Volunteers at Ceredigion Archives

Volunteers are always wanted at the Archives to help in getting documents ready for use by the public. You can be any age from 18 - 80 (or over!)

Why volunteer at the Archives?

• Because you like local history
• Because you want to help preserve the past for everyone to use and enjoy
• Because you are interested in documents, and what they can tell us
• Because you want to improve your office skills
• Because you want to improve your confidence
• Because you want to train to be an archivist

Do I need special skills?

No, we will give you the training you need. All your work will be supervised by experienced members of staff, who can help you to help us.

Some types of volunteering work

• Cleaning documents
• Sorting documents
• Packaging documents into archive quality enclosures
• Typing catalogues onto computers
• Preparing transcripts of documents
• Indexing documents

How much commitment is involved?

Many people can only spare a few hours a week, or less. We can usually find a project to suit you, and fit it around other commitments you may have. If you want pre-course archival experience it may be more appropriate to work for several days a week over a period of a few months.

How to volunteer

You will need
• Proof of identity
• A reference from someone who can assure us you are a reliable and trustworthy person.
• To sign a copy of the volunteer agreement after you've read our Policy on Volunteers

Contact us for further details or an informal chat.

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