)
ADX/1256 Eglwys Jewin Llundain (adx.1256)
ADX/1258 Local newspapers & supplements (adx.1258)
ADX/1259 ‘Aberystwyth Parish News’ magazine (adx.1259)
ADX/126 Aerial Photographs (adx.0126)
ADX/1260 Bibles and justice (adx.1260)
ADX/1261 Photographs of Blaenpennal and surroundings (adx.1261)
ADX/1262 Glass slides on the subject of Syphilis (adx.1262)
ADX/1263 Derry Ormond Estate (adx.1263)
ADX/1266 View of Aberystwyth (adx.1266)
ADX/1267 Large scale maps South Ceredigion (adx.1267)
ADX/1268 Ploughing match poster (adx.1268)
ADX/1269 Llwyndyrys estate and Gelly Bridge farm (adx.1269)
ADX/127 Peterwell (adx.0127)
ADX/1270 Porthkerry Maenygroes Newquay (adx.1270)
ADX/1271 Orders made under the Light Railways Act 1896 (adx.1271)
ADX/1272 Graig Goch Sea View Place Aberystwyth (adx.1272)
ADX/1273 Paith Valley land use map (adx.1273)
ADX/1274 Cambrian News supplements (adx.1274)
ADX/1275 Charts and diagrams re Cardiganshire (adx.1275)
ADX/1276 Llanbadarn bell appeal concert (adx.1276)
ADX/1277 Map of New Quay (adx.1277)
ADX/1278 Cofrestri ysgol Sul a llyfrau nodiadau (adx.1278)
ADX/1279 Ceredigion by election February 2000 (adx.1279)
ADX/128 School Photographs (adx.0128)
ADX/1280 Arts Centre publications (adx.1280)
ADX/1281 Map of Aberystwyth 1809 (adx.1281)
ADX/1282 Map of 'The Four Forests or Bishop's Forest’ Llanddewi Brefi (adx.1282)
ADX/1283 Posters (adx.1283)
ADX/1284 Map of Cardiganshire (adx.1284)
ADX/1285 Carrog Llanddeiniol (adx.1285)
ADX/1286 Blaenwern Villa Llangybi (adx.1286)
ADX/1287 Capt George Bennett Evans (adx.1287)
ADX/1288 Llanfihangel y Creuddyn Tithe Map (adx.1288)
ADX/1289 John Bennison's testimonial 1932 (adx.1289)
ADX/129 Printed Items (adx.0129)
ADX/1290 The Pughs of Plas Abermad (adx.1290)
ADX/1291 Environment Agency Wales reports (adx.1291)
ADX/1292 1889 A Year to Remember (adx.1292)
ADX/1293 1st Ed OS map of Blaenporth area (adx.1293)
ADX/1294 Steam Railway Magazine (adx.1294)
ADX/1295 Britains Toy Catalogue 1987 (adx.1295)
ADX/1296 Aberystwyth and Nanteos (adx.1296)
ADX/1297 Deed for 3 Penrhiw Talybont (adx.1297)
ADX/1298 Aberystwyth County School prize day programmes (adx.1298)
ADX/1299 Photograph of Devil's Bridge (adx.1299)
ADX/13 Guide Books Christmas Card and Show programmes (adx.0013)
ADX/130 Photographs (adx.0130)
ADX/1300 Aberystwyth Mirror (adx.1300)
ADX/1301 Estate sale catalogues (adx.1301)
ADX/1302 Note to WDE Jones (adx.1302)
ADX/1303 Sales particulars (land and properties in Penbryn) (adx.1303)
ADX/1304 Two maps (adx.1304)
ADX/1305 Gun cartridge knife (adx.1305)
ADX/1306 German Youth Choir concert poster (adx.1306)
ADX/1307 Pte Edward John Doughton (adx.1307)
ADX/1308 UCW Distribution of Prizes (adx.1308)
ADX/1309 Deunydd yn ymwneud âg amaethyddiaeth (adx.1309)
ADX/131 Nicholas Smith Fund (adx.0131)
ADX/1310 Photographs of sailing ships and mariners (adx.1310)
ADX/1311 Glass lantern slide (adx.1311)
ADX/1312 Saxton's map of Cardiganshire (adx.1312)
ADX/1313 Ship in Aberystwyth Harbour (adx.1313)
ADX/1314 Cam Fwydo'r Plant (adx.1314)
ADX/1315 Cerddi dathlu priodas (adx.1315)
ADX/1316 Photographs of Lampeter gravestones (adx.1316)
ADX/1317 Pamffledi am gapeli ac eisteddfodau (adx.1317)
ADX/1318 Amateur Tape Recording Magazine (adx.1318)
ADX/1319 Royal Wedding 2011 (adx.1319)
ADX/132 Birth Certificate (adx.0132)
ADX/1320 Llwyndyrys 'tumulus' (adx.1320)
ADX/1321 Materion Melindwr Matters (adx.1321)
ADX/1322 Guidebooks and parish magazine (adx.1322)
ADX/1323 Gwersi mewn Llysieueg (adx.1323)
ADX/1324 Deeds and documents relating to Goginan area (adx.1324)
ADX/1325 Rent book photograph and invoices (adx.1325)
ADX/1326 Metal Mine Strategy for Wales (adx.1326)
ADX/1327 UCL People 2011 (adx.1327)
ADX/1328 New Quay Slipway (adx.1328)
ADX/1329 Cricket Field Aberystwyth abstract of title (adx.1329)
ADX/133 Posters and Pamphlets (adx.0133)
ADX/1330 Mining history exhibition panels (adx.1330)
ADX/1331 Rhaglen Gwyl Sarn Helen (adx.1331)
ADX/1332 Certificates awarded to the late Mrs Iris Phillips (adx.1332)
ADX/1334 ‘Gwreiddiau Plwyf Penlon’ (adx.1334)
ADX/1335 ‘Hwyl!’ (adx.1335)
ADX/1336 Devil's Bridge to Llandrindod Wells (adx.1336)
ADX/1337 Tregaron Town & Country (adx.1337)
ADX/1338 Termau Addysg Iechyd (adx.1338)
ADX/1339 Llyfrau gan / books by D Geraint Lewis (adx.1339)
ADX/134 Atgofion Ceinewydd (adx.0134)
ADX/1340 Books by Roger Bryan (adx.1340)
ADX/1341 Souvenir of Aberystwyth 251 Views (adx.1341)
ADX/1343 ‘The Llanbadarn Fawr Newsletter’ (adx.1343)
ADX/1344 County Council elections 3 May 2012 (adx.1344)
ADX/1345 The Country Bizarre (adx.1345)
ADX/1346 Funeral service orders (adx.1346)
ADX/1347 ‘Er Serchog Gof’ (adx.1347)
ADX/1348 ‘Views from a High Place’ (adx.1348)
ADX/1349 Photographs and postcards (adx.1349)
ADX/135 Y Ddolen (adx.0135)
ADX/1350 Photographs (adx.1350)
ADX/1351 Map of Cwmergir in 1832 (adx.1351)
ADX/1353 Copies of documents mostly relating to railways (adx.1353)
ADX/1354 ‘Olympia 1936’ (adx.1354)
ADX/1356 Frederick Granville's prayer book (adx.1356)
ADX/1357 Aberystwyth War Memorial Eisteddfod (adx.1357)
ADX/1358 Capt D Davies Neuaddwen Aberporth (adx.1358)
ADX/1359 'The Social and Economic Structure of North Ceredigion in 1891' (adx.1359)
ADX/136 Visitors Book (adx.0136)
ADX/1360 Coybal Llanllwchaiarn (adx.1360)
ADX/1361 Photographs of Ystumtuen (adx.1361)
ADX/1362 Slides of Aberystwyth Carnival (adx.1362)
ADX/1363 Article on the inquest into the death of Mary Ann Price in 1885 (adx.1363)
ADX/1364 Deeds relating to Llangwyryfon (adx.1364)
ADX/1365 MPhil thesis on Cardiganshire Shipping (adx.1365)
ADX/1366 Eitemau Amrywiol (adx.1366)
ADX/1367 Hanes Ysgol Pontgarreg [History of Pontgarreg School] 1867 2012 (adx.1367)
ADX/1368 Map of Cardiganshire (adx.1368)
ADX/1369 Maps (adx.1369)
ADX/137 Printed ephemera and newspaper cuttings (adx.0137)
ADX/1370 Pamphlet about Cilcennin (adx.1370)
ADX/1371 Photographs of railways (adx.1371)
ADX/1372 Nant y Moch farm (adx.1372)
ADX/1373 The Modern Carpenter and Joiner and Cabinet Maker (adx.1373)
ADX/1375 Dyfed Powys Police Commissioner election 15 November 2012 (adx.1375)
ADX/1376 Material Relating to Swyddffynnon (adx.1376)
ADX/1377 Petition to appoint a curate to a living (adx.1377)
ADX/1378 Ardwyn Reunion Photograph (adx.1378)
ADX/1379 Scanned photograph of Jenkin Rees and other family members (adx.1379)
ADX/138 Map (adx.0138)
ADX/1380 The Steamship Rambler (adx.1380)
ADX/139 Census Transcript (adx.0139)
ADX/14 Lead mine Share Certificate (adx.0014)
ADX/140 Property deeds and documents (adx.0140)
ADX/1402 Railway photographs and ephemera (adx.1402)
ADX/1408 Ponterwyd bridge (adx.1408)
ADX/1409 Aberystwyth Understanding Urban Character (adx.1409)
ADX/141 Diocesan Year Books (adx.0141)
ADX/1410 Ysgubor Wen and Spite p Llanarth (adx.1410)
ADX/1411 Ysgol Llanfihangel y Creuddyn School (adx.1411)
ADX/1412 Derry Ormond postcard (adx.1412)
ADX/1413 Effemera / Ephemera (adx.1413)
ADX/1414 Ysgol Syr John Rhys School Ponterwyd (adx.1414)
ADX/1415 Trip Ysgol Sul Goginan (adx.1415)
ADX/1417 Achau o Lanfihangel y Creuddyn a Llangeitho (adx.1417)
ADX/1418 Genealogy Research Davies and James of Cwmystwyth (adx.1418)
ADX/1419 The Scholar's Spelling Assistant (adx.1419)
ADX/142 The Fowden Family (adx.0142)
ADX/1420 Printed Booklets and Ephemera (adx.1420)
ADX/1421 National Assembly of Wales Booklet (adx.1421)
ADX/1422 Saint Caron's Church Tregaron (adx.1422)
ADX/1423 Calendar of images of Ysbyty Ystwyth (adx.1423)
ADX/1424 Rali Fawr Pantycelyn (adx.1424)
ADX/1425 Photographs of the Llandysul area (adx.1425)
ADX/1426 Records relating to William Llywelyn Thomas (adx.1426)
ADX/1427 Talybont Ein Canrif / Our Century (adx.1427)
ADX/1428 George Family Burials (adx.1428)
ADX/1429 Marwood (adx.1429)
ADX/143 Guide Books (adx.0143)
ADX/1430 Vistascreen views of Aberystwyth Private Holiday Camp (adx.1430)
ADX/1431 Documents relating to Dinah Davies Cardigan (adx.1431)
ADX/1432 Scanned postcards of Talybont (adx.1432)
ADX/1433 David Morgan 'Y Diwygwr' (adx.1433)
ADX/1434 Howell Hughes Broneirian Llanbadarn Fawr (adx.1434)
ADX/1435 Court Papers relating to farmland at Llanybydder (adx.1435)
ADX/1438 Richards Brothers Buses (adx.1438)
ADX/1439 School Photographs (adx.1439)
ADX/144 Ysgol Llanarth School (adx.0144)
ADX/1440 Postcards of Cardiganshire (adx.1440)
ADX/1441 No 1 Squadron No 6 ITW RAF (adx.1441)
ADX/1442 Cardigan Town Cenotaph (adx.1442)
ADX/1443 Postcard of the Rheidol Valley (adx.1443)
ADX/1444 Recollections of a young teacher at Ardwyn School (adx.1444)
ADX/1446 Booklets of photographs (adx.1446)
ADX/1447 Letter to the Morning Star (adx.1447)
ADX/1448 Aberystwyth Football Club and the Great War (adx.1448)
ADX/1449 Conscientious objectors in Cardiganshire during WW1 (adx.1449)
ADX/145 Rate Book (adx.0145)
ADX/1450 Aberystwyth Ego (adx.1450)
ADX/1451 Memoirs of a Cardiganshire miner / Atgofion mwynwr o Sir Aberteifi (adx.1451)
ADX/1452 Borth The Fallen (adx.1452)
ADX/1453 Lampeter calendar (adx.1453)
ADX/1454 Deeds relating to properties in New Quay (adx.1454)
ADX/1455 Ephemera relating to Trefechan pubs (adx.1455)
ADX/1456 Mrs Jones of Penylan's Newspaper Cuttings Album (adx.1456)
ADX/1457 European Parliament Elections 2014 (adx.1457)
ADX/1459 Judith's Dark Secrets (adx.1459)
ADX/146 Aberystwyth Harbour (adx.0146)
ADX/1460 Tracing your Ancestors Research Beginnings assignments (adx.1460)
ADX/1461 Welsh woollen industry and a ploughing competition (adx.1461)
ADX/1462 Eisteddfod programmes and Accidents in the Home booklet (adx.1462)
ADX/1463 Diary of Thomas Jenkins (adx.1463)
ADX/1464 Pwy Sy'n Gwisgo'r Trowsus? (adx.1464)
ADX/1465 Slides of local and historic interest (adx.1465)
ADX/1466 Brynmair Visitors' Book (adx.1466)
ADX/1467 Photographs of the 'Johann' on Llanon Beach (adx.1467)
ADX/1468 Llanilar Community Carnival Programme (adx.1468)
ADX/1469 Y Gwyll / Hinterland (adx.1469)
ADX/147 Maps (adx.0147)
ADX/1470 M M Dearman Builder and Contractor (adx.1470)
ADX/1471 Borth Bog (Cors Fochno) (adx.1471)
ADX/148 The Early Settlers of Cardigan (adx.0148)
ADX/1482 Soil Survey of the Clarach Valley (adx.1482)
ADX/1483 Programmes and ephemera Aberystwyth and UCW Aberystwyth (adx.1483)
ADX/1489 Ronald Everson Collection (adx.1489.3.13)
ADX/149 History of Llanbadarn Fawr (adx.0149)
ADX/1492 Pantseiri Fawr Account Books (adx.1492)
ADX/1493 Papers of George M Quan Mayor of Lampeter (adx.1493)
ADX/1495 Correspondence and ephemera (adx.1495)
ADX/1496 Photographs of north Cardiganshire (adx.1496)
ADX/1497 Canmlwyddiant Ysgol Tregaron School centenary (adx.1497)
ADX/1498 Llanddewi Aberarth postcard (adx.1498)
ADX/1499 Thomas Cook holidays brochure (adx.1499)
ADX/15 Postcards and Rentals (adx.0015)
ADX/150 Rhaflenni / Programmes (adx.0150)
ADX/1500 Photograph of Cardigan RDC (adx.1500)
ADX/1501 Cyfrol Amryw (adx.1501)
ADX/1502 Photographs Ystumtuen School and ?Pwllheli (adx.1502)
ADX/1503 Aberystwyth Town FC Fallen Heroes of the Great War (adx.1503)
ADX/1504 Alternative England and Wales (adx.1504)
ADX/1507 History of education in Aberystwyth (adx.1507)
ADX/1508 Cwmystwyth Mine photograph (adx.1508)
ADX/1509 Pte Morgan Jones Monarch Tregaron (adx.1509)
ADX/151 Postcards of New Quay (adx.0151)
ADX/1510 David Jones and Meurig Jones (adx.1510)
ADX/1511 William Henry Palmer (adx.1511)
ADX/1512 The Ystwythian and The Ardwynian (adx.1512)
ADX/1513 Cardiganshire Constabulary photographs (adx.1513)
ADX/1514 Fundraising pamphlet about Aberystwyth Castle (adx.1514)
ADX/1516 Efrydiau Catholig (adx.1516)
ADX/1517 Celtic Conference Report (adx.1517)
ADX/1518 The Tranquilian Travellers (adx.1518)
ADX/152 Hearth Tax Returns (adx.0152)
ADX/1520 Forestry Commission Photographs (adx.1520)
ADX/1522 Concert programmes (adx.1522)
ADX/1524 Horeb Chapel near Llandysul (adx.1524)
ADX/1525 Storehouse rental agreement (adx.1525)
ADX/153 Cambrian Archaeological Association (adx.0153)
ADX/1535 New bridge at Llanfarian (adx.1535)
ADX/1536 Copy tithe map Dihewyd parish (adx.1536)
ADX/1537 Ysgol Aberbanc School (adx.1537)
ADX/1538 Llyfrau gan / Books by Gerwyn Morgan (adx.1538)
ADX/1539 GPO (General Post Office) wedding telegram (adx.1539)
ADX/154 Urdd Camp Officials (adx.0154)
ADX/1540 Wednesday Shop Assistants Football Club (adx.1540)
ADX/1541 Railway Plan & Photograph (adx.1541)
ADX/1542 Movement of Animals Book (adx.1542)
ADX/1543 Football match ticket (adx.1543)
ADX/1545 UCW Aberystwyth French Department staff and students (adx.1545)
ADX/1546 Borth carnival photograph (adx.1546)
ADX/1548 NLW opening programme (adx.1548)
ADX/155 School Books (adx.0155)
ADX/1551 Articles on George Powell Nanteos (adx.1551)
ADX/1552 Book on the Lloyd family (adx.1552)
ADX/1553 Copy photographs of events in Goginan (adx.1553)
ADX/1554 Llangrannog and Pontgarreg (adx.1554)
ADX/1556 Three copy photographs (adx.1556)
ADX/1558 Blaenpant Estate and Llandygwydd parish (adx.1558)
ADX/156 Fire Fighting Instructions (adx.0156)
ADX/1561 Printer's apprenticeship indenture (adx.1561)
ADX/1563 Photograph Lampeter Boys' School (adx.1563)
ADX/1564 Llyfr am Lewis Morris (adx.1564)
ADX/1565 Grapevine (adx.1565)
ADX/1566 Aberystwyth Post Office consultation (adx.1566)
ADX/1567 Muriel Delahaye card (adx.1567)
ADX/1568 Memoirs about Penllwyn (adx.1568)
ADX/157 Grant to the Holy Trinity Church Aberystwyth (adx.0157)
ADX/1572 Llyfrau o ddiddordeb lleol / Books of local interest (adx.1572)
ADX/1573 Moods of Cardigan Bay (adx.1573)
ADX/1574 Books by John Ceredig Davies (adx.1574)
ADX/1576 MA thesis on school log books (adx.1576)
ADX/1579 The Hallworth Album (adx.1579)
ADX/158 Notice Desertion (adx.0158)
ADX/1580 Beast of Borth postcard (adx.1580)
ADX/1581 Hafod Arch postcard (adx.1581)
ADX/1582 M H Davies & Sons invoice and receipt (adx.1582)
ADX/1583 Linesman You're Rubbish (adx.1583)
ADX/1584 Photographs of Aberystwyth (adx.1584)
ADX/1585 Abel Heywood's Penny Guide to Aberystwyth (adx.1585)
ADX/1586 54 Portland Street Aberystwyth (adx.1586)
ADX/1588 Gwyl Hen Linell Bell / Far Old Line Festival (adx.1588)
ADX/1589 Mariamne's book (adx.1589)
ADX/159 Mayors of Cardigan (adx.0159)
ADX/1590 Tocyn theatr (adx.1590)
ADX/1591 Lampeter postcard (adx.1591)
ADX/1592 An unidentified WW1 soldier (adx.1592)
ADX/1593 Great Darkgate Street Aberystwyth (adx.1593)
ADX/1594 New Quay tolls and dues (adx.1594)
ADX/1595 Photographs of Blaendyffryn (adx.1595)
