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Welcome to our Research Resources page.

Over the years, we have collected an assortment of useful guides, lists, hints, tips and articles - and now it's time to make them available to you! We hope you will find them interesting and helpful. If there is a topic you would like us to cover, please contact us and we will try to add it in the future.

This Guide to Using our Online Catalogue should, we hope, enhance your experience of using our website for research.

Some tips for using our search engine.

NEW! Free to download! Houses of Borth by Beryl Lewis: A history of every house in Borth!
Station Terrace, Borth

NEW! Download our maps booklet here: Look Closely: Cardiganshire Surveyed


Would you like help getting started on your family tree? Read this first.

How about researching house history? Here's some guidance.

Do you need help with Welsh words you might encounter in your family history research, for example on a gravestone? Help is at hand.

Have you been confused by Aberystwyth street names changing over the years?
You might remember the Will O'Whispers local history and lore column in the Cambrian News. Now Mr. O'Whispers (Howard C. Jones) himself has given permission to put his notes on Aberystwyth street names on our website. We have also worked with old and new maps of Aberystwyth to compile this table of changing street names.

How were copies of documents made before the photocopier was invented? This article by Dr. Brian Davies (reproduced here with his permission) reveals all.

Who owned that old tractor, car, motorcycle with a Cardiganshire registration (EJ)? Our searchable Vehicle Registrations Database will have the answer!

Researching someone who fought in the Great War? This database provides the names of military voters who survived the war.

How do you decide whether something is still in copyright? It can be a minefield but this guidance from the National Archives is a good start. See the charts in the appendix, and if you need more help, ask an archivist!

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