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Ceredigion Archives is the record office for the county formerly known as Cardiganshire or (in Welsh) Sir Aberteifi.

We collect and preserve documents about the history of Cardiganshire and make them available for research.

About Ceredigion Archives

Ceredigion Archives was originally established in 1974 as the third office of the Dyfed Archives Service. It was then known as the Cardiganshire Area Record Office. In 1996 at local government re-organisation the record office was re-launched as Ceredigion Archives. It remains one of the smaller county record offices. Official and private documents relating to the history of the county are held here.

Mair indexing

The staff

There are five permanent members of Archives staff at present:

Helen Palmer (the County Archivist)
Mair Humphreys (Archivist and Records Manager)
Ania Skarzynska (Senior Archivist)
Tamzin Craine (Principal Archives and Records Assistant)
Margaret Jones (Archives Assistant)

They all have considerable experience in working with archives,and are always happy to advise on any aspect of local history or family history research. If you visit the Archives they can show you how to get the best from Ceredigion Archives collections and how to use the various microfilm and microfiche readers in the searchroom. They can be contacted by post,e-mail or telephone.

How you can help

You can help Ceredigion Archives in the following ways

• Using the services available
Donating items to the collections
Donating money for conservation projects
Volunteering to help in the archives
• Telling your friends about us

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