ADX/1596 Postcard from New Quay (adx.1596)
ADX/16 OS Maps and Education Related Documents (adx.0016)
ADX/160 Register of Deaths in Service (adx.0160)
ADX/1600 Our Tank Bank (adx.1600)
ADX/1601 Postcard Youth Fellowship Camp Devil's Bridge (adx.1601)
ADX/1602 Enwau lleoedd Bont Goch place names (adx.1602)
ADX/1603 Invoices TC Jenkins Eagle House Aberystwyth (adx.1603)
ADX/1604 South Wales The Country of Castles (adx.1604)
ADX/1606 Guidebook to Wales (adx.1606)
ADX/1608 Benjamin David Evans papers (adx.1608)
ADX/161 Central Midwives Board Registers of Cases (adx.0161)
ADX/1610 Photographs of the Gogerddan Estate (adx.1610)
ADX/1611 Llyfr hanes gan DJ Davies (adx.1611)
ADX/1612 Commemorative menu card (adx.1612)
ADX/1613 Aberystwyth Big Style (adx.1613)
ADX/1615 Evan Richards Parcyrhos (adx.1615)
ADX/1616 Caring for Cardigan / Gofalu am Aberteifi (adx.1616)
ADX/1618 Cerdd coffadwriaeth [memorial poem] (adx.1618)
ADX/162 Book by E Alwyn Benjamin (adx.0162)
ADX/1626 Map of 5 farms p Ystradmeurig (adx.1626)
ADX/1627 Deeds parish of Llanddewi Brefi (adx.1627)
ADX/1628 Tystysgrifau / Certificates (adx.1628)
ADX/1629 The Buildings of Borth (adx.1629)
ADX/163 Llanilar Poor Rate (adx.0163)
ADX/1630 Shop order books and mining wages slips (adx.1630)
ADX/1631 Llanybydder and Alltymynydd (adx.1631)
ADX/1632 Photographs with a Llanarth connection (adx.1632)
ADX/1635 (adx.1635)
ADX/1636 The Evans family of Cefn Cwrt (adx.1636.0)
ADX/1636/1 The Evans family and Cefn Cwrt (adx.1636.1)
ADX/1636/2 Pigeonsford Estate accounts book and sale catalogue (adx.1636.2)
ADX/1636/3 The Estate of Mary Davies (adx.1636.3)
ADX/164 Rhaglen / Programme (adx.0164)
ADX/1642 Publications by Richard Rhys O'Brien (adx.1642)
ADX/165 Cardiganshire Police Force (adx.0165)
ADX/166 Cambrian Resorts Association (adx.0166)
ADX/1667 Publications by the Rev Dr Canon David H Williams (adx.1667)
ADX/167 Letter Book (adx.0167)
ADX/1671 Photographs of Harold James (adx.1671)
ADX/1673 Enwau lleoedd Bont goch (Elerch) place names (adx.1673)
ADX/1674 Llefydd Llonydd / Peaceful Places (adx.1674)
ADX/1675 Postcards of Aberystwyth (adx.1675)
ADX/1676 Gang Show '78 programme (adx.1676)
ADX/1677 Dyfi Railway Bridge (adx.1677)
ADX/1678 Guides to metrication (adx.1678)
ADX/1679 Albums of views of Aberystwyth (adx.1679)
ADX/168 Pocket Book and farmer’s diary (adx.0168)
ADX/169 Shipping Postcards (adx.0169)
ADX/1690 Bugatti Owners Club Welsh Rally (adx.1690)
ADX/1692 Autograph album (adx.1692)
ADX/1694 Gorslas Llangwyryfon (adx.1694)
ADX/1695 Rhaglenni / Programmes (adx.1695)
ADX/1696 Cambrian Railways Luggage Labels (adx.1696)
ADX/1698 Advisory Services of MAFF (NAAS) (adx.1698)
ADX/17 Photograph (adx.0017)
ADX/170 Ceredigion Wind Band (adx.0170)
ADX/1700 Newyddlenni Llan non newsletters (adx.1700)
ADX/1701 Postcard of Blaengeuffordd (adx.1701)
ADX/1702 Postcard of Ty Mawr Llyfnant Valley (adx.1702)
ADX/1703 Postcard of Borth (adx.1703)
ADX/1705 Llanwenog Home Guard (adx.1705)
ADX/1706 Lampeter Enclosure Map (adx.1706)
ADX/1709 Friendship Album (adx.1709)
ADX/171 Photographs of Aberystwyth (adx.0171)
ADX/1712 Ivor Tegwyn James Collection (adx.1712.0)
ADX/1712/1 IT James Collection Series 1 (adx.1712.1)
ADX/1712/2 IT James Collection Series 2 (adx.1712.2)
ADX/1712/3 IT James Collection Series 3 (adx.1712.3)
ADX/1712/4 IT James Collection Series 4 (adx.1712.4)
ADX/1712/5 IT James Collection Series 5 (adx.1712.5)
ADX/1713 Wedding photograph (adx.1713)
ADX/1714 Rat poison box / Pecyn dal gwenwyn llygod mawr (adx.1714)
ADX/1715 Sketches by Charles Percy Shelley (adx.1715)
ADX/1717 Letter to Eunice (adx.1717)
ADX/1719 Bow Street Home Guard and Capel y Garn (adx.1719)
ADX/172 Alexandra Hall (adx.0172)
ADX/1720 Canmlwyddiant Ieuan Gwyllt (adx.1720)
ADX/1723 Coast erosion study (adx.1723)
ADX/1724 Autograph book WW1 period (adx.1724)
ADX/1726 Newspapers hidden by builders (adx.1726)
ADX/1727 Buildings in Tynygraig (adx.1727)
ADX/1728 Welsh Land Commission A Digest of its Report (adx.1728)
ADX/1729 Evan Hugh James Mayor of Aberystwyth (adx.1729)
ADX/173 Aberystwyth Savings Bank (adx.0173)
ADX/1730 Sketches by Paul Joyner (adx.1730)
ADX/1731 Application for the post of Chief Constable (adx.1731)
ADX/1732 Early map of Aberystwyth and Trefechan (adx.1732)
ADX/1733 Photograph of a lead ore wagon (adx.1733)
ADX/1734 Richard James Dyffryn Aur (adx.1734)
ADX/1735 The History of St Dogmaels (adx.1735)
ADX/1736 Letter from Fred to Bob (adx.1736)
ADX/1737 Items relating to the Hafod Estate (adx.1737)
ADX/1738 Allt y Mynydd ('The Sanatorium') Llanybydder (adx.1738)
ADX/174 Various items (adx.0174)
ADX/1740 Wales and the Incorporated Church Building Society (adx.1740)
ADX/1741 The Corfield family (adx.1741)
ADX/1742 Pengarnuchaf and Penbank Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (adx.1742)
ADX/1743 Aberystwyth Canine Society programme (adx.1743)
ADX/1744 Llanbadarn and Aberystwyth photographs and ephemera (adx.1744)
ADX/1745 Plays by Peter Leech (adx.1745)
ADX/1746 Railway timetable and guidebooks (adx.1746)
ADX/1747 Maps of Nantybenglog Uchaf (adx.1747)
ADX/1748 Publications about Aberystwyth (adx.1748)
ADX/1749 Bridge at Crosswood (Trawscoed) (adx.1749)
ADX/175 Notebook of Joseph Jones and Rosina Davies (adx.0175)
ADX/1750 Storm damage at New Quay (adx.1750)
ADX/1752 Austin 7 cars (adx.1752)
ADX/1753 Images of New Quay (adx.1753)
ADX/1754 Items relating to Tregaron area (adx.1754)
ADX/1755 Portrait photographs and cartes de visite (adx.1755)
ADX/1756 Postcards and photographs (adx.1756)
ADX/1757 Young Farmers Club Movement in Wales (adx.1757)
ADX/1758 A Family History of Margaret Ann Lewis (adx.1758)
ADX/1759 Llanbadarn Fawr Church Floor (adx.1759)
ADX/176 Tithe Maps Llanarth and Llanina (adx.0176)
ADX/1760 David Ivon Jones (adx.1760)
ADX/1762 Memorial service programmes (adx.1762)
ADX/1764 Pobol Y Topie / Bont Goch Lives (adx.1764)
ADX/1765 The Ann and Mary (adx.1765)
ADX/1766 Magic Lantern slide The Promenade Aberystwyth (adx.1766)
ADX/1767 A Nation of Singing Birds (adx.1767)
ADX/1768 A Last Appeal to Reason by Adolf Hitler (adx.1768)
ADX/1769 The Cardigan Elector election leaflet (adx.1769)
ADX/177 Articles by Francis Jones (adx.0177)
ADX/1771 German POW letter (adx.1771)
ADX/1772 Photograph man in uniform (adx.1772)
ADX/1774 Castell Flemish School photograph (adx.1774)
ADX/1776 Rheidol Valley cigarette card (adx.1776)
ADX/1778 Devil's Bridge views letter card (adx.1778)
ADX/1779 Llawlyfr Eglwys Llanwenog Church Guide (adx.1779)
ADX/178 Town Plans and Reports (adx.0178)
ADX/1780 Cwpan Seint Greal (play) (adx.1780)
ADX/1781 Party invitation 50 years at Cae Bach (adx.1781)
ADX/1782 Yerbury/Rowlands wedding photograph (adx.1782)
ADX/1784 Benjamin Evans' family of Glasfor Llangrannog (adx.1784)
ADX/1785 Photographs Bangor Teifi area (adx.1785)
ADX/1786 Wales to America (adx.1786)
ADX/1787 Album of Aberystwyth and area (adx.1787)
ADX/1788 Our Family Story by Maureen Gruffydd Jones (adx.1788)
ADX/1790 Postcards of Aberystwyth (adx.1790)
ADX/1792 Miscellaneous items (adx.1792)
ADX/1793 Photographs of Aberystwyth Pioneer Camp members (adx.1793)
ADX/1794 Aberystwyth at War 1914 1919 (adx.1794)
ADX/1795 Stanley Charles Wakeling (adx.1795)
ADX/1796 No Ordinary Convict A Welshman called Rebecca (adx.1796)
ADX/1798 Land of Lead by Brian Davies (adx.1798)
ADX/1799 Photographs by Aberystwyth and other photographers (adx.1799)
ADX/18 Receipts (adx.0018)
ADX/180 Deeds and documents (adx.0180)
ADX/1800 Development of Aberystwyth thesis (adx.1800)
ADX/1801 Aber Afon Dyfi / The Dyfi Estuary (adx.1801)
ADX/1802 County Court papers relating to Ffoesyffin Farm Cellan (adx.1802)
ADX/1803 Family papers Morgan of The Talbot Tregaron (adx.1803)
ADX/1806 Photographs of lady cyclist (adx.1806)
ADX/1808 Brynglas Brynafan and the Hafod Estate (adx.1808)
ADX/1809 Nantcwnlle parish history (adx.1809)
ADX/181 Copies of Aberystwyth Photographs (adx.0181)
ADX/1810 The Charms of Cardigan Bay Resorts Wales (adx.1810)
ADX/1811 MIND War Memorials Survey (adx.1811)
ADX/1812 Reminiscences of AO Chater (adx.1812)
ADX/1814 Picnic at Piercefield (adx.1814)
ADX/1815 A Good Name Hath Endured (adx.1815)
ADX/1816 Interior of the second St Michael's (adx.1816)
ADX/1817 Raleigh moped (adx.1817)
ADX/1818 Photograph of Pontrhydfendigaid (adx.1818)
ADX/1819 Devil's Bridge film (adx.1819)
ADX/182 Greetings Cards (adx.0182)
ADX/1820 Cerdd ddathlu canmlwyddiant Capel Horeb (adx.1820)
ADX/1824 Documents Bronant and the wider area (adx.1824)
ADX/1825 Aberystwyth University Chemistry Dept (adx.1825)
ADX/1826 Royal visit to WPBS (adx.1826)
ADX/1827 Election postcard for George Fossett Roberts (adx.1827)
ADX/183 Deeds Cardigan area (adx.0183)
ADX/1831 Ceredigion tourism ephemera (adx.1831)
ADX/1834 Home An Anthology (adx.1834)
ADX/1835 Photographs of Dihewyd (adx.1835)
ADX/1836 LM Evans of Llanfarian and Aberystwyth (adx.1836)
ADX/1843 Uppingham School and Borth (adx.1843)
ADX/1844 Aber Song Book (adx.1844)
ADX/1848 Aberystwyth Castle (adx.1848)
ADX/1849 Deed concerning Arthach (adx.1849)
ADX/185 Family Bible Entry (adx.0185)
ADX/1851 Dyddiadur [diary of] Evan Davies (adx.1851)
ADX/1852 Photograph of Ardwyn pupils (adx.1852)
ADX/1854 Hanes Ysgol Coedybryn School History (adx.1854)
ADX/1855 The Ironmonger Diary (adx.1855)
ADX/1856 Frongoch Mines sale catalogue (adx.1856)
ADX/1857 World War 2 National Savings Committee poster (adx.1857)
ADX/1859 JT Mathias (adx.1859)
ADX/186 Early shipping registers (reconstruction) (adx.0186)
ADX/1860 Glaneirw Estate Sale Catalogue (adx.1860)
ADX/1861 Henry Richards booklet (adx.1861)
ADX/1863 Celtic Film and Television Festival (adx.1863)
ADX/1864 Charles Footman of Carmarthen (adx.1864)
ADX/1865 Albums of postcards N Cardiganshire (adx.1865)
ADX/1866 Documents and ephemera (adx.1866)
ADX/1868 Items relating to Caerwedros (adx.1868)
ADX/1869 Unveiling of new frontage of the NLW (adx.1869)
ADX/187 The James Family (adx.0187)
ADX/1870 Dr Evan Cambria Thomas (adx.1870)
ADX/1871 Aberystwyth Photographers (adx.1871)
ADX/1873 Systems for counting animals (adx.1873)
ADX/1874 Page from the Welsh Gazette (adx.1874)
ADX/1875 Llyfrau emynau (adx.1875)
ADX/1878 Hanes lleol Llangeitho (adx.1878)
ADX/188 Aberystwyth Postcards (adx.0188)
ADX/1880 Two booklets (adx.1880)
ADX/1881 Reminiscences of Cardigan (adx.1881)
ADX/1882 The ketch Ystwyth (adx.1882)
ADX/1883 Ephemera (adx.1883)
ADX/1885 The Story of Borth (adx.1885)
ADX/1888 Project Grace (adx.1888)
ADX/189 Photocopies of various items (adx.0189)
ADX/1892 Gastineau's Wales Illustrated (adx.1892)
ADX/1894 Diaries and Notebooks of D Richards Llan non (adx.1894)
ADX/1895 Wages Account Book of J Richards Llan non (adx.1895)
ADX/1896 The Land Girl (adx.1896)
ADX/1897 David Thomas' Diary (adx.1897)
ADX/1898 Cardiganshire tithes research (adx.1898)
ADX/1899 Theatr y Werin Aberystwyth (adx.1899)
ADX/19 School and University Notebooks (adx.0019)
ADX/190 OS Map (adx.0190)
ADX/1900 Richard Osborne's drawings (adx.1900)
ADX/1902 Four Score Years and Ten (adx.1902)
ADX/1903 Cambridge Terrace (adx.1903)
ADX/1905 Absent voter cards (adx.1905)
ADX/1906 Rededication Service Programme (adx.1906)
ADX/1907 Guide to Cardigan (adx.1907)
ADX/1908 Journal of Veronica Harriet Evans Pugh (adx.1908)
ADX/191 Programmes (adx.0191)
ADX/1911 Wn i ddim (adx.1911)
ADX/1912 Llyfr am Aberteifi (adx.1912)
ADX/1913 Pugh family of Aberystwyth (adx.1913)
ADX/1914 Floral tribute card for Queen Elizabeth II (adx.1914)
ADX/1915 CLW Memories / Atgofion CLlC (adx.1915)
ADX/1916 'The Welsh Potosi' (adx.1916)
ADX/1918 Fuel Ration Book (adx.1918)
ADX/1919 Postcards of Cardiganshire (adx.1919)
ADX/192 Deeds (Cardigan) (adx.0192)
ADX/1920 JC Rea's Scrapbook (adx.1920)
ADX/1921 Bank Square Aberystwyth (adx.1921)
ADX/1923 Farmyard scene photo (adx.1923)
ADX/193 Census transcripts (adx.0193)
ADX/194 Photograph (adx.0194)
ADX/195 Guidebook to Cardiganshire (adx.0195)
ADX/196 Listed buildings in Aberystwyth (adx.0196)
ADX/197 Receipts (adx.0197)
ADX/198 Denominational Magazines (adx.0198)
ADX/199 Aberystwyth Lifeboat (adx.0199)
ADX/2 Great Sessions (adx.0002)
ADX/20 Architectural Handbook (adx.0020)
ADX/200 Sub Postmaster’s Remuneration (adx.0200)
ADX/201 The railway at Aberystwyth harbour (adx.0201)
ADX/202 Cuttings from the Liverpool Daily Post (adx.0202)
ADX/203 Council Committee Members (adx.0203)
ADX/204 Notebooks (adx.0204)
ADX/205 D E Lloyd Jones (adx.0205)
ADX/206 Programmes and other ephemera (adx.0206)
ADX/207 Books S Meyrick (adx.0207)
ADX/208 The Rees Brothers (adx.0208)
ADX/209 Agenda and Calendar (adx.0209)
ADX/21 Hotel Plan (adx.0021)
ADX/210 Receipts and shipping documents (adx.0210)
ADX/211 Settlement of Australia (adx.0211)
ADX/212 Restoration of the Aberystwyth lifeboat (adx.0212)
ADX/213 St Padarn’s Church Llanbadarn Fawr (adx.0213)
ADX/214 Receipt for school fees (adx.0214)
ADX/215 Census transcript (adx.0215)
ADX/216 Brochure and Letter (adx.0216)
ADX/217 Captain David Bowen’s Letter Book (adx.0217)
ADX/218 Copy letters (adx.0218)
ADX/219 Notebook (adx.0219)
ADX/22 Cardigan map (adx.0022)
ADX/220 Aberystwyth c 1835 (adx.0220)
ADX/221 Photographs of Aberystwyth (adx.0221)
ADX/222 Tourist Guides (adx.0222)
ADX/223 Alexandra Hall opening and political ephemera (adx.0223)
ADX/224 School Books (adx.0224)
ADX/225 Music Sheets (adx.0225)
ADX/226 Charters of St David’s College (adx.0226)
ADX/227 Cylchgrawn ‘Yr Haul’ magazine (adx.0227)
ADX/228 Micropalaeontology notebook (adx.0228)
ADX/229 Postcard of Hafod (adx.0229)
ADX/23 Historical Guides and Pamphlets (adx.0023)
ADX/230 The Savage and Richards families (adx.0230)
ADX/231 Engraving of Devil’s Bridge (adx.0231)
ADX/232 Text Books and Novels (adx.0232)
ADX/233 Lists of Parish Councils’ Chairmen (adx.0233)
ADX/234 Postcards of Ceredigion (adx.0234)
ADX/235 Appointment of trustees (adx.0235)
ADX/236 Postcards of Ceredigion (adx.0236)
ADX/237 Letter to a sailor (adx.0237)
ADX/238 Cardiganshire marriages before 1813 (adx.0238)
ADX/239 Pembrokeshire County Council (adx.0239)
ADX/24 Receipts and Bank Account Book (adx.0024)
ADX/240 Postcards (adx.0240)
ADX/241 Tom Owen’s Notebooks (adx.0241)
ADX/243 Ardwyn Timetable (adx.0243)
ADX/244 Wills (Tregaron area) (adx.0244)
ADX/245 Bwlch y blaen Ysbyty Ystwyth (adx.0245)
ADX/246 Photographs of Aberystwyth (adx.0246)
ADX/247 Postcard (adx.0247)
ADX/248 Photograph by E Morgan (adx.0248)
ADX/249 Freshers’ Guidebook (adx.0249)
ADX/25 Land owners Document (adx.0025)
ADX/250 Schools Inspection Report (adx.0250)
ADX/251 Llanafan Parish Records transcripts (adx.0251)
ADX/252 Cymanfaoedd Canu (adx.0252)
ADX/253 Adroddiadau capeli etc (adx.0253)
ADX/254 Effemera (adx.0254)
ADX/255 Monachty Estate and Bronwydd Estate Sale (adx.0255)
ADX/256 Book on Scouting (adx.0256)
ADX/257 Sales Particulars (adx.0257)
ADX/258 Victorian School days in Wales (adx.0258)
ADX/259 Chapels Project Index (adx.0259)
ADX/26 Entry of Death (adx.0026)
ADX/260 Penglais Estate (adx.0260)
ADX/261 Graphs of election results (adx.0261)
ADX/262 Diary (adx.0262)
ADX/263 Diary (adx.0263)
ADX/264 Various (adx.0264)
ADX/265 Catalogue of Abandoned Mine Plans (adx.0265)
ADX/266 Letter (adx.0266)
ADX/267 Photographs of Cardiganshire (adx.0267)
ADX/268 Amrywiol / Various (adx.0268)
ADX/269 Share Certificate (adx.0269)
ADX/27 Postcards and Photographs (adx.0027)
ADX/270 Family Bible (adx.0270)
ADX/271 The Mines of Cardiganshire (adx.0271)
ADX/272 Gwnnws Tithe Apportionment (adx.0272)
ADX/273 Photographs of Aberystwyth prisoners (adx.0273)
ADX/274 Views of Borth (adx.0274)
ADX/275 Postcard (adx.0275)
ADX/276 Borth Guidebook (adx.0276)
ADX/277 Parish and chapel indexes Llandygwydd area (adx.0277)
ADX/278 Cricklas and Penygraig (adx.0278)
ADX/279 List of Local Doctors (adx.0279)
ADX/28 Census Return copies (adx.0028)
ADX/280 The College by the Sea (adx.0280)
ADX/281 Will (adx.0281)
ADX/282 Index of Cardiganshire marriages (adx.0282)
ADX/283 Local interest books (adx.0283)
ADX/284 Aberystwyth Guide and Postcards (adx.0284)
ADX/285 Patent Application (adx.0285)
ADX/286 Various (adx.0286)
ADX/287 Letter re letting of Tanyrardd House (adx.0287)
ADX/288 Recovery of properties in p Llanbadarn Fawr (adx.0288)
ADX/289 Strata Florida parish records transcript (adx.0289)
ADX/289: Deeds and documents relating to the New Quay area (adx.0829)
ADX/29 Notice of Appointment and Balance Sheet (adx.0029)
ADX/290 University Prospectuses Art Exhibitions Conferences and Tourist Guides (adx.0290)
ADX/291 Will of William Williams (adx.0291)
ADX/292 Sunday School Certificate (adx.0292)
ADX/293 Exhibition Poster (adx.0293)
ADX/294 Choral Festival Books (adx.0294)
ADX/295 Greeting Cards (adx.0295)
ADX/296 Letter and Notice of Meeting (adx.0296)
ADX/297 Invoices to Ministry of Agriculture (adx.0297)
ADX/299 Welsh Pony and Cob Society (adx.0299)
ADX/3 Millfield Estate (Maesyfelyn Estate) (adx.0003)
ADX/30 Article on Town Planning (adx.0030)
ADX/300 Property succession (adx.0300)
ADX/301 Album by Tregaron schoolchildren (adx.0301)
ADX/302 Deeds and probate documents (adx.0302)
ADX/303 Newspaper and Public Notice (adx.0303)
ADX/304 Census Transcript (adx.0304)
ADX/305 Census Transcript (adx.0305)
ADX/306 Railway documents and chapel opening (adx.0306)
ADX/307 Penparcau Football Club (adx.0307)
ADX/309 Bond (adx.0309)
ADX/31 Photograph and Account Book (adx.0031)
ADX/310 Urdd minutes and printers ephemera (adx.0310)
ADX/311 Printed ephemera (adx.0311)
ADX/312 Photographs of properties (adx.0312)
ADX/313: The Families of South Cardiganshire, and the Eisteddfod (adx.0313)
ADX/315: St Davids Probate Index (adx.0315)
ADX/316 School Certificates (adx.0316)
ADX/317 Removal Order (adx.0317)
ADX/318 Newspapers and Cuttings (adx.0318)
ADX/319 Printed ephemera and theatre programmes (adx.0319)
ADX/32 Llanarth and Llanina Tithe Apportionment (adx.0032)
ADX/320 Chapel reports and miscellaneous (adx.0320)
ADX/321 Miscellaneous ephemera (adx.0321)
ADX/322 Programme and History Guide (adx.0322)
ADX/323 The Nanteos Cup (adx.0323)
ADX/324: Dinas School Scrapbooks (adx.0324)
ADX/325 Maritime career of J N Meredith (adx.0325)
ADX/326 Primary sources for WWII (adx.0326)
ADX/327 Construction Plans for a Methodist College (adx.0327)
ADX/328 Deed re land in Llanon (adx.0328)
ADX/329 Exercise Book (adx.0329)
ADX/33 Devil’s Bridge (adx.0033)
ADX/330 Fitzwilliams of Cilgwyn (adx.0330)
ADX/331 Deeds and documents (adx.0331)
ADX/332 Under Sheriff’s Declaration (adx.0332)
ADX/333 Articles and Sales Particulars (adx.0333)
ADX/334 Tourist Guides (adx.0334)
ADX/335 Cardiganshire Musical Festival Association (adx.0335)
ADX/336: Saint David's University College, Lampeter (adx.0336)
ADX/337 The Irmythyge family of Aberystwyth (adx.0337)
ADX/338 William Lewis and Llandysul County School (adx.0338)
ADX/339 Llandysul Suspension Bridge (adx.0339)
ADX/34 Aberystwyth News (adx.0034)
ADX/340 Photographs (adx.0340)
ADX/342: South Wales Historical, Biographical and Pictorial (adx.0342)
ADX/343 Advertising Bill (adx.0343)
ADX/344 Family Tree (adx.0344)
ADX/345 Coastal Survey (adx.0345)
ADX/346 Photographs (adx.0346)
ADX/347 Parking Notice (adx.0347)
ADX/348 Programmes and Guides (adx.0348)
ADX/349 Eisteddfod (adx.0349)
ADX/35 Town Planning (adx.0035)
ADX/350 Caerwedros Memorial Hall (adx.0350)
ADX/351 Frank Evans (adx.0351)
ADX/352 Photographs of Aberystwyth (adx.0352)
ADX/353 St Padarn’s School and Cardiganshire Liberals ephemera (adx.0353)
ADX/354 Deeds Llanllwchaiarn area (adx.0354)
ADX/355 Frank Evans (adx.0355)
ADX/357 Printed Material (adx.0357)
ADX/358 Photograph (adx.0358)
ADX/359 Photographs (adx.0359)
ADX/36 Law Books (adx.0036)
ADX/360 Miscellaneous items (adx.0360)
ADX/361 Cambrian News (adx.0361)
ADX/362 Miscellaneous items (adx.0362)
ADX/363 Captain H E Woodman's retirement (adx.0363)
ADX/364 Estate Sale Catalogues and other miscellaneous items (adx.0364)
ADX/365 Old photographs Cardigan area (adx.0365)
ADX/366 Photograph of Wood Fellers (adx.0366)
ADX/367 Invoices and Receipts (adx.0367)
ADX/368 1997 Election ephemera (adx.0368)
ADX/369 Birthday Cards (adx.0369)
ADX/37/1 Lease (adx.0037)
ADX/370 Postcards North Cardiganshire (adx.0370)
ADX/371 Bartholomew Maps (adx.0371)
ADX/372 Mortgage of Tynygarth and Pwll Idris (adx.0372)
ADX/373 Building Proposal (adx.0373)
ADX/374 Photographic views of Aberystwyth (adx.0374)
ADX/375 Daniel Harton Davies Album (adx.0375)
ADX/376 Sales Catalogues Inventories and Maps (adx.0376)
ADX/377 Certificates and Photographs (adx.0377)
ADX/378 Article Photographs and Maps (adx.0378)
ADX/379 Woosnam Family Photographs (adx.0379)
ADX/38 Postcards (adx.0038)
ADX/380 Miss LC Roberts (adx.0380)
ADX/381 Sir Pryse Pryse of Gogerddan probate (adx.0381)
ADX/382 Diaries (adx.0382)
ADX/383 Sales and Bills (adx.0383)
ADX/384 Photograph of a GWR Omnibus (adx.0384)
ADX/385 Various items (adx.0385)
ADX/386: Notes of Parch. E. Pryse Jones (adx.0386)
ADX/387 Aberystwyth and area Tourist Guides (adx.0387)
ADX/388 Aberaeron Union Relieving Officer's diary (adx.0388)
ADX/389 Photograph Album Aberystwyth & District (adx.0389)
ADX/39 OS Maps (adx.0039)
ADX/392 Epitaphs (adx.0392)
ADX/393 Deeds and other documents (adx.0393)
ADX/394 Richards Family Records (adx.0394)
ADX/395 Central Welsh Board examination papers (adx.0395)
ADX/396 Bargain and Sale Crynfryn bychan (adx.0396)
ADX/398 Miscellaneous Items (adx.0398)
ADX/399 Assorted printed material (adx.0399)
ADX/4 Nanteos Mansion Guidebook (adx.0004)
ADX/40 Mining Pamphlet (adx.0040)
ADX/400 Maps and other items (adx.0400)
ADX/401 Various printed publications (adx.0401)
ADX/403: â€œCross Ties” Articles (adx.0403)
ADX/404 Various items (adx.0404)
ADX/405 Articles by Will O’Whispers (Howard C Jones) (adx.0405)
ADX/407 Water supply to Tregaron and other plans (adx.0407)
ADX/408 The Lewis family of Aberystwyth (adx.0408)
ADX/409: Slater’s Trade Directory (adx.0409)
ADX/41 Legal Transcript (adx.0041)
ADX/410 Estate Sales Catalogues (adx.0410)
ADX/411 Plans and elevations for Aber arberth Bridge (adx.0411)
ADX/412 Photograph Album of Sofia Jones (adx.0412)
ADX/413 Ephemera from Magistrates Court Open Day (adx.0413)
ADX/415 Papers of Miss Florrie Hamer (adx.0415)
ADX/416 Estate Sales Catalogues (adx.0416)
ADX/417 Published material relating to local institutions (adx.0417)
ADX/419 Landranger map 145 Cardigan and surrounds (adx.0419)
ADX/42 Programmes (adx.0042)
ADX/421 Hafod Estate (adx.0421)
ADX/422 'Sycamore House' and other items (adx.0422)
ADX/423 Contents sale catalogues Hafod and Nanteos (adx.0423)
ADX/424 Estate Sales Catalogues (adx.0424)
ADX/425 James family ephemera (adx.0425)
ADX/427 Character reference for Fred Mower (adx.0427)
ADX/428 Articles from Cross Ties (adx.0428)
ADX/429 Slides relating to Ceredigion (adx.0429)
ADX/432 Printed Bronant area ephemera & other items (adx.0432)
ADX/433: Tregaron R.D.C - Cheque Books and Receipts (adx.0433)
ADX/435: â€˜Aberystwyth in the 1860s’ (adx.0435)
ADX/436 John Morgan Papers (adx.0436)
ADX/437 Aberystwyth Its Court Leet and North Parade (adx.0437)
ADX/438 Downie Bequest (adx.0438)
ADX/44 Greetings Cards (adx.0044)
ADX/441: â€˜Twenty four years of civic heraldry in England and Wales â€˜ (adx.0441)
ADX/445: Notebook of Emily Lloyd of Lampeter (adx.0445)
ADX/446: Papers of the James family of Buarth Road (adx.0446)
ADX/447 Capel Mair School Llangeler Carms (adx.0447)
ADX/449: History of Castell Malgwyn Hotel, Llechryd (adx.0449)
ADX/45 Newspaper (adx.0045)
ADX/450: Writing Album of Miss Davies (adx.0450)
ADX/453: Aberystwyth Housing Developments File (adx.0453)
ADX/454: Various Booklets (adx.0454)
ADX/455 Programmes for events in Aberystwyth (adx.0455)
ADX/456: The Family History of the Dyers Family (adx.0456)
ADX/458 Tanybwlch Isolation Hospital (adx.0458)
ADX/459 Aberystwyth Borough 1277 1974 (adx.0459)
ADX/46 Calendar and Newspaper (adx.0046)
ADX/460 David Owen Evans MP (adx.0460)
ADX/461: Various Items (adx.0461)
ADX/462: Various Items (adx.0462)
ADX/463 4th Duke of Newcastle under Lyme diary extracts (adx.0463)
ADX/464 UCW Aberystwyth and other Ephemera (adx.0464)
ADX/465: â€˜Royal Oak, Cellan: A Brief History’ (adx.0465)
ADX/466 Postcards of Aberystwyth area (adx.0466)
ADX/467 Postcards of Cardiganshire locations (adx.0467)
ADX/468: Hufenfa Capel Dewi a'r Garthen (adx.0468)
ADX/469 Postcards of the Queen’s Hotel Aberystwyth (adx.0469)
ADX/47 Eisteddfod (adx.0047)
ADX/470 Photographs of Llanilar (adx.0470)
ADX/471 James Edwin Brett memorial card (adx.0471)
ADX/472: Postcards of Aberystwyth (adx.0472)
ADX/474 Colour postcards of Aberystwyth and Lake Vyrnwy (adx.0474)
ADX/475 Translating the Novels of T Rowland Hughes into English (adx.0475)
ADX/476 Aberaeron County School Girls' Hockey Club (adx.0476)
ADX/477 University centenary and other events (adx.0477)
ADX/478 James P Rees’s Diaries (adx.0478)
ADX/479 Photographs of Ystrad Meurig Post Office and Sorting Office (adx.0479)
ADX/48 Sacrament Certificate (adx.0048)
ADX/480 General Election 2001 ephemera (adx.0480)
ADX/481 Aberystwyth maritime photographs (adx.0481)
ADX/482 World map Dyffryn Mill & Factories and Workshop Act 1901 (adx.0482)
ADX/483 Map of Aberystwyth and Guide to Cardigan (adx.0483)
ADX/484 Documents found at the Black Lion Inn in Pontrhydfendigaid (adx.0484)
ADX/485 Boundary Commission for Wales (adx.0485)
ADX/486 Aberystwyth Arts Centre (adx.0486)
ADX/487: Papers of Miss A.E Davies, Director of Nursing Services (adx.0487)
ADX/488 Miscellaneous Ephemera (adx.0488)
ADX/489 Cardigan Eisteddfod winning essay (adx.0489)
ADX/490 Memorial cards (adx.0490)
ADX/493 Postcards of Aberystwyth (adx.0493)
ADX/494 Photographs of Aberystwyth (adx.0494)
ADX/495: Religious Ephemera (adx.0495)
ADX/496 Colour transparencies of Aberaeron and Aberystwyth (adx.0496)
ADX/5 Eisteddfod (adx.0005)
ADX/50 Tide Tables (adx.0050)
ADX/500 The Phillips family archive the papers of Mattie Phillips (adx.0500)
ADX/501: Aberystwyth Clock Tower Opening 2000 (adx.0501)
ADX/502: Books (adx.0502)
ADX/504 The David Williams Collection (adx.0504)
ADX/505: Y Gambo (adx.0505)
ADX/506: Local maps and guide book  (adx.0506)
ADX/508: Cors Caron Railway Bridge Replacement (adx.0508)
ADX/51 Postcards (adx.0051)
ADX/510: Hanes cartref henoed Afandale (adx.0510)
ADX/511: Steam Train at Aberystwyth (adx.0511)
ADX/512: Borth Millennium Sea Wall Mosaic Calendar (adx.0512)
ADX/514: Llanrhystud Mefenydd Rate book (adx.0514)
ADX/516: Welsh settlement in Jackson and Gallia counties of Ohio (adx.0516)
ADX/517: Royle Family Invoices and Receipts (adx.0517)
ADX/519: Cardiganshire Education Committee Examination Papers (adx.0519)
ADX/52 Scrapbook news cuttings and photographs (adx.0052)
ADX/521: "Aberystwyth" from Ottakars local history series. (adx.0521)
ADX/522: St. Matthew’s church, Borth (adx.0522)
ADX/523: Receipts for V.E Day celebrations (adx.0523)
ADX/524: Alcohol licence for the "Feathers" pub (adx.0524)
ADX/525: Forms of Service upon the death of King Edward VII (adx.0525)
ADX/527: Cardiganshire Further Education Colleges (adx.0527)
ADX/529: The Dragon (UCW magazine) (adx.0529)
ADX/53/1 Maps (adx.0053)
ADX/532: Welsh cattle drovers' route (adx.0532)
ADX/533: Photograph of Royal Air Force, No.3 Squadron and other items  (adx.0533)
ADX/534: Sale Particulars for The Grange, Pentregat (adx.0534)
ADX/535: "The weather at Aberystwyth in the past century" 2002 (adx.0535)
ADX/536: Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Swyddffynnon a'r Cylch 2003 (adx.0536)
ADX/537: Postcards (adx.0537)
ADX/538: Commercial ephemera relating to the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (adx.0538)
ADX/539: Cytun and weeks of prayer for Christian unity (adx.0539)
ADX/54 Tithe Map and Schedule (adx.0054)
ADX/541: Llyfrau amrywiol ar Ysgolion a Capeli (adx.0541)
ADX/546 Ephemera relating to churches and chapels (adx.0546)
ADX/547: The Elaine Lewis and Mair Cole Collection (adx.0547)
ADX/549 Memorial cards and family records (adx.0549)
ADX/55 Postcard (adx.0055)
ADX/550: Nanteos Guidebook (adx.0550)
ADX/552 Three photographs relating to Tregaron (adx.0552)
ADX/553: The "Levant" of Aberystwyth (adx.0553)
ADX/555: Walks and Wanderings in County Cardigan (adx.0555)
ADX/556: Books relating to research completed by Joy Hamer (adx.0556)
ADX/557: Account books relating to Tyllwyd Uchaf (adx.0557)
ADX/558: Notebooks of Daniel Jenkins, Smith, Abermeurig, Talsarn  (adx.0558)
ADX/559: National Assembly of Wales election, 1 May 2003 (adx.0559)
ADX/56 Photographs (adx.0056)
ADX/560: Maps of the Ystradmeiric [Ystrad Meurig] School Estate (adx.0560)
ADX/561: Ceredigion The Western Mail Guide (adx.0561)
ADX/562: Penparcau Community Education Centre (adx.0562)
ADX/563: Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum (adx.0563)
ADX/564: Aberaeron Town Guide (adx.0564)
ADX/565: Capel Maesglas, Ysbyty Ystwyth (adx.0565)
ADX/566: Saint Cynllo's Church Llangoedmor (adx.0566)
ADX/569: Peterwell and Lampeter Estate sale catalogue (adx.0569)
ADX/57 Photographs Postcards and Various Programmes (adx.0057)
ADX/570 Photograph Album (adx.0570)
ADX/571: Llys Blodau, Aberystwyth (adx.0571)
ADX/572: 'The Battle for Cefn Croes' (adx.0572)
ADX/573: Over-seas League Certificate (adx.0573)
ADX/574: Nanteos Mansion pamphlet (adx.0574)
ADX/575: Order of service of Richard Brinkley (adx.0575)
ADX/576: Aberystwyth and District Town & Country Guide (adx.0576)
ADX/577: â€˜The Council for Wales and Monmouthshire’ (adx.0577)
ADX/578: Cumberland, Westmorland and Carlisle Record Offices (adx.0578)
ADX/579: Town and county pamphlet - Aberystwyth and Ceredigion  (adx.0579)
ADX/58 Commissioners’ Reports (adx.0058)
ADX/580 Booklet Beating the Bounds (adx.0580)
ADX/581: Old houses in the Mydroilyn area (adx.0581)
ADX/582: Memorial poster for the Great War (adx.0582)
ADX/583: A soldier’s Pocket Pictorial of the Gospel of St. John (adx.0583)
ADX/584 Facsimile ration book (adx.0584)
ADX/586: Will and statement of accounts relating to John Owen Reese (adx.0586)
ADX/589: Llangwyryfon Calendar (adx.0589)
ADX/59 Programmes Postcards and Prints (adx.0059)
ADX/590; Yr Angor (adx.0590)
ADX/591: Calendr 2002 Nadolig (adx.0591)
ADX/592 Pant yr Allt Aberystwyth (adx.0592)
ADX/593 What to do about gas (adx.0593)
ADX/596: The Aberystwyth Gas Act 1873 (adx.0596)
ADX/597: Ephemera (adx.0597)
ADX/598: John Watkins and Co. and other material (adx.0598)
ADX/6 George Eyre Evans (adx.0006)
ADX/60 Cardigan Cinema Company (adx.0060)
ADX/600: â€˜Some recollections of Ysguborycoed (or Scuborycoed)’ (adx.0600)
ADX/601: â€˜Memories of a Liverpool Evacuee’ (adx.0601)
ADX/602: â€˜Welsh in the Argentine Patagonia’ (adx.0602)
ADX/603: â€˜A Project for Strata Florida and its Landscapes’ (adx.0603)
ADX/604: Mid Wales Model Railway Club newsletter (adx.0604)
ADX/605: Articles on the Roman Period (adx.0605)
ADX/606: Remembrance Sunday, Service of Rembrance, 2003 (adx.0606)
ADX/607: â€˜Index Rerum’ (adx.0607)
ADX/608: â€˜The Vagabond Book of Mid Wales’ (adx.0608)
ADX/609: St David’s College Lampeter (adx.0609)
ADX/61 Ceredigion Antiquarian Society Llandysul Grammar School and Charles Fitzwilliams (adx.0061)
ADX/610: Poetry Notebook (adx.0610)
ADX/611: Tanybwlch Estate Sale (adx.0611)
ADX/612: Festival of Orchestral and Choral Music (adx.0612)
ADX/613: Edwards family of Park Cottage and Glasfryn, Blaenplwyf  (adx.0613)
ADX/614: Rural Lore Scheme (Wales), parish of Elerch (adx.0614)
ADX/615: Peter Francis, Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers (adx.0615)
ADX/616: â€˜Millennium Bug’ Booklet (adx.0616)
ADX/617: Yr Angor (adx.0617)
ADX/618: Y Ddolen (adx.0618)
ADX/619: Election material: National Assembly. May 1999 (adx.0619)
ADX/62 Engravings (adx.0062)
ADX/620: Election material: Ceredigion by-election, 3 February 2000 (adx.0620)
ADX/621: Two articles by John Owen (adx.0621)
ADX/622 Y Barcud (adx.0622)
ADX/623: Victory Day Message from the King (adx.0623)
ADX/624: Theatr Y Werin, Aberystwyth (adx.0624)
ADX/625: â€˜Tregaron Trem yn Ã´l’ (adx.0625)
ADX/626 Eating Out in Aberystwyth (adx.0626)
ADX/627 Marriage Certificate 1907 (adx.0627)
ADX/628: Volume of poetry by Jown Rowland of Penuwch (Brynamlwg) (adx.0628)
ADX/629: Postcards sent to Thomas Family in Rhiwig (Rhiw-wig), New Quay (adx.0629)
ADX/63 Thesis (adx.0063)
ADX/630: Reward notice for the apprehension of Thomas Thomas (adx.0630)
ADX/631: â€˜A history of the Theological College, Aberystwyth’ (adx.0631)
ADX/632: Postcards (adx.0632)
ADX/64 Postcards Photographs Trade Cards Poster and Programme (adx.0064)
ADX/642 Property Auctions at Lampeter and Llanfynydd (adx.0642)
ADX/644 Chapel and other ephemera Penrhyncoch area (adx.0644)
ADX/645: Evacuees' Reunion Parade (adx.0645)
ADX/646: Programme of Aberystwyth Municipal Entertainments (adx.0646)
ADX/648: Receipt for a "baby harness" (adx.0648)
ADX/65 Various Llandysul Community items (adx.0065)
ADX/651: Henry and Mary Thomas of Aberarth (adx.0651)
ADX/656: TES (Times Educational Supliment) Cymru (adx.0656)
ADX/657: Scrap book containing "Women of the Bible" series (adx.0657)
ADX/658: Papurau Bro; YFC Booklets; "Smile with Hywel" (adx.0658)
ADX/659: Family History Booklets (adx.0659)
ADX/66 Postcard (adx.0066)
ADX/660: D-Day Newspapers (adx.0660)
ADX/661: Ephemera (adx.0661)
ADX/662: Photographs and plan of New Quay (adx.0662)
ADX/664: H.M. Navy Discharge Documents and Apprenticeship Indenture  (adx.0664)
ADX/665: Notification of Death for Arthur Sydney Mathias (adx.0665)
ADX/667: Census Transcriptions, 1841-1891 (adx.0667)
ADX/668: â€˜Ysgol Ysbyty Ystwyth Dathlu 125 mlynedd 1898-2003’ (adx.0668)
ADX/67 School Reports Exercise Book Notebook and Programme (adx.0067)
ADX/671: Aberystwyth Nursing Staff Photographs (adx.0671)
ADX/673: Llanilar Show Programme 2002 (adx.0673)
ADX/674: â€˜Cardigan Photographers 1850-1920.’ (adx.0674)
ADX/675: 'Cardiganshire: The County Handbook' (adx.0675)
ADX/676: Pamphlets (adx.0676)
ADX/677: Sale brochure for Nanteos Mansion (adx.0677)
ADX/678: Plynlimon Countryside Festival (adx.0678)
ADX/679: Opening of the North Cardiganshire (Water) Augmentation Scheme  (adx.0679)
ADX/68 Engravings and Drawings (adx.0068)
ADX/680: Bobby Roberts' Super Circus (adx.0680)
ADX/681: Booklets (adx.0681)
ADX/682: Aberystwyth War Memorial Land Ownership Letter (adx.0682)
ADX/683: â€˜Proposed Central Area Redevelopment at Aberystwyth’ (adx.0683)
ADX/684: Photograph of Trawscoed (adx.0684)
ADX/685: Auction catalogue for Highmead School (adx.0685)
ADX/686: Order of Service - Confirmation: Llanafan Church (adx.0686)
ADX/687: Auction Catalogues for Estate Sales (Cardiganshire) (adx.0687)
ADX/688: Wartime Booklets (adx.0688)
ADX/689: Ephemera (adx.0689)
ADX/69 Llandyssul County School (adx.0069)
ADX/690: Railway Bond, Cardigan, Manchester & Milford Railway (adx.0690)
ADX/691: Brochure for Queen’s Hotel, Aberystwyth (adx.0691)
ADX/692: TES (Times Educational Suppliment) Cymru (adx.0692)
ADX/693: Yr Angor (adx.0693)
ADX/694: Queen’s Hotel Poster (adx.0694)
ADX/695: Photographs of Gerddi Gleision, the Bontgoch Post Office. (adx.0695)
ADX/696: â€˜Suggestions on rural education’ (adx.0696)
ADX/697: â€˜Your guide to Local Health Services in Ceredigion’ (adx.0697)
ADX/698: â€˜Preparing for Emergencies â€“ What you need to know’ (adx.0698)
ADX/699: Ephemera (adx.0699)
ADX/7 Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society (adx.0007)
ADX/70 Letter Guidebook Handbook and Leaflet (adx.0070)
ADX/701: â€˜The Bee’ â€“ Boots Company newsletter (adx.0701)
ADX/703: Photographs of the Rheidol Valley & Devil's Bridge Falls. (adx.0703)
ADX/705 Visitor book for Borth (adx.0705)
ADX/706: Modern Photographs of Aberystwyth Architecture (adx.0706)
ADX/708: O.S. Map England & Wales, sheet 69. (adx.0708)
ADX/709: Miscellaneous Items (adx.0709)
ADX/71 Papers T Hughes and Peterwell Masonic Lodge (adx.0071)
ADX/710 Photographs Rowlands and Parry families (adx.0710.0)
ADX/710/1 Photographs Rowlands family (adx.0710.1)
ADX/710/2 Photographs Ena Parry of Llidiardau (adx.0710.2)
ADX/711 Postcards (adx.0711)
ADX/712: Research files (adx.0712)
ADX/715: Booklets (adx.0715)
ADX/716: Newspaper cuttings book of A. Prosser (adx.0716)
ADX/717: Sale catalogue of freehold properties from the Pentre estate (adx.0717)
ADX/719: Crime & Disorder Audit (adx.0719)
ADX/72 Aberystwyth Festivals Commemorations and Events (adx.0072)
ADX/720: Women’s Institute Drama Papers of Marie Vaughan Jones (adx.0720)
ADX/723: Various Song Books & Music Scores (adx.0723)
ADX/724: Certificates awarded to Mary Aeronwy Rowlands (adx.0724)
ADX/726: â€˜Hanes Mwynfeydd Plwm yng Nghymru’ (adx.0726)
ADX/727: CD of 4 texts relating to mining in 19th century Wales (adx.0727)
ADX/728: Newspaper Article, re. Owain Glyndwr Square (adx.0728)
ADX/729: Concert Programmes and YHA Map (adx.0729)
ADX/73 Standing Orders (adx.0073)
ADX/731: Sale Catalogue for the Manor of Llyswen (otherwise Aberayron) (adx.0731)
ADX/733: Transcription of Nancwnlle Baptisms and Burials (adx.0733)
ADX/734: Aberystwyth School Board Certificates of Attendance (adx.0734)
ADX/735: â€˜The Railways of Ceredigion 1860s â€“ 1948’ (adx.0735)
ADX/736: â€˜The Fortunes of Nantsyddion in the 16th and 17th Century’ (adx.0736)
ADX/737: Record of War Service for H.M. Escort Destroyer "Tanatside" (adx.0737)
ADX/738: Photographs of Llanddewi Aberarth School and research into local families  (adx.0738)
ADX/739 Ardwynian School Magazine (adx.0739)
ADX/74 Union of Welsh Independents (adx.0074)
ADX/741: Welsh Joint Education Committee Examinations Papers (adx.0741)
ADX/742: Welsh Hymns for Sunday Evening Services with Cor Y Castell (adx.0742)
ADX/743: Abstract of Title to The Cillian Ceimon Estate, and invoices  (adx.0743)
ADX/744/addl: Ephemera (adx.0744.addl)
ADX/745: Deeds and Documents of the Morris Family of Aberystwyth (adx.0745)
ADX/746: Methodist Sunday School Certificates (adx.0746)
ADX/747: Memories of Cardiganshire in the Second World War (adx.0747)
ADX/748: "The Darren Mines" (adx.0748)
ADX/749: Digitised Mine Plans: Graig Goch, Nantycreiau & Ty Llwyd (adx.0749)
ADX/75 Various Ecclesiastical Items (adx.0075)
ADX/750: Poster celebrating 700 years of Aberystwyth (adx.0750)
ADX/751: Various papers relating to events in Aberystwyth & other items (adx.0751)
ADX/752 Photographs of Celebrations of the Coronation of Edward VII in Eglwysfach (adx.0752)
ADX/753: Papers relating to Mrs Nellie Young's entries into various Eisteddfodau  (adx.0753)
ADX/754: Monumental Inscriptions: Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn. (adx.0754)
ADX/755: Leases of the Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Llandyssul (adx.0755)
ADX/756: Aerial View of Lampeter (adx.0756)
ADX/757: Papers relating to the history of Llangeitho, Llanio, Llwynpiod and Llanbadarn Odwyn  (adx.0757)
ADX/758: Exhibition on Aberaeron, held in Aberarth 2003 (adx.0758)
ADX/759: "The Olivers of Cardiganshire" (adx.0759)
ADX/76 History Book (adx.0076)
ADX/760: Receipts and Invoices for various goods addressed to Mr Jonathan (adx.0760)
ADX/761 Colour slides of university buildings and other locations in Aberystwyth (adx.0761)
ADX/762: Tourist Guides to Aberystwyth and Cardiganshire (adx.0762)
ADX/763: Plan of Llanwenog School and two postcards of Aberystwyth (adx.0763)
ADX/764: Pontsian YFC 50th Anniversary Booklet & Black Covert Forest Walk guide (adx.0764)
ADX/765 Ephemera (adx.0765)
ADX/766: Family tree of the Parry Family of Felin Dyffryn, Llanilar (adx.0766)
ADX/767: Prosiect Ceredigion: Cyfrifiad 1891 Ardal Tal-y-bont, Ceredigion (adx.0767)
ADX/768: Licence to keep a horse (adx.0768)
ADX/769: Account book of Mr Thomas Jonathan, Cattle Dealer of Fronfedw  (adx.0769)
ADX/77 School and Parish items (adx.0077)
ADX/770: Postcard of the Queen's Hotel, Aberystwyth (adx.0770)
ADX/771: Scribbling Diaries of Mr Tom Davies, Waunfawr (adx.0771)
ADX/773: Cardigan Floods - June 1993 (adx.0773)
ADX/774: Caerwedros Millennium Project (adx.0774)
ADX/775: Photograph of the pupils and staff of the School at Chancery (adx.0775)
ADX/776: Photograph of the construction of the Cliff Railway, Aberystwyth (adx.0776)
ADX/777: Deeds relating to the properties Tir Blaen Hirbant and Glanrhydre  (adx.0777)
ADX/778: Photographs of Schools in Ceredigion (adx.0778)
ADX/78 Magazine Cuttings and Misc (adx.0078)
ADX/780: Ephemera (adx.0780)
ADX/781: Extracts from sources concerning Aberystwyth, and transcript of Shipping Registers  (adx.0781)
ADX/782: Welsh Chapels: A Guide to the Denominations (adx.0782)
ADX/783: Unrolling the Past: A Description of the Denbighshire Quarter Sessions Rolls  (adx.0783)
ADX/784: â€œClwb Athletau Aberystwyth Athletic Club 1955-2005” (adx.0784)
ADX/785: 'Geography in Tregaron Elementary School 1913’ (adx.0785)
ADX/786: "The Talbot's Head Inn, Aberystwyth" (adx.0786)
ADX/788: "A Collection of Welsh Hymns & Tunes for use on Sunday Evenings & festivals” (adx.0788)
ADX/789: Opening of Aberaeron Community Comprehensive School, Redevelopment and Modernisation (adx.0789)
ADX/79 History Book (adx.0079)
ADX/790: Documents relating to events and businesses in Aberystwyth (adx.0790)
ADX/791: Memoirs of Margaret Emily Frances Llewellyn Smith and Alister Lloyd  (adx.0791)
ADX/792: Hafod News (adx.0792)
ADX/794: Valuation Office Property Survey; Tregaron and Strata Florida (adx.0794)
ADX/795: â€œRoyal Naval Trials Unit Line Book” (adx.0795)
ADX/796: "Ardwynian", the Aberystwyth County School magazine (adx.0796)
ADX/798: Sale catalogue of contents of Bryneithyn Hall, Llanfarian (adx.0798)
ADX/8 Postcards from the Frank Phillips series (adx.0008)
ADX/80 Factual Book (adx.0080)
ADX/800: The Miller family of Llanbadarn Fawr (adx.0800)
ADX/801: Four postcards of Llanrhystud (adx.0801)
ADX/802: Family papers of Elisabeth Jones, Blaenplwyf (adx.0802)
ADX/803: Photographs Cwmpadarn of School Pupils (adx.0803)
ADX/804: Diary & Independent Handbook for 1899 (adx.0804)
ADX/805: Photographs of storm damage, Aberystwyth Seafront 1927 (adx.0805)
ADX/806 Photographs of Aberystwyth college life 1919 1929 (adx.0806)
ADX/807: 2 postcards of Aberystwyth (adx.0807)
ADX/809: â€˜Ceredigion Shipwrecks’ (adx.0809)
ADX/81 National and Government Officers (adx.0081)
ADX/810: Business card of Mr. W. Woodward (adx.0810)
ADX/811: The James family of Talybont and America (adx.0811)
ADX/813: Will of Mary Jones, Blackbird House, Llandysul, 1835 (adx.0813)
ADX/814: The Morgan/Bunce family (adx.0814)
ADX/817: Research Material on Aberystwyth Workhouse (adx.0817)
ADX/818: Aberystwyth Arts Centre - Summer Seasons (adx.0818)
ADX/819: The Reverend Thomas Meredith Williams (adx.0819)
ADX/82 History Book (adx.0082)
ADX/820: Various Leaflets (adx.0820)
ADX/821: â€˜BECA’ (adx.0821)
ADX/822: Millennium Photographic Project (2000) (adx.0822)
ADX/823: Material relating to Isaac Shelby (adx.0823)
ADX/824: Various Items (adx.0824)
ADX/825: Rhaglenni Eisteddfoddau (adx.0825)
ADX/826: Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn Old and New Churchyards Tombstone Inscriptions  (adx.0826)
ADX/827: Twm Shon Catti a Henry Richard, A.S. (adx.0827)
ADX/83 University of Aberystwyth (adx.0083)
ADX/830: 'Survivors on Svalbard' (adx.0830)
ADX/831: 'Oats', Aberystwyth Students Rag Mag (adx.0831)
ADX/832: Transcript of register of baptisms, burials and marriages (adx.0832)
ADX/835; Welsh local history books and Rali Sir programme (adx.0835)
ADX/836: Old Postcard Views of Llanon CD (adx.0836)
ADX/837: Rock's Royal Aberystwyth Cabinet Album (adx.0837)
ADX/838: Llyfr ysgol Thomas Powell (adx.0838)
ADX/84 Factual Book (adx.0084)
ADX/840: The Rees family of Tregaron (adx.0840)
ADX/841: Title deed for Llwyd Jack (Lloyd Jack) and other properties  (adx.0841)
ADX/842: Casgliad Lluniau Alan Martin (adx.0842)
ADX/843: Directors Report for the Electrical Ore Finding Company Ltd (adx.0843)
ADX/844: â€˜100 Years of Aberystwyth Bowling Club’ (adx.0844)
ADX/845: Parochial register of expenses for Scyborycoed (adx.0845)
ADX/846: Photographs taken by Leslie Herbert Underhill (adx.0846)
ADX/847 Borth and the Uppingham School (adx.0847)
ADX/848: National Assembly Elections 2007 (adx.0848)
ADX/849: Cor y Castell and Gwyl Gerddorol Ceredigion (adx.0849)
ADX/85 Postcard and Photographs (adx.0085)
ADX/851: Promotional material published by Arriva Trains Wales (adx.0851)
ADX/852: Photographs of Trefeurig Mines (adx.0852)
ADX/853: â€˜Hanes Mwyngloddio Ceredigion’ DVD (adx.0853)
ADX/854: Mines Inspectors' reports (adx.0854)
ADX/855: Ffynnon Drindod (adx.0855)
ADX/856: Publications based on work by the children of Ciliau Park School  (adx.0856)
ADX/857: â€˜Penillion am Langwyryfon’ (adx.0857)
ADX/858: Welsh and local interest books (adx.0858)
ADX/859: General Election 2005 (adx.0859)
ADX/860: St. Winifred's RC Church, Aberystwyth (adx.0860)
ADX/861: Council and European Elections 2004 (adx.0861)
ADX/862: Printed ephemera connected with the Aberystwyth area (adx.0862)
ADX/863: Post Office Savings Book, Aberystwyth (adx.0863)
ADX/864: "Aber" 1872-1972 by Ben Bowen Thomas (adx.0864)
ADX/865: 'The Divisions of Wales in Mediaeval Times' (adx.0865)
ADX/866: â€˜Joseph Parry- Bachgen Bach o Ferthyr’ (adx.0866)
ADX/867: â€˜Aber Prom- A Pictorial History’ (adx.0867)
ADX/868: â€˜Atgofion Cardi’ (adx.0868)
ADX/869: Aberystwyth area ephemera (adx.0869)
ADX/87 Postcard (adx.0087)
ADX/870: Papers and Publications on the History of Orllwyn Teifi (adx.0870)
ADX/871: Films by Gideon Koppel (adx.0871)
ADX/872: â€˜Peace and Power: Henry Richard- a Radical for our time’ (adx.0872)
ADX/873: Photographs of Ceredigion Archives and other locations (adx.0873)
ADX/874: Wartime cookery book. 'What to give them?’ (adx.0874)
ADX/875: Postcards: Aberystwyth and Cardigan coast (adx.0875)
ADX/876: The White Friars (aka Carmelites) in Wales (adx.0876)
ADX/877: Bronwydd Estate sales particulars (adx.0877)
ADX/878: Photographs of the British School, Ponterwyd (adx.0878)
ADX/879: â€˜Memories of Aberarth’ (adx.0879)
ADX/88 Certificates (adx.0088)
ADX/880: Crosville bus timetable (adx.0880)
ADX/881: Cardigan Union- letter re Samuel Edwards (adx.0881)
ADX/882: Book: â€˜The Mines of Cardiganshire’ (adx.0882)
ADX/883: Papers of Colin T. Guile (adx.0883)
ADX/884: â€˜Brith Gof - A Welsh Theatre Company’ (adx.0884)
ADX/885: Cambrian Snooze and other underground press ephemera (adx.0885)
ADX/886: Gathering the Jewels/Casglu'r Tlysau (adx.0886)
ADX/887: Register of Explosives: Division of Penarth (adx.0887)
ADX/888: School exercise book (adx.0888)
ADX/889: Crosswood (Trawsgoed) Estate particulars of sale (adx.0889)
ADX/89 Postcards (adx.0089)
ADX/890: Photographs and Ephemera (adx.0890)
ADX/891: Photographic and ephemeral items (adx.0891)
ADX/892: Return of Owners of Land 1873 Volume 2 (adx.0892)
ADX/893: Copies of Acts concerning railways in Wales (adx.0893)
ADX/894 Ephemera and photographs relating to Goginan/Ystumtuen area (adx.0894)
ADX/895: New Quay harbour construction (adx.0895)
ADX/896: â€˜Cymuned Cilgerran mewn Lluniau’ (adx.0896)
ADX/897: â€˜Tours in Wales’ by Thomas Pennant Esq. (adx.0897)
ADX/898: "Beyond Offa's Dyke" memoirs of Mr. Enoch Davies (adx.0898)
ADX/899: Postcards and ephemera relating to Cardiganshire (adx.0899)
ADX/9 Silver lead mine guide (adx.0009)
ADX/90 William Owens (adx.0090)
ADX/900: History of Lampeter calendar 2007 (adx.0900)
ADX/901: â€˜Photographers in Wales’ Supplement 7 of 'The Welsh Lady' (adx.0901)
ADX/902: Green Shield Stamps saver books and stamps (adx.0902)
ADX/903: Communities Project on WW2 (adx.0903)
ADX/904: Plynlimon Countryside Festival leaflet (adx.0904)
ADX/905: â€˜The Silencing of our Lambs’ (adx.0905)
ADX/908: 'What everyone should know about the Millennium Bug' (adx.0908)
ADX/909: A view of Penparcau in the snow (adx.0909)
ADX/91 Cross Inn Primary School (adx.0091)
ADX/910: A watercolour view of Old College, Aberystwyth (adx.0910)
ADX/911 Two mounted photographs early 20th century (adx.0911)
ADX/912: Guide to Llanfihangel-ar-y-bryn church, Penbryn (adx.0912)
ADX/913: Glandyfi Castle, sale catalogue of contents (adx.0913)
ADX/914 Nanteos publications by Janet Joel (adx.0914)
ADX/915: 'St. Dogmaels Uncovered: Heritage of a Parish' (adx.0915)
ADX/916: Cofio Jennie ym mhentref Llanpumsaint (adx.0916)
ADX/917: Press photographs of local places and events (adx.0917)
ADX/918: 'Hanes Ysgol y Ferwig, Ceredigion 1867-2006' (adx.0918)
ADX/919: Election results for Ceredigion 1964-2005 (adx.0919)
ADX/92 Postcards and Programme (adx.0092)
ADX/920: Tenth Fishguard Music Festival (adx.0920)
ADX/921: 'The Care of the Homeless' (adx.0921)
ADX/922: Welsh-speaking summer cruise brochure, 1934 (adx.0922)
ADX/923: Tourist magazines and brochures (adx.0923)
ADX/924: Autograph Book of Gwen Lloyd Williams (adx.0924)
ADX/925: The Llandinam Building (adx.0925)
ADX/926 Photographs Ystumtuen and Ponterwyd (adx.0926)
ADX/927: Pamphlets, leaflets and other items, 1930s-1950s (adx.0927)
ADX/928: Rent receipts (Llanddewi Brefi parish) and other documents  (adx.0928)
ADX/929 Postcards and photographs Penparcau and Rhydyfelin (adx.0929)
ADX/93 Exhibition Catalogue and Brochure (adx.0093)
ADX/930: "Wales Pensioners/Pensiynwr Cymru" (adx.0930)
ADX/931: List of paupers in the parish of Llechryd in 1856 (adx.0931)
ADX/933: The Tunstall family and no. 1 Eastgate Street, Aberystwyth  (adx.0933)
ADX/934: Aberystwyth Arts Centre Ephemera (adx.0934)
ADX/935: Political ephemera 2008 (adx.0935)
ADX/937: Old county school (Ardwyn then Penweddig) photographs  (adx.0937)
ADX/938: 'The Sea! The Sea! The Wide and Open Sea!' (adx.0938)
ADX/939: Concert and Festival Programmes (adx.0939)
ADX/94 Transcripts and articles by E Alwyn Benjamin (adx.0094)
ADX/940: British Medical Association Newsletter (adx.0940)
ADX/941: 'Atgofion Ruth Mynachlog' (adx.0941)
ADX/942: Lampeter RAG Magazine 1996 (adx.0942)
ADX/943: Articles by Ivor Griffiths (adx.0943)
ADX/944: 'Enough is enough' leaflet campaign (adx.0944)
ADX/945: Cardigan Town Guide, 2002 (adx.0945)
ADX/946: Archive Material Wall calendars 2002 and 2005 (adx.0946)
ADX/947: 'The Manchester and Milford Railway' (adx.0947)
ADX/948: Books relating to Railways (adx.0948)
ADX/949: Reference books (adx.0949)
ADX/95 Typescripts and Photocopies (adx.0095)
ADX/950: West Cwmystwyth Mine (adx.0950)
ADX/951: Map a rhestr enwau tir a chaeau o gwmpas Ponterwyd (adx.0951)
ADX/952: Aberystwyth Heritage Pub Trail (adx.0952)
ADX/953: Dairy Department, UCW Aberystwyth (adx.0953)
ADX/954: Birth certificate for Delyth Anne Hughes (adx.0954)
ADX/955: Local Ephemera 2008 (adx.0955)
ADX/956: Aberystwyth 700, Programme of Events (adx.0956)
ADX/957 Slides of the Vale of Rheidol Railway (adx.0957)
ADX/958: Mid Wales NHS Trust Annual Report (adx.0958)
ADX/959: Annie Constance Lansley nee Edwards (1908-1981) (adx.0959)
ADX/96 The Royal Cardigan Militia (adx.0096)
ADX/960: RAC Driver's Certificate (adx.0960)
ADX/961: House sales particulars (adx.0961)
ADX/962: New Year Greetings card (blank), early 20th c. (adx.0962)
ADX/963: Ardwyn Grammar School Photograph (adx.0963)
ADX/964: Pamphlets (adx.0964)
ADX/965: â€˜Keep Living’ (adx.0965)
ADX/966: Political Ephemera, 2008 (adx.0966)
ADX/967: Lease of Monachty Farm, Crosswood Estate (adx.0967)
ADX/968: â€˜Aberystwyth Studies’ (adx.0968)
ADX/969: Transaction of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society (adx.0969)
ADX/97 The Salvation Army (adx.0097)
ADX/970: 'Wales - getaway holidays so close to home!' (adx.0970)
ADX/971: â€˜Window on Wales’ (adx.0971)
ADX/972: â€˜The Instructor’ vol. 3 (adx.0972)
ADX/973: â€˜What's On/Beth Sydd Ymlaen’ (adx.0973)
ADX/975: Letters to John Jones, 1915 (adx.0975)
ADX/976: 40th anniversary Booklet of the College of Librarianship Wales (adx.0976)
ADX/977: House sales particulars and auction notice (adx.0977)
ADX/978: Cilfach-y-dwn fawr farm, Caron Upper parish (adx.0978)
ADX/979: Llanwenog Parish Church (adx.0979)
ADX/98 Photographs and Printed Books (adx.0098)
ADX/980 Old postcards and photographs of places in Ceredigion (adx.0980)
ADX/981: Bath House, Cardigan (adx.0981)
ADX/982 Morgans family of Aberddwynant Llanafan (adx.0982)
ADX/983: Derelict Woollen Mill, Talybont (adx.0983)
ADX/985: Falcondale Mansion and the families associated with it (adx.0985)
ADX/986: â€˜Welsh Industrial Workers Housing 1775-1875’ (adx.0986)
ADX/987 Slides of a quarry in Talgarreg (adx.0987)
ADX/988: World War Two letters (adx.0988)
ADX/989: Photograph of a coach and horses (adx.0989)
ADX/99 Exemplification of a Recovery (adx.0099)
ADX/990: Aberystwyth 2008/09 guide booklet (adx.0990)
ADX/991: Traethodau gan Emrys Williams (1908-1986) (adx.0991)
ADX/992: Guide to Strata Florida Abbey (adx.0992)
ADX/993: Arts Centre Aberystwyth Posters (adx.0993)
ADX/994: Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (adx.0994)
ADX/995: Magazines (adx.0995)
ADX/996: Local interest books (adx.0996)
ADX/997: Newspaper Supplement, â€˜Disappearing World’ (adx.0997)
ADX/998: Tabernacl chapel, Mill Street, Aberystwyth after the fire. (adx.0998)
ADX/999: Royal Jubilee publications (adx.0999)
ANC/10: Calvinistic Methodist Church of Wales (anc.010)
ANC/11: Carmarthen and Ceredigion Baptist Association (anc.011)
ANC/12: Yr Arweinydd (anc.012)
ANC/13: Peniel Wesleyan Chapel, Llandysul (anc.013)
ANC/14 Horeb Welsh Baptist Chapel (anc.014)
ANC/15: Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg/Union of Welsh Independents  (anc.015)
ANC/16: Capel y Garn, Methodistiaid Calfinaidd, Aberystwyth (anc.016)
ANC/17 Chapel Histories (anc.017)
ANC/18: Miscellaneous Non-Conformist Records (anc.018)
ANC/19: Aberystwyth Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (anc.019)
ANC/1: Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg (anc.001)
ANC/20: Photographs of Seilo Chapel, Aberystwyth (anc.020)
ANC/21: St. Paul’s Wesleyan Methodist Church, Aberystwyth. (anc.021)
ANC/22: Religious Publications (anc.022)
ANC/23: The History of Trewen Congregational Chapel (anc.023)
ANC/25: Papers of the Reverend J.E. Thomas, Taliesin (anc.025)
ANC/26: Mezzotint of the Rev. John Wesley (anc.026)
ANC/27: Ysgol Sul Capel Gwernllwyn (Annibynwyr) / Gwernllwyn Chapel Sunday School (Independent) (anc.027)
ANC/28: Bronant Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Lledrod. (anc.028)
ANC/29: Various Non-Conformist Records (anc.029)
ANC/2: Ciliau Aeron Unitarian Chapel (anc.002)
ANC/30: Bethel Baptist Chapel, Swyddffynnon (anc.030)
ANC/31: Welsh Baptist Capel Noddfa, Lampeter (anc.031)
ANC/32: Maenygroes Chapel, New Quay (anc.032)
ANC/34: Capel Brynrhiwgaled, Llanllwchaiarn (anc.034)
ANC/35: 'The Pastor's Ready Reference Record' (anc.035)
ANC/36: Capel Annibynnol Hawen, Rhydlewis (anc.036)
ANC/37: Capel y Garn, Bow Street (anc.037)
ANC/38: Capel Llwynpiod (anc.038)
ANC/3: Trewen Independent Chapel (anc.003)
ANC/41: Eglwys Saron, Saron, Llandysul (anc.041)
ANC/42: Eglwys Soar, Annibynnol, Llanbadarn Fawr (anc.042)
ANC/44; Ysgol Sul Bethesda Sunday School, Talybont (anc.044)
ANC/45: Capel Tabernacl Chapel, Aberystwyth (anc.045)
ANC/46: Capel Gwynfil, Llangeitho (anc.046)
ANC/47: Capel Madog, Methodistiaid Calfinaidd, yn Capel Madog (anc.047)
ANC/4: Capel y Bryn (anc.004)
ANC/50: Capel Tabernacl Chapel, Aberystwyth (anc.050)
ANC/51: Capel Tabernacl Chapel, Aberystwyth (anc.051)
ANC/54: Canmlwyddiant Wesleyaeth Cymru / Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Centenary  (anc.054)
ANC/55: Horeb, New Cross (anc.055)
ANC/56: â€˜Dr. Thomas Phillips, Neuaddlwyd: His Life and Work’ (anc.056)
ANC/57: Gwahoddiadau i ordeiniadau y Gweinidogion Anghydffurfiol  (anc.057)
ANC/58: Rhaglenni Cymanfeydd Canu a deunydd arall (anc.058)
ANC/59: Capel Aberffrwd, Cwm Rheidol (anc.059)
ANC/5: Non-Conformist Chapel Pamphlets (anc.005)
ANC/62: Capel Gwynfil, Llangeitho (anc.062)
ANC/63: Llyfrynnau Methodistiad Calfinaidd (anc.063)
ANC/64: Capel Bethlehem, Dihewyd (Annibynwyr) (anc.064)
ANC/65: Y Wern, Capel yr Annibynwyr, Gilfachreda (anc.065)
ANC/66: Particular Baptists of Siloam Chapel, Verwick (anc.066)
ANC/67: Cilgerran Chapel (anc.067)
ANC/68: Towyn Chapel, New Quay (anc.068)
ANC/69: Y Parchedig Carys Ann, B.A. (anc.069)
ANC/6: Welsh Congregational History Society (anc.006)
ANC/70: Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru Blaenplwyf (anc.070)
ANC/73 Cofrestri bedyddiadau capeli Cwmystwyth chapels baptisms registers (anc.73)
ANC/7: Non-Conformist Ephemera (anc.007)
ANC/80 Bethel Talybont (anc.080)
ANC/81 Capel Peniel Aberaeron (anc.081)
ANC/83 Capel Bethel Parcyrhos (anc.083)
ANC/84 Hanes Capel Blaenannerch (anc.084)
ANC/89 Llawlyfr Annibynwyr Cymraeg (anc.089)
ANC/8: Copies of Non-Conformist Registers held at TNA (anc.008)
ANC/9: Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Pontrhydfendigaid (anc.009)
ANR: Records of Aberaeron Rural District Council (anr.fonds)
ANU: Records of the Aberaeron Urban District Council (anu.fonds)
Aberaeron Urban District Records of the Secretary’s Department (
Aberaeron Rural District: Health Records (anr.he)
Aberaeron Rural District: Records of the Secretary’s Department (
Aberaeron Rural District: Records of the Surveyor’s Department (anr.hi)
Aberaeron Rural District: Records of the Treasurer’s Department (
Aberaeron Urban District: Records of the Sanitary Inspector (anu.he)
Aberaeron Urban District: Records of the Surveyor’s Department (anu.hi)
Aberaeron Urban District: Records of the Treasurer's Department (
Aberystwyth Rural District: Health Records (abr.he)
Aberystwyth Rural District: Records of Secretary’s Department (
Aberystwyth Rural District: Records of Surveyor’s Department (abr.hi)
Aberystwyth Rural District: Records of Treasurer’s Department (
BRA British Records Association Collections (bra.19)
Bick Collection (bick)
Borough of Aberystwyth Cemeteries (
Borough of Aberystwyth Treasurer’s Department (
Borough of Cardigan Treasurer's Department (
Borough of Lampeter Secretary (
Borough of Aberystwyth: Harbour Records and Registers (abm.ha)
Borough of Aberystwyth: Health Department (abm.he)
Borough of Aberystwyth: Highways Records (abm.hi)
Borough of Aberystwyth: Publicitiy Records (
Borough of Aberystwyth: Secretary’s Department (
Borough of Cardigan: Health Department (cdm.he)
Borough of Cardigan: Highways Department (cdm.hi)
Borough of Cardigan: Secretary's Department (
Borough of Cardigan: The Unreformed Borough (cdm.1_55)
CBG/V/1 7 Vaccination Registers (cbg.v)
CBG: Records of the Cardiganshire Board of Guardians (cbg.fonds)
CDC/A/11 Plan of Swyddfa'r Sir (cdc.a.11)
CDC/A/3 Plan of Bronant School (cdc.a.3)
CDC/A/4 Plan of St Dogmaels NP School (cdc.a.4)
CDC/A/5 Plans of Queens Hotel and Commins Coch School (cdc.a.5)
CDC/A/6 Aberayron County School and Llandyssul Intermediate School Plans (cdc.a.6)
CDC/A/7 Plans of Council owned Buildings (cdc.a.7)
CDC/A/8 Proposed extensions to County Hall Aberaeron (cdc.a.8)
CDC/A/9 Architect’s Department Photographs (cdc.a.9)
CDC/ED/1 Careers Advisory and Youth Employment Service Reports (cdc.ed.1)
CDC/ED/10 Records relating to Llanddeiniol School (cdc.ed.10)
CDC/ED/11 Yr Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth (cdc.ed.11)
CDC/ED/12 Cardiganshire Local Education Authority (cdc.ed.12)
CDC/ED/15 Language surveys for Cardiganshire (cdc.ed.15)
CDC/ED/16 ‘Teaching as a Career’ (cdc.ed.16)
CDC/ED/17 Yr Adastra (cdc.ed.17)
CDC/ED/18 Education Department Staffing Adverts (cdc.ed.18)
CDC/ED/19 ‘My Home Safety Book’ (cdc.ed.19)
CDC/ED/2 Highmead Residential School (cdc.ed.2)
CDC/ED/20 Educational Booklets (cdc.ed.20)
CDC/ED/21 Science and Art Committee (cdc.ed.21)
CDC/ED/22 Ysgol Cwmpadarn School (cdc.ed.22)
CDC/ED/23 Ardwyn School Yearbooks (cdc.ed.23)
CDC/ED/24 Ysgol Llanafan School (cdc.ed.24)
CDC/ED/25 Cardiganshire Education Committee Official Handbook (cdc.ed.25)
CDC/ED/26 Ardwyn School Aberystwyth deeds and documents (cdc.ed.26)
CDC/ED/27 Cardiganshire Elementary Schools Staffing Register (cdc.ed.27)
CDC/ED/28 Ysgol Llanddewi Aberarth school (cdc.ed.28)
CDC/ED/29 Cardiganshire Education Committee booklets (cdc.ed.29)
CDC/ED/3 Pwyllgor Addysg Ceredigion Education Committee (cdc.ed.3)
CDC/ED/30 Headteachers' questionnaires (cdc.ed.30)
CDC/ED/31 The Link Aberayron County School Magazine (cdc.ed.31)
CDC/ED/32 Ysgol Uwchradd Dinas Secondary School (cdc.ed.32)
CDC/ED/33 Exercise books of pupils from Llanon Board School (cdc.ed.33)
CDC/ED/34 Exercise book Llandysul School (cdc.ed.34)
CDC/ED/35 Records of Penmorfa School (cdc.ed.35)
CDC/ED/39 Establishing the Aberystwyth Comprehensive School (cdc.ed.39)
CDC/ED/4 Cardiganshire Education Committee Eleven Years (cdc.ed.4)
CDC/ED/40 Primary Education in Rural Areas (cdc.ed.40)
CDC/ED/41 Map of Cardiganshire schools (cdc.ed.41)
CDC/ED/42 Cardiganshire Education Committee Handbook (cdc.ed.42)
CDC/ED/48 Photograph of Cardigan County School pupils (cdc.ed.48)
CDC/ED/5 Education Reports and Photographs (cdc.ed.5)
CDC/ED/6 Register of Handicapped Children (cdc.ed.6)
CDC/ED/7 Records relating to Brynherbert School (cdc.ed.7)
CDC/ED/8 Cardiganshire Education Authority file (cdc.ed.8)
CDC/ED/9 Questionnaires on History of Schools and Distribution of Teachers (cdc.ed.9)
CDC/ED/VA Visual Aids Department (
CDC/FI Fire Service (
CDC/HI/1 Register of bridges and culverts (cdc.hi.1)
CDC/HI/2 Records of the Surveyor’s Department (cdc.hi.2)
CDC/HI/3 Plans and Compulsory Purchase Orders (cdc.hi.3)
CDC/HI/4 Ribbon Road Developments (cdc.hi.4)
CDC/HI/5 National Safe Driving Awards (cdc.hi.5)
CDC/HI/6 Letter about water on road (cdc.hi.6)
CDC/HI/8 Drainage Schemes and Plans Amended (cdc.hi.8)
CDC/LI Library Service (
CDC/LV Cardiganshire Local Valuation Panel (
CDC/ML Motor Licencing (
CDC/ML/1 Motor Licensing (
CDC/ML/2-5: Motor Licensing (
CDC/ML: Motor Licensing. (
CDC/MOH Cardiganshire Medical Officer of Health (moh.intro)
CDC/PL/1 Peterwell Estate Tree Preservation Dispute (
CDC/PL/10 Aberystwyth Leisure Centre (
CDC/PL/11 Building Plans (
CDC/PL/12 Maps of Aberaeron (
CDC/PL/13 Joint Planning Committee 'original plotting sheets' (
CDC/PL/15 Aberystwyth Traffic Planning Strategy (
CDC/PL/16 Planning map (
CDC/PL/2 Local Government Acts Orders and Schemes (
CDC/PL/3 Map of Cardiganshire (
CDC/PL/4 Files relating to Aberystwyth town planning (
CDC/PL/5 Map showing local authority boundaries and county council properties (
CDC/PL/6 Town and Country Planning Act 1947 Map of Cardiganshire (
CDC/PL/7 Planning Department maps of the County (
CDC/PL/8 Plan for the expansion of Aberystwyth 1972 (
CDC/PL/9 Development Plan for Aberystwyth 1951 (
CDC/R Registrar’s Department (cdc.r)
CDC/SE/1 Registers of Acceptances of Office (
CDC/SE/10 County of Cardigan list of Members Committees etc (
CDC/SE/11 Definitive Statements of Public Rights of Way (
CDC/SE/13 Probation Committee (
CDC/SE/14 Clerk’s Files (
CDC/SE/15 Clerk’s Office Staff Photograph (
CDC/SE/16 Guide to Local Government Reorganisation (
CDC/SE/17 Local Government Act 1972 Report of the Joint Committee (
CDC/SE/18 Standing Orders and Bye Laws (
CDC/SE/2 Maps and Plans (
CDC/SE/20 Bye Laws Relating to Employment of Children (
CDC/SE/21 Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Show 1967 (
CDC/SE/22 Cardiganshire and Aberystwyth Brochures (
CDC/SE/23 Canolfan Iechyd Aberteifi / Cardigan Health Centre (
CDC/SE/24 Cardiganshire County Council registers (
CDC/SE/25 Highways Committee Minutes (
CDC/SE/26 Rules Governing the Granting of Theatre Licences (
CDC/SE/27 Maps Cardiganshire Review Order 1934 (
CDC/SE/28 Llyfr Coffad Book of Remembrance (
CDC/SE/29 Bye laws 1930 (
CDC/SE/3 Minutes of Cardiganshire County Council (
CDC/SE/30 Standing Joint Committee Notices of Motion (
CDC/SE/31 Letter Books (Ye11ow Books) (
CDC/SE/32 Old Loan Sanctions (
CDC/SE/33 Local Taxation Licences (
CDC/SE/4 Council Seals (
CDC/SE/5 Smallholdings Minute Books (
CDC/SE/6 The Jubilee of County Councils (
CDC/SE/7 Wales Rural Development Board (
CDC/SE/8 Hydro Electric papers (
CDC/SE/9 Local Government Orders (
CDC/SS Social Services Department (
CDC/TR Treasurer's Department (
CDC/V/2 Cardiganshire Smallholdings (cdc.v.2)
CDC/V/3 Annual reports on smallholdings in England and Wales (cdc.v.3)
CDC/V/4 Cardiganshire County Council Smallholdings Committee (cdc.v.4)
CDC/V/5 Cardiganshire County Council District Valuer files (cdc.v.5)
CDC/WEL/2 Welfare Department Outdoor Relief Lists (cdc.wel.2)
CDC/WEL/LPI Welfare Department Lampeter Institution (cdc.wel.lpi)
CDC/WEL/TWI Welfare Department Welfare Institute (cdc.wel.twi.1)
CDD/MISC Ceredigion District Council miscellaneous (cdd.misc)
CDD/MUS Ceredigion District Council Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum (cdd.mus.4)
CDD/PL Ceredigion District Council Planning Department (
CDD/SE Ceredigion District Council Chief Executive’s Department (
CDD/SE Ceredigion District Council Chief Executive’s Department (
CDD/SE/CE Ceredigion District Council Cemeteries (
CDD/TS Ceredigion District Council Technical Services Department (cdd.ts.4)
CDM: Records of Cardigan Borough Council. (cdm.fonds)
CDR: Records of the Cardigan Rural District Council (cdr)
CN Editions of the Cambrian News (cn)
CSC Cyngor Sir Aberteifi / Cardiganshire County Council (csc.4)
CSC/CCST/1 Carers Magazine / Cylchgrawn y Gofalwyr (csc.ccst.1)
CSC/CE Ceredigion County Council The Chief Executive’s Department (csc.ce.cond)
CSC/CE/SM Ysbryd y Mwynwyr / Spirit of the Miners (
CSC/DCLS Ceredigion County Council Dept of Corporate and Legal Services (csc.dcls.6)
CSC/DCLS/CE/1 Ceredigion County Council Dept of Corporate and Legal Services (Cemeteries) (csc.dcls.ce.1)
CSC/DCLS/CE/2 Ceredigion County Council Dept of Corporate and Legal Services (Cemeteries) (csc.dcls.ce.2)
CSC/DCLS/CE/3 Ceredigion County Council Dept of Corporate and Legal Services (Cemeteries) (csc.dcls.ce.3)
CSC/DCLS/CE/4 Ceredigion County Council Dept of Corporate and Legal Services (Cemeteries) (csc.dcls.ce.4)
CSC/DCLS/T Ceredigion County Council Dept of Corporate and Legal Services (Tourism Section) (csc.dcls.t.6)
CSC/DECS/MUS Ceredigion County Council Dept of Education & Community Services Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum (csc.decs.mus.4)
CSC/DESH Ceredigion County Council Dept of Environmental Services and Housing (csc.desh.tcp.1)
CSC/DF Ceredigion County Council Finance Department (csc.df.2)
CSC/DF/HB Ceredigion County Council Finance Department Housing Benefit Section (csc.df.hb)
CSC/ED Ceredigion County Council Education (csc.ed.1)
CSC/ED Ceredigion County Council Education and Schools (csc.ed.25)
CSC/HES/1 Ailgylchu / Recycle Ceredigion (csc.hes.1)
CSC/LS/1 Dewisiadau Tai Ceredigion Housing Options (
CSC/PPT/1 Rising Cost of Living booklet (csc.ppt.1)
CSC/PRT/1 Future Uses in Council Offices Survey (csc.prt.1)
CSC/PSB/1 3 Local Wellbeing Assessment (csc.psb.1)
CSC/RO/11 Responses to EYA 2020 'Make us a Map' (
CSC/RO/13 Pounding the Beat / Mynd ar gyfeiliorn (
CSC/RO/2 Aberystwyth Official Guide & Souvenir reprint (
CSC/RO/6 Restaurant bill Casablanca Eastgate Aberystwyth (
CSC/TM/1 Ceredigion Tide Tables (
CSC/TM/2 Ceredigion Destination Management Plan (
CSC/TM/3 Tourist material for Ceredigion (
CSC/TM/4 Darganfod / Discover Ceredigion (
CSC/TM/5 The Pooka Chase (
CTA: Editions of the Cardigan and Tivy-Side Advertiser (cta)
CYC/1 Aberaeron County Court (cyc.1)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians Aberystwyth Union Additional (cbg.ab)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians Lampeter Union (cbg.373_921)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians Lampeter Union Additional (cbg.lp)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians Tregaron Union Additional (
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Aberaeron Union Additional (
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Aberayron Union (cbg.964_1091)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Aberystwyth Union (cbg.1092_1685)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Cardigan Union (cbg.1_270)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Cardigan Union Additional (
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Miscellaneous Items (cbg.mi)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Miscellaneous Printed Material (
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Newcastle Emlyn Union (cbg.271_372)
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Newcastle Emlyn Union Additional (
Cardiganshire Board of Guardians: Tregaron Union (cbg.922_963)
Cardiganshire Insurance Committee (Health) (sin)
Cardiganshire Local Medical Committe (lmc)
Cardiganshire Territorial and Auxiliary Forces Association (d.ta)
Cardiganshire Water Board (a.swa.1_4)
Casgliad Alun R. Edwards a Llyfrgell Ceredigion (are24)
Ceredigion Rural Council/ Cyngor Gwlad Ceredigion (d.cgc)
Charity Commissioners’ Records (t.cha)
Citizens Advice Bureau (
D/ATJ/MT St David's House 63 Marine Terrace Aberystwyth (
D/EIS Eisteddfod Collection (d.eis)
D/WHL/11: Swineshead Manor (d.whl.11)
D/WI Women’s Institute (d.wi.tlb)
D/WI/FEL Felinfach Women’s Institute (d.wi.fel)
D/WI/LAF Llanafan Women’s Institute (d.wi.laf)
D/WI/LGG Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn Women's Institute (d.wi.lgg)
D/WI/NQU New Quay Women’s Institute (d.wi.nqu)
D/WI/SWY Swyddffynnon Women’s Institute (d.wi.swy)
D/WI/WAU Waunfawr Women’s Institute (d.wi.wau)
DB/100 Aberclydan Brewery Llanon (db.100)
DB/101 Ceulan Mill Talybont (db.101)
DB/103 Cambrian Stores ('Siop Harriet') Llanddewi Brefi (db.103)
DB/106 Rhiannon catalogue (db.106)
DB/107 T & J Davies Gwelfor House Aberaeron (db.107)
DB/10: Cardigan Bay Fishing Co. (db.010)
DB/11: The Cambrian Railway Company (db.011)
DB/121 HH Jones Monumental Mason Tregaron (db.121)
DB/122 WW2 Ration Register (db.122)
DB/125 David Morgan builder of Cardigan (db.125)
DB/128 EE Jenkins builder (db.128)
DB/129 General stores ledger (db.129)
DB/12: Jenkins Hairdressers, Cardigan (db.012)
DB/130 Roberts Brewery (db.130)
DB/13: Railway Companies (db.013)
DB/15: Cilcennin Woollen Factory (db.015)
DB/17: Penpwll farm, Rhydlewis & Penrallt farm, Llangrannog (db.017)
DB/18: D.E. Jones, Pharmacist, Northgate Street, Aberystwyth. (db.018)
DB/19: Pwll Roman and Bryn Arian Silver Lead Mines (db.019)
DB/1: Glyn Davies, Builder (db.001)
DB/20: Llanwnen Post Office (db.020)
DB/22: David Davies, Smith, Aberayron (db.022)
DB/24: John Edwards & Son, Decorators, Aberystwyth (db.024)
DB/25: B. Taylor-Lloyd, Chemists of Aberystwyth (db.025)
DB/26: Thomas Evans, General Store (db.026)
DB/27: James Lewis, Plasterer (db.027)
DB/29: Roderick Evans, Chemist and Grocer, Lampeter (db.029)
DB/30: Unidentified Business, Llandysul (db.030)
DB/31: W. Morgan Davies? (db.031)
DB/32: Leri Stores, Talybont (db.032)
DB/33: John Jones, Grocer, Aberystwyth (db.033)
DB/34: Post Office Tea Rooms, Devil’s Bridge (db.034)
DB/35: Frongoch Mining Company (db.035)
DB/36: Davies Bros., Chemists of Lampeter (db.036)
DB/37: Lletty Evan Hen farm (db.037)
DB/38: James Jones & Son, later David Aeron Rees, Blacksmiths, Llanarth  (db.038)
DB/3: Bridge End Foundry Co. Ltd. (db.003)
DB/40 Railway Records (db.040.09)
DB/41: Owen Thomas (db.041)
DB/42: Aberystwyth Post Office (db.042)
DB/44: Blaen Caelan (Mining) Company Ltd.  (db.044)
DB/46: Evan Timothy, Merchant, New Quay (db.046)
DB/47: J.T. Harries, Post Office, Llanwnen, Lampeter (db.047)
DB/48: Jones’ Carpenters, Brynhill, Penrhiwllan (db.048)
DB/51: Joseph Thomas, Animal Dealer, Lampeter (db.051)
DB/53: The Welsh Cellar Delicatessen, Aberystwyth (db.053)
DB/54: Edward Evans, Tailor, Ffospilcorn, Llanrhystud (db.054)
DB/56 Cambrian Railways Vale of Rheidol Light Railway (db.056)
DB/57: Unidentified General Practitioner, Aberystwyth (db.057)
DB/58: Aberystwyth Electricity Supply (db.058)
DB/59: T.W.G. Evans, Tobacconist, Aberystwyth (db.059)
DB/5: G.W.R. Manchester and Milford Railway plans, Carmarthen to Aberystwyth line. (db.005)
DB/60: R. G. Daniel and Partners, Auctioneers (db.060)
DB/61: Dr. Eric Evans, Llanybydder (db.061)
DB/63: Biological Supply Agency, Rhydyfelin (db.063)
DB/64: Aberystwyth Fairtrade Directory (db.064)
DB/66: Marine Terrace Residences (db.066)
DB/67: Estate Agents Property Guides (db.067)
DB/68: D.H. & T. Evans & Sons, The Stores, Pontsia^n (db.068)
DB/6: J.P. Baillie and the Cardigan Engineering Company (db.006)
DB/70 Half Moon Snack Bar Aberystwyth (db.070)
DB/71: Curig Guest House, South Road, Aberystwyth (db.071)
DB/72: John Roberts, Draper, Manchester House, Aberayron (db.072)
DB/73: Aberayron Steam Packet Company (db.073)
DB/79: Ieuan John Luke, Solicitor, & Alun Howells, Solicitor (db.079)
DB/7: Cambrian News (db.007)
DB/81: SSE Renewables (formerly Airtricity) (db.081)
DB/82: Statkraft, Rheidol Hydro-Electric Scheme (db.082)
DB/83: Wm. Pugh and Co., Bootmakers, Aberystwyth (db.083)
DB/84: Evan John Davies, Derlwyn Smithy, Capel Dewi (db.084)
DB/85: J.R. Jones, Grocer, Aberystwyth (db.085)
DB/86: John James Jones, Ladies' Costumier & Gentlemen's Tailor, Llanon  (db.086)
DB/88: The Aberystwyth Steam Laundry Ltd. (db.088)
DB/8: Mark Lane Stores, Lampeter (db.008)
DB/90: Childminder's Register (db.090)
DB/93: Belle Vue Hotel, Aberystwyth (db.093)
DB/94: B.J. Jones of Lampeter (db.094)
DB/96 New Quay Harbour Company (db.96.03)
DB/97 Gwesty Cymru (db.97)
DB/98 Nanteos Mansion (db.98)
DB/99 Padarn Surgery booklet (db.99)
DIR Telephone Directories (dir)
DSO/100 Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society (dso.100)
DSO/103 Cymdeithas Cymuned Llanddeiniol Community Association (dso.103)
DSO/104 Pentir Pumlumon (dso.104)
DSO/105: Holy Trinity Church Mothers’ Union (dso.105)
DSO/106: Ardwyn Parent-Teacher Association (dso.106)
DSO/107: Aberystwyth Education Campaign (dso.107)
DSO/108: Aberystwyth Orchestral Society (dso.108)
DSO/109: Llanfarian and District Horticultural Show (dso.109)
DSO/10: West Wales Naturalists' Trust & Dyfed Wildlife Trust (dso.010)
DSO/110: Merched Ystwyth (dso.110)
DSO/111: Aberystwyth Golf Club (dso.111)
DSO/112 Greener Aberystwyth Group (dso.112)
DSO/114: Clwb Golff Borth & Ynyslas Golf Club (dso.114)
DSO/119: Teifi Valley & District Citizens' Band Radio Club (dso.119)
DSO/120: Llanilar Community Development Association (dso.120)
DSO/124: Royal British Legion, Aberystwyth Branch (dso.124)
DSO/125: Aberystwyth Bowling Club (dso.125)
DSO/126: Rhydlewis and District Agricultural Society (dso.126)
DSO/127: Aberystwyth Ramblers Association (dso.127)
DSO/129: Aberystwyth and District Canine Society (dso.129)
DSO/12: Electrical Association of Women (dso.012)
DSO/130: South Wales Regional Council for County Council Roadmen (dso.130)
DSO/132: Greenpeace UK (dso.132)
DSO/135: Aberystwyth and District Telecommunications Advisory Committee  (dso.135)
DSO/137 Aberystwyth Camera Club (dso.137)
DSO/138 Cambrian Tyres Aberystwyth League (dso.138)
DSO/13: Records of the Sixty Club, Aberystwyth (dso.013)
DSO/140 MAFF Aberystwyth cricket scoring books (dso.140)
DSO/142 Pwyllgor Cofeb i Feirdd y Mynydd Bach (dso.142)
DSO/147 Taith Celf Ceredigion Arts Trail (dso.147)
DSO/14: Aberystwyth Sea Angling and Yachting Club & the Aberystwyth Rowing and Boat Club. (dso.014)
DSO/150 Save Our Sea / Achubwch Ein Mor (dso.150)
DSO/152 Aberystwyth and District Cage Bird Society (dso.152)
DSO/156 Cardiganshire Constituency Labour Party (dso.156)
DSO/159 Bronglais General Hospital (dso.159)
DSO/15: Aberystwyth Silver Band (dso.015)
DSO/162 NALGO chain of office (dso.162)
DSO/165 Cambrian Archaeological Association (dso.165)
DSO/168 Cymdeithas Gyfeillgar Newydd Llannon (dso.168)
DSO/16: Aberystwyth and District Probus Club (dso.016)
DSO/175 Football Association of Wales (dso.175)
DSO/178 Sioe Pontrhydfendigaid Show (dso.178)
DSO/179 Sioe Llangeitho Show (dso.179)
DSO/17: The Girl Guides Association. (dso.017)
DSO/180 Cardiganshire Art Society (dso.180)
DSO/181 Cats Protection Aberystwyth (dso.181)
DSO/182 Treialon cwn defaid Penuwch sheep dog trials (dso.182)
DSO/183 Clwb Merched Prifysgol Aberystwyth University Women's Club (dso.183)
DSO/186 Aberystwyth U3A (dso.186)
DSO/187 Hanes Ty ar y Mynydd / The Story of a House on a Hill (dso.187)
DSO/188 Archif Menywod Cymru / Women's Archive Wales (dso.188)
DSO/190 Cymdeithas Bowlio Merched Ceredigion Ladies Bowling Association (dso.190)
DSO/194 Dramatic society minutes (dso.194)
DSO/197 Plaid Cymru Cangen y Faenor (dso.197)
DSO/1: Cardiganshire Rural Council (dso.001)
DSO/20: Penparcau Youth Club (dso.020)
DSO/21: Vale of Rheidol Railway Supporters’ Association (dso.021)
DSO/22: Llanon Anglo-Welsh Society (dso.022)
DSO/23: League of Friends of Aberystwyth Hospital (dso.023)
DSO/24: Capel Bangor â€œSion a Sian” Club (dso.024)
DSO/25: Penrhyncoch Retired Group (dso.025)
DSO/26: Llanarth Village Hall (dso.026)
DSO/27: Llangeitho Parish (dso.027)
DSO/28: Lampeter Agricultural Society (dso.028)
DSO/2: Boy Scouts Association (dso.002)
DSO/2: Welsh Agricultural Organization Society (dso.003)
DSO/31: Peniel Chapel Literary Society (dso.031)
DSO/32: Llanafan Women’s Voluntary Service (dso.032)
DSO/34: Merched y Wawr,  (dso.034)
DSO/35: Remembrance Committee for the late Rev. T. Gwilym Evans (dso.035)
DSO/37: Aberystwyth One World Week Organisation (dso.037)
DSO/38: Aberystwyth and District Film Society (dso.038)
DSO/40: The Llanerchaeron Volunteers (dso.040)
DSO/41: Aberystwyth Choral Society (dso.041)
DSO/43: Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin/ Nursery Schools Movement (dso.043)
DSO/44 Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Tregaron a'r Cylch (dso.044)
DSO/45 Ymddiriedolaeth Ystrad Fflur / Strata Florida Trust (dso.045)
DSO/47: Royal Welsh Agricultural Society (dso.047)
DSO/48: Vale of Tivy Agricultural Society Limited (dso.048)
DSO/49: Age Concern Ceredigion (dso.049)
DSO/4: British Red Cross Society (dso.004)
DSO/50: Llangrannog Area Nursing Assocation (dso.050)
DSO/51 Sioe Talybont Show (dso.051)
DSO/54 Cardiganshire Horticultural Society (dso.054)
DSO/55: Aberystwyth Co-operative Society (dso.055)
DSO/56: Communities First (dso.056)
DSO/57: Ymlaen Ceredigion / Forward Ceredigion (dso.057)
DSO/58: Cardigan County Agricultural Show (dso.058)
DSO/59: Aberystwyth and District. Agricultural and Horticultural Society  (dso.059)
DSO/5: Girls' Friendly Society (dso.005)
DSO/63 Friends of Ceredigion Museum (dso.063)
DSO/66: Welsh Mines Preservation Trust (dso.066)
DSO/67: Cymdeithas Ystrad Meurig a'r Cylch / Ystrad Meurig and District Association  (dso.067)
DSO/68: Aberystwyth Trades Council (dso.068)
DSO/69: Aberystwyth and District Agricultural Society (dso.069)
DSO/6: Cardiganshire Association for the Blind (dso.006)
DSO/70: Ceredigion Historical Society (dso.070)
DSO/71: Orllwyn Teifi Old People's Welfare Committee (dso.071)
DSO/72: Orllwyn (Henllan) Dramatic Company (dso.072)
DSO/73: Inner Wheel Club of Aberystwyth (dso.073)
DSO/74: â€˜Fforma’ and â€˜Aberystwyth Printmakers’ (dso.074)
DSO/75: Action Group against Aberaeron Industrial Sewage works (dso.075)
DSO/76: Radio Bronglais (dso.076)
DSO/77: Trefeurig School Development Group (dso.077)
DSO/78: Pwyllgor Dathlu Cadair Huw Meirion  (dso.078)
DSO/79: Urdd Gobaith Cymru (dso.079)
DSO/7: Aberystwyth Civil Servants Housing Committee (dso.007)
DSO/80 Unison Trade Union Ceredigion Branch (dso.080)
DSO/81: Cefnmelindwr Housing Association (dso.081)
DSO/82: NSPCC, Capel Bangor Branch (dso.082)
DSO/83: Parc Nature Penglais (dso.083)
DSO/84: Cae Melyn House Watch (dso.084)
DSO/85: Central Wales RIGS Group (dso.085)
DSO/86: Mid Wales Industrial Development Association (dso.086)
DSO/87: Grwp Cymunedol Blaenplwyf Community Group (dso.087)
DSO/88: Sioe Arddwriaethol Llanbadarn Fawr Horticultural Show (dso.088)
DSO/89: The Cardigan Society of London (dso.089)
DSO/8: M.L. Small Bore Rifle Club (dso.008)
DSO/90: Rhydlewis Village Hall Committee (dso.090)
DSO/91 Capel Bangor and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society (dso.091)
DSO/92 Penrhyncoch Horticultural Show (dso.092)
DSO/93: 1st Battalion Cardiganshire Home Guard (dso.093)
DSO/94: Llanfarian War Memorial Committee (dso.094)
DSO/95: Llanilar Angling Association (dso.095)
DSO/96: Welsh Mines Preservation Trust (dso.096)
DSO/97: St. John's Ambulance Women's Section, Aberystwyth Branch (dso.097)
DSO/98: Aberystwyth Town FC (dso.098)
DSO/99: Aberystwyth, Llanbadarn and District Nursing Association (dso.099)
DSO/9: Friends of Hafod (dso.009)
DSO148 Edward Richards Grammar School Ystrad Meurig (dso.148)
DV: District Valuation Records (dv)
DYC/A/1 Council Architect's Department Files (dyc.a.1)
DYC/A/3 Aberaeron Fire Station Drill Towers (dyc.a.3)
DYC/A/4 Plans Aberystwyth and Cardigan Library (dyc.a.4)
DYC/CC County Councillors (
DYC/CS/2 Cultural Programme 1978/9 (dyc.cs.2)
DYC/CS/4 Cultural Services Correspondence Files (dyc.cs.4)
DYC/CS/5 Local History in Ceredigion Newsletters (dyc.cs.5)
DYC/ECD Economic Development Unit (dyc.ecd)
DYC/ED/1 Documents concerning the Cellan School House (dyc.ed.1)
DYC/ED/10 Ysgol Uwchradd Tregaron (dyc.ed.10)
DYC/ED/12 Ysgol Cross Inn (Llansantffraed) (dyc.ed.12)
DYC/ED/13 The Administration of the Education Service c 1973 1974 (dyc.ed.13)
DYC/ED/14 ‘Adroddiad Swyddog Cymunedol Theatr Felin fach’ (dyc.ed.14)
DYC/ED/15 Ysgol Gynradd Lledrod (dyc.ed.15)
DYC/ED/16 Rules of Management of County Schools (dyc.ed.16)
DYC/ED/17 Ysgol Gynradd Llandysul Primary School (dyc.ed.17)
DYC/ED/18 Y Ddolen / The Link the Aberaeron School magazine (dyc.ed.18)
DYC/ED/2 School Administrative Papers (dyc.ed.2)
DYC/ED/20 Aberaeron Community Comprehensive School (dyc.ed.20)
DYC/ED/21 Ysgol y Ferwig School (dyc.ed.21)
DYC/ED/22 Ysgol Trefeurig School (dyc.ed.22)
DYC/ED/23 Ysgol Tregroes School (dyc.ed.23)
DYC/ED/24 Adroddiad Drama a Theatr yn Ysgolion Uwchradd Ceredigion (dyc.ed.24)
DYC/ED/25 Ysgol Gynradd Blaenau Gorsgoch Primary School (dyc.ed.25)
DYC/ED/26 Ysgol Cwrtnewydd School (dyc.ed.26)
DYC/ED/27 Ysgol Adpar & Ysgol y Ddwylan Newcastle Emlyn (dyc.ed.27)
DYC/ED/29 School Inspection reports etc (dyc.ed.29)
DYC/ED/3 Borth Primary School (dyc.ed.3)
DYC/ED/31 Penglais School (dyc.ed.31)
DYC/ED/33 Reports on Welsh language in schools (dyc.ed.33)
DYC/ED/34 Management of Education in Dyfed Schools (dyc.ed.34)
DYC/ED/35 Addysg yr Amgylchedd Llawlyfr Ymarferol (dyc.ed.35)
DYC/ED/36 Ceredigion Bro'r Dysgwyr (dyc.ed.36)
DYC/ED/37 Hanes Ysgol Llandysul School History (dyc.ed.37)
DYC/ED/4 Ceredigion School Brochures (dyc.ed.4)
DYC/ED/5 School Statistics 1976 1979 (dyc.ed.5)
DYC/ED/6 Education Reports Surveys and Booklets (dyc.ed.6)
DYC/ED/7 Language surveys for Dyfed (dyc.ed.7)
DYC/ED/8 Highmead School Inspection Report (dyc.ed.8)
DYC/ED/9 Education Reports (dyc.ed.9)
DYC/HI/1 Aberystwyth Traffic Management Scheme (dyc.hi.1)
DYC/HI/2 Transport Policies and Programme (dyc.hi.2)
DYC/HI/3 Photographs of locations in Ceredigion (dyc.hi.3)
DYC/HI/4 Motor Rallies in Cardiganshire (dyc.hi.4)
DYC/HI/5 Transport Policy Consultation Document (dyc.hi.5)
DYC/IO/1 Annual Report 1980 1981 (
DYC/IO/2 Posters advertising 'The Year of the Castle' (
DYC/IO/3 Annual Report 1983 1984 (
DYC/IO/4 The Centenary of County Councils (
DYC/IO/5 Dyfed County Council Information Unit material (
DYC/IO/6 Dyfed County Guides (
DYC/IO/7 Dyfed County Council Coat of Arms leaflets (
DYC/LI Library Service (
DYC/PL/1 Dyfed County Structure Plans (
DYC/PL/10 Rewiring of Swyddfa'r Sir (
DYC/PL/11 Public Rights of Way Maps (
DYC/PL/2 1981 Census Statistics (
DYC/PL/3 Dyfed County Council’s ‘EEC Bulletin’ (
DYC/PL/4 1991 Census Statistics (
DYC/PL/6 Common Land Maps (
DYC/PL/7 Aberystwyth Development Plans (
DYC/PL/8 King's Hall Development Plans (
DYC/PL/9 Development of New Quay Harbour (
DYC/PM Personnel and Management Services (
DYC/RO/1 Dyfed Archives Service Newsletters (
DYC/RO/10 Local History in Ceredigion newsletters (
DYC/RO/11 Cardiganshire Area Record Office (
DYC/RO/12 Dyfed Archives Annual Reports (
DYC/RO/3 Letters from pupils of Llangynfelyn School (
DYC/RO/5 Ceredigion Record Office Administrative material (
DYC/RO/6 Dyfed Archives Modern Records Procedure (
DYC/RO/7 Western Mail cuttings (
DYC/RO/8 Correspondence with Mr Benjamin (
DYC/RO/9 Record Office Manual 1982 (
DYC/SE/1 Administrative Boundary Maps (
DYC/SE/2 Standing Orders (
DYC/SE/4 Health and Safety at Work Policy (
DYC/SE/5 Arfbais Cyngor Sir Dyfed County Council Coat of Arms (
DYC/SE/6 The Dyfed Registration Scheme (
DYC/SE/7 County and Parliamentary Boundaries (
DYC/TR/1 Council Finance Reports (
DYC/TR/2 Dyfed County Finance 1976 77 (
DYC/WAC Welsh Agricultural College (dyc.wac)
District Valuations: Finance Act Maps 1910 (tdv.maps)
Dyfed Family History Society - DFHS/1-7 (dfhs)
EC/1 Parish Magazines (ec.01)
EC/10 Clergy induction at Llangorwen (ec.10)
EC/11 Esgobaeth Tyddewi / St Davids Diocese (ec.11)
EC/8 Clergy Study Circle (ec.08)
ER: Cardiganshire/Ceredigion Registers of Electors (er)
Electoral Registers items in other collections (er0_1)
Emrys R D Prosser Collection (prob3)
Emrys R D Prosser Collection (prok)
Enclosure Acts: Llanddewi Brefi (enc.1)
Estate Records Hafod Uchtryd Estate Series E (1301e)
Estate Records: Hafod Uchtryd Estate (1301series)
Estate Records: Hafod Uchtryd Estate, Series A (1301a)
Estate Records: Hafod Uchtryd Estate, Series B (1301b)
Estate Records: Hafod Uchtryd Estate, Series C (1301c)
Estate Records: Hafod Uchtryd Estate, Series D (1301d)
Estate Records: Hafod Uchtryd Estate, Series F (1301f)
Estate Records: Hafod Uchtryd Estate, Series G (1301g)
Estate Records: Neuadd Trefawr (neuadd.trefawr)
Friends of Hafod Collection (fohseries)
GP The Glynne Pickford Collection (gpintro)
GP/1 The Glynne Pickford Collection Photos of Aberystwyth (gp01)
GP/2 The Glynne Pickford Collection Other photographs (gp02)
Gomer M Roberts Collection (d.gmr)
HP Hafod Press (hp)
HT Holy Trinity Church Aberystwyth (ht)
Health Authority Records (mwha.dha)
Hext Lewes Collection (d.hl)
Highways Boards (hb)
Hospital Records (t.hos)
Hywel Watkins, Dinas School Collection (hw_00)
Hywel Watkins, Dinas School Collection: Dinas Series (hw_01)
Hywel Watkins, Dinas School Collection: Education in Wales (hw_02)
Hywel Watkins, Dinas School Collection: Ministry of Education Series (hw_03)
Hywel Watkins, Dinas School Collection: Miscellaneous (hw_04)
King's Hall Aberystwyth (
LLR: Records of the Llandyssul Rural District Council (llr)
LPM: Records of the Borough of lampeter (lpm.fonds)
LPR: Records of the Lampeter Rural District Council (lpr)
Lampeter Rural District: index to LPR/SE/1 (
Local Optical Committee (loc)
Merched y Wawr Cangen Melindwr (dso.033.16)
Minor Deposits - ADX 420 - Teifiside RDC papers etc. (adx-420_1)
NCU: Records of the Newcastle Emlyn Urban District Council (ncu)
NQT/1 New Quay Town Council / Cyngor Tref Ceinewydd (nqt.01)
NQU: Records of the New Quay Urban District Council (nqu)
National Union of Teachers (d.nut)
Orllwyn Teifi CC Cyngor Cymuned Orllwyn Teifi Community Council (pcc.orllwyn_teifi_pc)
Other Newspapers (other_newspapers)
PE Records of the Priory Estate and the Miles Family (pe.1)
PE: Records of the Priory Estate and the Miles Family. (pe.2)
PG Records of the Pigeonsford Estate (pg.fonds)
PG/1/1: Pigeonsford Estate (pg.1.1)
PG/1/2-7: Pigeonsford Estate (pg.1.2_7)
PG/2: Pigeonsford Estate (pg.2)
PG/3: Pigeonsford Estate (pg.3)
PG/4-5: Pigeonsford Estate (pg.4_5)
POL: Police Authority (pol)
Parish Registers Aberaeron (pr.abe)
Parish Registers Brongwyn (pr.brg)
Parish Registers Capel Cynon (pr.ccy)
Parish Registers Henllan (pr.hen)
Parish Registers Llanbedr Pont Steffan (Lampeter) (pr.lam)
Parish Registers Llandysul (pr.ldy)
Parish Registers Llangrannog (pr.lgr)
Parish Registers Nancwnlle (pr.nan)
Parish Registers Trefilan (pr.tre)
Parish and Community Councils Ceulanamaesmawr PC & CC (
Parish and Community Councils Llangwyryfon Parish Council (pcc.llangwyryfon_pc)
Parish and Community Councils; Llansantffraed Parish and Community Councils (
Parish Registers, Aberporth (pr.abp)
Parish Registers, Aberystwyth Holy Trinity (pr.aht)
Parish Registers, Aberystwyth St. Anne’s (pr.asa)
Parish Registers, Aberystwyth St. Mary’s (pr.ama)
Parish Registers, Aberystwyth St. Michael’s (pr.asm)
Parish Registers, Bangor Teifi (pr.bat)
Parish Registers, Betws Bledrws (pr.beb)
Parish Registers, Betws Ifan (pr.bei)
Parish Registers, Betws Leucu (pr.bel)
Parish Registers, Blaenpennal (pr.bpl)
Parish Registers, Blaenporth (pr.blp)
Parish Registers, Borth St. Matthew’s (pr.bor)
Parish Registers, Capel Bangor (
Parish Registers, Capel Dewi (pr.cde)
Parish Registers, Cardigan St. Mary (pr.csm)
Parish Registers, Cellan (pr.cel)
Parish Registers, Cilcennin (pr.cil)
Parish Registers, Ciliau Aeron (pr.can)
Parish Registers, Dihewyd (pr.dih)
Parish Registers, Eglwys Newydd (pr.egn)
Parish Registers, Eglwys-Fach (pr.egf)
Parish Registers, Elerch (pr.ele)
Parish Registers, Ferwig (Verwick) (pr.fer)
Parish Registers, Gartheli (pr.gar)
Parish Registers, Gwnnws (pr.gwn)
Parish Registers, Henfynyw (pr.hfw)
Parish Registers, Llanafan (pr.lan)
Parish Registers, Llanarth with Llanina (pr.lwl)
Parish Registers, Llanbadarn Fawr (pr.lbf)
Parish Registers, Llanbadarn Odwyn (pr.lbo)
Parish Registers, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (pr.lte)
Parish Registers, Llanddeiniol (pr.ldl)
Parish Registers, Llanddewi Aberarth (pr.lda)
Parish Registers, Llanddewi Breifi (pr.ldb)
Parish Registers, Llandyfriog (pr.ldf)
Parish Registers, Llandygwydd (pr.ldg)
Parish Registers, Llandysiliogogo (pr.ldo)
Parish Registers, Llanerchaeron (pr.lae)
Parish Registers, Llanfair Clydogau (pr.lfc)
Parish Registers, Llanfair Orllwyn (pr.lfo)
Parish Registers, Llanfihangel Genau’r Glyn (pr.lgg)
Parish Registers, Llanfihangel Y Creuddyn (pr.lyc)
Parish Registers, Llanfihangel Ystrad (pr.lfy)
Parish Registers, Llangeitho (pr.lgo)
Parish Registers, Llangoedmor (pr.lgm)
Parish Registers, Llangorwen (Clarach) (pr.lgw)
Parish Registers, Llangwyryfon (pr.lgf)
Parish Registers, Llangybi (pr.lgi)
Parish Registers, Llangynfelin (pr.lgn)
Parish Registers, Llangynllo (pr.lgl)
Parish Registers, Llanilar (pr.lir)
Parish Registers, Llanllwchaearn (pr.llh)
Parish Registers, Llanrhystud (pr.lrh)
Parish Registers, Llansantffraid (pr.lsf)
Parish Registers, Llantrisant (pr.lnt)
Parish Registers, Llanwenog (pr.lwg)
Parish Registers, Llanwnen (pr.lwn)
Parish Registers, Llanychaiarn (Llanychaearn) (pr.lcn)
Parish Registers, Llechryd (pr.lle)
Parish Registers, Lledrod (pr.ldd)
Parish Registers, Mwnt (pr.mwn)
Parish Registers, Myrdroilyn (pr.myd)
Parish Registers, Penbryn (pr.pen)
Parish Registers, Penrhyncoch (pr.prc)
Parish Registers, Rhostie (pr.rho)
Parish Registers, Silian (pr.sil)
Parish Registers, Talgarreg (pr.tlg)
Parish Registers, Tregaron (pr.tgn)
Parish Registers, Tremain (pr.tmn)
Parish Registers, Troedyraur (pr.tya)
Parish Registers, Ysbyty Cynfyn (pr.ycn)
Parish Registers, Ysbyty Ystwyth (pr.ysb)
Parish Registers, Ystrad Fflur (Strata Florida) (pr.ysf)
Parish Registers, Ystrad Meurig (pr.ysm)
Parish and Community Councils: Aberporth Community Council (pcc.aberporth_cc)
Parish and Community Councils: Aberporth Parish Council (pcc.aberporth_pc)
Parish and Community Councils: Blaenpennal PC & CC (
Parish and Community Councils: Bleanporth Parish Council (pcc.blaenporth_pc)
Parish and Community Councils: Brongwyn Community Council (pcc.brongwyn_cc)
Parish and Community Councils: Caron Lower Parish and Community Council (
Parish and Community Councils: Ciliau Aeron Parish Council (pcc.ciliau_aeron_pc)
Parish and Community Councils: Dyffryn Arth Community Council (pcc.dyffryn_arth_cc)
Parish and Community Councils: Gwnnws Upper & Caron Upper Parish Council (pcc.gwnnws_upper_pc)
Parish and Community Councils: Llanddewi Aberarth PC & CC (
Parish and Community Councils: Llanddewi Brefi Community Council (pcc.llanddewi_brefi_cc)
Parish and Community Councils: Llandyfriog Community Council (pcc.llandyfriog_cc)
Parish and Community Councils: Llandyssul Parish Council (pcc.llandyssul_pc)
Parish and Community Councils: Llangorwen PC & CC (
Parish and Community Councils: Llangybi Parish and Community Council (
Parish and Community Councils: Llanllwchaiarn PC & CC (
Parish and Community Councils: Llanrhystud Community Council (pcc.llanrhystud_cc)
Parish and Community Councils: Llanwenog Parish and Community Council (
Parish and Community Councils: Lledrod Lower PC & CC and Lledrod CC (pcc.lledrod_lledrod_lower_cc)
Parish and Community Councils: Parcel Canol Parish and Community Council. (
Parish and Community Councils: Penbryn Parish and Community Council (
Parish and Community Councils: Troedyraur and Llangunllo PC and CC (
Parish and Community Councils: Tyrymynach PC & CC (
Parish and Community Councils: Ysgubor y Coed Parish and Community Council (
Parish and community Councils: Llanbadarn Trefeglwys PC & CC (
Parochial Records Aberystwyth Saint Michael and All Angels (cpr.astm)
Parochial Records Llanddeiniol (cpr.ldl)
Parochial Records Llanddewi Aberarth (cpr.lda)
Parochial Records St David's Talybont (cpr.tlb)
Parochial Records Trefilan (cpr.tre)
Parochial Records, Aberaeron (Aberayron) (cpr.abe)
Parochial Records, Aberystwyth (cpr.asm)
Parochial Records, Aberystwyth Poor Law (
Parochial Records, Capel Bangor  (
Parochial Records, Capel Cynon and Talgarreg  (cpr.cap)
Parochial Records, Cilcennin (cpr.cil)
Parochial Records, Ciliau Aeron (Ayron)  (cpr.can)
Parochial Records, Dihewyd (cpr.dih)
Parochial Records, Eglwys Newydd (Hafod) (cpr.egn)
Parochial Records, Eglwysfach (cpr.egf)
Parochial Records, Elerch (cpr.ele)
Parochial Records, Gwnnws (Llanwnnws) (cpr.gwn)
Parochial Records, Henfynyw (cpr.hfw)
Parochial Records, Llanafan (cpr.lan)
Parochial Records, Llanarth with Llanina (cpr.lwl)
Parochial Records, Llanbadarn Fawr (cpr.lbf)
Parochial Records, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (cpr.lte)
Parochial Records, Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn Issa (cpr.lci)
Parochial Records, Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn Uchaf (cpr.lcu)
Parochial Records, Llandysiliogogo (cpr.ldo)
Parochial Records, Llanerchaeron (cpr.lae)
Parochial Records, Llanfihangel Genau’r Glyn (cpr.lgg)
Parochial Records, Llanfihangel Y Creuddyn (cpr.lyc)
Parochial Records, Llanfihangel Ystrad (cpr.lfy)
Parochial Records, Llangorwen (cpr.lgw)
Parochial Records, Llangrannog (cpr.lgr)
Parochial Records, Llangwyryfon (cpr.lgf)
Parochial Records, Llangynfelyn (cpr.lgn)
Parochial Records, Llanilar (cpr.lir)
Parochial Records, Llanina (cpr.lia)
Parochial Records, Llanllwchaearn (cpr.llh)
Parochial Records, Llanrhystud (cpr.lrh)
Parochial Records, Llansanffraid (cpr.lsf)
Parochial Records, Llantrisant (cpr.lnt)
Parochial Records, Llanychaiarn (cpr.lcn)
Parochial Records, Lledrod (cpr.ldd)
Parochial Records, Mydroilyn (cpr.myd)
Parochial Records, Nancwnlle (cpr.nan)
Parochial Records, Penbryn (cpr.pen)
Parochial Records, Penrhyncoch (cpr.prc)
Parochial Records, Rhostie (cpr.rho)
Parochial Records, Saint Alban's, Tyglyn (cpr.sat)
Parochial Records, St. Silin’s, Cribyn (cpr.cri)
Parochial Records, Ysbyty Ystwyth (cpr.ysb)
Passmore Collection (passmore)
Programmes for theatrical performances and other events in Aberystwyth (adx.1215)
QS Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions (qs.00.intro)
QS/A Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Appeals Committee (qs.07.a)
QS/CS Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Committals for Sentence (qs.08.cs)
QS/E Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Enclosure (qs.05.e)
QS/J Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Jurors Lists (qs.06.j)
QS/L Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Licensing Committee (qs.02.l)
QS/Misc Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Miscellaneous (qs.10.misc)
QS/OB Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Order Books (qs.01.ob)
QS/RX Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Freeholders (qs.04.rx)
QS/T Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions County Treasurer (qs.03.t)
QS/TP Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions Trials of Prisoners (
RE Roberts & Evans Papers relating to Public Institutions (re.fonds)
RE/P Roberts & Evans Papers relating to Public Institutions (re.pq)
Research Aircraft Establishment: Aberporth (rae.aberporth)
Rhydlewis Nursing Association (
Rural Sanitary Authorities (rsa)
School Records: School boards (schools-x_1)
Shipping Registers Index (at.ship.12.index)
Shipping Records (tsr)
Shipping Records: Customs and Excise Office (ce.abm)
Shipping Registers  (at.ship)
Shipping Registers Index (at.ship.13.index)
Shipping Registers Index - related documents (at.ship.3.index.addl)
Soliciters Deposits: Peake & Co., The Touchet Davies Trust (d.pco)
Solicitors Deposits Alun Thomas & John Aberystwyth (d.atj)
Solicitors Deposits - Amphlett Lewis and Evans (d-al_1)
Solicitors Deposits - Amphlett Lewis and Evans (cont.) (d-al_2)
Solicitors Deposits - Amphlett Lewis and Evans - Additional (d-al_3)
Solicitors Deposits: Archbold-Williams & Sons, Bala (
Solicitors Deposits: D. H. James, Carmarthen (
Solicitors Deposits: John Evans Thomas, Liverpool (d.hp)
Solicitors Deposits: John Francis, Carmarthen (d.jf)
Solicitors Deposits: Lowless and Lowless, Pembroke (d.lo)
Solicitors Deposits: Potter & Kempson, Farnham, Surry (
Solicitors Deposits: William H Edwards, Bala (d.whe)
Solicitors Deposits: William H Lewis, Llanarth (d.whl)
Solicitors Deposits: Wolstenholmes, Cheshire. (d.wol)
Solicitors' Deposits: D S R Williams, Lampeter (dsr_williams)
St. John's Council for Cardiganshire  (d.sjcc)
T/AMP Abandoned Mine Plans (t.amp)
T/MAG: Magistrates’ Court (t.mag)
TCR: Coroner's Records (tcr)
TDV: District Valuation; Finance Act (1910) (tdv)
TER: Records of the Teifiside Rural District Council (ter.fonds)
TGR: Records of the Tregaron Rural District Council (tgr.fonds)
TPS/1: Courts of Petty Sessions (tps.1)
TPS/AB: Aberystwyth Petty Sessions (tps.ab)
TPS/AN: Aberaeron Petty Sessions (
TPS/CB: Cardigan Petty Sessions (tps.cb)
TPS/LLB: Llanbadarn Petty Sessions (tps.llb)
TPS/LLD: Llandyddul Petty Sessions (tps.lld)
TPS/LLI: Llanilar Petty Sessions (tps.lli)
TPS/LP: Lampeter Petty Sessions (tps.lp)
TPS/LT: Lower Troedyraur petty Sessions (
TPS/MISC: Miscellaneous Petty Sessions (tps.misc)
TPS/R: Rhydlewis Petty Sessions (tps.r)
TPS/TB: Talybont Petty Sessions (tps.tb)
TPS/TG: Tregaron Petty Sessions (
TPS: Cardiganshire Courts of Petty Sessions (tps.fonds)
Teifiside Rural District: Medical Officer of Health Records (ter.he)
Teifiside Rural District: Records of the Secretary’s Department (
Teifiside Rural District: Records of the Surveyor’s Department (ter.hi)
Teifiside Rural District: Records of the Treasurer’s Department (
The John Turnor Mathias Collection (jtm)
Tithes (tithe)
Tregaron Rural District Records of the Secretary’s Department (
Tregaron Rural District: Records of the Medical Officer of Health (tgr.he)
Tregaron Rural District: Records of the Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector (tgr.hi)
Tregaron Rural District: Records of the Treasurer’s Department (
Turnpike Trusts (tt-1_1)
VC: Vale of Clettwr Hunt Collection (vc)
W.J. Lewis Collection  (wjl.3_6)
WG: Editions of the Welsh Gazette (wg)
WJ Lewis Collection (wjl.7)
Water Board - Aberaeron RDC (a-swa_1)
Water Board - Aberystwyth RDC (a-swa_2)
Water Board - Introduction (a-swa_0)
Water Boards – Newcastle Emlyn RDC (a-swa_7)
Water Boards - Aberystwyth Borough (a-swa_3)
Water Boards - Aberystwyth Rural Sanitary District (a-swa_4)
Water Boards - Lampeter RDC (a-swa_5)
Water Boards - Llandyssul/Teifiside R.D.C. (a-swa_6)
Water Boards - South Cardiganshire and Cardiganshire (a-swa_9)
Water Boards - Tregaron RDC (a-swa_8)
Webley Parry papers (wp00intro)
Webley Parry papers series 1 (wp01)
Webley Parry papers series 2 (wp02)
Webley Parry papers series 3 (wp03.1.02)
Webley Parry papers series 4 (wp04)
Webley Parry papers series 5 (wp05.7)
Webley Parry papers series 6 (wp06.doc)
Young Farmers' Clubs (d.yfc)
parish and Community Councils: Faenor Uchaf PC & CC (
parish and Community Councils: Llangrannog PC & CC (

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